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DCBS: Chapter 27

Lin Zihai’s expression at this moment could probably be described as a monkey’s butt.

He blushed and stared at Pei Qingyuan in a dumbfounded manner, unable to believe what he had heard.

The onlookers to the side fell silent one after another. They looked like they wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to laugh. They were enduring it very hard.

You are disturbing my watch…

They didn’t expect the class monitor, who was cold on the surface, to speak so humorously.

Speaking of which, the class monitor’s new watch was really handsome.

Under the eyes of everyone, the white light on the pure white dial suddenly transformed into a red light, which looked particularly festive. The red light flashed a few times rhythmically and the pixels quickly flowed and reorganized. It finally turned into a smiling expression with crooked eyebrows.

The students neatly exclaimed, “Wow—.” This startled the English teacher, who had just entered the classroom holding the test papers.

The red smiley face on the watch contrasted with Lin Zihai’s monkey’s butt expression, but no one cared about the latter any longer.

Lin Zihai, who was frozen in place, never thought that he would feel a series of taunts from a watch one day.

“Class monitor, where did you buy your watch? I really want one…”

“Me too. I want to buy one too! Is it expensive?”

“Is there any other color? I like white. I can get my father to buy it for me after I receive my grades.”

For a while, the students all tacitly gathered around Pei Qingyuan’s desk and inquired about it.

Pei Qingyuan knew that this watch was unique and was thinking about what excuse to make. Then he heard a slightly mechanical male voice.

“Hello, there is no white, only black,” Ji Tong said mercilessly.

This was his adherence to being handsome in black.

Black was the most handsome color in the world.

The students were all dumbfounded when they heard the human voice from the watch. The words they wanted to say were stuck in their throats. It took a long time for someone to react and exclaim, “Is this that type of smartwatch? It seems to be quite popular now. However, the voice recognition of the class monitor’s watch is accurate and the appearance is so good-looking. It must be very expensive!”

This student was very discerning.

Ji Tong’s red smiling face immediately filled with a brilliant colored light, as if agreeing with the words.

White was ridicule, red was joy and color was praise.

The world of the handsome watch was that simple.

“It can also flash colorful lights! It is so cool. It is just like a watch in a science fiction movie!”

“Is it okay for the class monitor to send a link quickly? Can it help me search for questions? This way, I can do my homework much faster at night.”

“Hey, keep your voice down. The teacher is behind us…”

Almost everyone in the class flocked to Pei Qingyuan and even the English teacher looked over curiously.

Pei Qingyuan quietly explained according to Ji Tong’s words. “It is a smartwatch given by a friend. It seems to be a test product that isn’t on the market and can’t be bought.”

Ji Tong added in an electronic voice, “I am unique.”

As he was speaking, the red smiling face on the dial instantly turned into a small robot. He stretched out a short mechanical arm across his chest, bent over slightly and bowed to them very playfully.

At this time, it wasn’t only the students but also the teacher showing deep envy.

This smartwatch was too much fun.

Fortunately, the class bell rang in time and saved Pei Qingyuan, who was surrounded by countless enthusiastic eyes. He was quietly relieved. Then he heard Ji Tong secretly sending him a voice transmission, complaining, “Ruan Ruan, why didn’t you tell them the full name of the smartwatch?”

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

No, he wouldn’t tell anyone.

Lin Zihai, who was suddenly ignored, returned to his seat. He felt that today’s world was too unreal.

The monthly exam results hadn’t been released. Why did Pei Qingyuan suddenly become the focus of the class?

It was also the type of focus that everyone envied.

Fortunately, the stack of papers in the hands of the English teacher gave him some comfort.

Lin Zihai’s best subject was mathematics, followed by English.

The English teacher was a very elegant young woman. Now she coughed in embarrassment and looked away from Pei Qingyuan. She woke up from her thoughts and prepared to start announcing the results of the English test of the third class.

This watch was so cool and cute. Why couldn’t she buy it?

“In this monthly exam, the overall English score of our class was good. The average score ranks 5th in the entire year…”

There were 15 classes in the third year of high school. Their average score was 5th, which was a great improvement for the third class.

The students in the audience listened intently and their mood gradually relaxed at the English teacher’s increasingly gentle expression.

“Furthermore, there is good news.” She paused before stopping the suspense. She said with a smile, “The 1st in the year for this English test is in our class.”

Exclamations burst out from the students.

“1st in the year?”

“Our class hasn’t been 1st in the year even once throughout the previous two years of high school…”

“Who is it? Is it Lin Zihai?”

Soon, someone looked at the study committee member in the front row in surprise.

Lin Zihai straightened his back calmly and felt a surge of pride in his face, even though he was a bit surprised to hear the teacher say this.

His original goal was to be in the top ten in the year. He hadn’t expected to do so well in English this time that he actually got 1st in the year.

He immediately adjusted his previous broken expression, smiled confidently and was ready to meet the teacher’s appreciative gaze.

The English teacher was in a good mood and patiently waited for everyone to calm down before continuing, “Next, I will report the names of the students who scored in the top ten of the class in this monthly exam. Students who are called, please come up and receive your papers. For everyone else, I will give the papers directly. Then I will start talking about the papers.”

“10th place, Li Yunting, 113 points.” The teacher smiled encouragingly at the girl who stood up in surprise. “You have made a lot of progress.”

“9th place…”

The more Lin Zihai listened, the straighter his back became.

The top ten students came up one after another to receive their papers. The others applauded in cooperation. Soon, it would be time to reach his name.

“3rd place, Zhang Pei, 124 points.”

“2nd place,” The English teacher’s appreciative gaze finally fell on him. “Lin Zihai, 131 points. You have firmly mastered the basic knowledge and the completion is all correct.”

