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DCBS: Chapter 125 Part 1

In the face of this sudden attack, Wu Tao’s expression slowly froze.

He was a bit out of his mind and thought he was hallucinating.

He remembered that this was Ouyang Yu’s voice but Ouyang Yu’s mouth didn’t move just now.

Wu Tao clearly saw the vivid, mechanical white eyes but he was struggling in vain with a disbelieving emotion.

He stared at Ouyang Yu without blinking. “Were you the one who was talking?”

Ouyang Yu immediately closed his mouth and shook his head.

Mark was designed for multiplayer games so he had the ability to identify different voice lines. After testing in a relatively good noise environment, Mark could currently identify at least six or seven different sounds at the same time and make corresponding answers.

In other words, as long as he spoke now, Mark might also attack him in hedgehog mode.

Ouyang Yu was highly vigilant and didn’t say a word. He waited for Mark’s reaction.

Mark was a bean-green robot with a cartoonish and retro shape, rounded lines and a cute appearance. It was easy to win the favor of humans.

He had a pair of round camera eyes and a small display below that was flashing with constantly changing mouth shape animations. The design of the upper limbs was very delicate and complex. The flexibility of the hand machinery was very high while the lower body was relatively simple. It was a cylindrical body plus a pair of rollers.

Mark’s camera eyes recognized Wu Tao staring at Ouyang Yu. He was immediately dissatisfied. “Can’t you tell who is talking?”

Wu Tao found that Ouyang Yu’s mouth hadn’t moved at all and could only give up his fantasy. He shifted his gaze to the legendary mahjong robot in shock.

This image recognition and processing speed, as well as the intelligence and fluency of voice conversations…

Mark waited impatiently. “Why aren’t you talking? Are you mute?”

Therefore, Wu Tao couldn’t think about professional things any longer. There was only one thought left in his mind.

This team’s mahjong robot looked cute but spoke fiercely.

Maybe this was called the contrast cuteness…?

Mark started to move the wheels to go around him. “Are you dead? Are your processors bad? How much was it matched? Should I recommend you a better brand?”

Wu Tao looked stunned and didn’t dare to be silent any longer. He asked cautiously, “What should I say?”

Mark raised his head high and said contemptuously, “You don’t even know what to say. Why are you talking to me?”

Ouyang Yu next to him had gone from not daring to speak to covering his mouth to suppress his laughter.

It was indescribably refreshing.

It was as if there were ten Zhang Yuns with him to help him intimidate others.

It was worthy of the hedgehog mode.

Wu Tao was pierced all over and lowered his posture. He said in a hurry, “Then can I ask what your name is?”

He couldn’t think of what to say to this robot for a while. At the very least, it was always right to ask for the name.

He really didn’t want to continue to be frightened and disliked.

Hearing this, the corners of Mark’s animated mouth raised. “Do you want to know my name?”

“Uh…” Wu Tao suddenly felt it was a bit dangerous but he was in a dilemma. He felt that if he changed his words and said he didn’t want to know, he might be scolded again. Therefore, he gritted his teeth and said, “Yes.”

Ouyang Yu, who was watching the excitement, couldn’t help showing his first smile today. He held his breath to listen to the wonderful sound.

Under the close gaze of two pairs of human eyes, Mark’s voice was elegant and powerful.


That’s right. Ouyang Yu specially recorded the original English pronunciation of the word. It was specially prepared for the name asking session in hedgehog mode.

Wu Tao: “……”

He was scolded so much that he wanted to cry.

Why was he scolded when asking for the name?!

A moment later, Wu Tao returned to his team with his soul wandering. The captain, Dou Wenhao asked him, “How is it? Is the situation still optimistic?”

“…It is hard to say.”

“What is hard to say?”

“I didn’t ask anything.” Wu Tao’s expression was miserable. “I was severely scolded by the robot of their team.

Dou Wenhao had an expression like the other person was teasing. “Talk well and don’t joke.”

“How about you try it yourself?” Wu Tao took pleasure in his bitterness and tried to pull people down with him. “Don’t forget to politely ask its name.”

“What’s wrong? What is its name?”

“I can’t say.”

“What is so bad?!”

