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DCBS: Chapter 129 Part 2

He Shiwen waited in the store early. When he saw them appear, he couldn’t wait to go to the freezer to bring out the cake.

“It is the most beautiful cake I’ve ever made,” He Shiwen smiled and said to Pei Qingyuan. “You are the same as your grandfather. The cake drawing you brought is very good-looking.”

Inside the transparent cake box was a tan planet with a large field of brightly colored flowers on it. Next to the garden stood a bean-green robot and a blue and white dinosaur.

The whole cake was like a fine work of art.

Ji Tong was amazed and asked Pei Qingyuan in his heart, “Why aren’t you on the cake?”

“I am there,” Pei Qingyuan said. “I am just relatively small.”

Ji Tong looked closer again and found a white butterfly parked on the shoulder of the little robot.

This should be a butterfly made of white chocolate.

They said goodbye to He Shiwen with the cake and received an additional card written by He Xingxing in advance.

In the street covered with sunlight, Pei Qingyuan carried a cake. Ji Tong opened the car and smiled while reading it. “Brother Xiao Ji, happy birthday. I hope you will be as cute as before when you grow up. P.S. I will do my homework in my father’s store on the weekends.”

He couldn’t stop laughing. “Is this asking me out?”

Pei Qingyuan also smiled. “Yes, but she came one step late.”

Ji Tong had been accompanying him to do his homework every day since a long time ago.

They returned home with a full load. The coffee table and dining table in the living room were filled with things that Ji Tong took out from the storage space in the blink of an eye.

Today, Pei Qingyuan was going to cook him a rich dinner with complicated procedures so he started preparing it early.

Ji Tong helped him tie the apron straps and discovered a strange thing at the same time.

Hua Hua lay motionless on the balcony like a sculpture.

“Hua Hua?” He called out tentatively.

The cat turned his head and there was a trace of melancholy in the blue eyes.

Then when he saw Pei Qingyuan’s eyes, the melancholy disappeared immediately as if he was frightened.

“I’ll go and cook.”

Pei Qingyuan took a meaningful look at it and walked to the kitchen.

Hua Hua had no choice but to move as well. He slowly walked toward Ji Tong, who was looking dazed.

Ji Tong crouched down and touched his head. “What’s wrong with you?”

It was nothing. He was just being threatened by terrible humans.

Hua Hua’s whiskers moved. For a cat, this sentence was really hard to say.

Thus, he meowed unusually quietly.

“Meow meow meow.” Walk me.

Ji Tong heard clearly but thought he was hallucinating. “Do you want to be walked?”

Hua Hua glanced at his first master holding a kitchen knife in the kitchen and decided to endure the humiliation.

“Meow meow.” I do.

Ji Tong was shocked. “Aren’t you a cat?”

Hua Hua turned his head away, unwilling to meow again.

He thought for a while and suddenly realized, “I know. Are you tired of being a cat and want to try becoming a dog?”

Hua Hua: “……”

What cat would want to become a stupid dog?!

But he would rather become a dog than be a cat walked among dogs.

The latter was too shameful.

A few minutes later, Pei Qingyuan watched Ji Tong lead a short-legged, little white dog out of the house.

“Originally, his legs were going to become longer.” Ji Tong laughed so hard that he couldn’t finish his sentence. “But as soon as his legs grew longer, he… just walked like a cat.”

The little white dog’s legs were so short that he could only jump forward like a stuffed animal.

“Meow meow meow!” Don’t laugh at me!

“I will stop laughing, stop laughing.” The moment Ji Tong stopped, he immediately laughed again. “No, you should bark now.”

He absolutely wouldn’t bark!

Once the elevator door closed, one person and one ‘dog’ disappeared. Pei Qingyuan also smiled as he closed the door.

Now was the time to hide the gifts.

Ji Tong walked his dog in the community for the first time and instantly attracted a lot of attention.

“Oh, you have a dog too?”

Ji Tong replied to these familiar neighbors with a smile, “This is a dog from a friend’s house. He is being fostered for a day.”

Looking at the state of Hua Hua, it was obvious that wanting to be a dog was impulsive.

