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DCBS: Chapter 127 Part 1

The bright sound that rang out from time to time in the room disappeared. The light and shadows in the living room changed, the white gauze curtain was blown by the wind and the hanging rings collided and made a soft sound.

The greenery was swaying, the sky was blue and the sun was a clear gold. There were slight noises everywhere in summer.

In the sudden silence, the cat Hua Hua stopped chasing his tail.

He raised his head curiously and looked at the kitchen where his second master had walked in and never came out again.

Why didn’t his master continue to open the packages?

What about the large plastic duckling that was promised to be bought for him?

Was his master secretly playing with his little yellow duck?!

The white cat’s tail stood up high and walked toward the kitchen, the love heart on his butt shining in the sun.

But he stopped alertly when he was about to reach the kitchen door.

His first master was also inside.

After getting along for so long, his first master wouldn’t tease him at every turn like his second master. He was a relatively mature and stable human being.

However, Hua Hua discovered that since the last time he was lifted by his neck and thrown out of the room, his first master had started to use this action on him regularly.

For some unknown reason, his first master was becoming more savage.

What an abominable human being.

Hua Hua shook his neck. As a smart and witty cat, he decided to creep at the kitchen door and wait for his second master to come out.

The cat lay in the corner of the wall and shrunk into a wall. He waited and waited in the warm weather, almost falling asleep.

It wasn’t known how long he waited before his second master finally came out.

Hua Hua stretched out his neck. He didn’t find the little yellow duck for the time being. He only saw the red cheeks of his second master.

Was it hot?

It wasn’t hot.

He circled around his second master, as if to find the little yellow duck he had hidden.

“Meow meow meow meow?” What about my gift?

His second master, who usually talked a lot, didn’t speak. It was his first master who answered him. “This is my gift.”

The usually cold first master put two t-shirts of the same style into the washing machine and seemed to be in a good mood.

Hearing this, his second master blushed even more. While feeling ashamed and indignant, he picked up Hua Hua and lowered his head to scratch the soft belly.

“Meow meow meow!” Let go of me!

Why was his second master so hot?

He wasn’t an ice cube. He couldn’t be used to cool down!

The washing machine started to emit a continuous roar. The cat resisted in Ji Tong’s arms and the freshly cooked vegetables were submerged in boiling soup.

Pei Qingyuan was always unable to take his eyes away from the sun.

After lunch, he accompanied Ji Tong to unpack the rest of the express packages.

Hua Hua got the little yellow duck as a gift and was finally satisfied. He lay on the plastic yellow duck, pressing it back and forth with his paws and listened to the noises it made.

Ji Tong bought couple clothes, daily goods and travel necessities and a lot of weird gadgets.

It was from a giant butterfly doll to a ceramic cat ornament.

Pei Qingyuan took the scissors to open the packages and handed the contents to Ji Tong, who would ask him if it looked good. After getting a satisfactory answer, he would place them in the right place.

The afternoon was lazy and the living room filled with the sounds of a cat and duck.

However, Pei Qingyuan noticed a detail after opening a few packages.

The names of the products on several courier slips had words like ‘birthday gift.’

His birthday was in October, which was still early, and none of his friends recently had a birthday.

Seeing Ji Tong holding the astronaut night light and excitedly putting it on the bedside table, Pei Qingyuan’s movements gradually stopped.

After reading the Host Domestication Log, he knew that Ji Tong regretted not being able to celebrate his 18th birthday.

He also knew that Ji Tong would never take the initiative to bring up his unhappy past. Even if he had to mention them, he would quietly hide the sad parts in them.

Therefore, Pei Qingyuan never specifically asked. He didn’t want the atmosphere to become heavy again.

Today, the weather was good. Everything was beautiful and clear. On such a summer day, it seemed like old things could be taken out to dry with light steps.

Once Ji Tong finished putting away the night light and sat down next to him again, Pei Qingyuan asked, “Are you buying yourself birthday presents?”

His tone was very ordinary. Ji Tong was stunned before nodding with a bit of embarrassment. “I searched for keywords and saw many interesting things, so I bought a few.”

“When is your birthday?”

“There are still more than 20 days left. It is June 17th.” Ji Tong’s answer was very ordinary and full of personal characteristics. “So in theory, I am really an older brother.”

Pei Qingyuan corrected him. “You said that the timeline is different so I am actually a month or two older than you.”

Then he changed his tone and spoke with an unclear meaning, “Or do you want me to call you ‘Big Brother’ again?”

Ji Tong had no courage. “…I don’t want it any longer.”

Being called ‘Big Brother’ came at a price.

On the issue of age and height, he decided to accept his fate for the time being.

He would wait until the day when he could beat Pei Qingyuan and the main brain and then discuss it.

It just sounded a bit far away, alas.

Seeing his constantly changing expression, Pei Qingyuan knew that this person was planning something strange again.

The atmosphere was still light.

So his voice was gentle. “Don’t buy it yourself. I’ll give you a birthday present.”

June 17th. It was a few days after the international competition. It was very good.

Flowers, trophies, fresh scenery and a first birthday.

Ji Tong made a calm sound and reached out to take an unopened package.

After a few seconds, he couldn’t help peeking at Pei Qingyuan. “What type of gift?”

“The gift won’t be known until your birthday.”

Ji Tong snorted again. He watched Pei Qingyuan open the page, looked at it for a while and said abruptly, “I can’t guess what you will give.”

Pei Qingyuan smiled. “Then don’t guess.”

“But I’m going to receive a gift.” Ji Tong’s eyes were bright like twinkling stars. “It is a birthday gift.”

He didn’t say he was happy but there was excitement in every syllable.

