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DCBS: Chapter 132

Extra Two: Five Years Later (2)

Lu Anqi, a new employee who witnessed the president buttoning the chairman’s shirt, suddenly felt that the soft and sweet souffle on the plate wasn’t very sweet.

The female colleague next to her saw her expression and suggested very skillfully, “When President Pei and Chairman Ji appear in the company, we generally don’t choose sweet food. It is easy to lose the taste.”

Lu Anqi glanced at her plate in understanding.

There were pickles with hot dogs, yogurt oatmeal, fruits and fresh lemonade.

…She seemed to taste the sour taste of these foods.

Lu Anqi decided to get some salty food and said sincerely, “Thank you.”

Five minutes later, Lu Anqi ate hot and sour noodles while chatting with everyone in the ‘Sweet Tea Room’ group chat a female colleague had pulled her into.

As the new front desk employee of the president’s office, she received crazy envy and enthusiastic expectations from her colleagues the moment she entered the group.

[Finally, there is a receptionist for the president’s office who is willing to come into the group and play with us, cries.]

[Anqi, the task of distributing sugar is left to you!]

Was the previous front desk person very hard to get along with?

Lu Anqi didn’t understand what her colleagues meant but she finally knew that Chairman Ji and President Pei had always been a couple.

They had been in a relationship since college and started this somewhat oddly named company together.

By the time she returned to the office after breakfast, Lu Anqi had received a large number of candy information packages and already knew a lot of short stories about the chairman and president.

For example, President Pei suddenly handed over the shares at that time. It was really because Chairman Ji casually said it must be handsome to be called chairman.

For example, Chairman Ji seemed idle but in fact, he was the core of the company’s AI research and development department and the secret weapon of the entire company. This was why there was very little news about him on the Internet and he was specially protected.

For example, Chairman Ji loved food so the Two Trees Company had luxurious employee meals that far exceeded the specifications of other companies. This was personally arranged by President Pei. From this point of view, he was worthy of being the president who served the chairman.

For example, there was a spacious and comfortable lounge in the president’s office.

The last seemed to have a sudden change in style.

Lu Anqi sat at the work station and forced herself to stop the imagination that was inappropriate for children. She adjusted her expression and was ready to welcome the visiting guests at any time.

The reception area outside the president’s office was beautiful. There was a large balcony with its own landscape, planted with greenery and potted plants. This complemented the decoration style full of technology, as if it was the future.

Soon, footsteps and voices could be heard in the corridor. Lu Anqi recognized Chairman Ji’s voice and quickly got up.

Pei Qingyuan and Ji Tong walked in side by side, followed by a bean-green robot.

Lu Anqi recognized this appearance as Mark, the entertainment robot who had been very popular in recent years.

This should be Mark’s prototype because he looked more refined and advanced than the Marks sold on the market.

Lu Anqi greeted the two of them while looking at Mark curiously.

Mark’s upper body had been optimized compared to the past and his lower body was no longer a simple cylinder with rollers. They were complete mechanical legs. He could walk flexibly and even run.

Ji Tong took the initiative to introduce him to her, “This is Mark, who just came back from a business trip with us. Before you came, he was the receptionist here.”

Mark stretched out his hand to Lu Anqi in a very gentlemanly manner. “Hello, I am Mark. It is nice to meet you.”

Lu Anqi shook hands with him in a novel manner. “Hello, I am Lu Anqi.”

The previous front desk receptionist of the president’s office turned out to be a robot.

Mark shook his head. “Anqi is a beautiful name.”

Ji Tong smiled and joked, “Mary or Anqi, which name do you think sounds better?”

Mark’s camera eyes moved and his tone was sincere. “They have two completely different types of beauty. It can’t be compared.”

Ji Tong’s expression was very satisfied. “It is a different answer. Mark has really become smarter.”

Mark was now able to respond differently depending on the target. He was generally polite to strangers but his attitude toward acquaintances with a lot of behavioral data stored might be completely different.

Just now, Ji Tong asked Ouyang Yu to ask a similar question and the answer was, “In any case, it sounds better than Ouyang.”

Obviously, the traditional custom of persecuting Ouyang Yu had been transmitted to the robot.

Ji Tong followed Pei Qingyuan into the president’s office while giving instructions to Lu Anqi. “Mark has just undergone an upgrade. This time, he will stay at the front desk to assist you. You can chat with him at will. If there is a conversation that surprises you, can I trouble you to record it?”

The work at the front desk wasn’t busy and chatting with an artificial intelligence was an interesting thing. Lu Anqi herself was quite interested in it and agreed immediately.

The door to the president’s office closed and blocked out all sounds inside.

The bean-green robot walked to the balcony, expertly lifted the watering can and shuttled through the flowers.

The water droplets were shining in the sun.

The robot sighed softly. “Today is good weather again.”

“The temperature in spring is pleasant.” Lu Anqi remembered her task and tried to find a topic to chat about. “Mark, who is Mary?”

Mark stopped watering the flowers. He looked at the blue sky outside the glass window and the corners of his mouth rose slightly. “She is my girlfriend.”

Lu Anqi: “!!!”

How could an artificial intelligence also spread dog food?!

In the office next door, Ji Tong nestled in the large leather chair by the window and used binoculars to admire the large balcony next to him.

