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DCBS: Chapter 29

The moment these words came out, the smartwatch flashing with white light immediately turned off, leaving only a bottomless pitch black. It was as if the computer was turned off.

The little robot retracted into the virtual space and decisively covered his head with the pillow of the sofa. He performed a cover-up operation, trying to quickly clear up the memory of the previous minute and pretend that nothing had happened.

God knows he just wanted to let out a simple sigh. Then it turned into ‘oh my god.’

The translation accent regulation was the most terrifying virus he had ever seen!

Outside the watch, the other students heard this thick and gorgeous voice sigh and were collectively stunned. They looked at the class monitor and his watch. Gradually, they felt like an impulse was about to erupt uncontrollably in their hearts.

Pei Qingyuan was the focus of all the eyes and tried hard to maintain an expressionless face. He felt that his mind was blank.

In this strange silence, Lin Zihai was the first person to react.

“Can this watch also change its voice?” He looked envious. “It is really smart. If only I could buy it.”

Ji Tong had just finished clearing his memories when he heard Lin Zihai’s gradually proficient exaggerated praise.

He wanted to flash red to show his polite joy. However, the static classroom seemed to have been thawed by this sentence and strange discussions occurred one after another.

“Oh! I think so too.”

“I would be extremely honored to own a watch like this.”

Everyone laughed while imitating Ji Tong’s tone. The classroom was filled with a happy air in an instant.

The translation accent regulation virus had started to infect the average human being.

…Tired, destroy it.

In desperation, Ji Tong had to put in two large earplugs. He buried his head and struggled to fix the wrong data.

This afternoon, the atmosphere of the third class of the third year of high school was particularly joyful. The mood of all the teachers of the third class were the same.

Only the sole survivor was sitting on pins and needles.

“There are two hours before class is over for dinner.” Pei Qingyuan’s voice was heavy and calm. “I want to go to the gym to practice.”

“Dear host,” Ji Tong whispered. “I don’t want to hide it from you. I think so too.”

The data repair rate had only reached 50%. Such a brief answer was already the result of his efforts to fight the virus.

Hearing this, Pei Qingyuan froze. Finally, he looked at the textbook in his hand that wasn’t difficult for him.

He had deservedly ranked 1st in the year in this monthly exam, but he didn’t get a full score. This proved there was still room for improvement.

Pei Qingyuan ignored everything and only read the book. Then once the bell rang in the evening, he quickly left this terrifying classroom.

The class monitor disappeared too quickly and threw away Lin Zihai, who was going to ask for advice with the wrong question.

However, he wasn’t disappointed. He happily returned to his seat while ignoring the occasional curious glances from his classmates.

A person who was meddlesome couldn’t help coming up to him and asking, “Lin Zihai, don’t you hate the class monitor?”

Lin Zihai immediately shook his head and calmly dealt with the ridicule in his classmate’s words. “I read the class monitor’s math paper. In any case, I can’t catch up with him before the college entrance examination. Why should I embarrass myself to hate someone I definitely can’t compare to?”

Previously, he disliked Pei Qingyuan because he mistakenly thought this person’s grades weren’t good and his attitude to learning wasn’t good. He would drag the entire class down and make the teacher’s expression dull. He was the study committee member and definitely didn’t want to see such a thing.

Now he had seen the paper written by the other person with his own eyes and he was completely convinced.

There was a class monitor with outstanding results in the class, which would definitely drive the learning enthusiasm of the class. In the end, it was the whole class that benefited. He had no reason to hate Pei Qingyuan.

Moreover, previously when he took the lead against Pei Qingyuan, the other person kindly helped point out the question he got wrong. This made Lin Zihai feel more and more ashamed.

He was trapped in the disgust of the past and couldn’t stand seeing Pei Qingyuan everywhere. He wanted to criticize everything, from the croissant to the watch.

In fact, thinking about it now, these emotions were clearly envy and jealousy.

It was better to be envious openly than to be secretly jealous with an ugly expression.

In addition to studying hard, one of Lin Zihai’s greatest advantages was that he was very adaptable, bravely accepted fate and quickly adjusted his mentality. He sorted out several difficult questions that he wanted to ask the class monitor to resolve his doubts.

There was such an excellent student in the class and he naturally had to seize the opportunity to improve himself.

Listening to the grumbling sound of his hungry stomach all afternoon, Lin Zihai took out his phone from his bag and prepared to go to the cafeteria for dinner.

There was an unread message on the screen. It was sent by Pei Yan and the content was a lone question mark.

Lin Zihai clicked to take a look and finally remembered what he had sent at noon.

[He is doing great.]

He scrolled up and couldn’t help being a bit angry when he saw his previous conversations with Pei Yan about Pei Qingyuan.

Why didn’t Pei Yan tell him early that Pei Qingyuan’s grades were so good?

Could it be that Pei Yan didn’t know either?

Considering this possibility, Lin Zihai’s fingers moved quickly and he easily told his former friend what was in his heart.

[Why a question mark? He is very good.]

[Today’s monthly exam results came out and God Pei took 1st place in the year. His score completely crushed 2nd place.]

[Amazing. Is the quality of Chengde’s teaching so awesome?]

[Did your grades improve after you transferred?]

[Under the leadership of God Pei, I feel like I will improve soon.]


Pei Qingyuan arrived at the gymnasium early and always felt that someone was talking about him behind his back.

However, he felt a bit comforted when hearing Coach Xu’s extremely normal tone.

