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DCBS: Chapter 14

Pei Qingyuan was amused by his serious tone. Several streams of light from the shade of the trees flashed in his eyes and his always indifferent face instantly softened.

Pedestrians passed by. Ji Tong pulled Pei Qingyuan’s sleeve confidently and entered the state of a vivid three and a half year old in a second. “Brother, why haven’t you finished eating? We should go to school!”

He had only one minute left of his breakfast time!

“Okay.” Pei Qingyuan stood up and rubbed the soft hair of his head. “See you in the gymnasium tonight.”

He headed to the school with the wind behind him. His treatment after walking through the school gate was very different.

No one dared to openly make fun of him any longer. On the one hand, the school teachers restrained the students in each class. On the other hand, the entire basketball team protected him. A group of tall boys still carried a lot of weight among their classmates.

However, Pei Qingyuan wasn’t sure whether this group of teammates acknowledged him or were captured by his system.

After all, every time he went to training at night, the first sentence he heard was no longer the most common, ‘Go and change clothes’ but ‘When is Tong Tong coming?’

Even Coach Xu had fallen, bringing cute toy ducks and plush bears to work every day that was specially used to coax the child. The glorious image of a middle-aged macho man gradually collapsed.

Pei Qingyuan walked into class and the attitude of the students in the third class was much more normal. Some people took the initiative to greet him while some silently pretended to be dead.

In general, everything was getting better, apart from a certain study committee member who was madly immersed in imagining things every day.

During the class breaks, Lin Zihai would rush over and pretend to be concerned. “Class monitor, there are still ten days to go until the monthly exam. How is your review? Do you want me to highlight the key points for you?”

“……” Pei Qingyuan glanced at him strangely. “Help me mark the wrong questions. Eight and 20?”

These were the two wrong questions on Lin Zihai’s paper that he casually pointed out last time.

“I was purely blind that day!” Lin Zihai immediately frowned. “You were just lucky. If you really enter the examination room, you will have no luck. As a class monitor, you will embarrass Teacher Zhou if your grades are too poor!”

“I was kind enough to help you mark out the key points. You are really ignorant of the hearts of good people…”

Pei Qingyuan listened to him muttering for a long time and slowly turned the pages of the books in his hand. This lasted until Lin Zihai was in a hurry. Then he slowly made an ‘oh’ sound.

Lin Zihai choked up due to his attitude and angrily threw up his hands. Then he walked back to his seat. “Forget it. Just wait for the day the exam results come out to cry!”

Ji Tong couldn’t wait to record his future black history material. “I really want to fast forward to the monthly exam results. Will Lin Zihai cry when the results come out?”

Pei Qingyuan thought about it before answering him quite seriously. “He will cry in anger.”

Ji Tong happily created a new album called ‘Encyclopedia of Black History and Ruthless Words’. Then he parroted, “Just wait for the day the exam results come out to cry!”

Tonight, the gymnasium was filled with the aroma of hot pot. Coach Xu saw the rapid improvement of the team’s skills and was overjoyed every day. He specially prepared a small hot pot for Ji Tong.

In the midst of the aroma of hot pot and the cheers of the child, tonight’s intra-team confrontation was even more ferocious.

Ji Tong watched the handsome guys show off their muscles while cooking hot pot. From time to time, Coach Xu wiped his sweat and handed him milk. Ji Tong simply felt that he was the happiest system in the entire world.

In addition, he wouldn’t gain weight no matter how much he ate.

He just needed to maintain his human form a bit longer to at least endure that he could eat three meals comfortably every day. Then Ji Tong would be willing to be a system for a lifetime.

The moment the hot pot was eaten, he forgot the time. Tonight, 40 minutes was used up before Pei Qingyuan led him out of the school.

The little robot had built a garden in Pei Qingyuan’s emotional zone. He sat on the swing and swung his short legs, saying sadly, “I’m sorry, Ruan Ruan. I can’t accompany you home today.”

Pei Qingyuan inexplicably understood the meaning of these words. “Do you want me to take you to see the bakery today?”

“I want it, I want it.” Ji Tong’s expression didn’t change. “Ruan Ruan is really the best host I have ever seen!”

“You have only seen one host.”

