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DCBS: Chapter 134 Part 2

Xie Yuchi thought about it and pressed an emoji on his phone. He sent Ji Tong a row of birthday cakes.

[Ji Tong: Thank you, Senior!]

[Ji Tong: No, thank you, Senior Xie!]

[Ji Tong: I seem to have forgotten to say before that the material of Mark’s hand is very special now. It is so comfortable to shake hands with him. He seems to have life.]

[Ji Tong: Thank you.gif]

Looking at the words of thanks flowing all over the screen, Xie Yuchi’s iceberg face could no longer be maintained and he wanted to laugh.

[Ji Tong: By the way, Uncle Pei will pass by your place tomorrow. If you have time, you can have a meal together. It has been a long time since you’ve seen each other.]

[Xie Yuchi: Okay. Rest early.]

Xie Yuchi put down his phone and was a bit puzzled for a while. Why did Ji Tong use the word ‘pass by’?

He was also a bit curious about why Pei Siyou, who was very interested in robots and had a good relationship with his nephew, didn’t come to see this international robot competition.

Pei Siyou was an artist he admired a lot but in terms of seniority, he was the captain’s uncle. He also naturally had an uninhibited temperament that seemed to be more like a scumbag than his partner. This caused Xie Yuchi to always feel a type of respect for him that didn’t dare to easily approach.

In addition, Pei Siyou flew abroad again after his stay in China to handle family affairs. Everyone’s contacts were limited to occasional likes in the Moments.

Pei Siyou’s Moments only had some paintings and were often without accompanying text. There was an aloof artist style everywhere.

Even though his person was quite gentle and he wasn’t as cold as his nephew, Xie Yuchi still regarded Pei Siyou as a person from another world.

A perfect, distant world.

Then the next day, that impression was completely overturned.

Several people showed surprised expressions the moment the weather-beaten, off-road vehicle appeared in front of Xie Yuchi.

The window was lowered. Pei Siyou poked his head out and greeted them very casually. “Long time no see.”

Ouyang Yu blurted out, “Uncle Pei, did you go to the west to pan for gold?”

The body of the off-road vehicle was covered with sand and dust. The person in the car had an increasingly decadent beard and wasn’t at all like an artist. He was more like a cowboy who just returned from panning for gold in the wilderness.

Pei Siyou smiled. “Almost. I just came back from the desert and ran into a sandstorm.

Lin Rui couldn’t help spinning around the off-road vehicle, his eyes amazed. “This car is so handsome.”

Xie Yuchi also felt that this off-road vehicle was very handsome and asked curiously, “Are you traveling by car?”

Pei Siyou nodded. “Yes, I should’ve come here a week in advance to watch your competition. Unfortunately, I encountered a lot of accidents along the way.”

After Pei Siyou cleaned up the troubles at home, he gave himself a vacation and traveled by car for a long time. The original plan was to watch the competition that Pei Qingyuan and Ji Tong were participating in while passing by, but he was a bit late.

“The competition isn’t important. It will be aired anyway.” Ouyang Yu asked with longing, “Uncle Pei, where did you go?”

Pei Siyou casually threw the car keys to the doorman who greeted him and said with a smile, “A lot.”

Travel stories were always engaging.

He stayed in the same hotel as the three young men and was invited to a seafood restaurant that night, talking about his experiences along the way.

Ouyang Yu knocked open a crab claw. “We just came to this restaurant yesterday. It tastes very good.”

Lin Rui also knocked open a crab claw. “The drink I ordered yesterday was average. Today, I changed to a new one and it isn’t bad.”

Pei Siyou agreed with their evaluation. He was a bit curious about the magical actions of the two people to firmly protect the crab claws in the center of the plate. “Are the crab claws particularly delicious?”

Ouyang Yu coughed and his tone was ethereal. “No, it is mainly because we are timid.”

Lin Rui looked at him. “You aren’t very timid if you dare to say that.”

Xie Yuchi: “……”

He hesitated to speak. Then after thinking about it, he simply lowered his head and knocked open the crab claw.

This time, his strength was moderate and he didn’t cause the tragic situation of crushing the claws.

Pei Siyou took in the reactions of several people and couldn’t help laughing.

He continued to talk about desert storms, canyon waterfalls, abandoned cities and occasional backpackers and stories he encountered along the way. The people at the table were fascinated and their expressions changed constantly with the ups and downs of the plot.

Only the boy in bright clothes always maintained an extremely cold expression, no matter how many emotions were revealed in his eyes.

Once the story came to an end, Pei Siyou looked at him and said casually, “You always seem to have no expression.”