“It is really hard to say…”

Before the opening ceremony, the members of the team came back one after another. They saw that Ouyang Yu’s sluggish state had been swept away. He sat on the chair in a silly manner and the robot Mark next to him looked like his brother.

Ouyang Yu was smiling from ear to ear. “Mark, you are amazing, Mark.”

Mark was now in exaggerated praise mode. He heard Ouyang Yu say this and responded in a very good manner, “You are better. You are a human with vision.”

Ouyang Yu simply looked bright. “I like talking to you so much, Mark.”

“Me too,” Mark said excitedly. “Chatting with you is the happiest thing for me today.”

Two similar voices kept praising each other.

Xie Yuchi’s scalp tingled when he heard this. “Ouyang, this kid is a bit perverted.”

Lin Rui rubbed the goosebumps that appeared on his arm. “He is a bit.”

Ji Tong curiously looked at the strange scene in front of him. He estimated what happened just now and immediately turned on the environmental monitoring function.

After watching the previous incident, Ji Tong couldn’t stop laughing. He quietly shared this video with Pei Qingyuan.

He suddenly moved and leaned toward Pei Qingyuan’s ear, whispering, “Ruan Ruan, I have an idea.”

After listening to him, Pei Qingyuan couldn’t help imagining it. Then he asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yes!” Ji Tong responded enthusiastically. “It must be more interesting.”

It would indeed be more interesting.

He suddenly felt a bit of sympathy for the people Mark would meet in the next game.

Looking at Ji Tong’s expectant eyes, the corners of Pei Qingyuan’s mouth raised slightly. He answered softly, “Okay.”

The opening ceremony was mainly a long and tedious speech from the leader, followed by the announcement of the schedule and the flow of the competition.

Due to the variety of events, some events would be held at the same time in different venues. Different events would compete in different ways.

For example, the most watched soccer event over the years. The games under this event were generally placed last and lasted two days. It was because it imitated the promotion system of the human soccer game and it was divided into several rounds of soccer matches.”

Then there was the bionic life event that Ji Tong participated in. The entries of each team were different and there was no fixed standard. So according to the display method declared by each group, several judges would be more flexible in assessment and scoring. They would use the highest average score of the entries to carry out a more in-depth display to determine the final ranking.

The competition process was all public and there were several large screens in the venue that constantly rotated the results of each venue. This way, even if the assessment methods of some events weren’t standardized enough, the level of the robot could be seen by those present with their own eyes and the overall results were relatively fair.

Each team drew lots to determine the order of assessment but Ji Tong and the others didn’t care about the number they drew. They cared more about the number of the team from the next door school.

“We are number 15 and they are number 3,” Xie Yuchi said.

They had long planned that no matter who was first, Mark and the card playing robot would have a battle in today’s assessment.

In any case, the assessment method of these two robots was the same.

So Dou Wenhao, the captain of the next door team, unexpectedly saw all the members of Pei Qingyuan’s team walking toward this place together.

Among them, he was most concerned about the robot Mark described by Wu Tao as extremely intelligent and intimidating.

Dou Wenhao smiled as he greeted Xie Yuchi, who was obviously very dissatisfied with him. “Are you still angry, Old Xie?”

He was the senior who had contact with Pei Qingyuan’s team before. After knowing their thoughts, he didn’t trust this group of freshmen as the main force. He turned around and formed a team by himself.

Xie Yuchi sneered. “I won’t be angry if we participate in the assessment at the same time.”

Dou Wenhao was surprised. “We have a card playing robot and the types are different. How can it be compared?”

“Our Mark can also play cards.”

Dou Wenhao was stunned and said with a smile, “You have done multiple functions. Is that why you are so confident?”

Xie Yuchi was too lazy to play tricks with him. “You can just say it straight out if you are afraid.”

Dou Wenhao didn’t really want to take risks or embarrass himself in public. He looked at Mark with a cautious gaze and tentatively asked, “What is your name?”

Mark was in exaggerated praise mode and she was very friendly. “Hello, my name is Mark.”

There was no swearing and no profanity.

A trace of doubt appeared in Dou Wenhao’s heart. He continued asking, “Mark, your appearance is very cute.”

Mark was polite. “Thank you! You are a nice person and it is a pleasure to meet you.”