“You are still the best!”

The teenager on the bicycle stopped in front of the bakery that was about to close. He patiently waited for the little robot in his mind to be bathed in the aroma.

On the quiet street at night, the fragrant and rich aroma of baking flooded into him at the same time, making his mood lighter.

Under the orange street lamp, the glass door of the store was suddenly pushed open. A chubby, middle-aged man poked his head out. He pushed up the glasses that were about to slide down and said to him in a gentle voice, “Student, do you want to come here to work part-time?”

Pei Qingyuan looked over blankly.

“I see you standing here in a daze every night.” The bakery owner pointed to the glass window in front of him where there was a job advertisement posted on it. “If you are over 16 years old, you can come here to work on holidays. If you want to come, just tell me. Don’t be embarrassed. I will try to arrange working hours for you that don’t affect your studies.”

Ji Tong, who had previously been here with Pei Qingyuan, was too short and the store owner didn’t see him at all. He thought that Pei Qingyuan lingered here every day because he wanted the part-time job but didn’t dare to ask.

The store owner also had children and was very sympathetic to this seemingly quiet and sensible student who wanted to work early to share his family’s worries.

It took Pei Qingyuan a moment to realize the misunderstanding. His face was filled with some embarrassment and he didn’t know what to say. In a low voice, he could only reject this enthusiastic kindness, “I’m not going to work part-time… Sorry, thank you.”

He got on his bicycle and left in a hurry. The store owner shouted loudly from behind him, “Student, ride slowly. Pay attention to safety!”

Pei Qingyuan heard this and rode faster. His short hair was blown messily and the corners of his thin clothes bulged in the evening breeze.

This was the first time seeing Pei Qingyuan flustered. Ji Tong sat on the swing and laughed so hard that he plopped down on the ground.

Such a host also had a youthful spirit.

The little robot patted his butt and stood up before starting to take photos again quietly. He liked Pei Qingyuan’s vivid expression just now.

At the same time, a butterfly that had never been seen before suddenly flew out of the flowers he had carefully planted. It stopped lightly on his flickering and flowing data, as if it had just skimmed a corner of flying clothes.

In this secret space with no one else around, the shiny little robot stared blankly at the butterfly that flew out of the host’s heart. The white body was like a dreamy snowflake, quietly falling on his mechanical body and flapping beautiful wings.

Ji Tong could still see Pei Qingyuan riding a bicycle in a hurry outside. His youthful face was illuminated by the moonlight and under his somewhat embarrassed appearance, a butterfly bloomed in his heart.

He instinctively relaxed his movements, unwilling to alarm this beautiful creature. Meanwhile, a burst of proud joy surged in his heart.

The first time they met, Ji Tong had been blown away by the tornado spreading here. Now there was often calm grassland and soft sunshine. This was the change he brought to his host after his appearance.

Ji Tong felt happy that his host was in a better situation, but he was also a bit sad at the same time.

He didn’t want to see such a host wronging himself to do the task of a happy family.

During the meeting at the system center, Ji Tong had suddenly thought of a way to form a family between himself and his host. However, judging from the reaction of his doll colleague at that time, there should be no system that tried to complete the task like this. He wasn’t sure whether it would work, so he didn’t dare to tell the host.

Moreover, Luo Xiuyun was the host’s only relative now. Ji Tong felt this family relationship was so weak that it wasn’t worth cherishing at all, but he couldn’t make decisions for the host. After all, this was the host’s life. Maybe the underage host was still looking forward to the belated maternal love in his heart?

The glowing green data of JI Tong’s body kept flowing, indicating that he was doing high-speed calculations. From time to time, there were bursts of stuttering sounds.

Forget it, he would observe carefully for a while. At least there were still nearly 20 days before the time limit given by the mission.

As Pei Qingyuan came home and entered his room, Ji Tong watched with satisfaction as the host took out a book and studied carefully. He felt that he should work even harder, so he found a lot of flower seeds, putting an apron and rubber shoes on himself.

He wanted to plant a hundred types of flowers that the precious butterfly could land on.

The data proved that for every 1% optimization of the scenery in the host’s emotional zone, the speed of the host’s book turning would increase by one second.

This was probably the power of a happy education.


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