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DCBS: Chapter 114

When Fu Yinyin occasionally mentioned the plot of the crematorium world previously, Ji Tong often laughed when hearing it. He hadn’t expected that he would be so close to those words one day.

[Xiao Fang: Crematorium… what exactly is it like?]

[Xiao Fang: I won’t really be beaten to death, right?]

[Yinyin: It isn’t so exaggerated.]

[Yinyin: It is to let the scumbag experience kneeling in the rain, a high fever, hospitalization, a car accident, a broken leg, kidnapping and blocking the gun.]

[Xiao Fang: ……]

[Brother Hao: ??? Isn’t this an exaggeration?!]

[Brother Hao: The world of adults is so scary.]

[Xiao Fang: It sounds so painful. Should I write a suicide note first T-T]

[Yinyin: Pfft, I won’t tease you.]

[Yinyin: There should be no such elements in your world. The style is too different.]

[Yinyin: I guess Xiao Pei won’t be so fierce to you. Don’t be afraid.]

[Brother Hao: Yes, you can solve things with your fists. Why get angry?]

[Brother Hao: Brother Xiao Pei is my proud protege!]

[Xiao Fang: …I’ll never help you find crayfish farming cheats any longer.]

Ji Tong suddenly felt that it was a huge mistake to invite the elementary school student to play at that time.

Originally, the host’s physical fitness was much better than his, not to mention that Fang Hao had increased his strength value. There was a large disparity in strength between the two of them.

The first one to fall under a thug in a suit might be himself.

[Brother Hao: Don’t mention those words to me! I obviously raised them so seriously. Why did they die again?]

[Brother Hao: I really want to eat the spicy crayfish made by Brother Pei.]

Seeing that there was another naive ghost in this group, the head of the family, Fu Yinyin, quickly changed the topic.

[Yinyin: Let’s talk about something happy. It isn’t far from the New Year. Do you want to spend it together this year?]

Last year, she had a happy and warm Spring Festival with Ji Tong, Fang Hao and Pei Qingyuan. She missed this feeling a lot.

[Yinyin: According to the progress of the mission, my host’s escape behavior is almost discovered. There are already new suitors during this period, so it is time to start various scumbag crematoriums. I can’t leave during this time. Do you want to come and stay in my world for a few days?]

[Yinyin: I have enough points to temporarily open the permission for Xiao Pei to come and play. Since there are no powers in the worlds on both sides, the host can travel across worlds. Of course, it will also be limited and you can’t affect the plot here.]

[Yinyin: In short, Xiao Hao can return to the modern world to eat crayfish, Xiao Tong can… uh, get a feel for the atmosphere of the crematorium in advance?]

[Xiao Fang: Stop talking, I’m going to cry QAQ.]

[Xiao Fang: I’ll ask the host if he wants to go.]

Pei Qingyuan agreed without much hesitation when he heard this proposal.

His biological mother was paying for the mistakes she made. On the other side, Pei Huaishan and Pei Siyou were the only two he was in contact with and were anxious about the affairs of the Pei family.

This Spring Festival should be one spent with him and Ji Tong alone. Thinking of the storms circling around the two families separately, it might make the supposedly festive holiday a bit sad.

It was the best choice to go to a brand new world for a few days and it would be more lively with more people.

However, it was obviously a good thing. So why did Ji Tong seem a bit absent-minded?

“What are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking about crema…” Ji Tong froze and hastily changed his words. “D-Dragon fruit?”

He was thinking that if the host witnessed those tragic crematorium scenes, would he choose to skip these steps and forgive him directly if the incident happened in the future?

Hopefully, that was the case.

Perhaps this was a stand-in literature.

People could be replaced and so could the crematorium.

It could be replaced.

“Do you want to eat dragon fruit?”

“Um… Yes!”

So Pei Qingyuan gradually discovered that recently, Ji Tong was very fond of eating this fruit and also studied 108 ways to eat dragon fruit. He became a non-member of the baking club that he never forgot from the beginning of school. Under the guidance of the president, he made a refreshing and well-received dragon fruit jelly.

Ji Tong was the vane of snacks in the class, driving everyone’s happiness day by day with his own efforts. From class in the college to the baking club and the mahjong club, the dragon fruit jelly inexplicably began to sweep the campus.

In short, the boss of the campus supermarket increased the purchase of dragon fruit in a daze. He didn’t know what trend this group of college students with new tricks every day was following.

In this regard, the evaluation of the elementary school student was: I won’t watch a funny conference without you.

The evaluation of the mature big sister was: Stand-in literature isn’t used like this!

But the jelly was really delicious.

Ji Tong was addicted to jelly and almost forgot why the word dragon fruit popped up in the conversation with the host.

