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DCBS: Chapter 126

After the assessment of this competition, the entertainment-type almighty robot Mark immediately became the star of the venue.

In today’s audience, it wasn’t just college students, school teachers and the media. There were also some technology companies who came to capture possible business opportunities.

Mark’s performance attracted the attention of the representatives of almost all technology companies. They rushed over to chat with the members of Pei Qingyuan’s team.

The mild-tempered Lin Rui was responsible for talking to these people. Xie Yuchi occasionally added some questions while Ouyang Yu was taking notes and carefully sorting and collecting the large pile of business cards.

After the mahjong robot was basically formed, Pei Qingyuan applied for a patent and also consulted the opinions of the team members. He registered the company and considered fixing the team. They could continue to cooperate with Deng Shu in the future to bring Mark to the market.

After all, Deng Shu started off in traditional home appliances. Pei Qingyuan and the others were students and not too familiar with the technology industry. He just took the opportunity to have an in-depth exchange with people in the industry. Even if they couldn’t cooperate, there would be a reference value.

While chatting, someone always asked curiously, “Where is the student who shook hands with Mark just now? What about your captain?”

“They didn’t just join our group. They are now going to another group.”

Every time this happened, Ouyang Yu would look enviously at the soccer field in the distance.

The soccer competition wouldn’t start until tomorrow but the participants still came to do some debugging on the spot. They could adapt to the atmosphere of the game and get a closer look at the competitors.

So after the life group ended temporarily, Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan took Mark to Qiao Yunhe’s side.

Ji Tong was the original designer of Mark’s AI and also the follow-up optimizer of Mark’s AI. His position in Mark’s built-in logic was obviously the most special. Mark would agree no matter what he said.

He smiled and asked Mark if he wanted to go see Mary. Mark didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence but he still nodded politely. He turned the wheel and followed behind Ji Tong.

Ouyang silently swallowed this bowl of dog food and sighed. “I also want to go next door to watch Mary play soccer.”

Xie Yuchi said casually, “Go ahead. Old Lin and I are here. However, they aren’t playing soccer right now, right?”

“That’s right.” Ouyang Yu comforted himself. “Forget it. In any case, Mark went for me.”

He had a flash of inspiration. “Mark seems to have not met Mary yet. Today is the first time they are officially meeting. How romantic.”

Xie Yuchi’s eyes were blank. “Where is the romance?”

Ouyang Yu whimsically said, “The romance is… what if Mark falls in love with Mary at first sight?”

“If Mark is no longer single then rounded up, doesn’t that mean I am no longer single?”

He thought about it and felt that there was a problem. “No, there are five Marys. It ranges from number one to number five. Which one will Mark like? Or will he like them all?”

The single dog Ouyang Yu was having fun but Xie Yuchi became more and more shocked. He couldn’t help taking a step back and decided to stay away from this person.

It was a good junior. Why was he becoming more and more perverted?

The AI Mark was harmful.

On the other side, Qiao Yunhe and the others had just seen the broadcast and surrounded Mark excitedly. They wanted to chat with him but were a bit afraid to speak.

Seeing this, Ji Tong smiled. “Mark isn’t in hedgehog mode now. Don’t be afraid.”

Mark was in exaggerated praise mode and took the initiative to say hello. “Hi, I’m Mark.”

His camera eyes recognized the faces one by one and recorded the information to respond to everyone.

Mark’s eyes swept over the silent soccer robot Mary beside them and said equally politely to Mary, “Hello, I’m Mark.”

All the Marys didn’t speak.

They just kicked the ball. They weren’t designed with a voice interaction module.

On the side, Ji Tong answered for them, “This is Mary No 1 to 5. They are also robots like you but they can’t speak.”

Mark let out a long sigh and repeated, “Mary, my kind.”

“It is a nice name.” He enthusiastically praised. “Mary has a very cute appearance and is a very attractive robot.”

Mary didn’t understand but the people around her laughed.

Qiao Yunhe teased her. “There are five Marys. Who do you think is the cutest one?”

“In fact, every Mary looks the same. If I have to answer, I think number one is the cutest,” he said, “It is because one has the meaning of being original.”

Everyone laughed even more.

Someone joked, “How come it suddenly feels a bit sweet?”

“Is this okay?”

Every time he heard the name Mary, Pei Qingyuan would think of the love tragedy novel that was mixed into the pile of information before that was secretly stuffed to him by Ji Tong, who didn’t dare expose his identity. It was in order to dispel Pei Qingyuan’s liking.

Thinking of this, Pei Qingyuan turned his head to look at Ji Tong. Ji Tong also happened to look over.

