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DCBS: Chapter 117 Part 1

The expressionless child wanted to refute it, but the child next to him pinched his face with a smile. He pinched it back and forth, so there was no chance to speak at all.

While pinching, Ji Tong excitedly reminded him, “Call me Big Brother.”

Pei Qingyuan couldn’t speak and looked down at him in silence.

Both of them should be five or six years older, but Ji Tong was only a bit taller than his three and a half form that had lasted for a year. He was half a head shorter and was thinner than Pei Qingyuan, who was the same age now.

Thus, Pei Qingyuan stretched out his hand and gently pinched Ji Tong’s cheeks before rubbing his head.

His movements were effortless compared to Ji Tong, who needed to look up at him.

Who was more like an older brother?

It was more than words.

Seeing this, Ji Tong’s happy expression froze little by little.

Fu Yinyin watched the children pinching each other and laughed so hard that she almost couldn’t stand upright.

At this moment, there was another sound beside them and it was accompanied by a childish voice.

“I’m going to die…”

Another child appeared out of thin air and sat on the ground in a dizzy manner.

Fu Yinyin handed over the motion sickness medicine prepared in advance and called him. “Xiao Hao.”

Fang Hao, who was five or six years old, was still for a while before raising his head. He still had the short cut hairstyle common to a child, very spirited facial features and dark skin.

Ji Tong first laughed. Then he instinctively said, “So you haven’t worn glasses at this age.”

Fang Hao had exchanged photos with him before. The elementary school student was around 10 years old in that photo and had already worn thick glasses.

Fang Hao heard him say this and immediately took out a mirror to take a look. He said in shock, “The default form refers to this? The teleportation process is so dizzying. How can I have the energy to change my form?”

Ji Tong’s attention was attracted by this and stopped tormenting the host. Pei Qingyuan also looked at Fang Hao with a trace of doubt in his eyes.

Fang Hao’s child form and adult form were completely different.

Why did Ji Tong say that Fang Hao didn’t wear glasses at this age?

The tall and handsome Fang Hao wearing a cap didn’t wear glasses.

Fu Yinyin was the first to notice that something was wrong. Before the two of them completely revealed something, she remedied it in time, “This should be the child form you used in other projection worlds. You forgot to reset it, right?”

Ji Tong and Fang Hao both froze in unison and also realized.

There weren’t only systems present today, but also a host who couldn’t discover the human identity of the system.

“Ah.” Fang Hao tried hard to contribute his poor acting skills. “How could I forget? It is so annoying.”

Ji Tong also started hastily acting. “I said earlier that wearing glasses in your form is… better looking.”

Fang Hao gritted his teeth. “Then wait for a pair?”

Pei Qingyuan’s eyes slowly swept over the two of them without speaking.

Seeing Ji Tong blinking at him frantically, Fang Hao decided to say something else to divert Pei Qingyuan’s attention.

He looked at Brother Pei, who had turned into a child, and spoke proudly with his neck stuck out. “Heh. You were quite cute when you were a child.”

Ji Tong: “……”

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

This was an unusually familiar tone.

This strange child was indeed Fang Hao.

Fu Yinyin covered her face. She couldn’t bear to watch any longer and decisively changed the subject. “Okay, everyone is here. I’ll take a taxi to take you home.”

Ten minutes later, the group was packed into a taxi.

The windows were open. The wind with just the right temperature poured in. Along the road was a winding coastline with tall coconut trees, intertwined with brilliant gold and deep green.

The time was around the new year but the city was located in the tropics. Therefore, it was the most comfortable season. It wasn’t too hot or cold. There was the feeling of spring.

Fu Yinyin was sitting in the passenger seat. In the back seat were three small children, sitting quietly side by side in a row. Their hair was disheveled by the sea breeze and the picture was quite interesting.

The taxi driver looked surprised. He couldn’t help talking to Fu Yinyin, who was relatively the oldest among the group of young guests. “Did you take your two younger brothers out to play?”

Why two?

It was because Fang Hao and the other three people didn’t have the same style at all. It was probably the difference between the fantasy style and realistic style.

Hearing him ask this, Ji Tong immediately turned his head to look out the window. He left the smile that was about to get out of control to the coconut trees.

Fang Hao said in a dissatisfied manner, “There are three!”

He thought he was handsome like he was.

He was just different from the other three!

“Oh, I’m sorry.” The taxi driver kindly explained, “I thought the three of them were siblings and you were a classmate of the other two children.”

Fang Hao: “……”

It was better not to explain.

He looked away with a stinky expression.

The taxi driver apologized to him with a smile, “I’m sorry, child. You are also very handsome. Your hairstyle is cool.”

Fang Hao continued not to look at him and snorted. “Tut.”

He still wanted to keep a straight face but the corners of his mouth couldn’t help curling up, as if he was satisfied with this belated compliment.

At this time, even Fu Yinyin and Pei Qingyuan laughed.

Ji Tong brought the camera that Fu Yinyin had given him last year. Since the atmosphere was just right, he quietly raised the camera and captured the scene where everyone was laughing.

The young version of the host in the camera looked to be in a good mood.

So he probably didn’t pay attention to the little episode before… right?

Ji Tong thought about it and felt that the host had no reason to doubt the explanation just now.

He felt relieved and continued with the original topic.

Ji Tong tugged at the corner of the host’s clothes and whispered, “I want to be an older brother.”

The real world was obvious so let his dream come true in the vacation world.

