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DCBS: Chapter 26 Part 1

Pei Qingyuan wasn’t used to close contact with animals. He found out that the cat was making a fuss in his arms and he returned Hua Hua to Ji Tong with some helplessness.

Ji Tong smiled at this particularly humane cyber cat. He lowered his head, poked the cat in the face and said proudly, “Don’t compete for favor.”

As the host’s most trustworthy and reliable system, how could a newcomer cat have the same treatment as him?

He emphasized in a low voice, “Just call him Hua Hua, call him Hua Hua, call him Hua Hua.”

Hua Hua: “……”

He hung his tail that wasn’t a flower at all and decided not to compare himself with the stupid person in front of him.

Pei Qingyuan pretended that he didn’t see the strange behavior of his system trying to bicker with his cat. He thought about what form he wanted Ji Tong to become.

He hoped that Ji Tong could see the same scenery as himself every day.

Turning into a sword was a good choice, but this unfortunately wasn’t ancient times.

Pei Qingyuan didn’t have many personal belongings. The only thing he carried on a regular basis every day was his school bag. Among them, his phone seemed to be the most suitable thing for Ji Tong but it couldn’t be taken out in public. It could only be kept in his bag.

He couldn’t let Ji Tong become his clothes, right?

He sweated while playing basketball at night, so it shouldn’t be appropriate.

Pei Qingyuan thought for a long time but couldn’t think of anything. He simply asked Ji Tong’s opinion. “Do you have any favorite form?”

Ji Tong became more energetic when speaking of this.

His eyes lit up. He conjured up a drawing from somewhere and handed it to Pei Qingyuan attentively.

“I previously made some small designs for the host.”

This was an idea he had many days ago. Ever since coming up with this idea, he had designed several drafts alone.

Pei Qingyuan took the drawing with a surprised expression. He thought that rather than worrying about it himself, he might as well respect the preferences of the system.

He was just about to agree when his eyes fell on the very complicated drawing and he suddenly hesitated.

It was a huge hemispherical object with four long mechanical arms with a complex design that extended from the lower end, seemingly with retractable grippers.

He asked in a confused manner, “This is… what is it?”

“Can’t you tell? It is a big bowl with legs!” Ji Tong declared proudly. “I have absorbed a lot of mechanical knowledge and the finished product is absolutely in line with the current level of the world’s scientific and technological development. It won’t be rejected by the center.”

The system couldn’t show too many abnormal abilities or states in front of ordinary people, such as flying brooms or transforming into a living person. This made it easy to cause the collapse of the worldview, so the daily form of the system couldn’t be too outrageous.

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

A large bowl with legs.

His worldview collapsed and reorganized again.

The profound ideas of artificial intelligence were definitely beyond the understanding of human beings.

Pei Qingyuan tried hard to look away from the mysterious drawing and said in a seemingly calm manner, “Let me think about it again.”

Ji Tong heard a very tactful refusal from the host’s pretend calm tone.

The dream of being a long-legged bowl was shattered.

The loose straps slipped down like his mood. Ji Tong slumped on the sofa with a dazed face and glared at Hua Hua, who was curled up in a melancholy ball.

The warm yellow light illuminated the two beings on the sofa, like a wonderful dream.

Pei Qingyuan watched from the side and somehow reached out to rub Ji Tong’s soft, short hair.

The snubbed Hua Hua meowed in a slightly aggrieved manner. Pei Qingyuan had to stop the movement of wanting to retract his hand and also carefully touched Hua Hua’s head.

Hua Hua immediately narrowed his eyes in satisfaction and swung his tail.

Ji Tong criticized him in a low voice. “Childish!”

Hua Hua: “Meow meow meow!” You are childish!

The soft moonlight outside the window poured into the house like a fog.

Pei Qingyuan was slightly in a trance as he remembered the fairytale-like photo again.

This moment also looked like a fairytale.