The little white dog lay at Ji Tong’s feet in a trance. The huge dogs raised by humans looked at him curiously.

“This dog is so cute. He is well-behaved and quiet.”

“Yes, he looks like a toy.”

“Hahaha, he isn’t a toy. You see, he can hug people’s legs.”

Surrounded by dogs, Hua Hua straightened up and hugged Ji Tong’s ankle. Unfortunately, his little short legs weren’t long enough. He hugged it and then slid down.

The little white dog with his front paws on the ground had wide round eyes.

This turned into Ji Tong and a group of strange neighbors laughing together.

Once the laughter was over, Ji Tong continued to lead him around the community. When he reached a place with no one present and no big down, Ji Tong crouched down and asked, “You don’t want to go for a walk, do you?”

The little white dog nodded resentfully.

Ji Tong thought for a few seconds before saying coldly, “What gift did Ruan Ruan prepare for me?”

“Meow—” The little white dog had just meowed when closing his mouth alertly.

Human beings were really insidious and cunning!

How could he even set the words of a cat?!

Ji Tong reasoned with it. “You are now a dog. If you tell me, it is the dog telling me, not the cat Hua Hua.”

…It seemed to make sense.

Hua Hua decided to take revenge on his savage first master.

He gestured with his tiny paws.

“Meow meow meow!” There are many, many!

The aunt walking the dog not far away had twitching ears. “Where did the cat meowing come from?”

Ji Tong quickly picked up the little white dog and ran away.

Sitting on the bench with the floating shadows of the trees, Ji Tong looked at the clouds in the sky. He occasionally touched the little white dog around him who was lazily shrunk into a ball and seriously thought, ‘What does many, many mean?’

According to Hua Hua’s language ability, did it mean the gift was large?

He wasn’t certain.

But he loved the feeling of guessing gifts.

From the moment the cat became a dog, the ordinary birthday gradually started to become unique.

Once dusk approached, Ji Tong had already noted the appearance of each cloud. He held Hua Hua in his arms and walked home.

He pushed open the door and a rich aroma wafted from the kitchen. He turned on the light in the living room and the light in the house suddenly blended with the sunset outside.

Ji Tong saw that the door of Pei Qingyuan’s room, which had been closed since the morning, was opened. Everything was as usual inside. Now the door to Ji Tong’s room was closed.

He pretended not to notice anything unusual as he greeted Pei Qingyuan, who was busy in the kitchen. Then he went straight to his bedroom with excitement.

Pei Qingyuan also pretended not to notice his particularly excited eyes and watched him enter the room with gentle eyes.

The moment Ji Tong pushed open the door and saw the scene in front of him, he knew that ‘many’ was literal.

His room was filled with gift boxes, large and small.

Ji Tong counted in a stunned manner.

There were 19.

Counting the days spent in this world, he should be 19 years old.

Each gift box had numbers written on it in familiar handwriting.

Ji Tong found a small box with one year old written on it. There were scissors next to it, as if it had been waiting for him to open it for a long time.

He sat quietly for a while and started to open the first gift.

Inside the tiny box was a golden longevity lock pendant.

The longevity lock was small and lay in the palm of his hand. It was like a small golden cloud and was just right on the neck of a one year old baby.

The first birthday gift was a longevity lock.

Ji Tong held it tightly in his palm and went to open the second gift.

The second gift was softness.

It was a set of sky-blue baby pants with many cute little dinosaurs printed on the pure cotton fabric.

The birthday present for his second birthday was cute clothes.

Ji Tong put it on his arm and continued to unwrap the third gift.

This gift box was larger. Inside was a furry cat doll with snow-white fur and blue eyes.

A three year old child had reached the age of attachment to dolls.

Ji Tong wanted to continue to hold it but there was no way to open the next gift. So he had to reluctantly put the gift he received earlier by his side.

The fourth birthday present was a piggy bank,

The fifth birthday present came in a large box and was a small, three-wheeled bicycle.

Ji Tong quietly opened the gift.

He received a school bag and stationary bag for his eighth birthday present.

He received a drawing board and paints for his 11th birthday.

