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DCBS: Chapter 134 Part 1

Extra Four: Xie Yuchi

The summer five years ago.

The flight to the other side of the ocean took off on time. A long line of trail clouds dragged out in the clear blue sky.

The snow was still falling. When the luxury car drove back to the hotel, the roof of the car was already covered with a thin layer of white snow.

John, the blond-haired driver, dropped Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan off at the airport. Then he returned to the hotel to continue serving the other team members who stayed for the follow-up activities.

The doorman greeted him graciously and offered to park the car for him, but John refused.

There were often opportunities to drive luxury cars for employers but such cool luxury cars were rare. He cherished every minute of the time he spent with this car called Xiao Hei.

After a while, three young men with Eastern faces walked out of the hotel, their faces full of excitement.

The morning event was over and there was an interview in the late afternoon. They booked a famous local seafood restaurant to try out.

Of course, seafood wasn’t the most important thing. The most important thing was the way to the seafood restaurant.

Ouyang Yu reached out and ruffled his carefully groomed hair and his expression looked quite proud.

“Senior, I’ll leave it to you to take photos later,” he told Lin Rui. “It is best to record a few short videos with more angles. You must capture my handsome side…”

Lin Rui nodded with a smile. Xie Yuchi listened to his chatter and snorted coldly.

They had just used the extremely childish method of rock paper scissors with a best of five system to determine who could get the right to drive Xiao Hei to the restaurant.

The point was that he lost.

It was irritating.

Ouyang Yu greeted John excitedly, telling him in a foreign language that he would drive by himself later and inviting him to eat a seafood dinner together.

Of course, John wouldn’t refuse his employer’s request. He opened the door and walked out, while confirming by the way, “Can the driver’s license you hold be used in our country?”

The moment these words came out, Ouyang Yu froze as he was about to get into the driver’s seat.

“It’s over. I forgot about this…”

Seeing this, Xie Yuchi couldn’t help laughing with a straight face. “Who let you brag.”

Ouyang Yu fought back. “Aren’t we from the same country? If my driver’s license doesn’t work then yours doesn’t either.”

“……” Xie Yuchi suddenly couldn’t laugh. “F*k.”

He originally planned to drive Xiao Hei handsomely in the afternoon to show off to the scumbag.

As a result, everyone was so excited that they forgot the fact that foreign driver’s licenses might not be valid.

John could only shrug regretfully when he saw these young people in high spirits instantly collapse.

On the way to the seafood restaurant, Xie Yuchi searched the Internet for a long time before confirming that he couldn’t legally drive with his license. Then he was completely dead.

He sank into Xiao Hei’s comfortable seat and sighed, angrily sending out a post on his Moments that wasn’t high quality.

[Xie Yuchi: D*mn, I can’t drive a car. Why don’t I have an international driver’s permit?!!!]

The comments below included congratulations on winning the competition, asking when he would return to China and curiosity about why he wanted to drive abroad.

Xie Yuchi replied uniformly.

[Xie Yuchi: I’ll come back on the weekend.]

[Xie Yuchi: Going to sweep the grave.]

The act of spray going to spray the scumbag with car exhaust and then leaving could be called sweeping the grave.

Next to him, Lin Rui saw his Moments and wanted to laugh but didn’t dare. He could only pat Xie Yuchi on the shoulder. “You can let John take you.”

Xie Yuchi reflexively said, “It is different.”

Lin Rui tried to comfort his old friend. “Where is it different? There is a special driver to drive you. Isn’t this even better?”

…It seemed to make sense.

However, Xie Yuchi’s mood was still inexplicably depressed.

He quit his Moments. In the chat interface next to it, a bright red number 1 was displayed.

The nickname of the person who sent this unread message was a question mark and the unread message read: Will you come for the afternoon interview? My team is in Hall A…

The following message wasn’t completely displayed but Xie Yuchi knew that the second half of the sentence was: [Do you want to come and talk? The robot you brought this time is really powerful.]

He clicked on the message and also read every message sent by the other person in the past few days. But after reading it, he marked the message as unread as if pretending he had never seen it and as if reminding him to come back later.

In fact, there was nothing special in the messages. They were all ordinary greetings and the date started with his team winning the domestic championship.

The only special thing was that all the greetings were one-sided and Xie Yuchi never replied.

The swear words he replied fiercely with in his heart didn’t count.

Lin Rui saw Xie Yuchi staring at his phone screen in a daze with complicated eyes and said helplessly, “Why did you accept his friend request again? Delete him.”