The weather was getting colder. Ji Tong carried a bag full of jelly and walked toward the activity of the school together. After a while, the mushroom scarf could be taken out and worn again.

Once campus life was on the right track and the initial novelty faded away, time passed quickly and it was December in the blink of an eye.

During this period, the mahjong robot with the name Mazefaker and the nickname Mark, had already produced a rough framework, especially the initial shape of the manipulator. There was still a lot of work to be done but the team members were very excited.

The progress of the training Ai designed by Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan was very fast, except for the past that cooperated with the mechanical control. This part still needed to wait. In addition, the dialogue function that could reflect the personality modes was gradually completed.

In terms of voice sampling, everyone unanimously decided to use Ouyang Yu’s voice as the source sound for Mark’s AI. They let him record a large number of sound materials, which were slightly modified and adjusted for Mark to learn from.

Thinking of how Mark’s mocking mode would anger a bunch of people in the future, Ouyang Yu, who was forever being persecuted and could never successfully fight back, actively took up the task.

The team was full of super bosses. As a freshman whose ability was within the normal range, this might be his most useful place at present.

He couldn’t compare with these top geniuses. He studied hard and slowly improved.

Moreover, Ouyang Yu had made great progress elsewhere.

As a responsible class monitor, he was most worried about Zhang Yun causing conflicts among his classmates. Now Zhang Yun shut his mouth very obediently when he saw Ouyang Yu walking over with a notebook and even his hair that stood up would fall down.

No matter what Ouyang Yu said, the once arrogant hedgehog Zhang Yun had no objections.

This was a bizarre achievement.

It would be better if Zhang Yun continued to hurt him.

Zhang Yun’s silence was Mark’s loss.

Ouyang Yu was staying in the laboratory to give Xie Yuchi a hand. Once he saw Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan appear at the door, he immediately greeted them. “You guys have finished eating?”

“Yes,” Pei Qingyuan answered concisely. “Did it go smoothly?”

Ji Tong took out a few jellies to share with them and said excitedly, “Wait to go next door to watch Mary’s game. Uncle Pei is also coming. Will you come?”

He wanted to draw a graffiti series so Pei Siyou was very interested in various robots. In addition to dealing with household matters, he made an appointment with Pei Qingyuan and Ji Tong to watch the robot soccer game.

Like the one that Ji Tong once watched, today it was Qiao Yunhe’s team that invited other participating teams to play a friendly match. The difference was that in this competition, there was the contribution of him and the host.

Qiao Yunhe had first invited him and the host to participate in the RS Cup in the standard platform group competition. It was based on a unified, standard robot as a carrier to compare the algorithms written by different teams through the soccer match.

At that time, both of them agreed to join. They mainly focused on their own time but they still took time to participate in the optimization of the algorithm strategy of Qiao Yunhe’s team.

Here, Pei Qingyuan contributed more than Ji Tong.

When Ji Tong created the Mark AI, he unreservedly showed all the processes to the host. There were many things he couldn’t understand and all relied on the system’s golden finger to figure it out. However, Pei Qingyuan carefully learned every detail and tried it on Mary’s built-in algorithm.

By the way, the name Mary was given by Ji Tong and the source was ‘Silver Life or Death Love.’

Originally, he called it out casually. Then when he was chatting with the host, he named this group of robots with identical robots as Mary One, Mary Two… As a result, the rest of the team also called them this name for some reason.

“I’m not sure if I’m free. Today’s plan hasn’t been completed yet. I have to finish it.” Ouyang Yu sighed. “I hope it goes smoothly and I can finish work early. I also want to go next door to watch Mary play.”

Ouyang Yu said this and laughed at himself. “Next door Mary, Mary next door. Hahaha, Mary and our Mark are quite matched.”

Xie Yuchi, who was busy moving his hands, glanced at him with slightly disgusted indifference. “You have no quality.”

Ouyang Yu stared back in shock.

Who was a leader without quality?

As Ouyang Yu started to act silly, Pei Qingyuan decisively dragged Ji Tong to the group venue next door. “You guys are busy.”

The group members were worrying and he often worried that his system would be contaminated.

Then he walked into the room and saw the coffee table filled with familiar jellies.

It was all the same style as Ji Tong.

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

It was hard to tell who was more contagious.

Qiao Yunhe arrived early and was accompanying the captain to chat with the teams invited today. After seeing them passing by, he immediately introduced. “They are also members of the team. Our latest obstacle avoidance strategy was made by the two of them. We tested it yesterday and didn’t hit any obstacles during the whole process. The improvement is great. Try it later…”

He thought about a year ago when he answered some relatively basic questions for the high school student Pei Qingyuan in an online forum. Now they could work together and he even had to ask the other person about some things. It felt like a dream.