It wasn’t known what he thought of but a small smile flashed in his eyes. He leaned toward Pei Qingyuan’s ear and whispered, “When I come over tomorrow, I will change Mark into a new look.”

“What look?”

Ji Tong’s voice was full of laughter. “You can guess.”

So the next day, before the soccer match began one after another, Mark finished the finals of his competition. He didn’t even show all his functions and was already first place without any suspense.

At this time, the whole team could go to the soccer football game together. Many people greeted the star robot Mark along the way, but his response today was quite perfunctory.

“Good morning, Mark!”

“Yes, good.”

“You have a new look today. Mark is so handsome.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Someone curiously asked, “What mode is Mark now? Confused mode?”

Ji Tong replied, “Focused mode.”

The pea-green robot was wearing a formal suit. There was a black retro top hat on the mechanical head and a highly realistic robotic hand was holding an off-white elegant parasol.

He followed behind Ji Tong. The rollers slowly turned as they headed toward the venue of the soccer game together.

Apart from Pei Qingyuan, the other team members were pondering on Mark’s new look today.

Ouyang Yu said, “It is very fun to watch. He is like a mechanical gentleman. It must’ve been done by Ji Tong.”

Xie Yuchi was very keen. “I always feel that this look has a scumbag temperament.”

Ji Tong corrected it solemnly, “It might’ve been the case before but not this time.”

After the first round of the standard platform group under the soccer event began, the robot Mary chasing the ball on the field attracted a lot of attention. The robot Mark watching the game outside the field was also extremely eye-catching.

He watched the game intently and clapped along with the crowd from time to time. He occasionally exclaimed when Mary One on the field fell.

Once this round of the competition was over, Qiao Yunhe’s group took the lead in the qualifying. The group of Marys returned home in triumph and Mark moved his wheels to congratulate them.

The gentleman Mark raised the parasol in his hand, looking like he wanted to open it. At the same time, he shifted his eyes to look at the ceiling of the venue and said to himself, “There is no sun and no rain. There is no need to use an umbrella.”

This made him put down the parasol again. He raised his other free manipulator and gave a standard thumbs up, calling out, “Mary won!”

In the midst of the joyful laughter around him, Pei Qingyuan’s eyes gradually warmed.

He heard Ji Tong say seriously in his ear, “It isn’t Silver Life or Death Love. I am going to delete the data of this novel.”

The robot housekeeper and Miss Mary were finally of the same kind.

It was the same with the host and the system.

In the crowd, Ji Tong quietly took his hand as if apologizing for the small lies in the past.

It was much brighter than a dark movie theater. After Ji Tong’s impulsive action, he was a bit embarrassed and wanted to let go, but he was already firmly held.

Pei Qingyuan held him tightly and walked toward his other team members. His cold eyes were particularly soft. “Don’t let go.”

Ji Tong looked down and counted the floor tiles. “…Oh.”

The onlooker Ouyang Yu saw the couple holding hands as if no one else was around and then at Mark, who was circling around Mary One. Suddenly, he lost the joy of using a stand-in to no longer be single. He only felt a burst of desolation welling up in his heart.

Senior Lin in the team had a girlfriend and came to visit from time to time. So only he and Senior Xie were eating dog food every day.

Ouyang Yu couldn’t help looking at Xie Yuchi. He originally wanted to get a little resonance between single dogs but Xie Yuchi subtly took a step back, as if he was avoiding some type of virus.

Ouyang Yu: “……”

What did he do wrong again?!

The RS Cup domestic competition came to a successful conclusion a few days later.

This year, Jiangyuan College’s results were better than in previous years. They not only won several championships but the most sensational robot in the entire competition was from their school. They could be called the biggest winner of this competition.

With less than two months to go before the international competition, everyone was still busy during this period. According to the records made during this competition, Mark had to be continuously optimized and upgraded. The teachers of the school were also fully assisting.

Moreover, in the internal competition, the contestants and judges came from various countries. They spoke different languages and cultural differences. This meant Mark’s language module needed to be further adapted to better display its unique functions.

To this end, Ji Tong was always full of strange thoughts in his mind and proposed a new personality model. The other members listened to it with wide eyes and could only praise him.

However, the follow-up development work would be done by Pei Qingyuan alone. Ji Tong didn’t have to pay more attention to it.

Pei Qingyuan hoped that he could spend his time on what he preferred.

For example, watching a collection of cold jokes, collecting plush dolls and basking in the sun on the balcony with a cat.

When Fang Hao came to play last year, Ji Tong was idle and had nothing to do, so he became obsessed with online shopping with Fang Hao. He bought building blocks for the elementary school student and the mushroom scarf for his host.