Unlike Ji Tong and the other freshmen students, Lin Rui had witnessed the dismal end of Xie Yuchi’s love.

If he had to compare it, it was quite similar to today’s Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan. Both of them were a captain and a genius team member. When it was sweet, it made the bystanders eat dog food.

Xie Yuchi turned off the screen and threw away his phone. “I haven’t figured out how to scold him yet. I will delete him after scolding him.”

“……” Lin Rui was very cooperative. “Okay, I believe it.”

Seeing that Senior Xie was in a bad mood, Ouyang Yu didn’t make trouble anymore. He took the initiative to share his favorite dried banana. “Do you want Mark to help you scold him?”

Xie Yuchi reached out to take it, still maintaining a calm and indifferent face on the surface. “Let’s talk about it.”

The crunchy dried banana crumbled in his mouth, contrary to his mood that was shrouded in fog.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t scolded that person. After the other person suddenly proposed to break up and go abroad, the nickname in his phone was directly downgraded from the sweetness exclusive to love to the vulgar ‘stupid.’

On a particularly quiet night, Xie Yuchi looked back at the chat history. Even though the nickname at the top of the chat page had become an ugly, dirty word, he still wanted to cry a bit. So he simply deleted the other party.

This was until two months ago when the list of participating teams for the international RS Cup was announced on the official website and the trajectory of fate once again converged. The other party sent a friend application.

After hesitating for a whole day, Xie Yuchi accepted it.

This time, he didn’t give the other person a nickname that was a dirty word or his real name. Instead, he put a question mark.

He guessed that Lin Rui might think he still felt residual love and wanted to get back together with the scumbag.

That wasn’t it.

His mood was just that question mark.

The same love started in college, the same teammates who worked side by side and even the same two boys.

Why was it that some relationships could be stable while some only ended in nothing?

Xie Yuchi ate dried bananas silently but the continuous crisp sound couldn’t cover up the little voice that was turbulent in his voice.

Was it because the person left behind in love wasn’t good enough?

He knew that Ji Tong was very good, just like Pei Qingyuan. Neither of them cared much about the eyes of others. This was why no one, including him, thought that these two people would be separated one day.

Even if there was a day, they definitely wouldn’t forget each other.

That would be the most reluctant nostalgia.

This was rather than the straightforward farewell that Xie Yuchi had encountered.

It was as if he didn’t deserve to be cherished at all.

In the seafood restaurant, Ouyang Yu, Lin Rui and John were forced to hand over the big crab claws they had broken and then watched as Xie Yuchi smashed them open one by one.

The crab claws were smashed to pieces one by one and his companions gasped one by one.

Ouyang Yu felt his bones becoming a bit cold. “I remember that Mark has a swearing mode that was eliminated by Brother Pei. How about temporarily activating this mode when going to the venue in the afternoon?”

Lin Rui tried to stabilize the scene. “If it really isn’t good, I’ll go and buy a sack. Everyone will beat him together.”

John’s voice trembled slightly. “Hey, I’m just casually asking. I mean, the driver’s license is just a small issue. It doesn’t matter at all.”

Xie Yuchi calmly reassured everyone. “Don’t worry about me. I’m just playing around.”

The beautiful sea fish swimming in the restaurant’s tank reminded him of the fishing robot called Thick Crab two years ago. When he came up with this name, his teammates protested wildly. Only the captain laughed and said it was funny. Just use this.

…It was annoying to see crabs.

Oh, the pronunciation of crab was also ‘xie.’

It was even more annoying.

The broken crab claws were smashed again. The smashing was even more thorough.

Ouyang Yu gulped with difficulty. “A gentleman settles a dispute through talking rather than fighting. What type of sack used to cover the head is relatively strong and not easily broken?”

Lin Rui silently opened his phone. “I’ll search.”’

In the venue in the afternoon, Xie Yuchi deliberately bypassed Hall A and accepted interviews with a cold face.

However, he originally had such an expression and no one found it strange.

The moment the interview was over, Xie Yuchi saw a familiar figure coming from the direction of Hall A in the distance and decisively turned around to leave.

The sack didn’t work because after he strode away from the venue, he received a few more messages on his phone.

[?: I thought we could still talk like friends.]

[?: Sorry, I never thought it would become like this between us.]

[?: I was too immature at the time and my father was so angry that he was hospitalized. He wasn’t willing to receive treatment unless I agreed to go abroad.]

[?: It was the only thing I could do.]