He received a basketball with the autograph of a famous player on it for his 14th birthday.

His 16th birthday present looked like a thin piece of paper but the actual weight might be the heaviest.

The paper read: A piano that will be placed in a new home.

His 17th birthday was a black sports watch.

The dusk outside the window was getting thicker and his birthday present for his 18th birthday was a large square box.

Ji Tong thought that this might be the only gift he could guess.

Inside the box was an elegant black suit that looked tailor made. It was much better than the one he had once chosen.

However, he didn’t guess all the details.

There was also a small suede box next to the suit.

Inside the box lay a pair of beautiful gold cufflinks.

Once he finished going through the 18 gifts one by one, only the unopened 19 year old gift remained in the room.

Ji Tong finally couldn’t help turning around to look at Pei Qingyuan, who was standing at the door and staring at him.

“I thought you were going to celebrate my 18th birthday.”

Pei Qingyuan answered, “You have grown up by a year. Now you are 19 years old.”

More than a year had truly passed. Even though Ji Tong’s past life had stood still, he hoped to make up for those lost years and experiences.

Ji Tong responded happily and opened the box for this 19th birthday gift.

Inside was a delicately shaped chest that fit his gaudy aesthetics. The outside was carved with stars and a moon and there was a keyhole in the center of the moon.

Ji Tong was stunned and instinctively touched the golden key that was always hanging around his neck.

This key was a gift from Pei Qingyuan on his birthday last year.

On that day, he said that the treasure chest was hidden in the future.

Ji Tong was surprised. “Have you prepared this gift a long time ago?”

At that time, his human identity hadn’t been revealed and Pei Qingyuan still believed that he was an artificial intelligence system.

Pei Qingyuan nodded. “It was ready at that time, but I never figured out when to take it out.”

He took a few steps forward, took off the necklace for Ji Tong and let him get the key.

What gift would Pei Qingyuan prepare for an artificial intelligence?

Ji Tong couldn’t wait to put the golden key in the keyhole and turn it.

The chest opened and revealed a stack of paper.

Ji Tong was a bit surprised. He picked up the top folded paper, opened it and quickly laughed.

The paper was pink with cartoon patterns on it. There were two lines of large characters in the center.

[You are so cute, I liked you first. Can you marry me when I grow up?]

This sentence was even more childish than He Xingxing’s birthday card today.

It was straightforward and warm, braving a childish silliness. It was clear that only kindergarten students could write such words.

Ji Tong opened another piece of paper below it. This time, it was a green-striped white paper torn from a workbook. The handwriting looked more correct.

[Ji Tong, do you want to go to the bookstore to read books on the weekend?]

This was full of the arrogance of elementary school students.

Ji Tong was still smiling but his tears wet the paper.

It was the first time in his life that he shed tears like this.

He was in the future but he received a series of love letters from the past.

System 0587 was an artificial intelligence full of yearning for human life.

Thus, Pei Qingyuan thought he must also yearn for the feeling of being loved.

Even if he never really experienced those days.

But he would love the smell of love.

So Pei Qingyuan tried to imitate the handwriting and tone that should be present at different ages, trying to make up for the love that the system didn’t get.

Just by mistake, the human teenager behind the system had never really experienced these tastes.

So this became the most suitable 19th birthday present.

In the love letters that belonged to different stages of life, it seemed that he also accompanied Ji Tong through that lonely life in a different world, never being absent.

In high school, his youthful affection was packed into a clean white envelope.

[I haven’t figured out what college to go to. Have you? Where do you want to go in the future?]

JI Tong couldn’t stop crying. “We are now in the same college.”

It was the first time he cried but the tears seemed to have accumulated for many years. They fell on the page one by one.

Love was more worthy of tears than pain.

Pei Qingyuan sat beside him, wiped away the tears that slipped down his cheeks and quietly waited for him to smile again.

Ji Tong picked up the last love letter. It was a thick book.

‘College Love Letters’ was a romantic and gorgeous anthology of love poems.

The blazing and bright love was written on the title page of the collection of poems.

[I love you.]

[Whoever you are.]


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