Pei Qingyuan looked sideways. He saw the anxious expression in Ji Tong’s eyes and thought for a while. “Are you sure?”

“Yes!” Ji Tong felt there was a chance and immediately looked at the host without blinking. “Is it okay?”

Pei Qingyuan said, “You really want me to call you Big Brother?”

The little friend who was half a head shorter than him nodded repeatedly. His eyes brightened.

Pei Qingyuan looked at him quietly, not knowing what he was thinking. Finally, he said indifferently, “Yes, Big Brother.”

The host finally really called him this!

Ji Tong excitedly recorded the historic scene and said excitedly, “Did you hear me? I’m an older brother!”

“……” Fu Yinyin was a level ten scholar of the crematorium world and faintly smelled a dangerous aura. Her tone was reserved. “Just be happy.”

Fang Hao was taking care of his cool, handsome appearance in front of the small mirror and didn’t feel anything. He said in a perfunctory manner, “Oh, congratulations.”

The taxi driver thought this group of children was playing some type of family game. He listened to the excitement very happily and agreed. “Yes, you are the older brother.”

Ji Tong harvested a circle of affirmation and happily approached the host. He emphasized, “Call me that for the next few days.”


“Is it okay to call it again?”

Pei Qingyuan was unexpectedly easy to talk to today. “Big Brother.”

Ji Tong was happy but he inexplicably felt that the wind blowing in outside the window became a bit cool.

The temperature of the sea breeze was really fickle.

Half an hour later, the group arrived at their destination.

Fu Yinyin and her host lived in a mid-range community with a good environment. It was similar to the place rented by Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan.

“I discussed it with Xiao Xia. There are many of you. We originally wanted to go to a larger, more spacious house temporarily for the new year. However, this community is more popular and there is a new year atmosphere. In any case, there are enough rooms.”

Fu Yinyin led the three children to the community. From time to time, a passing neighbor greeted her. “Yinyin is back? Yo, what cute little friends.”

She responded with a smile, “They are the children I taught. Their parents have something to do so they came to live at home for a few days.”

Ji Tong heard that there were other houses and asked curiously, “Why don’t you usually live in a big house?”

“Because it isn’t my own.” Fu Yinyin thought for a moment and corrected it vigorously. “The name Xiao Xia is on the house deed but it isn’t the case psychologically.”

Her host was called Chi Xia. She was 25 years old and she was the righteous older sister of the three children present.

Ji Tong was stunned. “Psychologically not? Does Sister Xiao Xia have amnesia?”

Pei Qingyuan understood. “Did someone else send it?”

“Smart.” Fu Yinyin praised him. “It was sent by a certain scumbag.”

Ji Tong still had PTSD about the word scumbag and instinctively retorted, “He gave a big house. How can he be a scumbag?”

“It is because it is the payment promised when the stand-in agreement was signed.”

Fang Hao was very unfamiliar with the elements and nouns in this type of emotional novel. “What is the stand-in agreement? Can I use a stand-in to fend off an attack when in danger?”

Fu Yinyin was amused by these words. “No, this isn’t an urban cultivation theme.”

“In the beginning, the scumbag tried his best to pursue Xiao Xia. After falling in love, Xiao Xia gradually found that something was wrong. Then she discovered that the scumbag was just looking for the shadow of another girl in herself. In layman’s terms, it is the white moonlight he couldn’t get before.”

“After being exposed, the scumbag gradually became unscrupulous. He took advantage of Xiao Xia’s liking and made it clear that if she could be used as a stand-in, she could spend his money however she wanted.”

“……” Ji Tong was stunned to hear it. “I’m sorry, I was wrong. He is still a scumbag even if he gives ten more houses.”

It turned out that this was the real stand-in literature.

Pei Qingyuan was also shocked and asked, “What happened later?”

“Later—” Fu Yinyin smiled. “Later, I got to know the host and slowly persuaded her to give up on the scumbag. There was more than one person who deliberately approached her after being unable to get the white moonlight. According to the requirements of the main mission, she simply turned the tables.”

The day she came to Chi Xia’s side was the most desperate moment in the life of the girl who trusted her lover.

Just a little later and her host would’ve completely disappeared from the world.

“Seeing a similar face and wanting to hurt an innocent person to satisfy their own selfish desires… how can it be done without paying some price? First is money and then sincerity.”

“Humans are strange animals who often have to lose something to cherish it,” Fu Yinyin said calmly. “After they couldn’t see the longing and infatuation in the eyes of the stand-in, they gradually realize who they love. But on the day they woke up, the stand-in died unexpectedly.”

She finally said, “Of course, it is suspended animation. The mission required it.”

Now was the plot node where her host’s escaping behavior through faking death was gradually discovered by the scumbags.

After listening to her, the three small children quickened their pace very neatly.

Ji Tong sincerely spat out, “The scumbag deserves it!”

Compared to these people, he wasn’t a scumbag at all.

“Which scumbag will come to the door first?” Fang Hao started to roll up his sleeves in indignation. “I’m going to beat them all up.’

Pei Qingyuan was focused on other aspects. “The main mission here sounds reasonable.”

As a result, Fang Hao patted him on the shoulder and said seriously, “You haven’t forgotten what I taught you, right? Let’s do it together later.”

“Is it still too late for me to learn quickly?” Ji Tong, who wasn’t strong enough yet, sighed. “Host, you have to beat them together. Then when I see the opportunity, I will pull the hair.”

Pei Qingyuan started to imagine the picture of children ganging up to beat up adults. “…Okay.”


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