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DCBS: Chapter 118

This night was completely off-track. No one cared about the unknown scumbag at the door with poor eyesight and mathematics. Chi Xia sent the other party away in a very perfunctory and quick manner. She closed the door and turned around, only to laugh with Fu Yinyin.

It was because Fang Hao, who was sitting alone on the sofa and had turned into a pufferfish, was so funny.

An angry face, clenched fists and the dinosaur clothes. It felt like a dragon would roar in the next second.

Ji Tong laughed so hard that tears were about to flow out. His voice comforted Fang Hao intermittently, “Don’t… Don’t be angry. He will definitely come again and I will help you beat him up when the time comes.”

Fang Hao glared at him. “Don’t laugh!”

The abominable world restrictions!

Originally when he went to Ji Tong’s world last time to play, he could change his appearance at will. At that time, he also pretended to be the fictional Ji Yanxing to help Brother Xiao Pei hold a parent-teacher meeting.

However, due to the different plot types, the restrictions of this world were stricter. The moment they entered, they were suppressed to their child forms. It wasn’t just their age. Their appearance also couldn’t be adjusted.

He was destined to be a little dark boy with a very different style.

Ji Tong immediately wiped away the tears that came out due to laughter. He held back his laughter and said, “I’m not laughing. I’m angry for you.”

Fang Hao continued to glare at him. “You are treating me as a three year old child!”

“No.” Ji Tong touched his chest and corrected him seriously. “You are a six year old child.”

To be exact, he was actually a ten year old child.

The moment he finished speaking, the laughter in the room grew louder.

The only adult woman present, Chi Xia, originally wanted to pay attention to her image. Then seeing the way the two little dinosaurs came together and fought each other, she couldn’t be reserved at all.

She hadn’t laughed so heartily in a long time.

The third little dinosaur was the calmest among them. He walked into the kitchen, tiptoed to take the pot of freshly cooked crayfish and brought it to the dining table in the living room.

“Let’s eat the crayfish first. It will become cool later.”

After getting along with Ji Tong for a long time, Pei Qingyuan was well-versed in the skill of diverting the attention of foodies.

Fang Hao really raised his head and looked over when smelling the strong, spicy smell.

Looking at Pei Qingyuan, who had a cold expression since he was a child, he actually felt a bit moved.

Brother Xiao Pei was the only one who didn’t laugh at him.

Then he could reluctantly admit that the other person was more handsome than himself.

Fang Hao sniffed and prepared to climb off the sofa and throw himself into the arms of crayfish.

“Thank you, Brother Pei—”

As a result, in the next second, Pei Qingyuan saw Ji Tong reach out and pinch Fang Hao’s dinosaur suit hat hanging behind him. He was carefully lifting it, ready to quietly wear it on Fang Hao’s head to create a complete dinosaur.

A childish ghost.

Thus, he finally laughed.

In the room of laughter, there was the roar of a dragon. “Brother Xiao Pei, how can you be like this? Don’t laugh at me!”

Immediately after, there was the gentle big sister’s smiling and comforting voice, “Don’t be angry. I will make you crayfish to eat every day in the future. I have learned this spicy cooking method and I can learn other things.”

Every day that followed looked a bit similar.

Spicy crayfish, looking downstairs with binoculars, a luxury car driving into the community and a scumbag knocking on the door.

The difference was that when the door opened, what the men saw was no longer a familiar face but three cute children.

The child in the lead was very prominent, probably because he had the darkest skin color.

He would sneer and squeeze his fists. Before anyone could speak, he would cut to the chase and say, “Sister Xiao Xia is cooking. Come and play with us first, okay?”

…This sentence sounded really weird.

The men surrounded by little dinosaurs either looked dazed or thought they had gone to the wrong door. They still didn’t know what they would face.

The fire was burning and a good aroma wafted from the kitchen, adding to the wailing that sounded a moment later.

Heaven and hell were separated by only a wall.

Perhaps this was the real crematorium.

Come in a luxury car and leave in an ambulance.

Fu Yinyin, a middle school student, checked the progress of the task and couldn’t help sighing, “Is this being a salted fish and winning? My mission panel seems to be stupid. Not only is there no objection but the progress of abusing the scum has skyrocketed.”

Ji Tong was a bit worried at first. “Will they call the police after they are injured?”

“No, there are no laws in their eyes.” Fu Yinyin didn’t care. “In this type of world, it is too logical to fill things in. If everyone is reasonable, how can there be things like car accidents and kidnappings?”

…It seemed to make sense.

So while Fang Hao was showing off his skills, Ji Tong also wanted to join. Next to him, Pei Qingyuan guided his movements. “Use this part to exert force.”

