DCBS: Chapter 111

On the way to the cafeteria, Ji Tong’s mood inexplicably improved slightly.

“I don’t seem to hate the hedgehog head that much anymore.”

Ji Tong was originally annoyed by this male classmate with lofty eyes, but today’s scolding was very much to his liking.

“Yes.” Pei Qingyuan reminded him, “But don’t learn from him.”

The system shouldn’t learn swear words.

Ji Tong nodded. “Yes.”

He thought for a while and pondered on it. “Then can I now ask Zhang Yun which brand of hair wax he uses?”

He had been coveting Zhang Yun’s strong hair wax for a long time. However, they had a bad relationship previously and never asked. Just now, they had a fairly peaceful conversation and it seemed like an opportunity to open up the topic.

“……” Pei Qingyuan was silent. “Don’t learn this either.”

He couldn’t imagine Ji Tong having the hedgehog hairstyle every day.

In addition, the current height difference was just right.

After lunch, the team members met in the space specially vacated for the RS Cup teams.

There were currently five people in the team: Pei Qingyuan, Ji Tong and Ouyang Yu who majored in artificial intelligence. There was also Xie Yuchi, a senior majoring in materials and Lin Rui, a friend of Xie Yuchi’s and a junior student majoring in automatic control.

Today’s Senior Xie still had an iceberg face but he was faintly burning with anger. “I met that guy in the cafeteria earlier. He actually dared to say hello to me. IK was so angry that I almost got into a fight with him.”

“Calm down.” Lin Rui had a more gentle personality and comforted him. “There is no solution even if we bring this matter to the teachers.”

One was a mahjong robot and the other was a card robot. They weren’t exactly the same and there was no specific plagiarism involving algorithms, machinery etc. To be precise, it just imitated creativity and could only be morally condemned at most.

On Ji Tong’s side, Xiao Jianping and their head teacher Qi Shao knew their thoughts before. If it occurred within their school, perhaps the teachers would know the chronological sequence and could talk to the other team.

However, the card playing robot team belonged to other schools and involved different schools and instructors. There was also no substantial evidence, so it was difficult to deal with.

“They have also reported it to the teachers of their school with great fanfare while we haven’t made it public.” Ouyang Yu was worried. “In the eyes of others, will it be us following the trend? Do we need to change our idea?”

Once this type of unfortunate thing happened, it was difficult to clarify it completely. There would always be people who casually listened to a few rumors and took it as the truth, spreading them everywhere. It dyed an otherwise innocent thing with various negative colors.

Therefore, directly changing the entry was the most humiliating but also the best method. There was enough time now and they could do something new.

Thinking of this, everyone’s faces didn’t look very good.

Ji Tong didn’t care what they did. He could train the corresponding AI anyway. He had the golden finger of the system and put in the least effort among his teammates.

However, he knew how much effort the host and Xie Yuchi had put in during this time.

Ji Tong remained silent and quietly looked at his teammates around him.

Ouyang Yu and Lin Rui frowned while Xie Yuchi’s iceberg face was about to collapse. As for the host…

The host was still expressionless but his aura was very calm.

“Don’t change it,” he said flatly. “Continue to do this.”

Everyone stared at him at this determined tone.

“Our idea of the mahjong robot isn’t complete and is constantly improving,” Pei Qingyuan said calmly. “After this idea was born, I didn’t treat it as just a competition entry.”

The mahjong robot was a large humanoid robot in the same broad category as the jelly bean robot. Both had different features and design priorities, with the former being more different and complex to manufacture than the latter.

Suppose he wanted to create a technology company based on intelligent robots. This was the category of robots that could cover most usage scenarios.

If the mechanics of this robot could smoothly complete the action of playing mahjong then it could also complete more fine operations, such as playing mahjong, cards, chess…. pouring water for humans, sorting goods and even dabbling in the medical field to perform operations on humans.

Since the competition would be held next year, everyone’s energy and time were limited. So this time, the focus of the mechanical part was on the most complex mechanical hand. After all, the hand was what was mainly used to play mahjong. The lower part of the robot would be replaced by movable rollers rather than mechanical legs, so there was no need to study how to maintain balance.

Taking this relatively simple mahjong robot as the prototype, more advanced robots could be manufactured step by step.

The mahjong robot wasn’t the end, but a starting point that revealed the infinite possibilities of the future.

“For them, this is just a work for the competition. It is enough to play cards with human opponents. They aren’t thinking about the deeper design logic and development potential of the product since it isn’t their idea in the first place.”