Lin Zihai instantly showed a humble and surprised smile. He got up and took the papers from the teacher’s hand, enjoying the courtesy applause of his classmates.

Once he sat down, he woke up belatedly due to the sudden explosion of discussions from the students behind him.

“Lin Zihai actually ranked 2nd?”

“Then who is 1st? All those with good grades have basically gone up.”

“Oh my god, what other top student hasn’t been named?”

…How was he 2nd place?!

Was the ranking mispronounced?

Lin Zihai stared up at the English teacher in disbelief.

It was a pity that the teacher had already looked away. Her smile grew wider as she looked at the seats in the last row of the classroom.

“1st place, Pei Qingyuan, 149 points.”

It was an earth-shattering name and an earth-shattering score.

Lin Zihai turned his head like a robot and looked over.

Pei Qingyuan, who was sitting at the end, got up. He was still expressionless, as if he wasn’t surprised by this rare high school.

Under everyone’s shocked gaze, he walked to the podium. He calmly took the papers from the teacher’s hand and the black watch on his wrist flashed in a dazzling manner.

The English teacher was inexplicably amused by this smartwatch that seemed very excited. Then she told the teacher, “Pei Qingyuan is 1st in the year this time. He got 11 points higher than the 2nd ranked student. His English objective questions all got full marks. The only deduction was in the big essay. In fact, this composition was very well written and there were no grammatical errors. It can be regarded as a symbolic deduction of points.”

The confused students in the audience were silent.

A symbolic deduction of one point led to 149 points in the test.

They didn’t even dare to dream of this.

Perhaps it was because the score was too high. The gap completely dispelled the students’ unnecessary thoughts, combined with the honor of being first in the third grade. This left only a few words in their minds.

“The class monitor is awesome!!!”

The applause was particularly fierce and enthusiastic.

The animation of the small robot on the black dial disappeared again. It seemed to sense the sound from the outside world and was also clapping happily.

Pei Qingyuan saw the little robot clapping happily and a soft temperature flashed in his eyes.

After receiving the test paper, he walked back to his seat. He raised his wrist slightly and at an angle only he could see, a strange photo appeared on the black dial.

The photo showed the white lights on the ceiling of the classroom. Half the test paper happened to be zoomed in and his face was shot from an upward perspective, showing a large portion of his chest and chin.

It was the first time Pei Qingyuan had looked at himself from such an angle.

It was weird.

He took another look.

At the same time, his system whispered in his mind, “Ruan Ruan, this is my perspective.”

Ji Tong was a watch for the first time and felt that everything around him was full of novelty.

“Host, you are very handsome even at this death angle.” He started to boast to himself. “You are as handsome as the little genius person Tong watch.”

Pei Qingyuan heard this and couldn’t help turning his head to look out the window with warm sunlight. He let the smile on his face fall into the cool wind.

Fortunately, no one else heard the full name.

In the atmosphere of great excitement in the third class, the English teacher successfully finished going through the monthly exam paper and left the class on time.

The moment the break came, the last row of the classroom, which used to be relatively quiet, immediately turned into a vegetable market. Several students who had been close to Pei Qingyuan due to the croissant wanted to look at the exam paper and feel happy.

Pei Qingyuan didn’t refuse and let them carefully pass around the exam paper.

Lin Zihai turned his head silently, not wanting to see this hurtful picture again.

Pei Qingyuan used to study in a private high school with high fees. It was said that the most important thing in this type of school was a foreign language. It wasn’t surprising that he had such good results in English.

He wouldn’t have such good luck in other subjects!

Lin Zihai comforted himself stubbornly.

Then the physics teacher walked in with a brisk pace similar to that of the English teacher before the second class. He couldn’t help an ominous premonition appearing in his heart.

“10th place, Ma Di, 236 points in comprehensive science, including 72 points in physics.”


“3rd place, Lin Zihai, 260 points in comprehensive science, including 79 points in physics.”


“1st place, Pei Qingyuan, 291 points in comprehensive science, including 104 points in physics.”

The always stern physics smiled unusually kindly today, wrinkles about to bloom.

“Student Pei is 1st in the year for comprehensive science and also 1st in these three individual subjects. He got the highest score in our school’s senior year examination in recent years…”

History was always strikingly similar.

Lin Zihai, who was closest to the teacher, remained motionless. He was gradually numb and felt like a sculpture.

He suddenly didn’t want to know the results of the remaining subjects.

Then as the results of the monthly examination were gradually released, the entire third class was almost turned into a vegetable market. Students from other classes also came over to rub elbows as soon as possible.

If it were normal times, Lin Zihai would secretly mock them for being bored. Today, he wasn’t in the mood.

In this world full of Pei Qingyuan’s name, he just wanted to pretend that he didn’t exist.

The study committee member had been hit hard repeatedly. Finally, he got a break at noon. He lay weakly on the table and didn’t even want to eat. Slowly, he took out his phone, trying to find some funny things to use as spiritual food.

It was only then that he saw the unread message that had been left alone all morning.

[Has Pei Qingyuan been doing well at the 2nd High School recently?]

…He really knew how to ask questions.

Lin Zihai sighed with mixed feelings.

He couldn’t help thinking of the croissant that caused the entire school to chase after Pei Qingyuan. Then he thought of the black watch that everyone coveted and the frightening monthly exam scores. Finally, he could only send a short but profound reply.

[He is doing great.]


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      This is why I only read completed works or ones that are missing the extras

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    Letting Xiao Yuan loose in a crowd of public high schoolers is like releasing a tiger in a flock of fat sheep. It’s a one-sided massacre lol.

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