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DCBS: Chapter 113

An eerie silence started to spread in different places.

The young teachers in the office clenched their fists in front of them, trying to suppress their laughter.

The teachers were good at English. The older professors pondered over this weird accent for a while before being the first ones to laugh out loud.

“This name is imposing, hahaha.”

“I remember two years ago, the name of the robot that won the championship for our school was also quite strange. Was it called Thick Crab? It was a fully automatic fishing robot. Do you have any impressions of it?”

The class teacher Qi Shao laughed, saving face for poor Ouyang Yu. “This time, it is probably that student who gave the name. He is in this time. He is Xiao Xie of the school of materials.”

“Haha, I said that this style is so familiar.”

“If this name is reported, can it pass?”

For a while, the office was filled with a cheerful air.

The teachers were very open-minded.

However, the number Ouyang Yu lowered his head and stared at the ground, digging at it with his eyes.

He was only a freshman. Why should he endure this…

Senior Xie actually had a previous record. What was Thick Crab?

If they knew this, they would’ve given the naming right to Xie Yuchi in the first place.

It was a lesson that was too painful.

On the other side, Pei Siyou heard Pei Qingyuan pronounce the name in an understated, calm tone and was stunned for several seconds.

Then he looked at his former nephew with the gaze of discovering a new world. “Are you really Xiao Yuan?”

Forget about the jelly bean. Mazefake was too far beyond his understanding of Pei Qingyuan.

It was so much so that he accidentally called out a nickname that had been dusty for many years.

“……” Pei Qingyuan’s understated tone disappeared and his expression froze. “Don’t call me that.”

However, Ji Tong had already heard it. His eyes lit up and he quickly said, “Which yuan?”

Pei Siyou realized that he had made a slip of the tongue and laughed. “The yuan of circle.”

“Why circle?” Ji Tong was still thinking about the host’s appearance as a child. “Is it because his face is very round?”

Xiao Yuan was similar to Ruan Ruan.

It was all based on the word ‘yuan’ to make fun of him.

Uncle Pei really had a good relationship with the host when he was a child.

“His face was okay. It has normal baby fat.” Pei Siyou ignored the cold air that continued to emanate from Pei Qingyuan’s body and patted him on the shoulder. “Relax. I’m complimenting you.”

“When he was one or two years old, his head was shaved. I found that his bone structure was very good and was full everywhere. He would definitely be a handsome little guy in the future. Therefore, I called him Xiao Yuan but only I called him that.”

In front of the elder who witnessed him growing up, Pei Qingyuan’s indifferent aura was useless. He could only watch the smile on Ji Tong’s face become brighter and brighter.

His system said seriously, “Now there are two people who can call you that, Xiao Yuan.”

The moods of Pei Qingyuan and Ouyang Yu inexplicably resonated at the same frequency at this moment.

“We are almost at the laboratory.” He tried to change the topic and make a final resistance. “At present, this robot only has the framework. There is no finished product but there is the AI product to see…”

It was a pity that the two people next to him didn’t care about this matter at all.

“Xiao Yuan.” Ji Tong called out to him. Then he turned his head and asked Pei Siyou with interest, “Uncle, do you have a photo of Xiao Yuan when he was a child?”

“He hasn’t liked to take photos since he was a child and there are only a few left.” Pei Siyou keenly discovered Pei Qingyuan’s high tolerance of Ji Tong and found it interesting. “You can ask him yourself. He shouldn’t be angry with you.”

Ji Tong immediately looked at the host. “Can I see?”


Pei Qingyuan, who was unable to fight, silently walked into the laboratory and sat down on the empty seat on the side.

Xie Yuchi was staying in the laboratory to study materials and happened to be resting. He was surprised to see them come in with a stranger. “Is this the team member you are looking for? He looks like a graduate student.”

He looked like a graduate student who could form a soccer team with the partner who dumped him in his college days.

Ji Tong shook his head. “No, this is Xiao… uh, the captain’s friend.”

Pei Siyou, who was mistaken for a graduate student, was in a good mood. He took the initiative to stretch out his hand. “Hello, my name is Pei Siyou.”

Ji Tong whispered an introduction to Xie Yuchi. “He is the artist who drew the jelly bean robot graffiti.”

After some people discovered the product of the robot in the graffiti, the graffiti photo’s popularity moved from foreign social networks to China, driving the sales of this product among young people. Various secondary creations of the jelly bean robot were in full swing.

Hearing this, Xie Yuchi’s iceberg face was stunned for a while and suddenly cracked.

“F*k!” Senior Xie started to swear again. “That graffiti is too f*ing handsome!”

“Can you sign an autograph for me? Let’s see, can you sign my sweatshirt?”

Pei Siyou stared at the pen stuffed into his hand in a stunned manner. He felt that he seemed to have seen the real owner of Mazefaker.

It didn’t seem to be Xiao Yuan’s fault.

At this time, Ouyang Yu, whose soul was wandering, also entered. He happened to hear Senior Xie’s bad words and trembled. He sat down next to Pei Qingyuan in a daze.

Pei Qingyuan glanced at him. “Did the report go well?”