He casually touched the phone in his pocket which vibrated again while thinking about what to do now.

He seemed to be the only adult in the family and could probably be regarded as the head of the family.

The clock on the wall was pointing at 10 o’clock in the evening.

What should ordinary people do at 10 o’clock in the evening?

Pei Qingyuan wasn’t very skilled when thinking about this question.

He wasn’t too certain given the busy day. “Is it time to take a shower and go to bed?”

Ji Tong, who was forming a ball on the sofa, became stunned when he heard this. He pondered on it for a moment before suddenly becoming excited again. “It makes sense. It is time to take a bath!”

After receiving the approval of his family members, Pei Qingyuan relaxed and a strong sense of responsibility inexplicably rose in his heart.

“Before I go to school tomorrow, I will think about the daily form that suits you.”

Every day’s time was precious and couldn’t be wasted.

Ji Tong nodded again and again. He completely forgot the disappointment about the long-legged bowl proposal being rejected. He took the cat into his arms with one hand and tugged the corner of the host’s clothes with the other hand. Then he rushed into the bathroom in a hurry.

“Ruan Ruan, we will go take a bath!”


“That’s right. Host, you are responsible for extending a helping hand in a timely manner,” Ji Tong said in a serious manner. “I want to see if Hua Hua and I will fail when we take a bath and touch water. After all, our bodies are both generated out of thin air and should be different from normal humans or cats.”

Hua Hua’s eyes suddenly widened in horror.

“Meow meow meow meow!” Host, save me!

As a result, his apparently smart owner agreed thoughtfully. “It should be tested.”

“Let’s wash the cat first,” he added deliberately.

Hua Hua: “!!!”

I can’t stay in this home!

The hour hand ticketed toward 10 o’clock sharp.

On the other side of the city, a huge mansion was also brightly lit.

Not long after the grand coming of age party ended, there was still a lively atmosphere in the air.

Pei Yan unbuttoned the top button of his shirt a bit tiredly. He had smiled cautiously in the midst of the delicate sense of confinement all night and now it was finally time to relax.

His body might be tired but he felt an indescribable satisfaction.

Tonight, he was surrounded by the favor of his parents, grandfather and all his guests. He received birthday gifts that were completely unimaginable in the first 17 years of his life. There were so many expensive things that he almost had the illusion of being in heaven.

In addition to being excited, Pei Yan couldn’t help thinking. Did Pei Qingyuan also receive such gifts for 17 years?

The deep resentment of being robbed of a happy life quietly rose.

Fortunately, there was someone around him who understood his feelings.

Xiang Jinyang, who was sitting next to him in a well-dressed manner, looked at the list of gifts recorded by the maid with interest. He chatted with Pei Yan lazily, “Your adoptive mother went back very late, right?”

Pei Yan nodded. Then he saw undisguised mockery appear on Xiang Jinyang’s face.

“It seems he won’t have a happy birthday today.”

Xiang Jinyang didn’t say a specific name but both of them knew who he was referring to.

His tutor had taught Pei Yan the etiquette of speech and behavior. He wasn’t allowed to say aggressive words in public, nor could he openly show real and strong emotions.

Therefore, Pei Yan could only acquiesce in his heart. He felt a trace of happiness at Xiang Jinyang’s contemptuous expression.

“Thieves always have to pay the price.” Xiang Jinyang said casually. Then his eyes suddenly lit up. “I remember that this sports car is very good. Xiao Yan, hasn’t Uncle Pei already given you a more expensive one?”

“Yes, but I can’t drive and my mother hasn’t arranged for me to learn yet.” In the process of getting along with this good friend, Pei Yan had long been accustomed to such generosity. “If you like it, take it.”

“Great, I can finally change cars and drive to school.” XIang Jinyang immediately placed a hand affectionately on his shoulder. “Next time, I’ll take you for a ride.”

