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DCBS: Chapter 131

Extra One: Five Years Later (1)

In the science and technology park, the glass walls of the high-rise building reflected the dazzling sunlight.

In the early spring morning, office workers rushed out of subway stations and bought a cup of American-style coffee while passing by the crowded coffee stores, starting the day with a slightly bitter and refreshing aroma.

In the midst of the non-stop crowd of people, a long-haired woman walked with light steps, looking forward to the breakfast buffet at her name company.

As she walked into the luxurious building located in the center of the park, the strangers passing by her cast her envious glances.

This was the second day that Lu Anqi had joined the Two Trees Technology Company. Yesterday, she bought breakfast downstairs in the community to casually fill her stomach. Then after arriving early at the company, she found that all the work stations were empty.

She sat at the front desk of the president’s office for nearly half an hour with a blank face. Once it was time for work, she saw her colleagues coming out of the elevator one after another. most of them were smiling and looked like… they had eaten and drank well?

Once the manager of the personnel department saw her, he immediately reminded her not to forget that the company’s cafeteria had a rich buffet throughout the day. She could go at any time as long as work wasn’t delayed.

Lu Anqi hadn’t forgotten the benefits promised during the interview but she hadn’t taken it seriously.

Putting out fruit and snacks in the cafeteria could also be called a buffet.

For such a large company, the essence of benefits was definitely to improve the efficiency of employees.

As a result, when she had lunch that day, she looked at the rows of professional chefs in the huge cafeteria and realized she was completely wrong.

The cafeteria of this company seemed serious about its meals for employees.

So she came to breakfast today with an empty stomach.

Lu Anqi walked into the elevator. She was looking forward to it but was also a bit nervous.

The president had gone on a business trip abroad a few days ago and it was said he was coming back today. She didn’t know if the young president often seen on the news was just as cold in real life.

Before the elevator door closed, a young man in a black suit walked in. Lu Anqi walked over and moved away in a slightly embarrassed manner.

This was the knee-jerk reaction to seeing a handsome guy.

The other person had very white skin, handsome facial features and a bright smile in his eyes. It was as if he had just heard a good thing. The strong joy was very infectious.

Lu Anqi peeked at him from the corner of her eye, always feeling that the other person was very familiar.

The elevator started to go up. In the reflection of the elevator wall that was as smooth as a mirror, the man noticed her and said, “You are the new front desk employee hired for the president’s office, right?”

Lu Anqi was stunned before quickly replying, “Y-Yes!”

She remembered that on the day of the interview, the other person was sitting next to the HR personnel. He hadn’t been wearing a suit at the time so he didn’t look the same as today. This was why she couldn’t recognize him immediately.

He also didn’t speak the whole time that day. He just showed a nice smile when she talked about the reason why she wanted to work at Two Trees.

As one of the fastest-growing domestic technology companies in recent years, Two Trees competed with the foreign brand Zart and accounted for half of the domestic household robots market. A large number of young talents poured in here. It not only attracted students from famous local colleges but also many talents from outside the province and even overseas.

Compared to those competitors with bright resumes, Lu Anqi’s resume wasn’t outstanding. When she submitted her resume, she actually had the mood of not being able to pass and was just going on a trip.

The year after Lu Anqi graduated from college hadn’t been going well and she was depressed for a while. At that time, the second product of Two Trees, Mark, was popular in China. This also drove the popularity of the first product, the jelly bean robot.

When Lu Anqi, whose life was a mess, sat alone in a daze at the bus station, she saw the silly-looking jelly bean on the promotional poster at the stop opposite her and decided to buy one for some reason.

Maybe it was because it looked sillier than her.

Compared with the large robot Mark that had complex workmanship, the small jelly bean was very cheap and was priced at less than 200 yuan. This was similar to the high-end toys that children played with.

This robot that could dance, chat with her and tell fairy tales was indeed like a toy, but it had a unique name for Lu Anqi. When it heard her sigh, it would take the initiative to tell her one cold joke after another that she had never heard before. This was until she finally laughed.

It accompanied her through many nights that she thought she couldn’t survive. She saw the rising sun again and again.

During the interview, Lu Anqi didn’t say much about these experiences that had become a thing of the past. She only said that she wanted to become a colleague with the person who designed the jelly bean robot.

The white-skinned young man sitting opposite her smiled.

At this moment, he stood in the elevator and smiled. He took the initiative to extend a hand toward Lu Anqi. “We are colleagues now.”

Lu Anqi didn’t understand the meaning behind this sentence for the time being. She thought that the other person should be personnel or management of another department. In short, his level must be quite high to be able to participate in the interview.