“It went well… maybe.” Ouyang Yu said weakly. “Teacher Qi suggested that we casually call it by a nickname that is a bit more qualified, such as Xiao Ma, Mark, etc.”

Pei Qingyuan had already understood everything from his tone.

“You worked hard,” he said sincerely.

At these sincere words, Ouyang Yu suddenly realized that Pei Qingyuan beside him was the captain.

Maybe in the future, the captain would introduce the robot on the field and pronounce this elegant name.

Thinking of this, his mood brightened a bit.

Thus, Ouyang Yu spoke sincerely from his heart. “You have also worked hard.”

Pei Qingyuan immediately continued, “Since you already have experience, you will be in charge of similar links in the future.”

The smile that had just been revived on Ouyang Yu’s face died instantly.

He had rejoiced too early.

Seeing Ouyang Yu’s abrupt change in expression, Pei Qingyuan actually felt a bit amused.

Perhaps this was why everyone loved to persecute Ouyang.

Pei Qingyuan’s complicated mood subtly relaxed.

At this moment, Ji Tong was using a cheerful tone and calling out Xiao Yuan repeatedly in his heart.

…He still preferred Ruan Ruan.

Xiao Yuan was too childish.

Once it was dark, the group who were talking happily went to the cafeteria for dinner. Halfway through, Pei Siyou and Pei Qingyuan briefly mentioned the reason for returning to China.

Last year, Ji Tong found out about the problems in Pei Minghong’s company. In order to gain profits, Pei Minghong wantonly carried out capital operations. The group’s assets seemed to be increasing but the leverage accumulated behind it had reached a terrifying level. He was standing on the edge of a cliff and could fall at any time.

“Dad felt that something was going to happen so he told me to come back.” Pei Siyou shook his head. “It is useless for me to come back. This is the path he chose himself.”

Last time, Ji Tong pretended to be a mysterious rich man and threatened Pei Qingyuan’s former mother, Ye Lanting, with this incident. She stopped looking for trouble so Pei Qingyuan hadn’t paid much attention to that family for a long time.

It was a world that had nothing to do with him.

“Let Grandpa pay more attention to his body,” Pei Qingyuan said.

“Yes, I plan to persuade him to go back with me this time. Out of sight, out of mind.” Pei Siyou didn’t mention it too much and the topic gradually diverged. “Recently, I found several nursing homes with good scenery. I want to live…”

After the meal, Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan sent Pei Siyou away.

Ji Tong quickly established a friendship with the uncle who called the host Xiao Yuan. He made an appointment with Pei Siyou to come to the school in a while to watch the robot play soccer.

In addition to the team they formed themselves, he and the host were participating in Qiao Yunhe’s team.

Watching the bright yellow sports car gradually drive away and looking at the increasingly thick night, Ji Tong remembered the conversation just now and asked the host, “Will they go bankrupt?”

Pei Qingyuan said casually, “No.”

Ji Tong was a bit surprised. “Why?”

As the host was chatting with his uncle, he secretly searched for a lot of related cases. Once this capital chain of this type of enterprise with high leverage was broken, a series of disasters would follow. if the previous cover up of all types of illegal operations was found by the regulatory authorities, bankruptcy was the least of the consequences.

“It is because his career still has value,” Pei Qingyuan said. “There will be people who will take over everything step by step after weighing the gains and losses.”

“Who?” Ji Tong didn’t quite understand this. “Grandpa?”

Pei Qingyuan was silent for a while before whispering, “I guess not.”

The ambitions of Pei Huaishan had always been different and they couldn’t talk together at all. One was devoted to business and the other was keen on dealing with money in the capital market. Their respective companies had nothing to do with each other. Pei Huaishan basically didn’t understand financial things. If he wanted to intervene, it would only arouse Pei Minghong’s rebellious psychology and the situation might get worse.

Pei Siyou had no interest in business and was devoted to art. He also had a bad relationship with his brother, so he most likely wouldn’t take over this mess.

In this way, there was only one person left around Pei Minghong who could barely be trusted.

It was Pei Yan, his son who happened to be admitted to the school of finance.

‘Ji Yanxing’ shouldn’t be the only one who discovered the abnormality of Pei Minghong’s company. Before the lice crawled out and covered the gorgeous robe, someone had already calculated everything that might happen in the future with a calm and sharp gaze and a sober and wise mind.

As long as a breakthrough was found, the ambitious person lurking in the shadows would quietly stretch out their fangs, arrange the traps and net and wait for the time to ripen and pick the fruit.

The world was like that.

Blind obedience and attachment could never be exchanged for truly harmless shelter. All the confidence and strength obtained from others had to pay a corresponding price.

Ji Tong heard the sigh in the host’s tone and suddenly remembered the day he met Pei Yan downstairs in the dormitory.

The host asked Pei Yan if he really liked finance.

At that time, Pei Yan was stunned for a while before replying yes.

Ji Tong felt that his tone didn’t seem to be lying and he really thought he liked finance. Thus, he chose this path where he might take over his father’s career in the future.

Pei Yan didn’t lie or perhaps he lied to himself.

