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DCBS: Chapter 26 Part 2

In the past, Pei Huaishan had been busy with work, even though these businesses with weak profits and heavy assets weren’t worth mentioning in Pei Minghong’s eyes. There were fewer words exchanged between father and son and the gap got bigger and bigger. In addition, the grandfather and grandson were separated by generations and there were many family matters that weren’t easy to interfere with.

By the time Pei Huaishan was completely aware of his son and daughter-in-law’s wrong education methods, the taciturn Pei Qingyuan had already passed his childhood that should’ve been happy. This had always been a hidden pain in Pei Huaishan’s heart.

The other child had just arrived and there might still be time to save him.

Pei Minghong also returned to the room after finishing a work call. He heard his father’s words and didn’t protest. He just raised an eyebrow while feeling that his father’s whim was really in vain.

Faced with this unexpected invitation, Pei Yan was at a loss. He instinctively glanced at his mother, whom he usually got along with the most.

Ye Lanting noticed his gaze and smiled. She reached out a hand, fastened the button he had loosened and said gently and decently, “Yan Yan, you have to look presentable.”

She looked at the collar that had returned to order with satisfaction and said softly, “Mom loves you very much and Grandpa loves you too. You can decide by yourself.”

The elegant smell of his mother’s perfume brushed his neck, reminding him of the days and nights in a spacious room.

His grandfather loved him and would ask him how life was in the Luo family. He would touch Pei Yan’s head and ask him what gift he wanted.

His mother loved him and hired him the best teachers, so he could receive the most comprehensive education. She hoped he could become a better person.

His mother only loved him alone, but his grandfather had more than one grandson in his heart.

After he was taken by his grandfather, would the vacant position next to his parents be filled in by Pei Qingyuan?

Was his grandfather paving the way for Pei Qingyuan?

Pei Yan wasn’t sure.

His family members surrounded him, extremely far yet close. He lowered his eyes, afraid he would waver. He was unwilling to look into anyone else’s again and just whispered, “I have been separated from my mother for too long…”

He chose his mother.

Like a spring breeze blowing the turbulent fate, he finally found a definite path.

Pei Minghong gave him a rare smile and turned to Pei Huaishan. “Dad, is it okay? I didn’t stop you.”

Ye Lanting glanced at him disapprovingly. “Minghong, how can you talk to your father like that?”

Then she smiled earnestly at Pei Huaishan. “Dad, Yan Yan just came home and is currently very clingy to me. I’m afraid he isn’t willing to part with me. If you are free, you can come back to the house to eat at any time.”

Pei Huaishan didn’t answer. His gaze wandered around the seemingly happy family in front of him for a long time before he sighed. “It’s okay. If you miss Grandpa, tell me. Grandpa will always be there.”

Pei Yan didn’t know the deep meaning behind this sentence. At this moment, he released his tightly clenched hands and nodded obediently. “Thank you, Grandpa. I will definitely come to see you often.”

The affectionate and polite words made Ye Lanting smile approvingly at her son. Pei Mind took out his phone again and distracted himself in an open manner.

Only Pei Huaishan looked a few years older. The housekeeper waiting on the side hurriedly handed over his crutches that weren’t used often.

“I am old and can’t control you any longer. Everyone has their own lives.”

He seemed to be talking to himself. Then he turned to look solemnly at his son, who was bent on profit. “Minghong, I still don’t want you to make the plate so big. It takes time and sweat to wait for a tree to grow up. What God gives you is subject to interest.”

Pei Minghong didn’t even look up. He held his phone and hurriedly walked out, “Dad, don’t worry. I only collect other people’s interest.”

Pei Yan thought his father and grandfather were talking about business and didn’t listen attentively. He let it slip lightly past his ears.

The dazzling light above his head fell into his eyes, as if it would never go out, illuminating the imaginary future with incomparable brilliance.

The next day, Xiang Jinyang got up early in the morning. He excitedly played with the brand new car keys and urged Pei Yan to go to school.

Xiang Jinyang hadn’t studied at Chengde Private High School at first. It was said that Ye Lanting originally wanted him to come to this expensive private high school to take care of her son. However, Pei Qingyuan had been in the same school as him for three years during middle school and refused. This became the catalyst for him to hate Pei Qingyuan.

Now he had a good relationship with the new young master of the Pei family and naturally went to school together. They could be companions.

Xiang Jinyang was one year older than Pei Yan. He had already obtained his driver’s license and his driving skills were good. He persuaded Ye Lanting to let the driver rest and let him drive Pei Yan in the new car to school.

