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DCBS: Chapter 36

The warm baking aroma lingered in his nose. Ji Tong ate happily, his head full of the sweetness of cream and caramel. Suddenly, he heard the host say that he had thought of his future ambitions and his eyes lit up. A lot of beautiful words were about to come out.

Wait, what did the host want to learn?

Artificial intelligence.

…Wasn’t he an artificial intelligence?

What if the host learned artificial intelligence and found that he wasn’t like a real artificial intelligence?

Ji Tong’s actions of eating suddenly froze. He swallowed the affirmation that he was about to blurt out and it almost didn’t come up in one breath.

He was holding the delicious bread that made people feel good but he was suddenly enveloped by a deep sense of crisis.

During the last meeting, the representative of the main brain specially emphasized that the system played by humans must not expose their identity in case it affected the development of the plot. They might be directly stripped out of the projection world and have the world taken over by other colleagues.

Ji Tong was now getting along well with Pei Qingyuan. He lived happily every day and didn’t want to change hosts, nor did he want the number 0587 next to the host to be replaced by other non-human systems.

If the host knew only a bit about artificial intelligence, he could still get through it. However, with the host’s intelligence, he could become the next Xiao Jianping. Then wouldn’t Ji Tong expose himself?

Ji Tong’s expression was complicated and he squeezed the bread in his hand into a solid ball.

Pei Qingyuan in front of him didn’t speak again, seemingly waiting for his response.

“Is it artificial intelligence? Then I can provide a lot of help to the host.” Ji Tong forced a smile while his brain was running at high speed. “But… Host, were you influenced by the Professor Xiao you met today? His experience is really contagious.”

Ji Tong hinted frantically, trying to make the host think about it again. Eliminate the interference of external forces and try his best to change his ambition.

Pei Qingyuan seemed to be in a daze. He didn’t explain it and said calmly, “Maybe.”

Listening to the tone, the host seemed determined.

The host wouldn’t really be suspicious of his identity, right?

Ji Tong squeezed the bread into a cub again and said in a dying struggle, “…By the way, the month is up and I will soon have a regular meeting. I can take this opportunity to absorb the experience of other systems and see how I can better help you.”

By the way, he could ask how to keep his current happy life of eating and playing.

He lowered his head in a depressed manner right against the host’s back. He dejectedly felt his entire life dim for a second.

Feeling the heat suddenly coming from his back, Pei Qingyuan’s cycling movements slowed down for a moment.

He narrowly avoided the pebbles on the road ahead. He tried to maintain a smooth ride and whispered, “Okay.”

The pink-purple sunset spread over the silent city.

After the last system meeting, Ji Tong had already lost interest in this system meeting that was incomparable to the human world. But this time, he wanted to brainstorm for help so he was looking forward to it.

He bid farewell to Pei Qingyuan and arrived at the system center. The first thing he had to face was still the long-winded and nagging speech time of the main brain’s representative.

Today, the representative of the main brain evaluated and scored the completion and quality of tasks in each projection world recently. The excellent system Fang Hao was once again ranked first in the internal assessment. Ji Tong’s results were ranked in the middle. He wasn’t praised or punished.

However, the representative of the main brain stared deeply at him and emphasized, “I hope that all human colleagues will pay attention to not regard yourself as a family member or friend in the task requirements. The current task release center has closed this loophole…”

Ji Tong: Looking at the sky.jpg.

After finally reaching the break time, Ji Tong immediately ran up to Fang Hao, the handsome man in black sitting not far away.

Today, his style was like a child in formal clothing. He couldn’t surpass the elementary school student Fang Hao in age and appearance for the time being, but he solemnly put on a very beautiful and handsome bow tie on himself to emphasize his inner mature soul. He would never bow to cruel fate and admit defeat.

The tall Fang Hao looked down at the little guy in front of him with cold eyes for a moment and couldn’t help being puzzled, “Did you dress like this when you were a child in kindergarten?”

He was discriminated against by the elementary school student again!!

“I didn’t go to kindergarten,” Ji Tong said angrily. “Okay, Xiao Hao. My host wants to study artificial intelligence. Maybe he suspects that I don’t seem like an AI. What should I do?”