As autumn intensified, the leaves suddenly fell from the treetops and floated gently in Ji Tong’s sight, landing on the ground.

It was like the one that fell on the stone steps that day.

Ji Tong stopped talking about these things and sighed a bit sadly. “The leaves have all turned golden yellow.”

“I will be green again next spring.”

Time passed irreversibly, turning with the gears of fate. Everyone was moving forward.

But unlike the leaves, which could only drift in the wind, one could choose which field to walk into.

Pei Qingyuan also controlled his thoughts and asked him, “Did you have fun today?”

After his careful observation, Ji Tong didn’t seem to trigger any emotional switch in front of Pei Siyou, who had all the elements.

The only trigger was probably the liking with a certain nickname.

Sure enough, Ji Tong answered him with curved eyes, “I had fun, Xiao Yuan.”

In the silence where the host slowly looked away, Ji Tong thought for a while and specially emphasized, “My built-in trigger mode is basically not used. It is usually my autonomous consciousness that governs my behavior… as well as feelings.”

He was very slow before his emotional enlightenment but he wasn’t stupid after his enlightenment.

When welcoming Pei Siyou, the host suddenly asked him to turn off the trigger mode. He didn’t understand what it meant at the time but he gradually realized.

It was because as soon as he spoke to Pei Siyou, the host would silently look over like he was worried about something.

It was especially so when Senior Xie praised Uncle Pei’s black shirt as being handsome in a fanboy tone.

At the dangerous atmosphere that quietly permeated, Ji Tong wisely swallowed the polite agreement that had reached his lips.

In fact, he thought the host was more handsome.

In addition, the host didn’t have to worry about this problem at all. He wasn’t an artificial intelligence but a human being with real emotions, personality and memory. He wouldn’t ‘like’ someone mechanically just because certain conditions were met.

However, Ji Tong couldn’t tell Pei Qingyuan about this.

He could only make up various reasons to indirectly dispel the host’s concerns.

He would always reveal himself when telling too many lies.

…How would the host react after finding out that he had been lying?

The host hadn’t been angry with him so far, but was terrible when he was angry with others. His strength value was high.

Ji Tong couldn’t help shaking.

While he was worried about being beaten, he also felt a touch of guilt.

If only he could fall in love like ordinary people.

There would be no need to hide secrets and no need to bury all the feelings that should be expressed.

Thousands of words were combined in one sentence.

[Xiao Fang: I really want to resign.]

The system was really a high-risk occupation that danced on the tip of a knife.

The chat group suddenly became lively.

[Yinyin: ? Did I transmigrate again? A system is talking about resigning?]

[Brother Hao: Hey, why did you change your name? Do you want to eat small cream squares?] (TL: Fang= square)

[Yinyin: Think about the pronunciation of Xiao Pei’s name.]

[Brother Hao: Peiqingruan?]

[Yinyin: ……]

[Yinyin: The character is pronounced Yuan. Yuan is Yuan and Ruan is Ruan.

[Yinyin: But you can actually know ‘Ruan.’ You are already a powerful elementary school student.]

[Brother Hao: Oh~ I am already very powerful.]

[Brother Hao: Oh, it turned out to be a couple name. How childish.]

In any case, the host couldn’t see this chat group. It didn’t matter how childish he was.

Ji Tong deftly ignored the taunts of the elementary school students and tried to pull the topic back.

[Xiao Fang: Get back to business!!!]

[Xiao Fang: Resignation doesn’t seem to work. I might go straight to heaven… If I continue to be a system, do I have to keep pretending to be an artificial intelligence?]

[Brother Hao: Otherwise? My host always thinks I am a sword spirit.]

[Xiao Fang: But I am in an ordinary urban world. There is no such innate spiritual thing and the host is very smart.]

[Xiao Fang: What if one day, the host finds out that I am not an artificial intelligence?]

[Brother Hao: Oh, Brother Xiao Pei will definitely get angry and beat you up. The main brain might beat you up as well and your year-end bonus will be deducted… Next time, why don’t you choose a fantasy world? Then you don’t have to worry about it.]

Ji Tong suddenly didn’t want to talk to this elementary school student and called Fu Yinyin instead.

[Xiao Fang: Sister Yinyin! Sister Yinyin!]

[Yinyin: It is possible to be transferred out of this projection world but it might not be necessary. It depends on the situation.]

[Yinyin: But I think for you, the reaction of the main brain might be secondary.]

[Yinyin: Do you remember the type of world I am responsible for?]

[Xiao Fang: I remember! A crematorium, emotional landmine world!]

[Yinyin: Yes, over the years, nine out of the ten male protagonists of the crematoriums that I have dealt with are due to concealment, misunderstanding and not talking.]

[Brother Hao: ⊙o⊙ What about the rest?]

[Yinyin: The remaining one is a scumbag who deliberately deceived and abandoned her, so the heroine can’t forgive him and will directly replace him with the second male lead.]

[Xiao Fang: ……]

Deliberate deception, abandonment, scumbag…

Ji Tong’s eyes darkened. He felt that every word was familiar.

[Xiao Fang: Ahhhhh help me!!!]


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