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DCBS: Chapter 12

In the middle of a space full of high school basketball players full of hormones, a kindergarten student who seemed to have stepped out of a cartoon suddenly broke in, stunning everyone.

Among the group of tall boys whose movements had stopped, Fu Chengze was the first to react.

During the time when Ji Tong was speaking, he grabbed the ball from the defender. He took advantage of the opponent being in a daze to grab the basketball with one hand. He jumped up sharply and did a beautiful dunk.

Then Fu Chengze landed steadily. He ruffled his hair, posed in a very dashing style and said casually, “It is Pei Qingyuan’s younger brother who has come.”

He found Pei Qingyuan’s younger brother so cute when waving to call his older brother.

Given that he just shot such a beautiful basket, would the child also look at him adoringly with bright and sparkling eyes?

He also wanted to be called Brother.

Fu Chengze suddenly showed a handsome state that was usually only stimulated when the school beauties came to watch the game.

This little friend obviously had a connection with him and immediately shifted his gaze from Pei Qingyuan to him.

“Brother Gao is so powerful.”

Fu Chengze smiled. “Come on, Brother Gao will dunk another basket for you to see.”

The team members stared at him with strange expressions. “Why did you change your surname to Gao…?”

“Don’t care about it.” Fu Chengze was so satisfied with this title that he waved to Ji Tong. “Come in. By the way, what is your name? Did you come here alone? Isn’t it dangerous?”

“My name is Ji Tong. My aunt sent me here. My parents aren’t at home and I don’t want to go back.” Ji Tong looked at Pei Qingyuan again while quietly observing Fu Chengze’s reaction out of the corner of his eyes. “Brother, I’m hungry. I only ate a packet of cookies at night.”

Pei Qingyuan heard him say this and a smile appeared in his eyes. He stretched out his hand. “Come here, I bought you snacks.”

Ji Tong had told him in advance that his day’s transformation schedule was completely arranged around eating.

He was a quirky and funny artificial intelligence obsessed with eating.

Ji Tong immediately ran to his brother with his small, short legs. Fu Chengze wasn’t to be outdone and quickly said, “How can you only eat a package of cookies? Snacks are so unhealthy. What do you want to eat? I’ll buy it for you.”

Playing hard to get was a big success.

Ji Tong’s heart had already blossomed but his expression was still hesitant. He sighed a bit. “Xiao Pang said that his mother prepared fried chicken for him. I also want to eat fried chicken but my mother won’t make it for me.”

There wasn’t enough time for this group of high school students to prepare today, so Ji Tong decided to order a simpler first.

Fu Chengze had already imagined his rich and cold family relationship. After hearing it, his heart ached and he said without hesitation, “Fried chicken is good, fried chicken is healthy! I know the owner of the fried chicken stall behind the school. I’ll call him now and ask him to send a large portion right away.”

Fu Chengze was the school tyrant so he was very familiar with places to eat, drink and have fun around the school. This was why Ji Tong chose him.

Ji Tong’s goal was achieved and he didn’t hesitate to give Fu Chengze a big smile. “Thank you, Brother Gao. Brother Gao is really generous.”

Pei Qingyuan witnessed his set of operations and the smile in his eyes became even bigger.

In this cheerful, childish voice, Brother Gao was about to float up. He smirked and took out his phone to order takeout.

In a rare action, Coach Xu didn’t stop this behavior that had nothing to do with training. He found a soft cushion to place on the chair and his face was full of love. “Child, come and sit. Do you want to drink water?”

It felt good to be a group pet.

“Thank you, Uncle Coach!”

Ji Tong trotted to Coach Xu’s side. He sat upright on the cushion, formed a small horn with his hands and cheered for Pei Qingyuan, who was doing the last set of confrontation training. “Jiayou, Brother!”

So in the next 15 minutes, Coach Xu witnessed the most intense intra-team confrontation in the history of the entire basketball team.

Pei Qingyuan’s younger brother was young but he seemed to have a good eye for basketball. Every time there was a key moment when Pei Qingyuan grabbed the ball or defended, the little speaker would cheer happily. “Brother is so good!”

“Brother scored a goal!”

“Brother is awesome!”

In the midst of the simple, immature and sincere applause, every high school student on the field seemed to be affected. They suddenly understood why Fu Chengze would be willingly called Brother Gao.

So cute.

Who didn’t want to be his older brother?

This group of high school students had a tacit understanding at this moment. They collectively fell into a frantic state of fighting and showing off their skills.

Countless abdominal muscles gleamed under the wet basketball uniform, making Ji Tong dazzled.

Among them, he felt that the shape of the host’s abs… ah no, the host’s ball skills were the best.

Coach Xu was also stunned seeing this. He even felt that it wasn’t enough to just aim for the city competition. He could directly look forward to the provincial competition.

After the training, in the aroma of the freshly delivered fried chicken, Coach Xu saw the smiling face of the child eating deliciously and asked like he was possessed, “Tong Tong, what do you want to eat tomorrow?”

Was there such a good thing?

Ji Tong held the fried chicken for a few seconds and said with some embarrassment, “I heard that crayfish is delicious…”

“Okay!” Coach Xu made a final decision. “Tomorrow, Uncle Coach will invite you to eat crayfish. Remember to come to see your brother for training again!”