Fang Hao listened to him roughly explain the matter, raised an eyebrow and said sarcastically, “Heh, the modern world is a lot of trouble.”


Ji Tong thoroughly understood why Fang Hao’s assessment score was so high. There was such a natural Long Aotian system then what level of Long Aotian would his host be?

“You haven’t experienced a similar problem?” Ji Tong asked with a straight expression. “Hasn’t your host ever doubted your identity?”

Facing such an arrogant system every day, didn’t the host feel like there was something wrong at all?

“How is that possible?” Fang Hao said disdainfully. “The swords in the fantasy world all have weapon spirits. How normal is it for the system to have a certain spiritual intelligence?”

It made sense.

The modern world really was troublesome!

Seeing his depressed expression, Fang Hao felt a bit of compassion but he still put on a cool face. “Forget it. Seeing that you are in such a difficult situation, I will introduce you to a friend who works in the modern world.”

He called his friend directly by transmitting data. A few seconds later, a beautiful woman with bright eyes walked toward them.

“What’s wrong?” Her voice was also very good. “Hey, there is another child. This bow tie looks good.”

Ji Tong stared at the beautiful and capable woman in front of him. The scene of his first acquaintance with Fang Hao appeared in his mind and he couldn’t help saying cautiously, “Excuse me… what grade of elementary school are you in?”

After a short silence, Fu Yinyin smiled. Her eyes curved and her red lips opened. “Little kid, call me Sister.”

After knowing that Fu Yinyin wasn’t an elementary school student but a beautiful and sassy white-collar worker, Ji Tong almost burst into tears.

He finally met a real adult.

In addition, this sister looked very reliable at first glance.

Fu Yinyin patted the heads of the child in the suit and the black-clothed handsome man respectively. Then she briefly introduced herself, “I work in the theme of a crematorium and multiple relationships. My qualifications are a bit deeper than Xiao Hao. I am number 0214.”

In front of this big sister who was consistent in mind and body, Fang Hao was rarely obedient and allowed Fu Yinyin to mess with his carefully managed cool hairstyle.

Ji Tong’s face was dazed. “Crematorium and multiple relationships? What type of theme is this?”

It sounded scary.

“In layman’s terms, it is to help a poor little girl clean up a bunch of smelly men.” Fu Yinyin asked with concern, “Did you encounter a problem?”

Ji Tong’s spirit was raised and he revealed his troubles and concerns.

Fu Yinyin listened to it and said softly, “This really needs to be handled carefully. It will be very uncomfortable to be forced to leave the projection world.”

Ji Tong was curious. “Sister Yinyin, have you ever been suspected by the host?”

“Yes, but I fooled her.” Fu Yinyin teased. “In addition, the world of multiple relationships is dominated by emotional lines and there is no host who wants to develop a career in artificial intelligence.”

…It turned out that only his modern world was so dangerous.

Seeing the child’s face full of disappointment, Fu Yinyin smiled and said, “Okay, I won’t tease you. How is your relationship with the host?”

Ji Tong thought about it carefully. “I think it should be good? I’m trying to help the host and the host takes care of me.”

“For example, I encouraged the host to leave his original bad family, helped him change the attitude of the people around him and slapped the little villain in the face, so that the host’s life can move toward a bright future… although some of it was achieved by mistake.”

“It is a very standard theme of beauty and a strong and miserable counterattack.” Fu Yinyin commented objectively. “It sounds much easier than watching the scumbags go crazy with red eyes every day, taking turns to guard the door of the little girl’s house and kneel in the rain. I am annoyed watching it.”

Fang Hao couldn’t help sighing. “The modern world is still good. At the very least, the host won’t have the top-quality spiritual bone removed by the villain of an upper realm and won’t have to stay in the lava purgatory. Recently, I have been encouraging the host every day that his fate is up to him.”

So… so cruel.

Ji Tong suddenly felt happy again.

He became even more determined to stay by Pei Qingyuan’s side and never move his nest.

He was a person who was easy to satisfy.

“Since there is nothing special about your relationship with the host,” Fu Yinyin came to a conclusion. “It should be that the host became interested in artificial intelligence due to his long-term relationship with you. After all, he is still a high school student and isn’t old. It is easy for him to be influenced by the people close to him. Don’t worry too much.”

