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DCBS: Chapter 122

Two hours ago, a large classroom next to the school of intelligence’s office.

“This year, the strength of C College is very good. It is said that there has been a big breakthrough in the walking system and the robots participating in each event might improve…”

All the students of the school of electronic information and artificial intelligence who were going to participate in this year’s RS Cup were sitting below the stage. Xiao Jianping was telling everyone about the new situation he recently learned. He and his colleague Sun Peiwei were the instructors in charge of this competition for their school.

Of course, it wasn’t only these two teachers. Many teachers of the school were present today.

Xiao Jianping finished giving the general introduction and the team leaders started to demonstrate the robots of each team. They could communicate with the classmates and teachers at any time during the process.

In order to avoid unnecessary competition in the school, the specific competitions that each group participated in were different, avoiding troubles such as the card playing robot from the school next door. It was convenient for everyone to learn and communicate with each other.

The focus of different competitions was different but the core was the intelligent algorithms used to implement various functions. There were commonalities, such as the need for a soccer robot kicking a soccer ball needed autonomous positioning at all times. This was also needed for rescue robots developed for disaster scenarios.

Due to the limited time and space, most robots tonight weren’t able to give a full demonstration consistent with the content of the competition. The captain could only introduce the latest progress and perform a partial demonstration of key functions.

The only exception was Pei Qingyuan’s all-rounder entertainment robot, Mark.

It now had basically a complete shape. The built-in algorithm was still being upgraded and improved but the bionic materials that made up its body were continuously being tested and optimized, but it could already play various games with humans. The most outstanding one was naturally its main function: mahjong.

This was everyone’s most anticipated demonstration tonight. In any case, playing mahjong only required a table.

Mark was placed on one of the chairs and was playing mahjong with his rather flexible manipulator.

At the same time, the teachers and students who actively participated in the competition determined the three lucky winners through rock paper scissors and they participated in this competition.

Once the three lucky human opponents sat down, Mark used the friendly personality by default. He stretched out his mechanical hand and at the same time, he used a voice very similar to Ouyang Yu. “Competition is second, friendship…”

Xiao Jianping won the game and was also among them. He shook hands with Mark before giving instructions with a smile. “Mark, please switch to hedgehog mode.”

In the next second, Mark’s manipulator was instantly released. The originally gentle tone immediately became strangely sarcastic and the sentences were seamlessly connected. “Just kidding. You didn’t believe it, did you?”

He even stretched out his other hand and dusted off the palm that had just shaken hands with Xiao Jianping. He said proudly, “The competition is second, Mark is first.”

Such a natural and smooth mode switching amazed the onlookers and caused bursts of joyous laughter from time to time.

Ouyang Yu, who was standing with his teammates to watch, laughed particularly loudly.

He seemed to have a bit of talent for being a voice actor.

They thought about how Mark might use such a voice to talk to various bigshots in the future and felt it was actually a bit cool.

Maybe this was a stand-in attack.

Ji Tong next to him also smiled happily. Pei Qingyuan was as expressionless as ever and wasn’t amused by Mark’s arrogant tone at all.

What terrible self-control.

Ouyang Yu sighed sadly while smiling.

Forget it, he didn’t understand people in love.

Ji Tong contributed the advanced version of the Mark AI, but hadn’t participated in the follow-up optimization since the Spring Festival. It was because Pei Qingyuan proposed to do it himself.

Pei Qingyuan’s progress in this field was extremely fast. Ji Tong had already laid the foundation so he didn’t think much about it and handed it over to him with confidence.

Ji Tong looked seriously at Mark, who was fighting fiercely with the humans at the table, and his smile didn’t stop the whole time.

He couldn’t wait for the day when Mark fought against the card playing robot in the next yard.

Once the meeting ended, almost all the teachers and classmates were talking about Mark.

“Fortunately, this group was the last to do the demonstration. If I was behind them, my mind would be empty.”

“It is awesome. I feel that I can announce the ranking of the major life event of the domestic competition zone in advance…”

In the midst of the noisy discussion, Ji Tong’s group of three was surrounded by their classmates asking questions non-stop. Even their teammates Xie Yuchi and Lin Rui, who came to them for the small meeting, were surrounded.

Xiao Jianping finished chatting with the teachers and walked over, his tone full of appreciation. “The effect of today’s demonstration is very good. It is completely beyond our expectations and there are no obvious shortcomings….”

Ji Tong looked at the smiles on the faces of his teammates and sighed in his heart.

He was a golden finger but he only opened a little AI plugin that wasn’t too excessive. The rest of the parts were all done with the efforts of his teammates.

Xiao Jianping talked briefly about a few places that could be improved and asked Pei Qingyuan casually. “Xiao Pei, why didn’t you introduce a new module you discussed with me before?”

Pei Qingyuan said succinctly, “It isn’t mature yet and it won’t be used in the competition.”