Xie Yuchi was stunned and instinctively wanted to apologize. He was about to say he didn’t mean to target the other person when he heard Pei Siyou continue, “I was the same way when I was in high school.”

Ouyang Yu’s eyes lit up and he immediately started to gossip. “Really? Were you also cold and didn’t like to smile?”

“Yes.” Pei Siyou’s expression carried a trace of emotion. “I was stern all the time.”

Lin Rui followed up with a question. “Why? Was it because of rebellious adolescence?”

In fact, Xie Yuchi wanted to ask if it was because of a broken relationship but he was too embarrassed to ask.

“That’s not it.” Pei Siyou shook his head. “It is because my brother hated me and always felt that I wanted to steal his things.”

There weren’t many contacts with Pei Siyou before, but due to Pei Qingyuan, everyone had heard about the Pei family.

“At that time, “I thought that perhaps I did something wrong that made him misunderstand. So I tried to restrain myself, especially when I was at home. I didn’t dare show any unnecessary emotions.”

“I probably maintained this state for two or three years and often reflected on myself.” Pei Siyou’s expression was ordinary. He obviously didn’t care about these past events. He said very simply, “This was until I gradually discovered the real reason.”

Everyone listened carefully and were faintly excited, thinking they were going to hear some secrets of a wealthy family.”

Xie Yuchi was the first to ask. “What is it?”

Pei Siyou’s tone remained gentle. “It is that he has a brain disease.”

This unexpected twist.

Lin Rui almost choked on his drink.

Xie Yuchi’s iceberg face finally couldn’t help back and he laughed.

Ouyang Yu looked surprised like he had discovered a new world. “Senior Xie actually laughed!”

Before Xie Yuchi could say anything, he heard Ouyang Yu’s tone of realization. “Sure enough, only dirty words can make Senior Xie feel happy. Then why doesn’t he laugh when Mark is talking? Is it because Mark’s hedgehog mode isn’t direct enough? How about continuing to develop the swearing mode?”:

…It sounded like he was a pervert.

Xie Yuchi clenched his fists, resisting the urge to beat up his junior. “Get lost!”

Seeing them arguing, Pei Siyou smiled and lowered his eyes. He started to dismantle the crab in front of him.

The evening sea breeze blew into the restaurant, bringing a salty and fresh atmosphere.

Xie Yuchi also lowered his head. He put aside the crab claw and picked up the crab shell with rich crab roe.

Light and shadow intertwined on the table. The shell wind chime hanging in the restaurant made clear sounds.

He suddenly stopped hating crabs.

Two days later, the post-competition of the international RS Cup was about to end. Xie Yuchi started to pack his bags and prepare for the return trip.

Pei Siyou made a short stop here and also finished resting. He planned to continue his trip.

When they were eating a buffet breakfast together in the hotel’s restaurant, Ouyang Yu kept asking, “Uncle Pei, where are you going next? Do you want to continue through the desert?”

Pei Siyou looked out the window at the road with no end in sight. “Keep driving forward. There is a famous forest and the climate will gradually get warmer.”

“Go and see the forest.” Ouyang Yu let out a long sigh. “It is so good.”

Lin Rui answered, “You should bring binoculars. It must be beautiful to see the starry sky in the forest at night.”

Xie Yuchi added calmly, “The further south you go, the hotter it gets. You can take less thick clothes.”

Pei Siyou looked at these expectant college students. He instantly understood their meaning and smiled. “Do you want to go together?”

After hearing those colorful travel stories, they naturally wanted to go.

The college students looked at each other with unwilling expressions. “We have already bought the tickets to return to China in the evening…”

Hearing this, Pei Siyou didn’t say anything else. “I’m leaving this evening. I need to buy supplies later.”

After breakfast, he got up and said goodbye to everyone. “See you next time.”

Ouyang Yu and Lin Rui waved at him rather reluctantly.

Xie Yuchi didn’t speak.

He looked down at his phone screen.

The bright red number in the lower left corner grew. There were seven unread messages but he hadn’t clicked on the question mark chat box in the past few days.

There was no more deluding himself by reading it and then marking it as unread.

Today was the last day of the competition. The morning was still a free communication session with technology companies and the afternoon was mainly reserved for all participating teams to communicate with each other and to say goodbye.

Xie Yuchi resumed his heartfelt, cold face.

Ouyang Yu and Lin Rui’s interest also wasn’t very high. Xie Yuchi listened to the two of them discussing the distant forest without saying a word. He just felt like his heart was wrapped in a blurry mist.

Therefore, Mark became the liveliest ‘person’ in the team. He received many gifts from college students from all over the world and took countless photos.

The long day was finally coming to an end. The teams left one after another and there was a sad atmosphere everywhere.

