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DCBS: Chapter 125 Part 2

On the field, Dou Wenhao was shocked to hear it.

This was different from the featureless, polite conversation just now.

After Mark finished talking to Ji Tong, his round eyes turned and he looked at the card robot sitting directly opposite him. He asked, “How are your cards?”

The card robot didn’t respond. It was because Dou Wenhao and his team didn’t do such a complex interactive module at all and focused on the card playing algorithm.

“Hello, are you there?” Mark asked again.

There was still no response.

He shook his mechanical head and said disdainfully, “Tsk, he is also a mute.”

Wu Tao, the first mute outside the field, trembled involuntarily.

Once this sentence came out, the audience gradually boiled over.

“F*k, this robot is a bit awesome.”

“I thought it was just comparing algorithms and manipulators. So there is still interaction?”

“It isn’t just a bit awesome. It sounds like someone is dubbing it in real-time.”

The other three people in Pei Qingyuan’s team looked at him in unison. “Captain, why did Mark turn into the hedgehog mode by himself?”

Pei Qingyuan said succinctly, “Ji Tong proposed to add a random mode. Mark will randomly change between the selected personality modes.”

“That is interesting.” Xie Yuchi’s eyes lit up. “Then what personality modes did you choose just now? I saw the flattery and hedgehog mode.”

Pei Qingyuan replied, “I chose three types.”

Lin Rui asked, “What is the third one?”

At the same time, Mark continued his interaction. He shifted his camera eyes to the last remaining Dou Wenhao at the table.

Dou Wenhao thought Mark was going to ask how his cards were and said directly, “I am the landlord. Naturally, my cards are good…”

But before he could finish, Mark scoffed. “You called the landlord like this?”

Dou Wenhao was a bit dazed.

He said reflexively, “Didn’t you say that you don’t curse people?”

“I’m not cursing,” Mark said cheerfully. “You play cards too well!”

Silence fell at his instantly changed tone.

A few seconds later, fierce laughter and cheers erupted.

“This is really awesome, brothers!”

“Yes, isn’t it actually someone dubbing it remotely? This sounds like a dream to me.”

“Is this the crisis of intelligence? This must be the crisis of intelligence!”

Ouyang Yu was dumbfounded. “It seems that the third type is exaggerated praise.”

Lin Rui was dumbfounded. “This random effect is really…”

Xie Yuchi’s iceberg face was about to crack. “One plus one equals yin and yang?”

Meanwhile, Pei Qingyuan heard Ji Tong’s excited voice ringing in his heart.

“This mode is really fun.” Ji Tong whispered to him while laughing. “Dou Wenhao looks like he is scared stupid.”

Dou Wenhao was indeed stupid. At this moment, he had the same feeling as Wu Tao an hour or two ago.

This was an auditory hallucination, right?

He could accept AI scolding people or praising people but he couldn’t accept that AI could be weird to people.

It was because the first two modes could find the answer from the pres-set database and the continuous output was enough.

However, the right yin and yang words required more algorithms and processing power. This level of intelligence could be said to be very close to that of humans.

How could those freshmen come up with something like this?

Forget Dou Wenhao who experienced it personally. Even many audience members and judges outside the venue had similar feelings.

Dou Wenhao immediately raised his hand to signal a pause. “Teachers, I think it is necessary to check its voice module.”

The judges were also discussing this. Some videos of people talking to AI that looked very interesting and intelligent on the marker were actually voiced in real-time behind the scenes. The robot that seemed to be answering autonomously in the video was just a microphone.

There was nothing wrong with this type of trick being used for entertainment but it definitely wasn’t acceptable to use it in the field of competition. It was considered cheating.

The game was paused and the judges communicated with the captain Pei Qingyuan. They said they wanted to check Mark’s internal structure on the spot. This type of episode happened occasionally in other competitions so Pei Qingyuan agreed without expression.

He had thought about giving Mark a remote control function but it hadn’t been implemented yet. Therefore, it wouldn’t cause a misunderstanding.

More and more students and spectators gathered around the venue. The judges quickly opened Marks’ body to check the parts involved in the module. They confirmed that there was no problem and no one was dubbing it remotely.

Seeing everyone’s increasingly shocked gazes, Ji Tong took the initiative to explain. “The dialogue effect just now was a coincidence. It wasn’t intentional by Mark.”