A boring, cliche robot that didn’t sound much different from the usual AI.

How could its built-in algorithm be advanced?

After all, it was an AI made by a group of freshmen students.

Dou Wenhao couldn’t help glancing at Wu Tao with a skeptical gaze.

How could the robot in front of him be as powerful as Wu Tao said?

But to Wu Tao’s ears, Mark’s harmless and slightly stiff exaggerated praise gave him a more terrifying feeling.

Their team actually made different response modes and each mode was so different…

Wu Tao tugged on the captain’s sleeve and was about to persuade him again, when he heard Dou Wenhao ask, “Do you scold people?”

Mark shook his head. “No, I am a quality Mark.”

Dou Wenhao looked back at him meaningfully.

Wu Tao: “……”

How could this AI even deceive people?!

“So do you know how to play cards?”

“A little bit. I prefer mahjong. Humans always play well.”

The more Dou Wenhao listened, the more relaxed he became.

Was this it?

It was almost the turn of number three and the combined assessment proposed by Xie Yuchi aroused the interest of the judges. After discussing it, they felt it could be tried as long as Dou Wenhao’s team agreed.

Dou Wenhao didn’t feel too much of a threat from Mark. The content of the merged assessment was cards, the main theme of their team. Combine this with the wishes of the judges and he didn’t refuse in the end.

The original assessment method was two judges, one team member and the participating robot to play Fight the Landlord together.

Now there were two participating robots so the judges decided not to play. Instead, each team would send one member to compete on the same stage.

Pei Qingyuan’s team sent Ji Tong. Dou Wenhao’s team originally wanted to let Wu Tao go up. However, Wu Tao had palpitations and refused to die. Dou Wenhao came by himself.

The staff members moved tables as well as several unopened card decks. The contestants were seated one after another.

This unique assessment method attracted the attention of many people. Some students who hadn’t competed for the time being came to watch.

Before Mark left, Pei Qingyuan entered a series of instructions into him and switched him to a newly set mode according to Ji Tong’s idea.

“Brother Pei, what did you do to Mark just now?” Ouyang Yu was curious. “By the way, what mode are you going to use for this game?”

Pei Qingyuan’s tone was subtle. “You’ll know in a while.”

Ji Tong, who was sitting at the card table, smiled and waved to him who wasn’t far away.

From the moment the two robots stretched out their manipulators to touch the card, the assessment officially began. The judges next to them kept looking down to record something.

Compared with the cute-looking Mark, Dou Wenhao’s card playing robot was silver-gray and relatively simple in shape.

People outside the venue were talking.

“The green robot was obviously more flexible and the movements of drawing the cards are very fine.”

“Yes, the whole look is also better… did the silver-gray one drop a card?”

“Playing cards are so thin. Sometimes even people can’t hold them.”

Listening to the discussion of the onlookers, Dou Wenhao didn’t care very much. Mark might perform better mechanically but according to the positioning of the card robot, the main thing was obviously the intelligent algorithms.

The two robots first drew cards before using the visual recognition module to confirm each playing card in their hand. Then they calculated the probability of winning and decided whether to call the landlord.

The landlord of this round was Dou Wenhao. He had the highest score. The robot needed to judge who the landlord of this game was through sound and vision. Then they played cards according to their different identities.

In short, each step was inseparable from algorithms and strategies. It involved all aspects of technology.

So far, so good.

Dou Wenhao played cards while observing the two robots. He thought that it would be fine as long as he played steadily and safely until the end.

As a result, Ji Tong, who seemed non-threatening on the opposite side, suddenly said, “Mark, how are your cards?”

Dou Wenhao was a bit confused.

Why was there still a chat session?

Mark replied articulately, “It isn’t bad. How about you?”

“My cards aren’t very good either.” Ji Tong’s tone was regretful. “That is why I didn’t call the landlord.”

Mark chimed in, “Hey, who isn’t?”

At this fairly smooth and natural conversation, the judges and onlookers started to stir.

Ouyang Yu chatted with his teammates on the sidelines, “It turns out that Brother Pei opened the praise mode for Mark.”

“I always feel that it isn’t that simple.” Xie Yuchi was thoughtful. “I noticed that Xiao Ji was whispering to the captain earlier.”


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