Ji Tong tried a punch, his eyes shining as he asked the host, “Is it like this?”

“Yes, the method is correct but the strength isn’t enough,” Pei Qingyuan said patiently. “Try again.”

The humanoid sandbag watching a child instruct another child on how to beat him: “……”

It didn’t hurt much but it was extremely insulting.

In addition to this group of scumbags who came one after another to be beaten, there was also a scumbag who felt the guiltiest and never had the courage to go upstairs.

It was the number one scumbag, Mr President.

The president stood downstairs and waited, escaping the fate of being injured.

However, he couldn’t escape the downpour that turned people into drenched chickens.

Three children in dinosaur clothes lay neatly on their stomachs at the window, watching the storm outside. Rain banged on the glass window and there was the feeling of the end of the world.

Fang Hao sighed. “This rain is heavier than the day when my host’s strength rose and he went to find someone for revenge.”

Pei Qingyuan considered a more realistic question. “Will it rain so much in this season and at this latitude?”

Ji Tong drew on the window where the heat had condensed the mist in the house. “It isn’t important. The question is whether a typhoon is coming or not.”

Once he finished drawing, he withdrew his hand with satisfaction and patted it. “Go. Let’s go and see what the number one scumbag looks like up close.”

Fang Hao didn’t want to go into the rain to beat up people, let alone be traumatized by being excluded again. This made him turn his head and say, “I’m not going.”

Once Pei Qingyuan left with Ji Tong, Fang Hao picked up the binoculars and prepared to watch the excitement from afar. He also complained about Ji Tong’s work. “It is so childish.”

On the glass with colored window paper cutouts, there were five stick figures drawn in a circle. In the center was a flower in the shape of a cat’s paw print.

Fang Hao couldn’t help speaking to himself, “Hua Hua isn’t here.”

But he did miss the cat with the love heart on his butt.

The clear lines were gradually covered by a hot and humid mist. Water droplets dripped quickly and the drawing soon disappeared.

Fang Hao, who was holding the binoculars, stretched out his finger with a look of disgust and retraced the stick figures and cat’s paw.

In the clear silhouette of the round fingertips, the lights of ten thousand homes flickering dimly in the abundant rain were once again reflected.

The two girls watching TV behind him smiled and withdrew their gazes. They tacitly decided not to expose this very arrogant and grumpy child.

“I hope this year will go longer,” Chi Xia said reluctantly. “For the first time, I think the new year is so fun.”

Fu Yinyin’s smile was full of emotions. “Time flies so fast.”

Pei Qingyuan was a high school student who was still preparing for the college entrance examination last year and Ji Tong was a child.

This year, they became a couple of college students working hard together for the future.

What about next year?

The host and system… what did the future hold for this pair of native people and a traveler?

She wondered what the world restricted by rules would eventually look like.

She also wanted to say Happy New Year to them every year in the future.

In contrast to the dull and lazy warmth in the building, the president was chilled by the rain and felt even cooler when he saw the two children who appeared in his field of view.

Ji Tong carried a bag and took out a newspaper and two small cushions from the inside. He spread them on the middle step of the stairs on the first floor, so that it wouldn’t become wet from the rain coming in.

Then he took out a box of iced crayfish, several pairs of mini disposable gloves and two cans of Coke from the bag Pei Qingyuan was carrying.

Recently, they had developed a variety of ways to eat crayfish and this one was very suitable for eating at any time.

Originally, Ji Tong planned to watch a movie tonight. Then thinking about it, how could the movie on the screen be as vivid as the scumbag in the rain?

Once all the preparations were completed, he put on gloves and started eating happily. Pei Qingyuan hesitated for a while before finally putting on gloves and picking up a fleshy crayfish.

The sound of rain hitting the scumbag was really delicious.

Ji Tong observed in front while eating and said casually, “Number one seems a bit more handsome than the others and he has the cool style.”


“…Only in this world.” Ji Tong flexibly made up for it. “If the range is expanded a bit more, you must be the most handsome one.”

There was the form of a child as a cover so he dared to talk indiscriminately again.

Pei Qingyuan calmly answered and handed over the peeled crayfish.

Ji Tong ate it in one bit and narrowed his eyes in satisfaction. He suddenly had a thought. “Do we look like childhood sweethearts?”

He finished speaking and corrected himself. “No, it should be childhood friends.”

Pei Qingyuan listened to the chatter in his ears and carefully peeled the next crayfish.

If he and Ji Tong really grew up together like this, it should be the most beautiful thing he could imagine.

Ji Tong was the most special ‘person’ he had seen so far.