“We made multiple dialogue personality modes for Mark and he is using a synthetic mode that can switch randomly between several personality traits.”

It was theoretically random.

However, in the matter of randomness, his host had always been extremely lucky.

This was why he specifically asked Pei Qingyuan to give this series of instructions.

Ji Tong was in a good mood and he picked up the playing cards that were upside down on the table.

Other teammates briefed the judges on the characteristics of the different personality modes. The atmosphere became higher and higher and the competition continued.

At Dou Wenhao’s uncertain gaze, Ji Tong reached out and touched the robot’s newly restored head. He asked, “Mark, does it hurt to check?”

Mark didn’t speak. He just stretched out his robotic hand to touch his head. His round eyes blinked and the animation on the display showed that the corners of his mouth were slightly curved downwards. Everything was said from his silence.

Most of Mark’s expressions and movements were designed by Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan. Ji Tong was very familiar with every reaction of Mark and knew that these states were only triggered, not expressed by consciousness.

Now looking at his downcast appearance, he felt that the robot in front of him really seemed to have life.

Therefore, Ji Tong put his hand in front of the display screen on Mark’s face. He gently poked the corner of the unhappy animated mouth and comforted him. “You are the smartest, Mark. Don’t be sad.”

Hearing this, Mark’s round eyes blinked. The camera fixed on Ji Tong and the corners of his mouth rose again as he smiled. “Thank you, lovely human.”

There was a complete sensation around the venue.

“Mark looks so aggrieved but he is so cute. His interaction with his team member is also very loving.”

“So that display is touch-enabled? This type of interactive idea is really amazing.”

“This chain of reactions… it is awesome. It can’t be remote controlled, right?”

The crowd gradually gathered in this place. The students and media from other places in the venue noticed this unusual commotion and followed the liveliness.

“What is going on over there? Is there something wrong with the competition?”

“There is something big.” The students who saw a bit of the broadcast clip from the big screen hurriedly ran to this side. “Go around. Hurry up and see the intelligence crisis. The robot is crazy!”

After learning that Mark’s interactive personality was a random pattern of choosing one of three modes, the audience members with various identities around them were even more looking forward to it. They waited eagerly for Mark’s sentence.

Everyone gradually discovered that the hedgehog mode didn’t work for Ji Tong at all. As long as he recognized that the person who spoke was Ji Tong, he definitely wouldn’t become angry. This was probably designed to give privileges to people in the team.

The silver-gray card robot didn’t have advanced interactive functions. In the whole process, it just played cards. This meant there was only one unlucky person left on the field.

For the first time, Dou Wenhao felt that playing cards as entertainment was so painful.

The victory of Pei Qingyuan’s team was a foregone conclusion. With the ability that Mark showed at this moment, even winning the championship of this event had no suspense. The next match was purely to determine the other rankings.

This time, teachers from several schools in Jiangyuan College had already come over. They were also paying attention to this game. Dou Wenhao vaguely heard that the teachers of the school of electronic intelligence were already looking forward to the internal competition.

For other teams, the function of the robots they designed wasn’t the same as that of Mark. In any case, it wasn’t used to play cards or mahjong so they wouldn’t have too negative feelings. They were full of interest about this refreshing robot.

However, Dou Wenhao’s card robot was a team that followed their trend. It was something he created because he thought his freshmen would spoil the idea.

He never expected his face to be hit so hard today.

The mechanical parts lost and the algorithm parts lost, not to mention this magic interaction mode.

In addition, Mark’s main function wasn’t playing cards. It was obviously mahjong.

He was doomed to lose and more spectators were gathering around. Dou Wenhao didn’t want to continue playing at all. His mood was chaotic and he played cards very casually. He was trying to lose early.

Mark immediately discovered his abnormal card playing state and attacked fiercely and steadily. “I said earlier that you shouldn’t call the landlord. Playing cards with you is really a waste of time. It is boring.”

Dou Wenhao squeezed the playing cards and didn’t want to speak. He silently thought in his heart, ‘I’m not angry, I’m not angry.’

“I’m here to play cards, not to see you pretend to be mute.” Mark continued to output. “Can you be a bit entertaining? What’s the difference between playing cards without chatting and going to jail?”

“It is fine to pretend to be mute but you also play cards indiscriminately. Brother, you are a disgrace to humanity.”