The summer season was getting stronger and it was time to buy new clothes. There was also the upcoming competition abroad and there was a lot to buy.

This was the first time in Ji Tong’s life to go abroad and it was also his first time taking a plane.

Traveling across worlds and traveling through time and space passages didn’t count.

This year’s RS Cup International Competition was held in another hemisphere, the opposite of here. Therefore, Ji Tong could buy summer and winter things at the same time.

For this overseas competition, Ji Tong was full of expectations. He was just like an elementary school student looking forward to going on a spring outfit.

They went back home to live on the weekend. Pei Qingyuan was cooking in the castle. Ji Tong was unpacking in the living room. Hua Hua was chasing his tail in the light and shadow.

The space in the dormitory was limited so instead of sending things to school, he sent them home. The doorman at the community collected them for him and he came to pick them up once a week.

Due to Ji Tong’s likable personality and appearance, it wasn’t just the doorman. Any resident of the community basically knew him and would greet and chat warmly with him when they met.

The community had a good atmosphere and there were memories that were important to each other in this house. So even if Pei Qingyuan was now able to buy a house, he hadn’t moved for the time being. In any case, he was now staying at school most of the time.

The shadows of the trees floated in front of the glass window. Pei Qingyuan stood by the sink to wash vegetables when there was a soft knock on the kitchen door behind him.

He turned his head and saw Ji Tong holding up an oversized white butterfly doll. He held it up in front of him and asked, “Is it cute?”

Pei Qingyuan nodded. “It is cute.”

“Then I will give it to you. You can use it as a pillow on the bed.”

The young man holding the butterfly doll walked away.

Hua Hua changed directions and continued to chase his tail in a circle.

Pei Qingyuan lowered his head to keep cutting vegetables when there was a knock on the door again.

Ji Tong carried a brand new black suitcase and showed it off. “It looks good, right? It is more handsome than your blue suitcase.”

“Yes,” Pei Qingyuan responded. “It is handsome.”

Hearing this, Ji Tong immediately dragged out another black suitcase hidden on the side. He said proudly, “So I bought two!”

Pei Qingyuan couldn’t help smiling. “It is the same color. Won’t it be hard to distinguish it?”

“I bought additional stickers. We can put on different stickers,” Ji Tong said in a broken voice. “Or you don’t have to stick it and I will stick a lot. This makes it easier to distinguish.”

Once Ji Tong showed the suitcase, he turned around. Then he suddenly turned back and said, “In fact, it is because buying two gives a discount.”

He added in a low voice, “This discount is only available if you buy the same style.”

After watching him leave, Pei Qingyuan’s smile widened even more.

He looked back at the wet vegetables on the cutting board but was no longer focused.

The light and shadows outside the window were bright and the aroma of stewed meat filled the kitchen. The sound of scissors going through packaging bags came from the living room and there was a soft mood floating in the air.

Once he finished cutting the vegetables, he washed his hands and was about to lift the lid to look at the meat in the pot when he heard footsteps behind him again.

Pei Qingyuan took the initiative to turn around and ask him, “What is it this time?”

Ji Tong, who originally wanted to surprise him, showed an expression of being caught. He didn’t have time to hide the things in his hand behind him.

Pei Qingyuan saw him holding two t-shirts. “Are you going to wear them?”

Ji Tong shook his head. “No, there is one for each of us.”

He held one in each hand and said casually, “Although I bought two, there was no discount.”

Then he added in a seemingly nonchalant manner, “The same model isn’t discounted either.”

Pei Qingyuan understood.

It was a couple outfit that was specially bought.

Ji Tong, who was leaning against the kitchen door, stared wildly. He looked out the window and then at the floor for a while, but didn’t look at Pei Qingyuan.

The golden sunlight fell on the boy and his eternally warm eyes shone brightly.

Therefore, Pei Qingyuan whispered, “I’ll take a look.”

Ji Tong came over obediently. He thought the other person wanted to see the pattern of the clothes and looked down. “I think it is quite handsome.”

The wind blew in through the half-open window of the kitchen, carrying the small sound of cicadas and the smell of leaves.

Ji Tong fell into another gust of wind.

The early summer temperature was blazing. The vines grew and climbed up, lingering over fair skin and gently lifting his chin.

His breath was immediately taken away and dissipated in the endless summer.

He still didn’t know how to kiss. He could only respond jerkily with his eyes closed tightly. His trembling eyelashes were like fluttering wings.

The butterfly landed on Pei Qingyuan’s fingertips, tracing the familiar eyebrows. The tide came densely.

His voice was slightly hoarse. “It is very pretty.”


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