Coach Xu knew that some school basketball teams invited beautiful girls to be team managers to improve the enthusiasm of the players. He thought it wasn’t safe and easy since there were troubles such as early love. However, cute and well-behaved children were very safe!

Ji Tong hurriedly nodded. “Thank you, Uncle Coach. I will definitely come tomorrow.”

He loved this basketball team so much.

Once Pei Qingyuan changed into his clothes and came out, he saw the small Ji Tong holding a lot of snacks in his arms. On the side, Coach Xu was carrying his small school bag and trying to stuff more things into it.

The cunning Fu Chengze took the opportunity to order fried chicken for the children. The other team members had no time to buy anything for Ji Tong, so they all turned over their snack inventory like it was a treasure. They were satisfied to receive a clear ‘Thank you, Brother’ in exchange.

Pei Qingyuan’s teammates around him grabbed his shoulders enviously and tried to get close. “Where did you find this tutoring job? I want to go too. What a cute kid. He isn’t naughty at all. Hey, does Tong Tong still lack a tutor? I can teach him to play basketball.”

Under the charm of his younger brother, Pei Qingyuan and this group of students, who only knew each other for a short time, unknowingly got closer.

He thought the question was silly but he couldn’t help retorting, “I can also teach him to play basketball.”

“Yes, you’re better than me.” The teammate sighed in disappointment and said wisely, “By the way, I can also throw a shot put. How about I teach him to throw it?

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

The lights in the gymnasium gradually went out. Pei Qingyuan carried two bags, one large and one small, on his shoulders and followed Ji Tong to the school gate.

“Host, are you happy today?” Ji Tong touched his round stomach and asked.

The issue of the host being isolated by his class was resolved. He also had a group of friends from the basketball team and there was on need to go to self-study at night. Ji Tong was very excited just thinking about it. He felt that he was simply a genius newcomer system.

“Yes.” Pei Qingyuan looked at the small figure in the kindergarten uniform in front of him and couldn’t help rubbing the child’s head. “I’m happy.”

Even during the days in the Pei family when he didn’t have to worry about food and clothing, he rarely had such moments of pure happiness.

Hearing his affirmative answer, the smile on Ji Tong’s face widened. “I’m also very happy because I can eat crayfish tomorrow.”

It wasn’t known what Pei Qingyuan was thinking but he suddenly asked, “Does a system feel lonely?”

Just as Ji Tong was about to answer, he suddenly thought that the host might be doing a Turing test and immediately pretended to be stupid. “What does loneliness feel like? I just know that being happy is about eating deliciously.”

“Search engines tell me that loneliness is the feeling of being alone. But our systems are usually unified and we are used to it.”

Hearing this, Pei Qingyuan didn’t speak any longer. He reached out and rubbed Ji Tong’s head again.

The dim street lights illuminated two figures, one large and one small.

The evening self-study of the 2nd High School also ended at this time. Amidst the jingling bells and sudden noise from the students, Lin Zihai lay down by the window. He looked at the lights that had been extinguished in the direction of the gymnasium and had an expression of contemplation.

In the past two days, he had been guarding against the students around his seat, guessing who told Pei Qingyuan about it. But before he could catch the traitor, Teacher Zhou announced that the class monitor wouldn’t participate in the evening self-study in the future because he was going to practice with the basketball team.

In Lin Zihai’s eyes, only those with poor grades would rely on these side methods to go to college.

Originally, he believed that Pei Qingyuan was uneducated and had no skills. However, this evening, the other person easily pointed out the two questions he had done wrong. This made him waver in his thinking.

Was it just a coincidence?

The more Lin Zihai thought about it, the more worried he became. In the name of caring for his classmate, he asked Teacher Zhou in private, “Will the class monitor’s joining the basketball team affect his academic performance?”

As a result, Teacher Zhou replied to him in a calm tone, “Well, I don’t think there will be any negative impact.”

If Pei Qingyuan’s grades were so bad that he could only go to college by relying on his basketball expertise, there would naturally be no negative impact, only benefits.

Lin Zihai felt that he understood the meaning of Teacher Zhou’s words and his mood immediately improved.

The first monthly exam of the third year of high school was coming. Once Pei Qingyuan’s results came out, getting such a bad score as a class monitor would be shameful. Teacher Zhou wouldn’t be so protective of him at that time.

Thinking of this, Lin Zihai happily packed his school bag and walked to his dormitory. He was ready to stay up late to study madly, crushing Pei Qingyuan in the monthly exam.

Once the results came out, he would do one less set of papers to give himself a break to celebrate.


  1. M&M's says:

    Fu Chengze is so funny! Who’d ever think he’d perform cool basketball moves and pose handsomely for a child? I also like that Ji Tong is quickly becoming the basketball team mascot, lol, especially since there are plenty of benefits. I just feel sorry for Lin Zihai—he’ll quickly discover that his grades will never match up to Pei Qingyuan’s no matter how much he studies.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

  2. Alcott says:

    I’m in love with this basketball team 🤧 feels like they’re going to be good doting father’s lol xD

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