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DCBS: Chapter 24 Part 2

He didn’t bring many things at first. All of them were necessary studying materials and daily necessities. There were trophies he had won before and some small items full of memories. There wasn’t even a lot of clothing, because the expensive clothing was bought with the Pei family’s money. He was unwilling to occupy things that didn’t belong to him.

The three cardboard boxes were all he had left after spending 17 years in two families.

Before leaving, in order to prevent Luo Xiuyun from thinking that he had disappeared for no reason, Pei Qingyuan decided to leave a concise note for her.

[…You don’t have to put any extra energy on me.]

After finishing this sentence, he was about to put down his pen. Then Ji Tong on the side said, “Ruan Ruan, don’t you have anything else you want to write?”

“What is it?”

“Your truth.” Ji Tong explained, “I told you before that honestly expressing your feelings is the first step to establishing a good family relationship. Host, you might not need to maintain a family relationship with Luo Xiuyun now, but this sentence isn’t wrong. Don’t hold your feelings in your heart.”

The translation was: You are leaving. Of course, you have to scold her.

Ji Tong liked this part the most.

Pei Qingyuan hesitated after hearing this. He gripped the pen again and thought for a long time before lowering his head to write something.

Once he finished writing, Ji Tong blinked excitedly and pretended to be reserved. “Host, what did you write? Can I read it?”

Pei Qingyuan thought for a moment before shaking his head. He bluntly changed the topic. “Let’s go. The time of the appointment with the landlord is coming soon.”

The host actually had a secret from him!

Ji Tong’s curiosity came to nothing. He pursed his mouth in melancholy and followed the host with a reluctant face, leaving this small room.

Pei Qingyuan carried the cardboard boxes downstairs three times. During this period, Ji Tong sat obediently on the edge of the flower bed downstairs, guarding the cardboard boxes while dangling his short legs.

Pei Qingyuan came downstairs with a box for the last time. He saw the small figure in the sunlight and the remaining haze in his heart was also diluted.

Of course, he had many feelings buried deep in his heart.

He hoped that his mother could call him by a more affectionate name, he hoped that his mother could care more about him, he hoped that the relatives of the Luo family wouldn’t take advantage of this cruel fate to seek benefits from him, he hoped to have a normal and warm family, he hoped to hear a belated apology, he hoped to be loved…

He had too many hopes that couldn’t be realized, but saying them one by one made him seem really small and pitiful.

Finally, Pei Qingyuan simply wrote down the biggest feeling in his heart at the moment.

[I don’t miss the life there and I don’t dislike the days here. I just want a room that really belongs to me.]

[Now it is no longer needed.]

It was because he now had a home much wider than a small room.

The third cardboard box fell to the ground. The little boy in overalls raised his phone and shook it proudly. “Ruan Ruan, the car I called is entering the community. Just now, I used the voice of an old woman to call a car for my grandson. The driver praised me for being able to use a phone so well at such an old age, which is amazing.”

The car that came in from outside quickly stopped next to the building. The driver got out of the car to open the trunk and helped the two children in front of him move the boxes. He said casually, “Your grandmother didn’t go downstairs to see you off? Hey, let me tell you, it is quite similar to my grandmother’s voice. It sounds very kind.”

Ji Tong thanked the uncle sweetly. Then he turned and whispered in the host’s heart, “That is the standard human grandmother voice generated after data sampling and accurate calculations.”

Pei Qingyuan smiled in a dumbstruck manner. He held the car door and watched Ji Tong eagerly climb into the back seat of the car.

The scenery outside the car window continued to pass. The low apartment building was getting further and further away.

The little boy next to him looked out the car window with an excited face and sighed, “It feels so good not to have to check the time.”

Ji Tong only had one hour in human form every day. The host usually had to go to school or work, so he couldn’t appear often. This caused a tighter meal time, but it was almost enough.

However, today was the host’s birthday and the day of moving. As a professional system with professional ethics, Ji Tong couldn’t let the host spend this day alone.

Thus, he used the nonsense generator to generate thousands of terabytes of special case reports and sent them to the main brain non-stop, hoping that the main brain would approve his request to not be limited by the time limit of his human form for today.

The main brain was disturbed by this viral bombing and finally agreed, but warned him not to take it as an example or his year-end bonus would be deducted.

Ji Tong accepted it and agreed happily. In any case, the host only turned 18 once in his life.

Today, he had prepared a birthday gift to give to the host with his own hands.

Pei Qingyuan heard this emotion and silently agreed in his heart.

It was rare to have Ji Tong by his side during non-meal time. The originally cold air disappeared and just contained his lively voice.

“The weather is nice today. That cloud is like an elephant.”

“This sculpture is so big, it looks a bit silly… someone just ran a red light!”

“Brother, look. There are such beautiful flowers blooming there—”

Ji Tong always lay against the car window, watching the scenery outside.

Pei Qingyuan suddenly discovered that for the system who spent most of his time in Pei Qingyuan’s consciousness space, it wasn’t just eating delicious food that made him happy. All ordinary scenes in the world were full of strange charm. Everything that Pei Qingyuan considered to be an ordinary daily life was extremely precious.