He felt that the mysterious, white-bearded Frankenstein grandfather must exist.

Otherwise, it was too shocking.

Everyone chatted for a while. Before the friendly match began, Pei Siyou arrived on time.

Lively discussions soon filled the room. The members of both teams nervously followed the dynamics of the robots on the field, recording problems that occurred at any time.

Pei Siyou was watching this type of game for the first time. It was quite interesting to watch the robot try to kick the ball and occasionally fall.

He asked Pei Qingyuan, “Which robots are from your team?”

The ten robots on the field all looked the same. Only the numbers and colors on the chests were different.

“Mary number one through five.”

“……” Pei Siyou affirmed it sincerely. “It is very childlike.”

Now no matter what strange words Pei Qingyuan said with a calm and indifferent face, he wouldn’t be surprised.

It was probably due to the teenager next to Pei Qingyuan.

Ji Tong stared intently at the green field where robots fell down from time to time. He hummed a passionate melody in a low voice and it sounded very exciting.

Such a person was completely the opposite of Pei Qingyuan’s character. But they stood beside each other and there was a strange sense of harmony, as if it should be so.

On the surface, his former nephew looked as distant and cold as when he was a child. He seemed to have no interest in anything, but now he had many friends, a clear plan for the future and even considered the prospects of the robot Mark, registering a company with his team members.

Pei Siyou listened and couldn’t help laughing, “Has Xiao Ji studied music?”

Ji Tong was fascinated. He heard this question and replied reflexively, “I have learned a bit of piano before.”

In the short college years of his previous life, he wanted to learn a small hobby but couldn’t participate in more intense activities. He wanted to stay in the house to learn to draw, but lead ash and paint were irritating and should be avoided as much as possible. Therefore, only the most calm and harmless music remained.

He participated in the piano club at school. Sometimes the members would teach him basic music theory and skills. Sometimes he listened to some popular film and television hits and played them himself.

The moment these words came out, Ji Tong’s heart skipped a beat. He quickly looked at the host’s expression.

Pei Siyou didn’t pay attention to the change in his expression and encouraged him. “You have a good sense of music. Maybe you have a talent in this. Xiao Yuan has learned music since he was a child and you can teach him.”

Pei Qingyuan didn’t think much about it. Ji Tong was a system and it was normal to know everything as long as he directly called up the data. The sentence just now was obviously a casual cover-up. After all, in the eyes of others, he was just an ordinary person.

Even if Ji Tong didn’t want to call up the data and learned it himself, he could learn much faster than ordinary people. For example, the painting he gave last time.

He knew that Ji Tong had a huge BGM library that he often used to make music for videos or hum for fun. Pei Qingyuan had long been used to all types of strange tunes that might sound around him at any time.

But at this moment, Ji Tong explained to him a bit nervously, “I haven’t studied piano before. I lied to Uncle.”

…This didn’t seem right.

Ji Tong immediately adjusted his wording. “I mean, I don’t need to learn the piano.”

Pei Qingyuan was stunned.

Of course, he knew this.

Why go out of his way to explain this?

Pei Qingyuan looked at Ji Tong and just happened to miss Ji Tong deliberately avoiding his gaze.

The originally passionate song stopped. Ji Tong looked intently at Mary, who was struggling on the field, and took the initiative to talk to his teammate on the other side who was recording the problem.

He inexplicably seemed a bit guilty.

Pei Qingyuan failed to understand the reason behind this series of reactions.

However, he silently noted it down.

A few days later, the class monitor Ouyang Yu returned from the school office and asked the students to enthusiastically sign up for the New Year’s Day party to be held at the end of the month. Each class had to sign up for at least one program.

The girls in the class turned their eyes to the pair of iron-clad deskmates in unison.

Ouyang Yu was well aware of the high popularity of Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan and tried to persuade them. “The two of you are the light of our school of intelligence. It isn’t justified if there is no performance. Is there anything that can be performed by two people together? Let me think about it…”

The classmates next to him laughed and came up with ideas. “Crosstalk!”

“Poetry reading!”

“Song and dance duet!”

Ouyang Yu was amused. “Why? Shouldn’t you respect the handsome men and say something reliable?”

The handsome person number one was unreliable and started coaxing himself. “A comedic skit? Street dance?”

In any case, the host definitely wouldn’t agree to perform such a show.

Ji Tong chatted with everyone without any psychological pressure until the host’s voice rang in his ears.

Pei Qingyuan was silent for a while before saying for some reason, “Piano.”


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    “Pei Qingyuan failed to understand the reason behind this series of reactions.

    However, he silently noted it down.”
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