“I heard that you took 1st place in the year for this monthly exam.” Coach Xu patted him on the shoulder in appreciation. “Good. You will save others from saying that our basketball team is a group of children who can’t study well.”

Pei Qingyuan was about to thank the coach for the praise when he heard the coach say, “By the way, will Tong Tong come today? I bought him a stuffed duckling and he will definitely like it.”

The tall and powerful middle-aged coach took out a yellow plush duckling from his bag and gestured to him proudly. The picture was very impactful.

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

He always felt that his system was like a virus.

Pei Qingyuan was forced to say, “There is something at home today. He can’t come.”

Ji Tong was addicted to being a watch today and didn’t want to become a person for the time being.

Coach Xu was about to show a disappointed expression when he heard Pei Qingyuan added, “Coach, can you lend me this duck?”

After seeing the brand new duck in the coach’s hand, his watch immediately let out a dizzying burst of colored light, expressing his high praise for Coach Xu.

“Huh? Yes, or you can give it to Tong Tong later… is this a new watch you bought? It looks cool!”

I will take it to him now.

Pei Qingyuan thought silently in his heart.

Soon, the other members of the basketball team arrived one after another. As everyone walked in, their eyes couldn’t help pausing on the audience seats on the sidelines.

There was a cute, fluffy yellow duck in the middle of a certain seat. A handsome, pure black watch was lying on the little yellow duck. The duck and watch seemed to be looking at the basketball court in the center and the scene seemed to have a strange harmony.

Before the training started, the team listened to Coach Xu’s lecture while their eyes couldn’t help drifting to the little yellow duck carrying a watch in the distance from time to time.

The combination was so magical.

“This weekend, the city basketball league will begin. I will go draw lots on Friday and hope to pick a suitable opponent for our team. Preferably, it should be the 1st High School to wash away the shame of losing by two points last time!”

Coach Xu said passionately, “During this period of time, everyone has made significant progress. As long as we maintain this state on the court, I believe we will definitely achieve an amazing result!”

As he was speaking, the watch not far away emitted bursts of colorful lights, as if cheering for them. It dyed the little yellow duck with a brilliant light.

Someone in the team whispered, “Why does it feel weirdly cute?”

“I also think it is a pity that Tong Tong didn’t come today. Fortunately, there is a duck to accompany us.”

“It is a duck and a watch!”

Pei Qingyuan was burdened with the bizarre truth alone and rationally chose silence.

Once Coach Xu finished speaking, he took the water bottle and sat next to the little yellow duck. He was specially instructed by Pei Qingyuan to help take care of this watch in case a basketball accidentally flew over later.

He sat down and curiously looked at the watch that Pei Qingyuan treated so preciously. Suddenly, he saw a few words appear on the pure black dial.


A small robot secretly emerged from the smiling face and waved vigorously at him.

Coach Xu was surprised that this watch actually had the function of intelligent sensing. He immediately stretched out his hand reflexively and waved to the little robot. “Hello, hello.”

Once the little robot heard his response, it immediately laughed. The originally round eyes narrowed into two curved arcs.

Coach Xu suddenly found it cute.

He vaguely remembered the last time he found something cute, it was in this gymnasium when he saw a child wearing a kindergarten uniform and a little yellow hat.

Unexpectedly, his second fall turned out to be due to a watch.

He didn’t know why but looking at this small, animated robot, he always felt like he was seeing Tong Tong.

After a moment of emotion, Coach Xu immediately decided to go back and buy a duck for Ji Tong. This duck would be used as a bracket for this cute smartwatch.

Ji Tong didn’t know that he was about to have two ducks and greeted his old acquaintance, Coach Xu, warmly. He was immersed in the joy that his data repair was about to be completed.

After getting rid of this terrible virus, he could finally speak with confidence.

The data chaos was a sudden disaster but it opened the door of a new world for Ji Tong.

Sometimes, there was no need for intense language. Just a wonderful intonation and complicated sentence patterns could make people collapse.

It just so happened that he was a watch with an artificial intelligence module built in on the surface. This method of tormenting people was simply suitable for him.

He was an artificial intelligence when he was happy and he could be artificially intellectually disabled if he wanted to be angry.

The more Ji Tong thought about it, the more excited he became. He couldn’t wait to catch a bad guy so he could practice his mouth.

Unexpectedly, this unlucky person soon appeared.

Half an hour later, the door of the gymnasium was slowly pushed open. A woman with an elegant temperament walked it. She quietly looked around the entire gymnasium, as if looking for someone.

It was when the second round of confrontation practice on the court was at its most intense. None of the basketball team members noticed this subtle movement. It was only Coach Xu, who was always observing the overall situation, who turned his head and looked over.

He didn’t know this well-dressed woman and thought she was in the wrong place. He frowned and immediately got up to tell her to leave, so as to not disturb the team members’ practice.

Of course, in order to prevent the basketball from flying over and hitting the watch, Coach Xu carefully took the watch lying on the duck.

Ye Lanting, who was leaning against the doorway, frowned and inspected every corner of the gymnasium. She saw Pei Qingyuan, who was focused on playing, but she didn’t find the figure of the child from the rumors. She only saw a toy duck that didn’t fit this occasion.

The tall coach of the basketball team approached her. Seeing this, Ye Lanting put on a false smile on her face. She was about to tactfully inquire about the whereabouts of the child when she was interrupted by a sudden mechanical male voice.

She heard a polite and very rigid voice that often appeared on the customer service hotline.

“Hello, how can I help you?”


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