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DCBS: Chapter 112

This might be the first time in Zhang Yun’s life that he deeply regretted the wild words he usually uttered.

He never expected to encounter such a strange thing as people rushing to be cursed at.

It was really scary.

After a few seconds, the frightened Zhang Yun raised the courage to leave his seat and rushed out of the classroom.

Ouyang Yu tried to chase him. “Zhang Yun, where are you going:? I’m not done yet—”

Zhang Yun ran faster. “I’m going to the bathroom! Don’t follow me!”

Between him and Ouyang Yu, someone must be crazy.

As for Ji Tong…

Blame him for being cheap and owing others.

Ji Tong and Ouyang Yu looked at each other and sighed. They returned to their respective seats sadly.

Pei Qingyuan walked into the classroom at this time. Now he was busy every day. Under Xiao Jianping’s communication, some professional courses with too basic content could be dispensed with. This would allow him more time to spend on preparing for the competition.

The moment he came in, he saw Ji Tong’s listless appearance and immediately asked, “What’s wrong?”

Ji Tong didn’t answer and immersed himself in drawing something on paper. Two minutes later, a small note was quietly handed to Pei Qingyuan.

The paper depicted an octopus with hair. The hair that should’ve stood up high on its head collapsed like a withering rose and there was a sentence next to it: The hedgehog’s head has changed.

He added a melancholy crying face.

Pei Qingyuan was originally a bit tired while his mind was filled with various professional knowledge. Now he couldn’t help laughing and his mood suddenly became light.

Ji Tong handed him the note to complain and looked like a schoolboy.

It reminded Pei Qingyuan of the watch screen that used to bloom pink flowers.

Many small, fiery emotions flooded his heart.

It was a pity that they were now in the classroom.

…He hated collective living.

He hated the mission panel as well.

Therefore, Pei Qingyuan just reached out and rubbed the head of the teenager next to him.

Ji Tong protested in a dissatisfied manner. “I just sorted out my hairstyle.”

Now Pei Qingyuan was very familiar with dealing with hairstyle problems. “It is better to be messy. It can increase the visual height.”



“Oh.” Ji Tong held his chin and pondered on it for a moment. Then he took the initiative to lean over. “How about you mess it up a bit more?”

Facing these eyes full of longing and expectation, Pei Qingyuan used the ‘proud self-control’ skill necessary for the protagonist of a novel to control other impulses and only let his hand fall on top of the soft hair.

Hated collective life x2, hated the mission panel x2.

Ouyang Yu, who was sitting in front, covered his inexplicably sore cheeks and whispered to his deskmate, “Boys and boys can also be very happy.”

His deskmate and roommate snorted in disgust and silently distanced himself. “First of all, you…”

On the issue of gay people, Ouyang Yu had long given up and attacked poison with poison, “Don’t panic. You aren’t my type.”

“……” His deskmate was carried away by him and had a disbelieving expression on his face. “Why do I feel a bit lost?”

Ji Tong, who was listening and eating melons, gossiped with the host in his heart. “Ouyang said he doesn’t like Old Wang’s type. Then what type does he like?’

Pei Qingyuan returned to indifference. “It isn’t important.”

He didn’t care about this.

He only cared about the type that Ji Tong liked.

Ji Tong came up with a new idea as he was accumulating materials for the different personality modes of the mahjong robot.

On the basis of the personality model, add an emotional accumulation and trigger model.

The artificial intelligence of this world had no autonomous consciousness and couldn’t produce feelings. The so-called emotions they could show were set in advance. The built-in data rules would trigger the corresponding feedback after the conditions matched.

For example, the logic that Pei Qingyuan originally set for the original jelly bean robot Xiao Mei. She would take the initiative to shake hands with people after having her name repeatedly called.

“Since our goal isn’t just to get it to compete in one match, it is necessary to take into account its growth and change it after multiple matches. If the feedback in each game is repeated and similar, the users will quickly lose interest in it.”