Not only was he handsome but his personality was also very kind. He actually remembered her.

Most of the management of Two Trees was very young because the original startup team consisted of a few college students. The president was only 24 years old so it wasn’t surprising to her.

Lu Anqi quickly shook hands with him. “Thank you for remembering me.”

“I remember every colleague,” the other person said with a smile. Then he seemed to remember something important and said to himself, “But you probably don’t have a deep impression of me, so I can’t ask you.”

Everyone was seated during the interview.

Lu Anqi was stunned. She was thinking about what this sentence meant when the elevator arrived. It stopped at the floor where the cafeteria was located.

The young man politely waited for her to get off the elevator first. The two of them walked one after another through the hallway to the corridor.

Lu Anqi also heard the other person answer a call.

“I went upstairs and just arrived at the door of the cafeteria.”

“No, I can’t wait for a second. I’m very anxious. Come up quickly…”

His voice was light and bright, filled with a slightly coquettish feeling. It was as if he was talking to a lover.

Lu Anqi touched her red eyes. She walked into the cafeteria. The strange colleagues who noticed her coming in greeted her in a friendly manner and said good morning to her.

Most of the people were wearing work badges. When Lu Anqi’s gaze swept over her colleagues, she remembered that the colleague she met just now didn’t wear a work badge. She didn’t know which department he was from.

The buffet breakfast was extremely rich and had almost the same specifications as a five-star hotel. This included special breakfasts of different styles from various places. There were even foreign experts among the chefs and their craftsmanship was estimated to be authentic.

No wonder why the park exchange group she just joined said that TT was a company that made products with heart and cooked meals for employees with soul.

TT was the abbreviation of the company’s English name, Two Trees. It was simpler to call it this than the Chinese name and it was more convenient to type.

The amazed Lu Anqi was about to pick up a plate when she heard a slight commotion behind her.

She turned around and saw the young man walking in after hanging up the phone. The colleagues around her obviously knew him and greeted him one after another, “Chairman Ji, good morning.”

Lu Anqi: “!!!”

What did she hear?!

Under Lu Anqi’s shocked eyes, Ji Tong smiled and said good morning to everyone.

A more lively employee asked, “Chairman Ji, you just came back from a business trip. Why didn’t President Pei come along with you today?”

“He is parking the car,” Ji Tong said. “He’ll come up in a while.”

Today, he didn’t go straight to picking up a plate. He stood and chatted with a group of colleagues, from the sunny weather to the taste of breakfast.

Since the employees were generally young, there was no generation gap when chatting. The company culture encouraged equal communication and exchange and the overall atmosphere was very good.

However, everyone found that today’s Chairman Ji was very kind and keen to chat with everyone. Some old employees immediately understood something.

Ouyang Yu, who was sitting by the window seat, looked back and wondered, “Why isn’t he going to eat breakfast? It has been so long. This isn’t scientific.”

Five years had passed and the once young college students had become more mature.

Xie Yuchi expressed a type of indifferent puzzlement with his iceberg face. “You can’t even see this?”

Ouyang Yu tried to think about it. “He isn’t hungry right now?”

Xie Yuchi thought for a while before sighing. “It is worthy of you, Manager Ouyang, who is often punished by being sent on business trips because you step into the company with your left foot first.”

The picture of Ji Tong walking into the company in formal clothes would basically be repeated every year. They didn’t know the reason why the first two times. Then after finally understanding the reason behind it, the old employees would cooperate tacitly.

It was a pity that Manager Ouyang, who was often traveling on business, always missed the day perfectly and was still confused.

“……” Ouyang Yu, who was poked in a sore spot, straightened his back and said with a stubborn mouth, “What is wrong with business trips? I like business trips the most. How comfortable is it to stay in a hotel?”

Cui Yinan shook his head and didn’t even need to say anything. “I have a hunch that you are about to go on a business trip to a place with very difficult conditions.”

“No, Master, don’t scare me…”

Ji Tong, who walked toward their table, was tall and upright. He walked with brisk steps as he was cheerfully praised by the discerning employees. There was never too much praise.

The experienced Cui Yinan and Xie Yuchi said at almost the same time, “You look different today.”

Ji Tong looked expectant. “What is different?”

Xie Yuchi said concisely, “Taller than before.”

Cui Yinan’s tone was sincere. “Have you grown taller again?”

It was only then that Ji Tong sat down in a satisfied manner, his eyes curving as he smiled. “I’m 180 cm!”

To be precise, his height should’ve grown to 179.99998.