Ji Tong nodded repeatedly. “Sister Yinyin, will my identity be exposed in this way? What should I do?”

“It is simple.” Fu Yinyin smiled slightly. “Show him your heart.”

Ji Tong’s eyes widened when he heard this.

Ji Tong came back from the meeting and Pei Qingyuan keenly found that compared to his sometimes contemplative appearance the past few days, he looked significantly more relaxed.

He asked, “Did the meeting go well?”

“It went well!”

At night, the house was filled with warm yellow lights. Ji Tong reached out to grab Hua Hua who wanted to escape in advance. He felt the beauty of life again surrounded by the fluffy and soft cat.

“Ruan Ruan, the other systems suggested that I let you see the true form of an artificial intelligence with your own eyes so you can make a decision.” Ji Tong took the initiative to say. “This is more out of precaution. What if you later find out that you actually aren’t interested in artificial intelligence? If you are still interested, this will allow you to better understand our state. it is a convenience that others can’t enjoy.”

This was an offer that couldn’t be refused. It was only advantageous and wasn’t harmful.

After thinking for a while, Pei Qingyuan asked him, “What do you want to show me?”

Ji Tong said in high spirits, “I can change into my initial form. As long as I open the cover on my chest, the host can see the data flowing inside my body.”

His whole body was in a data state when he stayed in Pei Qingyuan’s consciousness space. Once he appeared in the real world, his appearance wouldn’t be so avant-garde. He would be like Hua Hua and have a more solid shape.

“Is it the little robot?” Pei Qingyuan remembered the photo he received on his birthday.

“Yes!” Ji Tong nodded vigorously. He didn’t forget to praise himself. “Host, you don’t need to be afraid. I’m not scary.”

Seeing that he seemed to want to show the form of a small robot, there was a subtle resistance in his heart but Pei Qingyuan didn’t refuse again. He replied, “Okay.”

Ji Tong immediately ran to the second bedroom. “Wait for me!”

In order to minimize the impact on the host’s heart, Ji Tong didn’t choose to transform on the spot. He planned to go into the room to change and come out again.

During the waiting time, Hua Hua jumped into his owner’s arms curiously. Now Pei Qingyuan had become more accustomed to intimate contact with animals. He held Hua Hua, who was indistinguishable from an ordinary cat, and couldn’t help thinking, ‘Is Hua Hua’s body also data?’

A few minutes later, the door of the second bedroom slowly pushed open and a small voice came out. “I’ve changed.”

It was clear that it was only a momentary matter to change his appearance, but Ji Tong was a bit nervous for no reason. It took him a long time to gather the courage to come out.

Pei Qingyuan looked up and saw a square machine head protruding out from behind the door, round eyes blinking non-stop on the special display screen.

Seeing that the host didn’t speak immediately, Ji Tong said nervously, “Is the host afraid?”

His mechanical body was a light bean green. It was very light and had a retro texture. Every part of his body was square. He had a square head and body and his joints were also composed of small, connected squares. Even when the hands were closed, they were very square. However, the lines of all corners were rounded and he looked inexplicably round.

Pei Qingyuan saw the round eyes that stopped blinking due to nervousness. He stared straight at him and suddenly forgot what he wanted to say.

“I’m not afraid,” he replied softly.

This was a cute little robot.

Ji Tong immediately sighed with relief and generously walked out from behind the door, ready to be inspected by the host.

Hua Hua instantly abandoned her owner and circled around the little pea-green robot happily.

Under the warm lighting of the living room, he looked at the host with a somewhat dazed expression. Then he enthusiastically knocked on the mechanical lid on his chest, “Ruan Ruan, do you want to see my heart?”

He had a human soul but his internal form was indeed like the other real systems. He was all flowing data and all thoughts and emotions would be converted into data start. As long as the host saw it with his own eyes then he shouldn’t doubt Ji Tong’s identity.

The host hesitated for a moment before slowly approaching him.

Ji Tong had already actively started to remove his mechanical board. However, his hand was very square and his movements were slightly clumsy. Pei Qingyuan saw this and subconsciously reached out to help him remove it.

The mechanical shell touched by his fingers was icy cold, without the slightest human temperature.

He carefully took off the mechanical cover on his chest and suddenly saw a large field of fluorescent green data that kept flashing.