“This is the biggest difference between the two teams and it is also our advantage.”

Xie Yuchi understood what he meant. “You mean, add functions?”

“What functions to add?” Lin Rui thought about it. “Let it become a more comprehensive entertainment robot? It can play not only mahjong but also other table games?”

“This is one aspect,” Pei Qingyuan said. “The charm of multiplayer games is that every game is unpredictable. It isn’t just the cards but also the reactions of the people playing together. Playing mahjong or cards face to face is always more interesting than fighting in an online room.”

“An AI itself had no personality. It only has pure rationality. However, we can give it different personalities and even let users choose the personality model they need at the moment.”

It was rare for Pei Qingyuan to say so many words. The people present listened very seriously and their eyes became brighter and brighter.

“A robot can only play or fold cards through calculation. No matter how well it plays, it can’t completely replace a human companion that people want to call when missing one person. It can only bring temporary freshness. It is difficult to continuously stir people’s emotions and it is impossible to achieve real interaction with other people in the game.”

“Imagine that on the playing field, a robot on one side is playing cards without saying a word. Meanwhile, the robot on the other side actively communicates with humans when playing cards. Once it judges that a player on the field has played the wrong card, it might say…”

Ji Tong suddenly felt inspired and answered, “I’m here to play cards, not to see how you put on a show and waste everyone’s time.”

Pei Qingyuan’s gaze swept over him and there was a smile in his voice. “Yes, sarcasm and mocking is a personality model that can provoke people’s emotions the most.”

Ji Tong remembered a person. The more he spoke, the smoother it became. “If it wins, it might say proudly, ‘You are really weak. I don’t want to play with you. Can I change the person?’”

“If it loses, it might say, ‘It is just a fluke that you won. What are you happy about?’”

Xie Yuchi clenched his fists. “My blood pressure would rise.”

Lin Rui took a deep breath. “I will definitely not use this ridiculing mode. I will only use the praise or funny mode.”

Ouyang Yu’s face was stunned. “This set of words is a bit familiar. I vaguely feel that this robot should have a hedgehog hairstyle…”

Pei Qingyuan’s words opened the way for everyone present and the atmosphere in the room became warm again.

“I won’t change the idea, absolutely not.” Xie Yuchi smiled with a cold expression. “Once the time comes, I will invite that card robot to play. I want to see the epic picture of the robot madly mocking the other robot. It is great just thinking about it.”

Considering the grudges with the card robot, Lin Rui took a step back. “Yes, slow down with the funny mode first. The priority is to perfect the mocking mode.”

At their imagination, everyone was so excited that they wanted to leave their schoolwork and start work directly to see this personalized mocking robot being manufactured as soon as possible.

At this heated discussion, Ji Tong was happy. He looked at the host with disbelieving eyes and whispered, “You told me not to learn from Zhang Yun earlier.”

“I didn’t learn it either,” Pei Qingyuan said calmly. “It is letting the robot learn it.”

There was no way to refute this.

Ji Tong thought for a while and tentatively said, “Then can you let the robot also…” Learn Zhang Yun’s hairstyle?

Before he could finish speaking, Pei Qingyuan said decisively, “No, the hedgehog head is ugly.”

Ji Tong suddenly closed his mouth and observed the host hesitantly.

…Did the host really not know how to read minds?

“I have a small request.” As the meeting was dispersing, Xie Yuchi spoke solemnly. “Can you let me name this robot?”

The freshmen present didn’t know what they would face and nodded generously.

“Yes,” Ji Tong said. “It just so happens that we don’t know how to give names.”

He might just call it Mama or Jiang Jiang.

Then let the fashionista Senior Xie come.

Only Lin Rui knew Xie Yuchi well and closed his eyes in pain. He drew a cross over his chest. “Take it easy, Old Xie…”

“I’ve already thought about it.” Xie Yuchi, who had been suffocated all morning, looked grim. “I won’t change it.”

After hearing him say the name, there was only one thought left in the minds of all the team members except for Ji Tong.

They regretted it.

Before everyone could raise objections, Xie Yuchi warily reminded them, “You agreed to let me name it, right Captain Pei?”

Pei Qingyuan was silent for a moment. He didn’t deny it. He just turned to Ji Tong and said, “Don’t learn from him either.”

Ji Tong replied as he was launching the search engine, “Okay.”

The host’s tone was very funny every time he said this.

However, he didn’t understand what Xie Yuchi’s name meant.

“Why can’t I learn it? Is there anything wrong with the name?”