“Seriously, I don’t want to play with you any longer. I would rather go to jail.”

D*mn! Why could this robot talk so badly?!

Dou Wenhao couldn’t bear it any longer and spoke back. “Is this the quality of your robot?”

The moment the words came out, he regretted it and felt deeply humiliated. However, deafening laughter had already erupted in the room.

Even his teammate Wu Tao couldn’t hold back. He covered his face and laughed.

He was just scolded and Dou Wenhao became the first person to quarrel with a robot with true feelings.

At Dou Wenhao’s irritated reaction, Mark’s tone suddenly changed to sincere praise. “Quality? Your quality is very high. I definitely can’t compare to you.”

Next to him, Ji Tong laughed so much that he couldn’t hold the cards.

He rubbed his face which was tired from smiling. “Mark, you are really good at talking.”

Mark responded enthusiastically, “You are also very good at talking. You can play cards well, which is amazing.”

Dou Wenhao was almost confused by Mark and started to speak yin and yang words in a gloomy tone, “You are indeed very good at talking.”

Mark followed the sound and looked at him. He said in an exaggerated tone, “Hey, how did you find out this? Amazing!”

Dou Wenhao: “……”

It happened to be his turn to play cards. Dou Wenhao, whose blood pressure was bursting, completely collapsed. Forget playing the cards now. He just wanted to punch Mark.

Therefore, Mark waited for a while. After a long time, he let out a long sigh and urged in a subdued tone, “Hurry up, I’ve waited until all the flowers are gone.”

The onlookers basically died of laughter.

Dou Wenhao left the scene angrily. The judges were laughing so hard that tears were about to come out and didn’t object. They were quite sympathetic to his experience.

The landlord, Dou Wenhao’s mentality collapsed and he played cards indiscriminately. Ji Tong had been watching the excitement and hadn’t paid any attention to the cards. The card robot couldn’t compare with Mark. After finally looking at the cards, Mark really won.

At the overwhelming applause, Mark said proudly after being declared the winner, “The competition is second, Mark is first.”

At the same time, his camera eyes locked on Ji Tong and he took the initiative to extend a hand to him, obviously wanting to shake hands.

This human-machine card game could simply go down in history. Pei Qingyuan and the others were gradually surrounded by people. When they saw this, someone immediately asked, “This sentence should be the hedgehog mode, right? How can there still be a handshake in the hedgehog mode? Isn’t it more friendly?”

Pei Qingyuan didn’t answer. He stared intently at Ji Tong, who was sitting at the card table with a crooked smile.

Ouyang Yu explained, “This isn’t the content of the personality mode. It is the default setting. As long as Ji Tong is present, Mark will take the initiative to shake hands from time to time.

He didn’t know why Pei Qingyuan made this setting but Ji Tong looked extremely happy every time he shook hands. Therefore, no one objected to this special treatment.

All in all, it was probably a bowl of dog food.

Ji Tong’s eyes flashed with a bright light. He stretched out his hand seriously and shook Mark’s mechanical hand. It was just like every time before.

Mark’s hands were more flexible than Xiao Ming, whom he once saw in Professor Xiao’s house. It was also more powerful than Xiao Mei, the jelly bean robot.

What remained unchanged was that Pei Qingyuan always remembered his little hobbies.

He liked to shake hands with Xiao Mei and he also liked to shake hands with Mark.

Once Ji Tong shook hands with the much-anticipated robot Mark, there were many people taking photos besides the discussion. Many media gathered nearby pressed the shutter of the camera.

It seemed that he didn’t need to quietly record it himself.

Once he let go of his hand, a smile appeared on Mark’s display screen. Ji Tong also smiled. Then he heard a familiar voice ringing in his heart.

Pei Qingyuan asked him in a low voice, “Did you have fun today?”

This was remote dubbing.

Ji Tong, who was standing in the center of the venue, raised his head. His gaze passed through the noisy air and met his clear and gentle gaze.

Time seemed to go back to a long time ago. He sat in the audience as a short child and cheered for the spirited host on the basketball court countless times.

“I’m happy,” he said. “Very happy.”

Ji Tong walked toward Pei Qingyuan through the crowd. The bean-green Mark turned the wheels and quietly followed behind him, the cameras of the media reporters also following.

This time, he was also in the center of the photo.


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