Xie Yuchi read it with a sneer before marking the messages as unread as usual.

He didn’t even have the courage and patience to fight and pushed everything to the so-called shackles.

What a coward.

Or maybe he wasn’t worth the other person’s best efforts to keep him.

At dusk, the setting sun that shone into the car made Xiao Hei’s starry sky shine like a dream. Xie Yuchi stared at it for a while and his mood finally improved.

The diamond starry sky was like the Milky Way and played a third role. Mark, who was seriously telling cold jokes, also played a role.

Another third of the credit belonged to Ouyang Yu, who was leaning against the car window and letting Lin Rui take photos.

After today’s activities, John took them for a drive.

They arrived at the uninhabited beach with excellent scenery. John got out of the car and said that everyone could experience the feeling of driving Xiao Hei while no one was around.

Xie Yuchi was a bit tempted at first. Then after seeing the photo that Ouyang Yu took with great interest, he immediately decided to give up.

The moment Ouyang Yu sent the nine square grid photo feed, he specially accompanied it with a rather classic foreign proverb that meant ‘this is life.’

[Ouyang Yu: C’est la vie./cheers]

The accompanying photo was him dressed in a formal suit with a very trendy hairstyle. He sat in the driver’s seat with a light and breezy expression and the air of being very successful. It was while inadvertently revealing the luxurious interior and diamond starry sky behind him.

Xie Yuchi was overwhelmed by the rustic air that rushed toward him. He felt that even though this junior was trying to make him happy on purpose, he still felt that there was something wrong with this junior.

Except for Zhang Yun, who had the same hairstyle, the comments section felt the same way as him.

[Zhang Yun: The hairspray is easy to use, right? Beware of having your photo stolen and posted on dating websites.]

[Qi Shao: Ouyang, your aesthetic is really… a bit precocious/sweats]

Some students directly asked what was wrong with the class monitor. Among those complaining, the one from Old Wang, his roommate and deskmate, was the most accurate.

[Old Wang: You can only pose but can’t drive on the road. This is indeed life.]

[Ouyang Yu replied to Old Wang: ??? Why don’t you cooperate?! Don’t you know that this is a special pretentious statement?]

[Old Wang replied to Ouyang Yu: Oh, okay.]

[Old Wang replied to Ouyang Yu: C’est la vie./cheers]

[Lin Rui:/Cheers]

[Ji Tong:/Cheers]

[Pei Qingyuan: ……]

[Pei Qingyuan:/Cheers]

Looking at the pile of yellow and clear cyber beer glasses, Xie Yuchi was inexplicably comforted.

He also received a separate message from Ji Tong.

After the long-distance flight, Ji Tong returned to China for his birthday. He was sitting in the car on the way home from the airport when he saw the Moments they posted and realized he had ignored the problem of the driver’s license.

[Ji Tong: I’m sorry, I forgot to consider the driver’s license. I made you happy for nothing T-T]

[Ji Tong: But I can ask President Ji for help!]

Xie Yuchi heard him say that this President Ji was the real owner of Xiao Hei. It could be seen from this car that he must be a powerful person.

He thought about it and finally declined Ji Tong’s kindness.

[Xie Yuchi: It’s okay. You remembered what I said last time and specially shipped Xiao Hei over. I’m already very happy. In fact, I haven’t driven in a long time and my hands are very rusty. I don’t dare to drive it.]

[Xie Yuchi: Celebrate your birthday well tomorrow. I wish you a happy birthday in advance!]

He was telling the truth. On the day of arrival, he was very happy when he heard Ji Tong say that Xiao Hei was waiting for them outside the airport. It had nothing to do with anything else. It was purely because of his friend’s concerns.

The strange negative emotions he felt right now didn’t have to do with the driver’s license or Xiao Hei.

It was his own problem.

Why did he immediately think of borrowing Xiao Hei to drive it in front of the scumbag when he first saw Xiao Hei?

It was because sitting in such a luxurious car, it would seem that he looked good and would seem excellent and enviable. It would be even more joyful when walking away from his predecessor.

But during the whole process, it would be the beautiful car that was eagerly watched, not the person hiding in the car.

This was a failed relationship that could leave the deepest scars.

The one who was abruptly left stayed where he was forever, no longer believing that he was enough to be loved.

So he actually really liked Xiao Hei who had crossed the ocean, the post in the Moments that was too rustic, the beer glass that touched the air and even the bag of crunchy dried bananas.

This was even though he always had a cold face.


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