Ye Lanting watched the two children go out side by side with a smile. She wanted until the sound of the engine completely disappeared before taking back this fake smile.

After the birthday party last night, Luo Xiuyun called her suddenly and asked her eagerly if she knew Pei Qingyuan’s whereabouts.

How could she know?

Ye Lanting was about to coldly hang up the phone. Then she heard Luo XIuyun say that Pei Qingyuan suddenly moved out and she stood the perfunctory words that were about to come out.

How could a child who had just become an adult think about moving away?

Where did he get the money and courage?

Ye Lanting clearly knew that the money in Pei Qingyuan’s card hadn’t been touched after he left and he hadn’t taken away any valuables from the Pei house.

Pei Qingyuan might be working part-time but how much money could he save with a part-time job on weekends at a small bakery?

Ye Lanting immediately thought of the child whose origin was unknown.

She remembered the rare smile on her husband’s face just now and his increasingly busy state recently. This caused her heart to be full of doubts again.

Therefore, she suppressed her emotions and pretended to comfort the other person. “Qingyuan moved out? Don’t worry, I’ll ask someone to check for you.”

This was the first time Luo Xiuyun heard her patient tone. Luo Xiuyun couldn’t say anything and just thanked her again and again.

Ye Lanting hung up the phone in an expressionless manner. She stood there for a long time in a daze before slowly returning to her luxurious and spacious bedroom.

On the big bed behind her, her husband, who seldom stayed at home, was already asleep.

She stared at him for a moment. Then she silently sat down in front of the dressing table and calmly removed the delicate makeup on her face.

It was a long, sleepless night.

Ye Lanting remembered the private investigator saying that the child seemed to go to the gymnasium of the 2nd High school every night to find Pei Qingyuan, who was training on the basketball team.

She had seen the only photo of the child. He was smiling and eating cheap bread. At first glance, he didn’t look at her husband. But after looking at it for a long time, she felt like there was a shadow of her husband everywhere.

Ye Lanting didn’t want to toss and turn over a photo that might be distorted.

She wanted to confirm it with her own eyes.

Today was the first day that school started after the holidays.

She should officially go to school and care about this former son.

The always elegant and dignified woman got up from the table and walked to the bedroom, where she fell silent again.

She wanted to choose a suitable outfit for today.

A new car with shiny paint sped around the street corners, startling the birds parked in the trees.

Xiang Jinyang held the steering wheel firmly. Wind blew in through the open sunroof, messing up the hair of the two teenagers and bringing in the coolness and comfort of the morning.

In the sound of the whistling wind, Xiang Jinyan remembered the conversation between Pei Minghong’s family last night. His eyes were full of interest as he suddenly asked, “Xiao Yan, Chengde will be holding the Cultural Exchange Week this month. Do you want the school to invite him over?”

Chengde was a well-known private school in the province and regularly held cultural exchange weeks, inviting some students from other schools to come and participate.

Pei Yan didn’t react immediately. “What?”

“Pei Qingyuan is a big celebrity in the school, before and now.” Xiang Jinyang smiled. “Inviting him to come to Chengde to revisit and see his past friends again must be a very memorable birthday gift.”

This time, Pei Yan heard his words clearly and he heard the obvious malice even more clearly.

He was silent for a while before asking, “Will the school agree?”

“Of course, it is a trivial matter like choosing an exchange school. Your father can just say it casually.” Xiang Jinyang teased. “Don’t you know that your father has shares in Chengde? Young Master.”

These words made the remaining hesitation in Pei Yan’s heart suddenly disappear.

The sunlight in front of him was extremely bright and the pedestrians far behind outside the car window were small and contemptible.

His breath was suffocated and he gradually sank into this irresistible wind.

“…Okay.” Pei Yan answered briefly. “I’ll ask my friends at the 2nd High School first.”

He quickly took out the phone. He let go of the apprehension and anxiety from last time and simply opened the dialog box with Lin Zihai.

He wanted to know how Pei Qingyuan was doing at the 2nd High School.

The phone hidden in the bag silently lit up before slowly darkening.

However, the owner of the school bag wasn’t sitting in his seat.

It was the 10 minutes after the morning self-study period and the classroom was filled with an unusual restlessness.

The first class was about to start soon, but Lin Zihai didn’t race against time to do questions as usual. Instead, he sat in the last row of the classroom and chatted with his classmates.

“…I went to the office to deliver the homework just now and Teacher Zhou looked very happy. It seems that our class has reached a new high for this monthly exam results. Some students have a particularly high year ranking.”