Pei Yan smiled and talked to him, chatting about the trivial matters and gossip that happened at school. This was until the group of adults talking in the distance dispersed. Among them, the white-haired and energetic Pei Huaishan called Pei Minghong away. The atmosphere between the two of them didn’t seem that harmonious.

What was his grandfather going to say to his father?

The smile on Pei Yan’s face froze and gradually faded.

In a corner far away from the crowd, the over 40 years old Pei Minghong frowned a bit impatiently. He raised his hand the moment he stopped to look at his watch. “Dad, what’s the matter?”

Pei Huaishan’s eyes immediately widened. “What type of attitude is this?”

Pei Minghong didn’t give in when faced with his father’s dissatisfaction. “Dad, I’m really busy. I have several investments in place and there is an international meeting to be held tonight. Today is Xiao Yan’s birthday and I have delayed many things.”

Tiredness was shown in his sharp eyebrows and eyes. He wasn’t very interested in today’s huge birthday party. He wasted time here to appease his wife’s mood so she could stop making trouble.

Pei Huaishan looked at his son, who only had work in his eyes, and sighed. “Today is also Qingyuan’s birthday.”

“He isn’t my son.” Pei Minghong was unmoved. “His mother will celebrate his birthday.”

“His mother came here to participate in Xiao Yan’s party!” Pei Huaishan exclaimed angrily before asking, “Which one of you called her?”

“I don’t know.” Pei Minghong showed his usual indifference. “It was probably Xiao Yan.”

Pei Huaishan was furious. “You should hold this woman accountable. She ruined the lives of two children. How can she appear here in such a dignified manner?”

“It isn’t like our Pei family can’t afford to raise two children. Let this irresponsible mother be punished as she deserves and Qingyuan can still be raised by us!”

Pei Minghong raised his hand to look at his watch again. He was obviously indifferent to this set of statements that he had heard many times in recent days. He said bluntly, “Pei Yan interceded for her, saying it wasn’t easy for her. What can I do?”

“Besides—” His eyes flashed with slight irony. “At least this proves he is emotional, unlike the other one, whom I’m not deeply familiar with.”

Pei Huaishan stared at his son’s cold expression and didn’t say anything for a long time.

“Qingyuan is a good boy. “He sighed. “It is you who didn’t treat him well since he was a child. I am also to blame for not teaching you well and making you what you are now.”

Pei Minghong didn’t like his words and retorted. “I don’t think there is anything wrong with me. Do I want to be like you? It is this day and age and you are stuck on the so-called self-sufficient industry. Dad, your vision is outdated and you can’t see people clearly. Fortunately, I didn’t listen to you or I would be guarding the hills and planting trees like you.”

The contradictions and differences between the father and son had a long history. Pei Minghong’s tone was full of lofty pride. “At least from the perspective of the company’s market value, I have proven that I am more successful than you. So stop treating me like a child and telling me what to do.”

“Besides, I have made preparations.” He changed his tone and said lightly. “Qingyuan is indeed a smart child and might have some achievements in the future. At that time, he can still be a child of the Pei family. He is still surnamed Pei and that woman promised not to let him change it.”

Pei Huaishan stared at him in astonishment.

He always thought that Pei Qingyuan didn’t change his name out of some nostalgia for the Pei family. He didn’t know that this was Pei Minghong’s request.

He had nothing to say about this selfish, utilitarian and stubborn son.

“Xiao Yan can’t stay with the two of you any longer!”

Pei Huaishan trembled with anger. He left this last sentence in disappointment and walked away.

Seeing this, the eavesdropping Pei Yan quickly lowered his head and retracted behind a corner.

His hands were soaked in hot and humid sweat and the words he heard just now rang through his mind repeatedly.

His grandfather really missed Pei Qingyuan and even wanted him to stay in the Pei house.

By the way, what did his grandfather’s last words mean?

He suddenly remembered the message he just received from Luo Xiuyun. She said that Pei Qingyuan had run away from home and refused to answer her calls. She didn’t know what to do.