“He is too ambitious,” Xie Yuchi interjected. “He isn’t letting go of anything related to AI and wants to learn everything. He definitely wants to compete with me for the title of all-rounder.”

The other teammates laughed and Ji Tong was a bit curious. “What new module?”

“According to Xiao Pei, it can be regarded as a remote control function for Mark. It adds a port to allow users to remotely control Mark, similar to manually taking over the machine. It is still just a prototype.”

Xiao Jianping said half-jokingly, “But in my opinion, in order to achieve complete control of a high-precision robot like Mark, the only way is to use a chip implanted in a nerve. Our most mysterious and powerful brain nerves can directly dominate the machine.”

“This isn’t something in our field and belongs to the category of brain-computer interconnection. There is still a long way to go…”

Xiao Jianping was sighing but Ji Tong’s expression gradually changed. It wasn’t known what he was thinking.

He looked at Pei Qingyuan beside him and his voice was stubborn. “You aren’t allowed to do this function.”

Pei Qingyuan didn’t say a word. His eyes were silent and the surroundings suddenly fell quiet.

This was the first time Ji Tong showed an almost angry expression and it was the first time he denied Pei Qingyuan’s idea without hesitation.

He usually smiled so everyone was surprised and stunned.

Ouyang Yu tried to smooth things over. “If you don’t like this module, we can discuss it again. Brother Pei actually didn’t tell us in detail and we don’t know in what form this remote control function will be implemented…”

As he spoke, he stopped, a bit afraid to continue.

Ji Tong’s skin was already fair but it looked strangely pale at this moment, revealing an unbelievable panic.

Maybe it wasn’t a dispute over a functional module.

There was probably something hidden behind it that they didn’t understand.

“Sorry, let’s go out for a while.”

Ji Tong apologized to everyone in a low voice. He obviously wanted to solve this matter alone.

Pei Qingyuan never said a word. He let Ji Tong drag his arm and walk out without any obstruction.

The wind in the corridor surged by his side. Time seemed to flow backwards. This time, it was Ji Tong who led him all the way to the moonlight.

The window in the stairwell reflected the night under the stars. The light gray fire door was closed heavily and there was no one else here. It was extremely quiet and there was only their intertwined breathing.

The young man who was close at hand threw away his hand, face full of anger and his tone urgent. “Pei Qingyuan, are you crazy?”

It was the first time Pei Qingyuan saw Ji Tong angry and it was also the first time he heard Ji Tong call his name like this.

However, his gaze softened because of it.

“Don’t be angry.”

Now it was his turn to say this.

At this acquiescence without any intention of making excuses, Ji Tong’s expression gradually changed from anger to sadness. His eyes became moist and his voice was smaller. Still, his tone was persistent. “I won’t agree.”

It didn’t matter if a remote control function was added to Mark but Pei Qingyuan’s purpose was obviously more than that.

The essence of brain-computer interconnection was to connect brain signals with the Internet. Through this technology, the human nervous system could be extended indefinitely and was no longer limited to the body. They could control a computer sitting at a mahjong table through consciousness from tens of thousands of kilometers away.

Furthermore, consciousness flowed in the data and became a separate existence from the body.

It was like the current state of the system Ji Tong.

This was human immortality in a sense.

It was also death in another sense.

Pei Qingyuan originally had a clear plan for his career and had a predictable bright future in this world. Now he suddenly became interested in this field and there was obviously only one reason for it.

He wanted to give up everything in this world like Ji Tong and let his consciousness forever reside in data.

This was his decision about the future.

Ji Tong rubbed his reddened eyes, lowered his head and muttered, “I don’t agree. You are the protagonist of this world. You can’t become data…”

Pei Qingyuan held his shoulders and made him look up. “I know you won’t agree.”

“But you also know that I have been a stubborn person since a long time.”

He was never willing to put his fate in the hands of others, waiting for others to decide. It didn’t matter whether it was the person who gave him life or the ‘person’ who ruled the whole world.

Ji Tong was worried that the world would be destroyed and the host and others would disappear as a result.

Even though there were many problems in the projection world, triggering advanced alerts, he as a system wouldn’t be blamed too much and would be safe.

What Pei Qingyuan was really worried about was, ‘If I really disappear, what reaction will Ji Tong have?’

After Ji Tong left behind the stupid AI that only talked according to the fixed program, he missed her for a long time, until today.

His emotions were dull and long. His future life was always full of fragments of the past because he quietly collected and counted all the warmth he had received.

He was the cutest system Pei Qingyuan had ever seen and by far his favorite person.

Pei Qingyuan actually didn’t know which novel the little prince and the rose that Ji Tong mentioned the other day came from and what type of past they had. This was a novel from another world.

All he knew was that on a seemingly ordinary day, a lonely child met Xiao Mei, the only one in the world who existed for him, and never forgot her.

In the clear and warm moonlight, he lowered his head and gently kissed the tears overflowing from the corners of the eyes of the person in his arms.

“I hope you can have a bit of beauty that never goes away.”


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