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DCBS: Chapter 124

Two months later.

On the first day of the opening of the RS Cup’s domestic division, a group of people stood in the parking lot of Jiangyuan College’s campus. Basically, everyone repeated the action of opening the door and getting in and out of the car busily. There was the sound of gasping from time to time.

Ji Tong sat firmly in the passenger seat that belonged to him. He poked his head out the window and urged his teammates, “Get in the car quickly.”

Today was the opening day of the competition and the venue was in the city.

In addition to their own team, Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan were also participating in Qiao Yunhe’s soccer group. At Ji Tong’s warm invitation, the two teams simply set off together.

However, everyone only thought they would be greeted by an ordinary minibus.

Unexpectedly, it would be the mysterious luxury car that almost became a campus legend.

“So I’m really dreaming.” Looking at the extremely luxurious, black extended car beside him, Qiao Yunhe’s eyes widened. “This dream is quite long. It actually lasted two months.”

Ouyang Yu looked confused. “This car actually belonged to the two of you… How did you hold back and never drive it into the school?!”

Ji Tong immediately complained, “I have long wanted to drive Xiao He in but he doesn’t agree.”

In the driver’s seat, Pei Qingyuan wisely kept silent.

Another teammate, Lin Rui, decisively took out his phone to take a photo. He also sighed. “Captain, it is worthy of you.”

Pei Qingyuan was two years lower than him but the determination to never show off this private luxury car for over half a year was awe-inspiring.

It started a few months ago.

For some well-known reasons, Pei Qingyuan would hate a collective life from time to time.

Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan’s residence was in the city. Therefore, they often left school and went home during holidays or weekends. This was especially the case after the relationship line was frozen and the two of them could get along as a couple.

The car Xiao Hei had been parked in the underground garage of the nearby mall but it would pass by the school every time it drove out. It often coincided with the holiday time. Gradually, some students started to speculate if this was the car of a student of the school.

Some people took photos and circulated them privately, discussing how much this car with the logo of a top luxury car brand cost. It was because they didn’t find a sub-series that matched the appearance of this car in the brand’s public product line. After all, it was actually a system reward created according to Ji Tong’s ideas.

The more people discussed it, the more various words there were.

A rich second generation swore that this was definitely a counterfeit fake car so the owner didn’t dare to drive it into school.

Some people said that this should be a car specially customized by the brand for a high-end customer. It was definitely an expensive luxury car. The owner of the car must be a low-key boss and was most likely not a student of the school.

There were people who didn’t care about the authenticity of the car logo and were simply curious about what was inside the car and whether there were any magical functions.

On the campus forum, there were many forum posts around this increasingly mysterious, luxury car by college students who had nothing to do in their free time. Ji Tong chased each post with relish and often read it to Pei Qingyuan.

It was funny to feel like they were the only ones who knew the answer.

As he was thinking endlessly, the helpless gazes cast by the people around him were also very interesting.

Their teammates, who had suffered a huge psychological shock, were finally ready and got into the car one by one.

“The interior of the car is completely beyond my imagination.”

“The stars on the roof aren’t diamonds, are they?”

“I feel like what I’m sitting on isn’t a seat but money…”

Xie Yuchi, who had facial paralysis, was the calmest of all.

He got into the car, looked around and said regretfully, “If only I could ship it abroad so it can join us for the international competition. I would really want to ask you to borrow this car for a day.”

Ji Tong asked curiously, “Why do you want to borrow it?”

“Go for a drive.” Xie Yuchi smiled coldly. “I want to drive it, hire another handsome guy to sit in the passenger seat and go around the scumbag ten times.”

Hearing this, everyone present trembled.

Senior Xie’s grudge against the scumbag who went abroad really lingered for a long time.

Ouyang Yu collapsed in the comfortable leather chair and sank down little by little. Then his mind gradually returned and he asked, “I remember that someone called specifically to ask about this brand some time ago. The other person replied that the car is real and customized by a customer. What was the last time?”