Ji Tong also got inspiration from Zhang Yun and said enthusiastically, “For example, after losing a few times in a row, the mocking mode will become more stubborn and it will even angrily start talking nonsense. Or gradually change its attitude so that the users who have defeated it many times will have the sense of accomplishment of conquering a master. Conversely, what if it wins many times in a row?”

There were too many situations in board games. One-sided winning streaks or losing states, inseparable stalemates, narrow wins and narrow losses, some rare card hands… An objective game and subjective reaction, combined with various personality models, could open up many possibilities. The many possibilities combined could make it ever-changing.

If the AI of a mahjong robot could really show these changes then it might not be completely compared to humans with real emotions and personalities but it could be as close as possible to the human state.

This idea wasn’t special but the requirements for the AI were too high. Forget a competition mainly for college students, it was difficult even for senior experts in this field.

However, there was Ji Tong.

Ji Tong was mainly responsible for the AI part so everyone expressed strong support after listening to his ideas.

They didn’t know Ji Tong’s real identity and didn’t know his cheating ability like Pei Qingyuan, but they were willing to encourage him to try.

He was so young but maybe he could really achieve this ambitious goal in the future.

No matter how much could be achieved in the time limit, it would be amazing enough if he succeeded in only a little bit and such a robot appeared on the playing field.

Only Pei Qingyuan didn’t say a word the whole time.

After leaving the activity room and when the two of them were finally alone, Pei Qingyuan suddenly asked him, “Do you also have such an emotional trigger mode?”

“No…” Ji Tong paused. Then his ending tone changed. “No—or is there?”

He didn’t react for a while. It was only after blurting out the word ‘no’ that he remembered he was an artificial intelligence and quickly added, “Yes, but I am much more advanced than the AI of this world. I am different from them.”

An artificial intelligence must be supported by human-set logic rules or it would be called a natural intelligence.

The difference between different AIs was that the rules that governed their behavior were high level and low level.

Ji Tong emphasized, “I have autonomous consciousness and it is higher than some built-in patterns and rules.”

For example, he had the standard body temperature and complexion set for this body but they were often ineffective due to certain behaviors of the host.

In addition, judging from his usual performance, he was afraid no one would believe that he had no sense of autonomy.

Hearing him say this, the expression on Pei Qingyuan’s face relaxed a bit but he still seemed to be thinking of something.

Ji Tong was relieved to find that the host’s tone had returned to normal. In his busy daily life, he left this conversation behind.

This was until the day the host’s uncle came to Jiangyuan College to look for him.

Pei Siyou, who was abroad, drew the graffiti based on the promotional photos of the jelly bean robot. He naturally wanted to see the robot with his own eyes after returning to China.

He also heard Pei Qingyuan briefly mention that he was working on a brand new robot with the team. Pei Siyou was very interested so he came to the school to look around.

The relationship between him and his older brother’s family was very bad and they had basically no contact in recent years. He knew that his current nephew was also studying in this school but Pei Siyou had no contact or emotional foundation with him. He didn’t want to make trouble because of this, so this time, he came as a friend to visit Pei Qingyuan. He hadn’t seen Pei Qingyuan in a long time and wanted to see what he was doing now.

Ji Tong was very curious about this uncle who participated in the host’s childhood. He actively picked Pei Siyou up from the parking lot on campus with the host.

As a bright yellow, handsome sports car gradually drove into view, Pei Qingyuan remembered the bright yellow bedding and dolls in the second bedroom at home and turned to Ji Tong coldly, “Remember to turn off the trigger mode.”

Ji Tong looked dazed. “Which trigger mode?”

The sports car stopped in the parking space. The door opened and a curly-haired artist with stubble and wearing a black shirt came out.

A black shirt.

Pei Qingyuan quietly took his hand. “All of them.”

Pei Siyou hadn’t expected to see this scene of coming out as soon as he got out of the car.