“Don’t ask.”

“Why can’t I ask?”

“…What do you want to eat for dinner?”

The atmosphere of a couple suddenly descended and the single dogs wisely chose to retreat.

Ouyang Yu was bitterly amused. “I plan to eat dog food at night.”

“Yes, no one seems to care about what you eat at night.”

“Senior Lin, are you infected? You weren’t talking like this yesterday!”

“…Ah, sorry. Artificial intelligence is really scary.”

In the following period of time, everyone started learning and researching with unprecedented enthusiasm.

After realizing that the mahjong robot would be part of the host’s future business, Ji Tong kept thinking about how to optimize it.

In this regard, Zhang Yun felt it most profoundly.

During the class break, Ji Tong who used to avoid him would come over to talk to him.

“Zhang Yun.”

“What is it?”

Ji Tong looked expectant. “Ouyang forgot to bring his professional books to the last class. Do you have anything you want to say?”

The standard expression on Zhang Yun’s face of others owing him millions froze subtly, revealing a bit of doubt.

The named Ouyang Yu protested reflexively, “Hey, why are you talking about me?”

Ji Tong immediately tugged on his sleeves suggestively. He was confused for a while before remembering his big ambition to anger the team of the other school to death.

In order to collect materials, Ouyang Yu changed his mentality. He gritted his teeth and said, “It is quite stupid to forget to bring my books. Why don’t you insult me?”

Zhang Yun couldn’t help taking a step back. “What do you mean?”

He had lived for almost 20 years and had never heard of such a request.

There was even a hint of strange mockery.

Since the beginning of school, the boys in the class had quickly mingled. Even Ji Tong, who should be the most marginalized auditor, and Pei Qingyuan, who was the coldest, got along well with everyone. Only he was faintly excluded from the group. He didn’t even have much contact with the few roommates in the same dormitory as him.

Zhang Yun didn’t care on the surface but he definitely cared in his heart.

In middle and high school, his academic performance was always first. Some classmates were polite to him on the surface even if they hated him in their hearts.

Now the whole school consisted of top students. The so-called aura brought by his grades had been weakened. He wasn’t the type of student who was so talented that people could ignore all other shortcomings.

Zhang Yun understood these truths but he subconsciously refused to admit it. Few people dared to face their own flaws and mistakes. If someone directly said that his speech was annoying, he would definitely straighten his back and double down even more.

But at this moment, Ji Tong and Ouyang Yu confused Zhang Yun with their very sincere eyes and confusing words.

“Literally.” Ji Tong explained, “Your encouragement can prevent Ouyang from making the same mistake next time.”

Ouyang Yu had already made up his mind. He held his notebook and nodded repeatedly.

Seeing the reactions of the two people, Zhang Yun’s face darkened. “If you think I speak badly, you can say it directly. There is no need for this.”

Originally, he often mocked Ji Tong for being talented but having no ambition. Then after learning that the idea of their team was copied by the people of the next school and that Ji Tong went to the mahjong club every day to design robots, he actually felt a bit guilty toward Ji Tong.

After all, he put himself in the shoes of the other person. He did things quietly every day despite the ridicule of his classmates, never refuting or showing off, but he still encountered this type of trouble and couldn’t demand an explanation. He could only hold back and suffer. If it was him, he would definitely be angry to death.

“I’ll try to be tactful in the future.”

Zhang Yun’s way of admitting his mistake was very tactful. He refused to apologize and stubbornly stuck out his neck.

However, after hearing this, the two students in front of him were immediately shocked.

Ouyang Yu grabbed his notebook and fearlessly stepped forward. “Don’t be tactful. You can be more ruthless to us.”

Ji Tong tried to inspire his thoughts. “For example, Ouyang, you didn’t bring your books to class. Are you here for class or a picnic?”

Ouyang Yu tasted it but he wasn’t satisfied. “Your strength isn’t very good. You don’t have Zhang Yun’s strength.”

For the first time, Zhang Yun experienced what it meant to be ridiculed to the fullest. He wanted to attack but couldn’t speak. He could only make a bitter decision with a dark face. “I won’t say such things in the future.”

“Don’t!” Ouyang Yu had completely entered the state and tried hard to dissuade him. “You have to continue! We can’t do it without you!”

Ji Tong cheered him up seriously. “You can do it!”

At this very distorted conversation, the overwhelmed Zhang Yu retreated step by step and was gradually backed into a corner.

…He felt a hint of fear from the bottom of his heart.


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