Where did Pei Qingyuan go?

Was it related to his grandfather?

He returned to the hall in a state of confusion and saw Pei Huaishan frowning while saying something to Ye Lanting.

Seeing him return, his mother showed a gentle smile and beckoned to him. “Yan Yan, come here. Grandpa has something to say to you.”

Pei Yan walked over worriedly. Countless thoughts that panicked him filled his mind, but he didn’t dare to show it.

Pei Huaishan’s eyes were complicated as he saw Pei Yan’s meek and well-behaved expression. He asked softly, “Do you want to live with your grandfather?”

Pei Yan looked at his grandfather unexpectedly and repeated cautiously, “Live… together?”

“Yes, Grandpa is old and I’m afraid of loneliness. I want to get along with you more.” Pei Huaishan persuaded him with a kind face. “Just live with Grandpa for a few months and you can often go back to see your parents.”

He hadn’t been back in China for long but he was keenly aware that this child was quietly changing.

He saw that Pei Yan didn’t have Pei Qingyuan’s tenacity and early wisdom. Instead, he had a naivety and fragility that was out of place in this family.

Pei Huaishan didn’t want his ill-fated grandson to eventually grow up to look completely different from when he first came here.


  1. milui says:

    It’s hard to hate Pei Yan. He really was a sweet boy before all these awful people surrounded him when he was confused. His envy of Pei Qingyuan is understandable and I hope he doesn’t become canon fodder… I want somebody to get him away from these people! Grandpa go go go!!

    1. Edaa says:


      And thanks for the chapter

    2. Indolent Connoisseur of Cosmosof esuir says:

      It’s not that I hate Pei Yan but I quite dislike him, I do hope for some character development though. Pei Yan is described as a kind and obedient person, but he lacks empathy. In other words, he’s selfish. He may be brainwashed into thinking negative thoughts about the protagonist because of that b*tchy cousin of his, however he only thought of how pitiful he was during the 17 years he had lived before, not even thinking once about Pei Qingyuan, how he lived, was he happy? and how he felt about this situation. It was always “I was robbed of happiness”, not thinking about PQY’s situation. How can he be genuinely kind if he lacks empathy and sympathy to understand and know what Pei Qingyuan felt??

  2. ethos says:

    Thanks for the chapter

  3. InnerDesperstion says:

    I don’t hate Pei Yan, but I also can’t bring myself to completely like him for some reason (I’m probably protecting my heart just in case 😰).

  4. M&M's says:

    Haha! I can’t believe Ji Tong actually brought out the bowl-with-legs idea! It would be so embarrassing for Pei Qingyuan to actually bring that out in public, lol. —– On another note, I do feel sorry for Pei Yan because he’s unaware of what’s happening to himself and the sincerity behind the people he thinks he knows well. It’s a shame that he most likely will reject the grandfather’s proposal even though it’s truly the best situation for him. —– I would just like to see something horrible happen to the father who only has money on his mind and then for him to see the truth of such a utilitarian life when no one cares about him and his well-being; when his family is only concerned about what will happen to his assets. —– Thanks for the chapter! 😀

  5. oni says:

    its hard to hate pei yan. like hes having to essentially live up to qingyuan who constantly excelled, like of course he’s going to have a inferiority complex towards him

    like he is in an entirely new situation, with people actively manipulating and moulding him to their wants and needs, overworking himself to try and meet the expectation qingyuan left behind

  6. Eun says:

    Rooting for pei yan! Get him away from that gold digger!

  7. Monmonmoon says:

    Pei Yan can stop for a minute and think that maybe PQY also had this type anxiety and went through countless sleepless nights doubting himself growing up. Pei Yan lived a happy comfortable life but he’s insisting he was pitiful and robbed of happiness and riches by PQY, he’s not only naive he’s selfish and vile lacking self awareness but he’s still young so maybe there will be some character development later

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