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DCBS: Chapter 117 Part 2

Chi Xia, who had been waiting at home for her system to return with friends, opened the door and saw two children with indignant expressions and one child with an indifferent expression. There was also Fu Yinyin, a middle school student who stayed by their side like a little teacher.

What a cute picture.

The cowardice and inferiority of the past had faded in her. Now her temperament was gentle and tough. She looked gentle when she smiled.

Three pairs of brand new slippers were placed at the door.

“Hello, my name is Chi Xia. You are welcome to play.”

She smiled and invited the guests to come in. The room behind her was warmly decorated and the coffee table was filled with snacks, sweets and sweet milk for the children.

Seeing the scene in front of him, Ji Tong complained sadly and indignantly, “Sister Yinyin, you obviously knew that we would become children. Why didn’t you remind her earlier?”

This way, he could’ve increased his height a bit.

The middle school student peeled a jelly and handed it to the child’s mouth. “Don’t care about such small details.”

Ji Tong wanted to continue to complain but the jelly smelled too sweet. He opened his mouth to eat it indignantly. After eating it, he couldn’t help recalling the taste, “It is orange flavored and is delicious.”

Fu Yinyin rolled her eyes with a smile. “Another one?”

For the first time, she thought that the world restrictions were so much fun.

The house was quickly filled with a lively atmosphere.

Pei Qingyuan changed into slippers and thanked her politely.

He silently looked at the unfamiliar woman in front of him, a host who had a system just like him.

At this moment, Chi Xia was completely different from the former Xiao Xia in Fu Yinyin’s description. No matter whether it was the verbal description or furnishings in the house, there was no trace of her parents.

Even if the details of the story were different, the fate of him and Chi Xia was to fall down alone until the system appeared.

Fu Yinyin changed Chi Xia and Ji Tong changed him.

As for Fang Hao, he should’ve changed as well…

“Brother Pei.” Fang Hao coughed lightly, slightly embarrassed. “I want to eat spicy crayfish.”

…He changed the fate of crayfish that should’ve been well-fed.

Among the ‘three tutoring brothers’, the tallest Pei Qingyuan gave up the position of the boss. It was obviously impossible for him to call Fang Hao his older brother so Fang Hao naturally became the youngest.

The elementary school student’s actual age was only in his early teens and he didn’t care about this. He cared more about the crayfish that he couldn’t eat in ancient times and the modern beaches he had never been to before.

This tropical city was really good. In any case, he had already played in the snow in Ji Tong’s city. This time, he could have a warm winter.

Pei Qingyuan didn’t mind cooking. He cooked for Ji Tong at home every day during winter vacation but…

He now looked over six years old and wasn’t yet the height of the pot on the gas stove.

Ji Tong also thought about this and suddenly had an idea. “How about standing on Xiao Hao’s shoulders in a human pyramid? Put on a blanket on the outside and you will be two meters tall!”

Fu Yuyin laughed again. “What is going on in your mind every day?”

“……” Pei Qingyuan declined this strange offer. “I can step on a stool.”

“How can I let you guys cook?” Chi Xia shook her head. “Why don’t you guide me by the side and I will cook it? I don’t know how to make spicy crayfish but I can make some simple dishes. Just teach me the steps and seasoning.”

It was a room full of minors and only she was the adult. She naturally had to take responsibility.

Once an agreement was reached, everyone immediately took action.

The end of the year was approaching and there were many things to buy. Chi Xia and Fu Yinyin were dead and originally lived a peaceful life of two people. Neither of them had jumpy personalities and their days were inevitably a bit dull. Now it was suddenly livened up.

The sisters took three small children with different personalities to buy the holiday couplets, New Year goods and vegetables. The return rate was 100%.

Chi Xia liked them very much. She had heard from Fu Yinyin that only Fang Hao was a human child and Pei Qingyuan was even a serious adult human, but after being confused by the children’s appearance, she still regarded them as children.

Anyway, in terms of age, she was indeed their sister.

Which sister could resist the temptation to buy the same clothes for a row of children?

Ji Tong and the others could only stay for a few days but the clothes could be brought back to other worlds as gifts.

In the mall, Pei Qingyuan’s expression froze when seeing the three mini dinosaur-shaped clothes that Chi Xia and Fu Yinyin took back with great interest.

Why did shopping malls in every world sell dinosaur clothes…?

Ji Tong successfully spread the dinosaur trend to another world and was very satisfied. “Thank you, Sister.”

Fang Hao snorted coldly. “Childish. I won’t wear it.”

Chi Xia crouched down and coaxed him with a smile. “You will look very cute in it.”

Looking at the gentle and beautiful big sister for a few seconds, Fang Hao’s ears turned red and he stubbornly turned his face away. “Oh, just wear it.”

Ji Tong seemed to have discovered a new world and was amazed. “It turns out that Xiao Hao falls for this.”