The venue that had been lively for over a week gradually fell silent. Xie Yuchi, who had been huddling together with the crowd, inevitably saw that familiar face approaching him.

“Xiao Chi…”

Xie Yuchi turned around resolutely and called out to his companion. “Go back.”

He walked out of the venue quickly. John arrived in a luxurious black car, attracting a lot of attention.

But Xie Yuchi wasn’t in the mood to blow exhaust into the face of his ex. He just wanted to leave quickly.

The dutiful driver John got out of the car and opened the door for them.

Once the luggage was loaded, they would drive the three of them to dinner and head straight to the airport.

The moment Xie Yuchi lowered his head to get into the car, a special burst of sand and dust rose in the wind and snow in the corner of his vision.

A dusty off-road vehicle parked behind Xiao Hei.

The car window was lowered. Pei Siyou looked at them, just the same as when he came. Light snowflakes fell on the ends of his curly hair and he seemed relieved. “Fortunately, I wasn’t late this time.”

Ouyang Yu was surprised. “Uncle Pei! Haven’t you set off yet?”

Lin Rui remembered the road he pointed out in the morning. “It should be that after buying supplies, you are going to drive forward on this road. Did you want to say goodbye to us along the way?”

Listening to him ask this, Pei Siyou shook his head. “In fact, I didn’t plan to pass through this city again. I had already driven on another road because I missed the competition here a long time ago.”

“However, Xiao Ji told me it was snowing here, very beautiful snow. “I had just gone through the desert and thought I should really see the snow, so I turned around again.”

“The route can be changed and the tickets can be changed.” Pei Siyou reached out a hand and opened the passenger side door. “Going along this road, we will soon see another landscape. I have prepared four binoculars.”

He extended an irresistible invitation to the three passers-by he met during the journey. “So do you need a ride?”

After a few seconds of silence, Ouyang Yu cheered fiercely. “I want to give Ji Tong another birthday present!”

Lin Rui rarely showed an excited expression and directly started to take out luggage from Xiao Hei. John shrugged, sighed in a cool manner and helped carry things.

Even the robot Mark walked to the off-road vehicle and placed the gifts in his arms into the back seat of the car.

Xie Yuchi was the last to come to his senses.

There were originally many accumulated emotions in his heart, but at this moment, they all turned into nothingness along with the white snow mixed with the gravel.

Xie Yuchi left the luxury car that was close at hand and walked step by step to the off-road vehicle that was handsome even without being washed.

The shadow behind him, which had always haunted him, became like distant mist.

Perhaps for so long, what he had been waiting for was, ‘It isn’t that you aren’t worth it.’

Why should he be obsessed with waiting for the words of the person who made the mistake?

Apparently, someone else had already answered.

He answered quietly with hilarious jokes and hidden concerns.

So he sat in the passenger seat of the off-road vehicle, turned on his phone to send a thank you to Ji Tong and neatly deleted the friend who was nicknamed a question mark, no longer waiting for the unread messages.

Then Xie Yuchi raised a hand in an expressionless manner and extended it out the window.

He made a standard middle finger gesture to the other person.

The passersby were in an uproar and all looked with surprise at the young man outside the car whose expression was gradually stiffening.

The middle finger stopped in the air for several seconds, covered with falling snowflakes.

In the back seats, Ouyang Yu and Lin Ryu looked at each other and let out long sighs of relief. Mark turned his head and looked at the humans with different expressions.

Lin Rui showed an old father-like expression of relief. “Good scolding. Good deletion!”

Ouyang Yu enthusiastically praised it. “A gentleman should do it without saying anything!”

Pei Siyou saw Xie Yuchi’s movements out of the corner of his eyes and raised an eyebrow. “Is this sweeping the grave?”

Xie Yuchi, who withdrew his hand in a satisfied manner, was stunned. He hadn’t expected Pei Siyou to see what he had sent and was a bit embarrassed. “Yes, it is over.”

Pei Siyou silently withdrew his gaze and started to turn the steering wheel.

Xie Yuchi fastened his seat belt. The coolness of the snowflakes still lingered on his fingertips while the temperature in the off-road vehicle was warm and comfortable. Finally, a noisy friend handed over a bag of dried bananas that he found from the pile of gifts. The bean-green robot blinked and tried to imitate this highly praised middle finger gesture.

In the midst of the noise, the exhaust gas from the rear of the car accurately swept over the person who was standing still. It got further and further away from the shadows and accelerated toward a flat and wide place.

“The grave sweeping is over.” Pei Siyou’s voice was lazy and willful. “It is time to go for a walk in the forest.”

On the winter day belonging to this hemisphere, the off-road vehicle drove through the snow that fell in June all the way to spring.


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