“Mark must be showing affection again. He smiles like this every time he shows affection.”

Ji Tong watched with relish.

Since Pei Qingyuan asked to keep the third wish, they not only developed bionic robots according to the established plan but also carried out research in the field of brain science.

The former was to create a bionic body as close to human as possible for Ji Tong. The latter was to find a way to realize Pei Qingyuan’s idea of placing consciousness in data. The birth of consciousness was closely related to the brain.

The two of them traveled on this business trip because a collaborative brain science laboratory made a major breakthrough. Some of the results were applied to Mark first.

During this period, every time the Number Five representative of the main brain came to ask them when they would fulfill their wish, Ji Tong would preemptively say, “Your new look today is so handsome!”

Then Number Five wouldn’t ask.

It seemed that exaggerated praise was also effective against an artificial intelligence.

The main brain had promised a wish but the scope of the wish was limited. Live in this world together until the natural end of life or become a system to enter different worlds. In Pei Qingyuan’s view, they both had small regrets.

He was trying to find a more perfect answer on his own.

The chairman occupied his seat. Pei Qingyuan stood at the table and looked through the to-do documents that the secretary had sorted out in the past few days.

It was the same as when he was a teenager. He still liked the whispers that often lingered in his ears.

“I’ve decided on the location of the team building next month. We will go to a farmhouse. There are too many employees so each department will hold it separately. At the same time, the lucky people will be drawn to participate in the team building of the management team.”

Ji Tong put down the binoculars and turned around in the leather chair. “Discussing how to deal with competitors in the field, is there the feeling of spy warfare?”

Pei Qingyuan looked at his white skin that looked whiter when lined by the black suit and chair. His eyes became darker and he nodded gently. “Yes.”

The advent of the entertainment robot called Mark meant Two Trees gradually became a well-known domestic technology company in recent years. While researching and developing commercial robots that entertained the public, they also cooperated with colleges, hospitals and other institutes to carry out research and application of medical and public welfare with artificial intelligence and robots.

The eye-catching Mark had made the originally calm domestic home robot market prosper rapidly. Production induced demand, and demand was constantly subdivided to affect reproduction.

At this time, there was also an intelligent robot product born abroad. It saw an opportunity to enter the domestic market. It had a different positioning and used the advantages of being an imported brand to quickly gain a foothold. Along with Two Trees, it became the two giants in this field.

This company was called Zart and the president in charge of the domestic regional business was as young as the president of Two Trees. He was called Zhuang Wenbai and it was said that the two of them were high school classmates.

Zhuang Wenbai, who had a very villainous temperament, had become their enemy in the end.

These days, the two companies had their own unique products and almost evenly shared the market. They were always talked about together and were each other’s biggest rivals.

In addition, new companies were constantly emerging in the field. A large amount of capital poured in and everyone wanted a piece of this blue ocean.

It was just as Zhuang Wenbai said on that snowy night. Artificial intelligence was the electric energy of the future and no one wanted to miss the opportunity to master electric energy.

In the document that Pei Qingyuan just flipped through, there was the latest performance report.

Unlike the pure and simple life when he was a student, everything he encountered after entering society was complex and unpredictable. As the actual manager of the company, he had to deal with many things every day and there was additional research. His work was busy and hard.

Fortunately, he had a system by his side.

It was a ‘system’ that could always mobilize his emotions and make the noise around him disappear.

Ji Tong, who was imagining the farmhouse in his mind, watched Pei Qingyuan put down the documents. Then he realized that Pei Qingyuan had been standing. “Why don’t you sit down?”

Pei Qingyuan silently looked at the wide leather chair occupied by him.

Ji Tong didn’t move and had the imposing air of a chairman. “Isn’t there a chair next to me?”

His president lowered his eyes. “But I like this one.”

The curtains were closed. In the dimly lit office, Ji Tong sensed a hint of danger as he looked at President Pei, who was approaching him.

“Then I’ll leave it to you. I’ll go out and listen to the two of them chat.” He tried to find an excuse to flee the president’s office. “Anqi will definitely ask Mark about the origin of our company’s name.”

The young chairman was trapped in the leather chair and his voice became smaller and smaller.

The top button of his white shirt had only been buttoned for a while before it was gently unbuttoned.

“Don’t listen,” the president told him in a low voice. “You know the answer.”

In the bright sunlight outside, Lu Anqi and Mark were chatting happily.

Sure enough, she asked about the company’s slightly strange Chinese name.

“Why is it called Two Trees? Why isn’t it one or three?”

“It is because President Pei’s family has planted two trees.” Mark paused, his voice soft. “One is a paulownia tree and the other is also a paulownia tree.”

In fact, it wasn’t at home but in the heart.

Lu Anqi was amused by this sentence pattern. “Aren’t there two paulownia trees? Is this a cold joke?”

Mark seriously emphasized it. “It is a paulownia tree and another paulownia tree. They aren’t the same.”

The plant that had sprouted in Pei Qingyuan’s heart had already blossomed purple flowers.

Another flower bloomed in his eyes.

A cold desk, a soft leather chair, scattered documents and a suit.

Ji Tong didn’t dare look at the man who was still close at hand. He struggled in a low voice, “But I want to hear Mark tell cold jokes…”

“It isn’t a cold joke.” The dutiful president kissed the reddish eyes of the person under him. “They are words of love.”


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