Today, he no longer felt disappointed about his fate. He just felt a bit sorry for the system.

The quiet wind blew in, curling up the dull hair on top of the child’s head. The hair on his face was illuminated by the faint sunlight and his eyes were as bright as stars.

The driver listened while driving. He occasionally looked through the rearview mirror and couldn’t help smiling. “Young man, your brother is so cute.”

Pei Qingyuan nodded quietly.

After arriving at the destination and getting out of the car, the driver couldn’t help picking up the boxes and moving it to the building for them.

Pei Qingyuan took his younger brother’s hand and led him upstairs to their new home amidst a stranger’s warm kindness.

The two figures, big and small, projected on the snow-white wall in an overlapping manner, like a static painting.

In the past, he often felt that the days were too long, but he hoped today could be longer.

Once he arrived at the door of the apartment they agreed upon yesterday, Pei Qingyuan pressed the doorbell. A smiling grandmother came to open the door.

Last night, Pei Qingyuan looked at the suitable apartments in the community that Ji Tong picked up. The decorations of this apartment were the most comfortable and the rent was also reasonable.

There were large windows when walking into the entrance and the light coming in front outside filled the whole space. It looked particularly open and the simple wood decoration style was very refreshing.

“You don’t need to take off your shoes. Come in quickly.” The grandmother waved to them and explained, “My daughter went on a business trip today and said that the child who came to see the place yesterday is very anxious to love here, so she asked me to come over.”

This house hadn’t been lived in for a long time, but it was cleaned up very nicely. The gray-haired grandmother said with a smile, “I heard her say that it was a half-grown child who came to rent the apartment. I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to clean it up, so I came over in the morning to clean it in a hurry.”

Ji Tong’s mouth was very sweet and he immediately said, “Thank you, Grandma. You have worked hard.”

Pei Qingyuan couldn’t find a more suitable sentence to respond with, so he also thanked her seriously. “Thank you.”

The grandmother smiled from ear to ear. “Hey! You are really sensible. It’s okay, I didn’t work hard. Come while the sunlight is good. I will show you around. This sunlight is suitable for drying clothes…”

The layout of this room was two bedrooms and one living room. Ji Tong planned to leave a bedroom for Ji Tong. He knew that Ji Tong was just an artificial intelligence, but he subconsciously treated Ji Tong as a human being.

The two bedrooms were on the same side. From the window, they could see a large area of greenery and residential buildings. They could glimpse the various curtains of the opposite building and the pedestrians walking in the green park. The scenery was peaceful and pleasant.

The grandmother took them around the apartment and carefully introduced the use of various electrical appliances. Pei Qingyuan listened very seriously and liked this home.

Ji Tong sat on the bay window and watched the children blowing bubbles in the park for a long time. His face showed obvious yearning.

The sun shone on the clean furniture in the apartment and the breeze blew on the spacious balcony. It was just like Pei Qingyuan once glimpsed from a distance. There were no green plants, but he could soon arrange it himself.

After the introduction, the grandmother sat at the tablet that was cleanly wiped. She put on reading glasses and signed the contract with Pei Qingyuan.

The moment she saw the copy of the ID card that Pei Qingyuan brought over, she was surprised. “You just turned 18 today?”

Pei Qingyuan nodded nervously. He wanted to say that he had enough money and would be able to pay the rent when he saw the grandmother standing up in a hurry, as if looking for something.

“There is nothing in this room…”

The old lady looked worried. She went to rummage through her bag again and finally found something.

Then Pei Qingyuan was gently given a bag of fruit lollipops.

“I bought it for my grandson in the morning. Fortunately, I bought it.” The grandmother smiled. “You have to eat sugar for my birthday. It is good to eat some sweets.”

The colorful candy wrappers reflected the dazzling light in his palm.

Ever since the little boy with messy hair appeared at his feet, good luck started to come to him.

Pei Qingyuan seldom ate sugar. In the eyes of his former mother Ye Lanting, it was just a harmful substance that made people age and become obese. He absolutely wasn’t allowed to touch it. He wasn’t even allowed to eat a lot of the exquisite birthday cake every year.

But at this moment, he and Ji Tong peeled off the candy wrapper together and put the fruit candy in his mouth. He couldn’t remember those scary-sounding words at all and only felt that a sweet goodness was rippling in his mouth.

“It is delicious,” he said.

“It is delicious.” Ji Tong parroted from next to him and peeled off the second one, ready to eat both. “Grandma, you are so good! It must be happy to be your grandson.”

The landlord’s grandmother was coaxed into smiling and finally said goodbye to them almost reluctantly.


  1. Edaa says:

    It’s so heart warming ❤️❤️

  2. InnerDesperation says:

    Although wild bear-children have their charm, well-behaved and sensible xiao baos are always cute.

    Tong Tong makes the best baby!

  3. M&M's says:

    It’s sad that complete strangers are the ones that give him a feeling of warmth and care. I’m happy to see their cohabitation finally begin, though! It’s a good thing that Ji Tong has a room of his own because soon enough he’ll be able to stay out the entire day and have a more adult form suitable for his age. Then we just need to wait for the romance to bloom and everything will be perfect, lol.

    Thanks for another nice chapter! 😀

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