He didn’t forget to take the opportunity to emphasize his artificial intelligence identity. “Or should I switch to a girl’s voice to talk to you in the future?”

Fang Hao ignored him. “Childish ghost, go away.”

Pei Qingyuan glanced at them strangely.

Back at home, Ji Tong and Fang Hao plastered the house with window paper cut outs and decorations like last year. This created an extremely festive Spring Festival atmosphere.

The lights of the city were just beginning to come on and the night was getting darker. A luxury car slowly drove into the community.

When the first scumbag came to the door, the first pot of spicy crayfish was about to be cooked.

The whole family was crammed into a fairly spacious kitchen.

Chi Xia wore an apron and held a spatula. Fu Yinyin was washing vegetables on the side while the three children dressed exactly the same performed their duties.

Pei Qingyuan instructed Chi Xia to cook the crayfish. Ji Tong handed her ingredients while feeding snacks to his brother, from jelly to sugar. Pei Qingyuan, who had no expression, accepted them all. He was especially cooperative.

Ji Tong was simply happy.

It was a wonderful feeling to be an older brother. The crayfish was so fragrant.

Fang Hao stepped on the stool, held a telescope and looked out the window, carefully observing the abnormal movements that might occur.

“There is a man looking upstairs with a strange expression,” Fang Hao suddenly said in a loud voice. “It is the type of expression like walking on the road and finding that you have stepped on a dog’s poop!”

There was a brief silence in the kitchen.

Fu Yinyin unceremoniously twisted his ears. “You aren’t allowed to use such adjectives.”

“It hurts. I was wrong!” Fang Hao repeatedly admitted his mistake before igniting his fighting spirit. “This person’s style is different from other passersby. He must’ve come to find Sister Xiao Xia! He is walking into the corridor. I’m going to beat him up!”

Fu Yinyin, who lowered her head to choose dishes, casually asked, “What are his characteristics?”

“He is white and clean and wearing very shiny earrings,” Fang Hao said contemptuously. “He isn’t as handsome as me and looks so weak. I can knock him down with just one punch.”

“Oh, it’s him.” Fu Yinyin and Chi Xia didn’t care too much and only had the crayfish and vegetables in their eyes. “You can beat him up casually.”

Ji Tong was curious. “Is this the number one scumbag?”

He called the person who initially deceived Chi Xia as the number one scumbag, showing a different status from others.

The number one obviously needed to be sent to the incinerator where the fire was the strongest.

“No, he could only be regarded as number three or four.”

“What is his name?” Ji Tong started to urge the host to prepare for battle.

“It isn’t important. It is the name of that style and I can’t remember it looking back since there are too many people.” Fu Yinyin’s tone was casual. “Let’s call him directly by his profession. It is more distinguishable.”

“What profession?”

“There is a singer, doctor, lawyer, president, e-sports player…”

Ji Tong couldn’t help sighing. “I haven’t seen much but these professions seem like classics.”

Fang Hao asked, “What is number one?”

“Of course, number one is the most classic,” Fu Yinyin said slowly. “The president.”

She looked at Pei Qingyuan and teased, “In a few years, you will also become the president. Don’t follow in his footsteps.”

Pei Qingyuan’s expression didn’t change. “No.”

He had always been a stubborn person.

He wouldn’t project his feelings onto another person just because of the similarity of his appearance.

He also wouldn’t let the one he loved to leave or disappear.

Just as Ji Tong was sneezing inexplicably, there was a knock on the door outside the house.

During the torturous time of waiting outside the door, the man wearing the stud earrings remembered the scene he had just seen from downstairs. The window with the window paper cut outs reflected the warm yellow light and the tempting aroma of vegetables that wafted out.

Countless thoughts flashed through his heart. Anxiety, joy and apprehension mixed together like ants gnawing at the heart, flowing to his limbs and bones.

It wasn’t until the moment the door opened and he saw a familiar face that he tried to suppress his emotions and put on a relaxed appearance. “Xiao Xia, I finally found you…”

The sentence he hadn’t finished suddenly stopped and his eyes showed incredible panic.

Behind Chi Xia, in addition to the sister he had seen before, there were three unknown little boys wearing exactly the same little dinosaur clothes. They were looking at him with quite hostile eyes.

The man blurted out. “Is this your child?!”

Once these words came out, the whole room fell silent. The hostility of the little boys gradually became a bit dazed.

Chi Xia and Fu Yinyin glanced at each other. They both looked at this nameless scumbag like he was stupid.

The panicked man himself realized that something was wrong. He looked at the three children carefully and hastily changed his words, “No, are these two your children?”

The family of five: “……”

“Why hasn’t he realized yet?” Ji Tong was dumbfounded as he asked the host, who was obviously shocked beside him. “He isn’t stupid, is he?”

“Can you count?”

Once again, the little dark child Fang Hao was excluded from the three brothers due to his style being out of place. He was furious. “Sister Xiao Xia has only been away for two years. Do we look like we are one or two years old?”


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