He secretly glanced at the seat next to him as he spoke.

Pei Qingyuan wasn’t affected by the enthusiastic atmosphere of the class in the slightest. He was calmly reading the book in his hand as usual.

The only difference was that he wore a watch today. The appearance was very handsome and the lines were clean and smooth. The watch body was a high-end black.

As Pei Qingyuan was reading, he glanced at the watch on his wrist from time to time, turning a blind eye to the noise around him.

Lin Zihai couldn’t believe it.

Today, class was basically to report the grades and go over the papers. Why wasn’t he worried at all?

Wasn’t he afraid of losing face after receiving his scores?

The classmates chatting with him listened to him and looked envious. “The number one person in the class must be you. You are so powerful, unlike me. I will probably be beaten when I receive the papers and go home tonight.

Lin Zihai pretended to be modest. “It shouldn’t be me. When answering that day, I made a mistake when answering the multiple choice questions of the mathematics exam. I don’t know who is so powerful.”

This time, the math paper was so difficult but he only made one mistake in the multiple choice questions. He must be the first in the class with a record high score!

The close Pei Qingyuan was still indifferent and played with his watch calmly.

What was so special about this new watch? It was pretty good-looking and he had never seen a similar style, but why keep looking at it?!

Lin Zihai secretly gritted his teeth. As a result, the handsome watch seemed to glimpse his expression. It actually flashed light very regularly. A shining white light flowed and it looked very technological.

“You only got one wrong?” The classmate who didn’t realize he was showing off was surprised. “I seem to only be certain about one… It’s over, I’m gone.”

Lin Zihai inexplicably felt that he was being ridiculed by this cool watch and immediately stepped up his efforts. “Not necessarily. I don’t know if I did it wrong. After all, the difficulty is so high this time.”

This time, there was finally movement from Pei Qingyuan.

He still had no expression on his face. Only the corners of his lips were slightly raised, as if he was smiling.

At this subtle smile, Lin Zihai was forced to think about the two wrong questions that were pointed out by Pei Qingyuan in the past.

…So angry.

His expression was grim as he decided to throw a straight ball. “Speaking of which, I don’t know how the class monitor’s grades are? Perhaps the first in the grade this time is the class monitor?”

The other students looked over curiously.

Pei Qingyuan, who was directly named this time, finally looked away from his watch toward the chattering study committee member.

Outside the window, the smiling English teacher was walking briskly through the corridor with a stack of thick papers, about to enter the classroom.

Before the class bell rang, under Lin Zihai’s expectant eyes, Pei Qingyuan opened his mouth as Lin Zihai wished. His eyes were clear when he spoke and his tone was indifferent.

“You are disturbing my watch.”


  1. It’s truly a shame that Pei Yan chose his mother, he is still young after all and got dazzled by new wealth.

    Although I know it’s unlikely, I hope he will have a happy life, or at least realize that people can have two loved ones in their life, not just one.

    1. Honey says:

      It might seem like he is jealous. But you know it is a human nature. You should put your self in his place. He had poor environment when he grew up , without a dad, single parent, former mother treated him right cause of guilt, now he has parents but those people don’t care, and now the grandpa is worried about another person who he thinks stole his place.

  2. InnerDesperation says:

    Tong Tong became a watch? Well, although it doesn’t function the way he wanted it to, he still has hands lol.

  3. M&M's says:

    Pei Yan is steadily going down a sad and dark path with no return. I understand that he’s unreconciled about the seventeen years of missed luxury and splendor, but to continue to maliciously cause harm to another victim in the whole thing when he hasn’t done anything to suggest that he wants to come back is just horrible. —— Instead of wasting his time and efforts on another person, it would be better to just improve himself so he can be proud of himself and his achievements. What better way to get revenge against someone you’re constantly compared to than by just making yourself better than that person. —— Thanks for the chapter! 😀

  4. Eun says:

    I am begging, give pei yan better friends or even acquaintances. Or just normal peers.

  5. Alcott says:

    That Ye Lanting beetch definitely has problems. She needs to get check ASAP.

  6. G says:

    I know tgis might sound wrong…..I also pity Pei Yan but for now all I can think about is that Tongg Tong turned into a watch and given the situation I don’t think Ruan Ruan will take him off so…….if Ruan Ruan takes a leak would…….no nevermind, let’s not continue to that path…..

  7. OmCake says:

    Well, it seems Pei Yan made his choice. He’s easy to win over and manipulate and already brushed his loving mother aside. I don’t have any hope for him any longer. A shame.

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