He was stunned and felt a bit emotional in his heat. He felt that his once slightly gloomy nephew had changed a lot now.

Pei Qingyuan grew up, started to plan his career and fell in love. He was completely in the state of an adult. The age difference between the two of them was becoming less obvious. Pei Siyou looked to be in his 20s and the two of them really could get along as friends.

Being in the vibrant campus, Pei Siyou felt like he had returned to his youth. He was full of emotion as he walked quickly to the two of them. Then he heard a very polite greeting.

Pei Qingyuan looked at him. “Uncle, long time no see.”

The teenager next to him instinctively followed. “Hello, Uncle.”

“Long time no see. Hello.” Pei Siyou greeted them and smiled. “Just call me Siyou in the future.”

Pei Qingyuan was very insistent. “You will always be my uncle.’

Ji Tong was accustomed to respecting the wishes of the host and followed him in calling out Uncle. “Uncle, do you want to go to the cafeteria to eat something? It is almost meal time.”

Pei Siyou: “……”

Why did this title sound so meaningful today?

Forget it, let’s talk about something else.

“There is no rush. Let’s go and see what you are doing now.”

Pei Siyou was very satisfied with the jelly bean robot graffiti he created and considered drawing some similar works to form a series. Therefore, he recently found out a lot of information about robots.

He definitely wanted to take a look at the other robot made by Pei Qingyuan. Maybe it would inspire new inspiration.

“The first one is called Jelly Bean. What is the second called?” Pei Siyou casually asked on the way to the laboratory together, “Is it still named after food?”

Speaking of this, Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan’s footsteps stiffened in unison.

Pei Qingyuan had never told Ji Tong what Xie Yuchi’s name meant, but after quietly understanding the meaning of ‘Huang Wen’, Ji Tong learned to use the voice search.

In a word… it was a bit hard to say.

At the same time, Ouyang Yu was standing alone in the school’s office and facing the registration process of all the teachers.

No teammates were willing to accompany him. They all claimed that they were busy today. The only one who might be willing, Xie Yuchi, was in the laboratory to test materials. He threatened to dedicate his entire senior year to this competition.

Ouyang Yu was fighting alone and could only comfort himself. If he could bravely cross this hurdle, there would be no difficulty that would trip him up in the future.

“Our team’s inspiration for designing a robot comes from superheroes, who have rich and interesting characters and intelligence. It could accompany people to participate in various board games…”

Once Ouyang Yu roughly talked about their current thoughts, he recited the introductory words that Ji Tong worked hard to compile. “Entertainment is an equally important part of life and work. An entertainment all-round robot can provide us with emotional value when we aren’t bored. Aren’t robots like superheroes that descend from the sky in our ordinary, daily life?”

This design concept was no longer limited to a simple robot that could play mahjong, but also focused on the robot’s diverse interaction with people when participating in entertainment activities. This was more difficult to achieve.

Apart from Xiao Jianping and Qi Shao, the other teachers were hearing this design for the first time and nodded frequently.

“It is a good idea but it is hard to do.”

“I think it is much more interesting than the card robot mentioned in the next school.”

“It is worthy of being a student brought out by Old Xiao.”

A teacher asked, “What is the name of your robot? It is easier to call it by name.”

He still had to face this problem.

“It is an elegant name that combines a foreign style with a Chinese chivalrous touch, while also combining our most distinctive features…”

At the increasingly expectant eyes of the teachers, Ouyang Yu closed his eyes in a trembling manner. He really couldn’t continue to make up things.

He took a deep breath, controlled his heart and replied with the courage of facing a strong man breaking his wrist, “…Mazefake.” (TL: When said out loud, it sounds like a certain swear word in English that starts with mother).


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    Pei Siyou is really fitting Ji Tong’s aesthetics hahaha. On the other hand, Mazefake sounds like a very amazing name hahaha!! Thank you for the translation

  2. Octachus says:

    Mazefake… If it’s in english, it’s Motherf**ker, isn’t it?

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