“It seemed to be the surname Ji. I don’t know if it is Ji or… F*k!”

Everyone suddenly reacted and immediately looked at Ji Tong in unison.

“Xiao Ji, to be honest, are you from some mysterious, ancient family…”

Qiao Yunhe had already seen a big scene and started to smile calmly, “It makes sense. Maybe it is true.”

Ji Tong looked back at them and shook his head calmly. “It isn’t me. This car belongs to another uncle surnamed Ji.”

This type of reward wouldn’t appear out of thin air but would generate a good origin at the same time. This way, others wouldn’t be suspicious.

He could take this opportunity to praise the virtual president, Ji Yanxing again.

“I haven’t met him before, but I heard he is very powerful, handsome and generous.”

“Isn’t it the captain’s? Then why is the car here?”

Ji Tong thought about it before saying seriously, “It is a long story.”

As he said this, he instinctively glanced at Pei Qingyuan and met the other person’s eyes.

It was indeed a long story that only they knew.

Pei Qingyuan had a smile in his eyes. “It is time to go. Sit down.”

The young man in the passenger seat immediately sat up obediently. Pei Qingyuan leaned over to fasten the seat belt for him.

The soft hair ran across his neat chin and caused a slight itchiness. Once he withdrew his hand, he simply rubbed Ji Tong’s hair.

The luxury car started and was accompanied by a car full of wailing.

“Why? It isn’t like Xiao Ji doesn’t know how to wear a seat belt. This is too excessive!”

“Captain, you can drive when you drive but don’t abuse dogs!”

The scenery in the car flew past and the passing people were reflected in the one-way glass. Under the surprised eyes of the students, Ji Tong took out a mirror and started to straighten his messed up hairstyle.

At the entrance of the venue, the cool-looking black car was very eye-catching among a bunch of parked buses.

The teammates got out of the car with the robot and just happened to meet the enemies who got off a certain bus.

It was the team from the next door school who was using the card playing robot to compete.

Under their shocked eyes, everyone suddenly felt refreshed.

It felt like it was worth being stuffed with a bit of dog food for this.

The venue was huge and there were multiple entrances. The venues of the football and life events were far apart. The latter game was played first, so Pei Qingyuan’s team and Qiao Yunhe’s team temporarily separated. He and Ji Tong would wait for the soccer game to start before going over.

On the way to the corresponding entrance, XIe Yuchi regained his anger when he saw the team of the school next door walking ahead and quickened his pace. “Let’s not talk about the algorithm. Just the appearance isn’t comparable to our Mark. Let’s see how embarrassed they are when they take it out in a while.”

Ji Tong comforted him. “They will definitely lose and they will be shocked.”

Due to this grievance, their team specially proposed to the school to keep it a secret before the game and to not disclose the characteristics of the robot Mark to the next school. The teachers of the school and the students of other teams were quite cooperative.

The two teams belonging to the same college didn’t have any communication during the whole process and entered the venue one after another.

There were staff members at the gate checking the documents and materials of the participating teams. Once it was their turn, the staff member looked at the big characters of ‘Mazefake’ filled in the robot name column of the registration form and couldn’t help falling silent.

Then he scratched his head and talked to another staff member next to him. “I remember there was a robot the year before last called Crab something. It seemed to have a similar style.”

His colleague remembered this vividly and answered, “Thick Crab.”

“Yes yes.” The staff member turned his head to look at Xie Yuchi in the team with amazement. “I remember that this person followed other teams two years ago and won the championship. I haven’t seen him in a long time.”

Every year, there were many teams that came to the competition and many members in each team. The staff members couldn’t remember everyone’s name.

On the contrary, the name of the robot was easier to remember and he recalled his impression of this person.

After the pleasantries, the staff member couldn’t help expressing his feelings. “Student Xie, your style of naming is too…”

He froze as he spoke, as if thinking about how to describe it more politely.