Ji Tong made sure there was no panic on Pei Qingyuan’s face and immediately started the introduction. “Hua Hua is a stupid cat. He actually ate three bowls of cat food today. Hua Hua is also cute occasionally.”

As he talked, the shiny data of his body changed according to the different semantics. It seemed to have a mysterious beauty.

Hua Hua watched the excitement from the side. “Meow meow meow?!”

It didn’t matter!

“However, the artificial intelligence of this world definitely isn’t the same as me.” Ji Tong gave a vaccination in advance. “Our system comes from a high civilization that can’t be explained by the science and technology here. So host, you can just refer to it.”

Pei Qingyuan watched this piece of complicated data that kept churning like an ocean for a long time and took a while to come back to his senses.

He really couldn’t understand what the data meant, how the calculations were run and how they were compiled.

However, he realized that this was an extremely concrete rule and logic.

It was as cold as a fine net, imprisoning every vivid and flexible sentence.

Pei Qingyuan suddenly remembered that in the photo, Ji Tong wore a gardening suit and held a hand trowel.

He had a mechanical heart of data, but a butterfly about to fly on his shoulder.

Ji Tong carefully observed the host’s expression. He saw that the host had lowered his gaze, the shadow cast by his messy hair on his forehead covered his eyes. He couldn’t help being curious. “Host, have you changed your mind?”

“No,” Pei Qingyuan replied slowly. “It won’t change.”

“Okay.” Ji Tong felt that he had temporarily solved the hidden danger of his identity being exposed. He naturally turned to fully support the host’s ambition. “Previously, you learned high school knowledge easily and I couldn’t help much. Now that you want to contact a completely new field, I can come in handy.”

As an incomparably intelligent genius system, he could finally show his talents!

“For example, I can organize and simplify knowledge for the host, saving a lot of time and presenting the knowledge in a more immersive way. I can broaden the horizon for the host and reach a level of understanding beyond the normal level of this world…”

Pei Qingyuan listened to him patiently. It wasn’t known what he was thinking and finally said, “There is no hurry. I’ll contact Professor Xiao first.”

He was now a layman who knew almost nothing about artificial intelligence. If he used this state to talk to Xiao Jianping, he would definitely be able to dispel the idea that ‘Xiao Mei was created by him.’ This way, the other person would no longer be attached to this matter and could concentrate on continuing his research.

Pei Qingyuan took out the business card he received the other day from his pocket and called the phone number that Xiao Jianping had printed on it.

He sat on the beige sofa, next to the small bean-green robot sitting upright. Hua Hua lazily circled around him, as if quietly accompanying him on the phone.

The call connected quickly. Pei Qingyuan politely introduced himself. “Hello, is this Professor Xiao? My name is Pei Qingyuan and I met you on the day of the 1st High School basketball game.”

“It is you! Hello, Student Pei.” Xiao Jianping recognized his voice and said excitedly. “Great, you really contacted me!”

“I’m sorry, Professor Xiao. I might disappoint you but Xiao Mei wasn’t designed by me.” Pei Qingyuan paused and tried to explain. “I don’t know anything about this field and I don’t understand even the basic questions.”

“For example, what is an artificial intelligence?” His voice was calm. “To tell you the truth, I have no idea about this.”

The other end of the phone fell silent.

Pei Qingyuan and Ji Tong looked at each other and felt it should be okay.

Two crooked smiling eyes appeared on the little robot’s display, clumsily giving the host a square thumbs up.

As a result, a few seconds later, there was a violent movement from the earpiece. It was as if someone suddenly stood up from his seat and knocked everything on the table down.

Xiao Jianping’s voice sounded particularly excited as he suddenly realized something. “Is this testing me?”


  1. M&M's says:

    I felt a bit bad for Pei Qingyuan’s resistance to seeing Ji Tong’s true form because he already treats him as a human and family member, so probably doesn’t want to necessarily break that illusion. At the same time, though, he can come to terms with reality ahead of time and plan better for their future.

    I think Xiao Jianping is just funny! He totally doesn’t believe Pei Qingyuan didn’t build Xiao Mei, so I wonder how they’ll convince him and dissuade his interest in Xiao Mei.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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