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DCBS: Chapter 33 Part 1

The news that the 2nd High School had been invited to participate in the exchange activity quickly spread around the campus.

Things hadn’t been completely finalized but many students were starting to think excitedly.

“I heard that Chengde is very big, much bigger than many universities. Riding a bicycle around the school is tiring.”

“My father’s friend’s son went to school there. He got a high score in the high school entrance examination and was attracted by the scholarship. He said that Chengde is stressful but there is nothing to be picky about when it comes to the environment and conditions. In particular, I’ve seen him take photos with the peacocks raised in the school. The school uniform is also very handsome. If I didn’t see the photo, I wouldn’t have believed it…”

“I really want to go. Will the first year of high school have more places?”

The students in the lower grades talked a lot while the senior students were calmer. It was because they estimated that a good thing like this type of public-funded communication wouldn’t fall on them, so they didn’t think about it.

Ji Tong seriously searched for online news about Chengde and looked at it with relish. “Ruan Ruan, this peacock’s pattern is so beautiful. Have you ever taken a photo with them?”

“No.” Pei Qingyuan naturally wouldn’t do such a thing. He looked at the peacock photo displayed on the watch screen and pointed out rigorously, “This photo has been edited. The actual color isn’t so bright.”

“Why is this also photoshopped?” Ji Tong was embarrassed for a while. Then he said excitedly, “How about putting a peacock’s tail on Hua Hua? After opening the screen, he will turn around and there is a red love heart on the butt. It must be fun.”

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

Fortunately, Hua Hua couldn’t hear the bad news.

As a cyber cat with a mysterious origin, Hua Hua was the same as Ji Tong. He could eat casually but there weren’t any other troubles compared to ordinary cats, such as not getting sick or getting worms. He didn’t even shed cat fur and could understand the owner’s instructions. He listened well to Pei Qingyuan’s words and was easy to raise. Not too much energy was required.

As the head of the family, Pei Qingyuan had gradually grasped the essence of establishing healthy family relationships and his attitude was democratic. “Go back at night and ask for Hua Hua’s opinion.”

“Okay.” Ji Tong was very confident as he nodded. “No cat can refuse a colorful peacock tail!”

Pei Qingyuan wisely kept silent.

He was just an ordinary human being who didn’t know very much about a cat’s inner world. It was better not to speak.

The watch kept displaying various pictures of Chengde High School that Ji Tong found. He looked at the campus where the host once lived and was curious. “Host, were you the president of the student union before?”

Ji Tong knew that Pei Qingyuan had good grades in Chengde in the past and was also excellent in other aspects. According to common sense, he should be famous in school and hold an important position such as the president of the student union.

Chengde’s school uniform was much better than the 2nd High School’s uniform. The boy’s school uniform in autumn and winter was textured white shirt and trousers with a light gray suit and tie. It was like a look in movies and cartoons. Combined with this identity and he should be very handsome just imagining it.

He hadn’t seen the host in a suit yet.

He wanted to see it.

Pei Qingyuan shook his head. “No, I wasn’t the president.”

“Why?” Ji Tong became even more curious. “Is it because you didn’t want to be it?”

Pei Qingyuan thought for a moment and didn’t admit nor deny it. He just calmly said, “The environment there isn’t quite the same as here.”

It was as he told Zhou Fang. The students who grew up in a particularly favorable environment had a special sense of collective honor. Most of them had good family conditions and lived in a world that far exceeded the average level of society since childhood. Some people had simple compassion but most of them were infected by the clear attitudes of the people around them and gradually believed that they were the elites of the future who would decide the world.

Pei Qingyuan had belonged to a minority of this group since he was a child and hadn’t really integrated into the surrounding social circle. Perhaps it was because of his grandfather’s influence that he didn’t feel he should be arrogant just because of the family where he was born. Wealth and status were nothing more than good fortune chosen by the times. They could converge into the sea or capsize overnight.

He had always been different from others and didn’t like to participate in the topics of luxury and money. He didn’t show the proper arrogance to people outside the circle, so he didn’t have many friends. In this group with the most peer pressure, it took courage for teenagers to side with the misfit minority.

When Pei Qingyuan was still studying at Chengde, his outstanding talent, ability and wealthy family meant that even if people were dissatisfied with him, they wouldn’t express it personally and would only discuss it in private that they thought he was hypocritical and fake.

Then after the exposure of his life experience, the personality traits that were once regarded as a personal choice immediately became unruliness and stupidity brought about by his blood and kin.

Even though he completely stayed away from that world after leaving the Pei house, he knew the words that circulated along with his name would inevitably be accompanied by contemptuous ridicule.

Ji Tong listened to the host’s simple explanation and immediately became angry for him.

Originally, he didn’t want his host to communicate with his past, but now he especially wanted to see those groups of annoying guys who were restricted by the cumbersome hospitality rules and didn’t dare to mess around.

No matter how uncomfortable they were, they could only hold back!

Anger them to death!

“Ruan Ruan, do you think Chengde will agree to those requests?” Ji Tong was impatient.

Pei Qingyuan’s tone was determined. “I guess.”