If it wasn’t for the fact that his hands were dirty from the parcel bags, Pei Qingyuan would definitely rub his head.

“Yes, you will get a lot of birthday presents.”

It was more gifts than those missed.

Ji Tong asked, “How much is a lot?”

The cat circled around the little yellow duck with novelty and also cheerfully asked questions.

This was what he wanted most. An ordinary life and ordinary conversation.

“Will you give me many gifts or will many people give me gifts?”

Ji Tong thought for a while. “No, others still don’t know what day my birthday is. Should I send something on my Moments to notify everyone?”

“How should I make the notification seem natural?” He fell into deep thought. “I have to give everyone time to prepare gifts. Do you think ten days’ notice is enough?”

The young man around him always had endless words to say but Pei Qingyuan couldn’t find the right words to answer.

He had no choice but to kiss the star in the daytime.

This was until the star closed his eyes again.

Half a month later, the airport.

There were people moving everywhere. In the departure hall, Ouyang Yu arrived early because he was excited and was playing with his phone while waiting for his teammates to come over.

He was originally looking at his Moments when he suddenly frowned.

[Ji Tong: Going to the airport! In addition to the competition this month, this is another very important thing. It is.]

Then it was gone. It came to an abrupt end.

The accompanying photo was a clear sky and a residential building in summer. It was estimated that it was taken casually when he was at home.

The question was, what else was important?

Ouyang Yu was held in suspense and typed a comment with crackling sounds.

[Ouyang Yu: ?? Have you been kidnapped? Don’t say it halfway!!]

[Ji Tong replied to Ouyang Yu: It is a warm-up. The rest will be said next time ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ]

The college students had their curiosity hooked and raised protests one after another.

[Cui Yinan: What is it? Are you finally going to move out of the dormitory with Brother Pei into a two-person world?]

[Huang Wen replied to Cui Yinan: Huh? Is it what I thought??]

[Ouyang Yu replied to Huang Wen: Tsk, this is probably a straight man. You live up to your name.]

[Xie Yuchi: D*mn, can you finish the sentence? Was your phone snatched by your boyfriend?]

[Ji Tong replied to Xie Yuchi: Don’t swear.]

[Ji Tong replied to Xie Yuchi: I didn’t snatch it. I also sent the above sentence for him.]

Seeing this, Ouyang Yu decided to put down his phone and stop looking for abuse.

This annoying stinky couple.

But not long after he put away his phone, his teammates and their family arrived one after another and he was attacked by the stinky couple in reality.

Not far away, two boys wearing the same white t-shirts and pushing the same black suitcase walked toward this place.

Their clothes and suitcase were the same, the only difference was their temperament. The suitcase pushed by the livelier boy was covered with fancy stickers.

Lin Rui spoke innocently, “Is that a team uniform? Why don’t we have it? This suitcase also looks good.”

Xie Yuchi rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you go and ask the captain if he can give you a set?”

Ouyang Yu smiled sourly. “No problem. It is winter when getting off the plane. The couple t-shirts are only temporary.”

As a result, after getting off the plane and arriving on the other side of the phone, everyone crossed the covered passage and opened their suitcase to get their clothes in the still warm terminal. Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan took out the same style coat with different colors.

Ji Tong wore white and Pei Qingyuan wore black. They looked more like a couple than when wearing the same color.

Moreover, Pei Qingyuan also took out two dark blue scarves from the box and wrapped it around Ji Tong first.

The dark blue scarf was particularly conspicuous against Ji Tong’s white coat and the edge of the scarf revealed a little cute mushroom pattern.

It was too much.

It wasn’t like people didn’t know how to wear scarves by themselves!

In addition, how could even the scarves be a couple’s model?!

Ouyang Yu felt that even the down jacket couldn’t cover his cold heart now.

Lin Rui looked a bit melancholy. “I miss my girlfriend.”

Ouyang got shot again. “You guys have only been separated for half a day. Senior Sister obviously sent you off!”

Lin Rui spread open his palms and sighed. “It is like this when you are in love.”

…The world was so unfriendly to single dogs.

Ouyang Yu looked at Xie Yuchi sadly. “Aren’t the two of us particularly miserable?”

Xue Yuchi rarely didn’t dislike this increasingly perverted junior and agreed. “It is a bit.”

He was about to slightly criticize the shameful behavior of his two juniors in showing affection when he heard Ji Tong say, “In a while, Xiao Hei will come to pick us up outside the airport. We transported Xiao Hei over in advance and hired a local driver.”

Ji Tong looked at him with a smile. “Senior Xie, if you need to use the car then you can borrow it at any time.”

He still remembered that Xie Yuchi said that he wanted to use Xiao Hei and drive it in front of the scumbag. The scumbag senior was still studying this major after going abroad and was likely to come to participate in this year’s international competition.

In reality, a cross-border car consignment was a bit troublesome, time-consuming and long and ordinary people wouldn’t do this.

However, Xiao Hei wasn’t an ordinary car and Ji Tong wasn’t an ordinary person.

If asked, it was the magic of the mysterious, rich President Ji.

Ouyang Yu watched helplessly as Xie Yuchi’s iceberg face showed vivid emotions for the first time.

The unspoken criticism also became a compliment.

“What is the other important thing this month”? Xie Yuchi’s tone was enthusiastic. “In fact, I don’t think other things are too important. Right now, I want to attend your wedding the most.”

Ouyang Yu: “……”



“This scarf is so cute. It goes well with the two of them.” Ouyang Yu quickly changed his mind. “Xiao Hei is here. Can I also borrow it for a day?”

Even if he hadn’t thought about what he would do with Xiao Hei, he would just borrow it first.

No way, Xiao Hei was really too cool.

In the harsh winter of a foreign country, laughter spread far away.


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