There were too many decimal points so Ji Tong rounded it up.

Over the years, the host’s main mission had been going on. Every time the system got a reward, Ji Tong chose the growth of his appearance. The originally childish boy’s face gradually became mature.

It was just that the height range could only grow at a tiny distance of 0.2 cm at a time.

Ji Tong protested to the main brain but the cold main brain with a white ponytail said, “Considering age, this is a reasonable height growth curve.”

Therefore, from 179 to infinitely approaching 180, it took five missions.

The latest height increase came from the mission he and Pei Qingyuan had completed while traveling abroad a few days ago.

When he saw the long string of decimal points behind 179, Ji Tong had reason to suspect that the main brain was deliberately not letting him grow to 180 cm.

Be wary of bad AI with bad intentions.

But it was okay. Smart humans would round up.

In the morning, the two of them came to the company together. After parking Xiao Hei in the garage, Pei Qingyuan received a call. Ji Tong couldn’t wait for the world to find out that he had grown taller and came up first.

Hearing the good news of his 180 cm announcement, his two friends and colleagues instinctively applauded. “Congratulations, congratulations.”

Ouyang Yu, who was kept in the dark, suddenly realized and blurted out, “Is the change so obvious? Why didn’t I see it?”

The moment these words came out, Cui Yinan and Xie Yuchi immediately cast gloating gazes at him.

“It isn’t obvious?” Ji Tong looked at him, tone seemingly normal. “Xiao Huang should be working very hard at the construction site. Do you want to go on a business trip to visit him?”

The company was building a series of large-scale robot-themed buildings in neighboring provinces. Huang Wen, as an engineer, spent every day in pain and happiness at the construction site.

“……” Thinking of Xiao Huang, who was getting darker every day, Ouyang Yu couldn’t help trembling. “I don’t know where I went wrong but I must be wrong. Give me another chance to reorganize my language.”

In the midst of the laughter, there was another commotion at the entrance of the cafeteria.

This time, it was President Pei who came.

Not far away, Lu Anqi looked up from where she had been searching for Chairman Ji on her phone for a while.

The man who walked in was the same as the news photos. He had a cold face and wore a well-tailored suit. It looked refreshing and bright on Chairman Ji but sharp and somber on him. His aura was extremely strong and people didn’t dare to easily approach.

Lu Anqi noticed that as soon as President Pei walked in, his gaze fell accurately on Chairman Ji sitting by the window.

The moment he saw that Ji Tong was excitedly talking to his friends while the table in front of him was still empty, there was gentle helplessness in his calm eyes.

In the midst of the greeting of his employees, he nodded slightly and walked toward the buffet table.

Lu Anqi looked at the young president curiously, as well as the young chairman.

She searched and learned that the original chairman and president of Two Trees was Pei Qingyuan while the other members of the core team held a certain number of shares. Then Pei Qingyuan suddenly transferred almost all his shares on hand to one of the shareholders and the chairman naturally changed.

This incident once sparked outside discussions. People thought that there was internal strife in this emerging technology company or that Pei Qingyuan, who had become famous in this field, wanted to cash out and look for the next track.

Among the various speculations, the most outrageous one was said to be the news from internal employees. They said that the reason why President Pei took the initiative to transfer the shares was because the shareholder felt it was very handsome to be called the chairman.

…The reason should follow the basic laws.

Of course, Lu Anqi didn’t believe it either. Then she thought of the gentle gaze that passed over the others and the chairman who smiled well, and she suddenly felt a bit unsure.

She saw President Pei holding a plate full of various foods, walked to the window and sat down next to Chairman Ji.

In the warm sunlight that kept pouring in, those eyes were particularly bright.

Pei Qingyuan knew that he must’ve been busy showing off his height to others when coming up. He gently placed the plate in front of Ji Tong. “Eat breakfast first.”

After greeting Pei Qingyuan, the smart colleagues who had already eaten decided to kick away the dog food and leave room for this stinky couple.

“They are all my favorite foods.” Ji Tong inspected the plate. Before he was ready to eat, he gave polite thanks. “Thank you, President Pei.”

When he grew up, his breakfast would be different every day.

Every time he heard Ji Tong call him like this, a wonderful feeling would flood Pei Qingyuan’s heart. It was as if countless beautiful times had passed by his heart.

He saw Ji Tong unbutton his first shirt, revealing the fair skin of his neck and the golden key pendant.

So Pei Qingyuan leaned over slightly, stretching out a hand to do it up for him. The voice that entered Ji Tong’s ears was smiling. “I will serve the chairman.”


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