He closed the self-study outline book in his hand and explained calmly, “People who are accustomed to giving orders rarely think about being rejected.”

In the beginning, some people thought of asking the 2nd High School to the exchange in order to target him. Then after the 2nd High School made these requests, the nature changed.

Ever since the establishment of the school, Chengde had been famous and didn’t pay attention to other high schools in the city or even the province. How could they bear the rejection of a second-rate high school?

There was no need for others to fan the flames. The school itself would hold its breath and want to make this happen.

Who let the news spread already?

After being called by Zhou Fang in the morning, Pei Qingyuan had searched Chengde’s official website and found that the list of exchange schools for this month had been published on it. There was the 2nd High School included.

They didn’t think about other reactions at all.

The arrogance that had been taken for granted became a very good handle.

Under Ji Tong’s reminder, Pei Qingyuan pushed the boat along the water and made the suggestions to Zhou Fang.

They were reasonable requests and they weren’t beyond Chengde’s ability. It was just putting proper etiquette on paper. Out of the need to protect their reputation, there was no reason for Chengde not to agree.

Pei Qingyuan couldn’t help thinking that this was what it meant to ride a tiger.

He fastened the cap of the ballpoint pen and put it back in his pencil case.

Ji Tong seemed to have a tacit connection with him. The little robot with a vivid appearance on the screen made a cute grimace. He took out a whip and swung it at the tiger next to him. The moment the tiger ran, the clown riding on his body fell down sharply.

Robot, tiger, clown and whip.

What a combination of strange ideas.

Pei Qingyuan couldn’t help smiling.

The moment the break came, Lin Zihai in the front row turned his head to look back. He saw the class monitor finally put away the book in his hand and his expression seemed to relax.

Therefore, Lin Zihai took the book full of wrong questions that he had accumulated for the last two days and walked over.

However, once he reached Pei Qingyuan’s desk, Lin Zihai didn’t know how to open his mouth.

Once he came here, the surrounding students occasionally looked over. Their eyes that contained completely different meanings made him think of the cruel words he swore before.

So embarrassing.

Lin Zihai tried to let his strong desire for knowledge overcome this embarrassment.

“Class monitor, there are a few questions I can’t understand.” Lin Zihai lowered his head with slight embarrassment as he looked at Pei Qingyuan. “Do you have time to help me take a look? Thank you.”

He lowered his head and waited nervously for the class monitor’s reaction. Therefore, he didn’t see Pei Qingyuan’s expression stiffen for a moment before he reached out to take the wrong questions book. “I’ll take a look.”

Pei Qingyuan had seen a carefully recorded high-definition video on his watch screen.

“I was kind enough to help you mark out the key points. You are really ignorant of the hearts of good people…”

“Forget it, just wait for the day of the exam results to cry!”

The clear sound quality in his mind precisely captured Lin Zihai’s proud and annoyed expression. This was accompanied by a brutal slow close-up.

Ji Tong proudly claimed the credit. “This is the first video in the album of ‘Black History of Ruthless Words.’ I didn’t expect to use it so quickly. Ruan Ruan, did I record it well? I also added a BGM that is often used to convey sadness, suggesting that this scene will be met with a hard slap to the face in the near future.”

…Very good.

It was so good that he was embarrassed for Lin Zihai.

His system’s understanding and usage of background music had reached a height beyond the reach of human beings.

Pei Qingyuan was forced to hastily take the wrong questions book from Lin Zihai’s hand, trying to use complex mathematical formulas to overwhelm the very brainwashing, sad music in his mind.

“This theorem is used incorrectly. It should be used…”

Lin Zihai raised his head in surprise. He saw that the class monitor, who seemed unkind in the past, was helping him with the topic in an extremely serious manner.

His heart was shocked and he was immediately overwhelmed with shame and guilt.

He hadn’t expected the class monitor to help him so easily after being targeted like that.

He felt that if it was him, he might not be so tolerant and magnanimous.

“I’m sorry, class monitor.” Lin Zihai clenched his fists and sincerely apologized again. “I was too hateful before. Not only did I want to isolate you without knowing the truth, but I didn’t appreciate it when you kindly helped me point out the wrong question. I was really excessive.”

At the end of his reflection, he even said with high spirits, “In the future, I will definitely cooperate with all the arrangements of the class monitor and strive to make our class’ grades reach a higher level. I will clean the toilet for the next clean up duty!”

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

This wasn’t the case.

He wanted to explain but he really couldn’t say anything.

Ji Tong’s happy voice was heard in his mind again. “Ruan Ruan, I have created another album. It is called ‘Reformed Idiot who can Hatch Chickens’.”

He laughed as he spoke, sounding extra happy.

…Forget it, let them do whatever they wanted.


  1. M&M's says:

    Haha! I’m pretty sure Hua Hua won’t want the peacock tail. As for Lin Zihai, I feel sorry for his embarrassing moments being recorded with background music…that’s truly shameful, yet funny. Poor Pei Qingyuan needed something just to distract himself from focusing on it, lol.

    Thanks for another funny chapter! 😀

  2. Alcott says:

    I like that Lin Zihai held accountability ah.

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