If… Ji Tong really used to be human.

Perhaps the three systems with different personalities that he knew were all more than just artificial intelligence.

Systems, memories, souls, quests, the next world… countless mixed thoughts swirled in his mind, intertwined with the rain curtain hanging from the eaves.

Continuous jets of water slammed into the wet ground at night, blooming crystal, transparent rain flowers.

The red shell was thrown into the bag. Pei Qingyuan finished peeling the second crayfish and said softly, “Did you love crayfish so much before?”

“I didn’t eat before…” Ji Tong swallowed back the words in the time and almost choked. “What before?”

Under the light of the corridor, the host’s expression didn’t fluctuate. “I remember that you said you wanted to eat spicy crayfish before. You seem to like everything these days.”

It was a false alarm.

Why talk halfway?

Ji Tong sighed a silent sigh of relief and forcibly continued his words, “It is because Sister Xiao Xia makes crayfish for Fang Hao in different ways every day. There are many delicious tastes I haven’t eaten before.”

“Hmm.” Pei Qingyuan lowered his head to peel the crayfish. The shadows cast by his eyelashes covered the emotions in his eyes. “I’ll do it for you when we go back.”

The host’s answer sounded normal.

However, Ji Tong’s heart was pounding. He looked away and decided to watch the miserable scumbag in the rain to suppress the shock.

The president watched the crayfish eating show for a long time. Finally, he couldn’t stand still. He slowly walked toward the light and sat down a meter away from the two of them.

If he had realized earlier who the one he loved was, perhaps he might have a child this old.

He knew that the two children knew Chi Xia’s younger sister. Not long ago, they walked out of the house he had been staring at for a long time and went downstairs.

…Although he didn’t know why they came here to eat.

Children’s ideas were always confusing.

Three shadows, one big and two small, met on the ground and the atmosphere fell into an eerie stalemate.

After a while, the president looked at the two children who stopped eating the crayfish as well as the fragrant and tempting iced crayfish in the lunch box. He tried to relax his hoarse voice. “Is this what she made?”

Once he finished speaking, he realized that they might not understand such a vague reference at their age. He was about to reorganize the wording when he heard the whiter-skinned little boy say clearly, “I won’t tell you, scumbag!”

Mr President: “……”

Even children knew that he was a scumbag.

A wry smile appeared on the man’s usually cold face. He hesitated for a moment before lowering his head. “I’m sorry.”

“Why tell us that you are sorry?” After a few days of getting along, Ji Tong already liked this gentle and careful big sister. He didn’t have a good air about him. “In addition, is it useful to apologize? How could you treat someone who likes you like this?”

He hadn’t expected this thin and quiet-looking child to be so sharp-tongued and eloquent. The president was stunned and said in a low voice, “I shouldn’t have done this. I shouldn’t have hurt her, let alone deceived her when we first met…”

Ji Tong originally listened to the scumbag’s confession with a straight face. Then as he listened, a chill suddenly crept behind him.

Why was it more familiar the more he listened to it?

No, he felt a bit guilty.

It was especially so when Pei Qingyuan was sitting beside him at this moment.

The host must not be allowed to learn this horrific crematorium operation.

Ji Tong cleared his throat and interrupted the president’s words. “Sister Xiao Xia won’t see you. She won’t go downstairs.”

Hurry up and disappear and stop inspiring others!

Then he took off his gloves and started to pack up the crayfish box that he had eaten more than half. He bumped his elbow against the host and whispered, “Let’s go back?”

Pei Qingyuan cooperated to help him clean up. “Okay.”

Just before turning to leave, he suddenly turned around and asked the silent man, “After your lover disappears, what is it like to live alone?”

The president raised his head in amazement and looked at this cold-faced child who had been silent the whole time.

He didn’t know why a child would ask such a mature question and whether he could understand the answer.

However, he was immersed in the seemingly never-ending cold rain and something made him open his mouth.

“That feeling… it is like the whole world disappeared too.”

The embarrassed man sat there alone.

“There is only a blank space left.”

The rain was still falling.

Pei Qingyuan withdrew his gaze, led the dazed Ji Tong upstairs and never looked back.

“We are like a pair of childhood sweethearts now.”

He belatedly answered the sentence that Ji Tong had casually asked before.

Ji Tong was still thinking about the meaning of the conversation between the host and the scumbag just now. He was dumbfounded when he heard this.

In the next second, his palm was held tighter by the person beside him, as if it was going to be embedded deep in his bones. The two small figures overlapped and reflected on the wall, almost blending into one.

In the silent corridor in the rainy night, the cold and stubborn voice of the host echoed.

“So we will grow up together.”


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