The deeply embarrassed Ouyang Yu covered his face, quietly took a step back and said to Xie Yuchi at the same time, “Senior Xie, I said earlier not to mess around—”

Then he heard a very firm voice.

Ji Tong said seriously, “It is too temperamental.”

That day, the master brain representative said that Xie Yuchi wasn’t suitable as the target of the emotional line and had problems in terms of personal quality alone.

This directly led to the fact that Ji Tong felt kind and loving when he heard Mark’s name again later.

Ouyang Yu froze entirely. He looked at Ji Tong with an incredulous gaze and turned to look at Pei Qingyuan.

Brother Pei usually paid great attention to these details and didn’t let Ji Tong learn any swear words. He would definitely…

As a result, Pei Qingyuan also agreed. “This name is very good.”

The expressions of the two of them were too serious and their aura was quite reliable. The staff members were stunned when they heard this and reflexively looked down at the name full of connotation on the registration form, wondering if they had thought too much.

Ji Tong continued to increase his efforts to brainwash the staff members. “It is very good, right? There is a touch of a foreign style and Chinese chivalry. Senior Xie is really good at names. I think the main name is elegant and the nickname is cute…”

His tone was exceptionally sincere and made Xie Yuchi’s iceberg face show small signs of being melted by the sun.

Pei Qingyuan was initially nodding earnestly at Ji Tong. Then the more he listened, the more he wanted to laugh. He simply said, “Let’s go to the venue.”

Lin Rui wisely didn’t participate in this topic and Xie Yuchi followed in a happy mood.

Ouyang Yu had blank eyes and couldn’t accept what was happening in front of him.

“F*k, is the world crazy?”

As Xie Yuchi passed by his side, he heard this dirty voice full of complicated emotions and immediately said with an indifferent face, “You really have no quality.”

Ouyang Yu: “……”

The world was absolutely crazy!!!

The venue was bustling with people. Before the opening ceremony, the young college students were busy with their tasks.

Xie Yuchi and Lin Rui had experience in the competition and were greeting and chatting with other teams they had crossed paths with before.

Ji Tong came here for the first time and walked around with a novel expression. Pei Qingyuan was inseparable from him.

As for Ouyang Yu…

He and the robot Mark stayed where they were, looking at each other.

Ouyang Yu patted his shoulder and sighed. “Mark, are you lonely?”

The elegantly named robot answered him smoothly, “It’s okay. How about you?”

The two voices were very similar because the source of Mark’s AI was Ouyang Yu.

…Thinking about it this way, he felt even lonelier.

Ouyang Yu closed his eyes sadly. Once he opened them again, he found a member of the team of the next school walking toward him.

He continued to ask Mark, “Do you think that person sees me as easy to bully and came to ask me for information?”

Mark nodded. “I guess that is what he means.”

Ouyang Yu choked up.

There was the feeling of scolding himself.

He lowered his head to check and found that Mark was using the flattering mode. No wonder why his words were so unintentional.

“Mark, switch to hedgehog mode. Wait, the exaggerated praise—”

Ouyang Yu was pondering on it when Wu Tao, the student of the next school, walked up to him and spoke in a warm tone, “The robot of your team is very cool.”

Wu Tao was indeed sent by the captain to inquire about the enemy. The school of electronic intelligence had done a good job of keeping secrets this time. They met outside before and it was the first time their team saw this legendary mahjong robot. It looked quite powerful.

It just so happened that Ouyang Yu, a freshman who should be the easiest to talk to in Pei Qingyuan’s team, was left alone at this time. The team asked him to take the opportunity to come over and chat.

Wu Tao finished the praise and was still thinking about how to get close to Ouyang Yu, when he felt a thick arrogance rushing toward his face.

The robot Mark rolled his eyes mechanically and sneered, “Do you still need to say this?”


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