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DCBS: Chapter 110

The world suddenly turned pink.

Everything was shrouded in fog. There were soft clouds, melted marshmallows and fresh cherries that gently slipped off the cream and fell into wet waves.

The bedroom was obviously extremely silent but there was a faint noise in his consciousness. Ji Tong’s mind was blank. He grasped the corner of the clothes close at hand and his fingertips were heated by the body temperature being transmitted through the thin shirt.

It was a jerky kiss.

His senses became particularly vivid. The noisy voices in the corridor outside the door could be heard, as if someone would push open the door and come in the next second.

At the uneasiness he had never felt before, Ji Tong grabbed the corner of the clothes tighter and tighter. He tried to struggle but was tightly held in the arms of the other person.

It wasn’t until he blushed and was about to lose his breath that Pei Qingyuan let go of the clumsy and cute boy in his arms.

Fresh air poured in and the noise didn’t stop. Ji Tong hung his head, completely afraid to look at the host. He thought that the noise that sounded in his heart was a hallucination that occurred with his rapid heartbeat.

It was the first time in his life that he had experienced kissing.

The five minutes weren’t over yet when he whispered, “Someone is coming.”

Once these words finished, Pei Qingyuan’s arms suddenly became empty.

The pink-faced teenager disappeared.

At the same time, the door was really pushed open gently.

Huang Wen complained in a low voice as he walked in, “I forgot my phone.”

There were traces of the excitement of the party in the bedroom. Ji Tong’s bed curtain had been closed, leaving only Pei Qingyuan standing alone next to his bed.

Huang Wen was so used to such a scene that he didn’t care much. He looked down at his phone on the table and whispered, “Xiao Tong is asleep, right? Brother Pei, come over quickly. We are waiting for you.”

He had just found his phone from a bunch of messy things when he heard Pei Qingyuan hum inexplicably.

A burst of cold air was generated in the air.

Xiao Huang couldn’t help shuddering. He saw Pei Qingyuan passing by and felt like he had just passed through a tornado.

Group life was really troublesome.

‘Ji Tong’ fell asleep and there was an extra golden button that appeared on the cuff of his sleeve.

The golden cufflink was cold and soft. It was completely different from the sudden hot body temperature just now, as if deceiving himself into pretending that the previous scene never happened.

He thought about how he wouldn’t be shy in his current form so Ji Tong summoned up the courage to tell the host in his heart, “There can’t be no next time.”


Ji Tong hesitated for a moment. Then he thought about the warning light that kept flashing and decided to tell the host the truth.

“…It will be discovered.”

The noise just now wasn’t an auditory hallucination. It was the early warning device he set up for the mission panel that was triggered.

It might be because the host hugged him and often held hands with him when he was a child, so the mission panel wasn’t sensitive to such actions. Meanwhile, kissing was different. It was a contact that was only related to love.

Fortunately, the kiss was stopped in time or the mission panel might’ve resumed operating on the spot under the stimulation of this huge impact.

After all, it was just stuck, not dead.

If the mission panel returned to normal, new missions would definitely continue to be released.

He didn’t watch to match the emotional line between the host and someone else right now.

Not at all.

Listening to Ji Tong’s stammering narration, Pei Qingyuan gradually frowned.

It turned out that he still had an emotional line mission to do. But for some reason, the panel temporarily stopped working and the mission was temporarily shelved.

However, he wouldn’t like anyone else anymore.

During the period before he could solve this mission system, would the first kiss just happen to become the last?

Why couldn’t the task object of the emotional line be Ji Tong?

Countless chaotic thoughts floated in his mind. Pei Qingyuan suddenly remembered the brand new but that appeared in his consciousness space and couldn’t help saying, “So that white dome…”

Did Ji Tong bury the mission panel there?

As a host, he didn’t know about this relationship line mission.

The cold cufflink was embarrassed to hear this question and quietly pinched the host’s wrist, not letting him continue.

At his reaction, Pei Qingyuan’s originally somber mood suddenly brightened again.

He had seen the little robot seriously taking care of the flowers and plants. He couldn’t help imagining Ji Tong’s appearance of buying the mission panel in a serious manner, covering it layer by layer.

“Very cute.”

The cufflink on the white shirt continued to attack him in vain.

At his cool touch, a smile appeared in Pei Qingyuan’s eyes.

“I see,” he said. “Don’t worry too much.”

The deviation of the emotional line was a foregone conclusion.

A solution to the problem would always be found.

There was at least one kiss before the crisis was solved.

He would remember it for a long time.

The cufflink didn’t want to discuss the topic with him any longer and urged, “Go play cards, go play cards. I want to watch.”

So on this night, the students gathered in Ouyang Yu’s dormitory and experienced what was called a grand slam of entertainment events.

Of course, they were the ones who were smashed.

Pei Qingyuan could not only remember and count cards, he also learned new things very quickly and his hands were good. Everyone didn’t believe in evil. The more they lost, the more courageous they became. As a result, they changed from cards to various board games but they still couldn’t escape the disaster ending.

Among them, Huang Wen was the most miserable. He was repeatedly targeted by the king of the grand slam and lost with white notes covering his face, in contrast to his dark complexion.

Cui Yinan had previously gently dissuaded him from going back to get his mobile phone. Now in the midst of the laughter, he gloated and comforted Xiao Huang, “In fact, it can be regarded as a good thing.”

Huang Wen lifted two pieces of paper and looked at him with a pair of confused eyes. “What is good?”

Cui Yinan slapped his hand away and let the papers hang down again. “It prevents you from seeing what you shouldn’t see.”

“What shouldn’t be seen?”

“I don’t know.”

“…Then what nonsense are you saying?”

The last night of the holiday ended in a cheerful atmosphere.

Once again, the cat doll righteously refused to share a bed with the host.

It affected sleep quality.

In the name of basking in the moonlight to supplement vitamins, Ji Tong left the host and ran to the balcony alone. He turned into a blooming flower among the potted plants and released a faint heartbeat in the moonlight.

He could no longer sleep with the host as before.

How should he spend his sleep time later?

The petals stared sadly at the scenery outside the balcony.

Then he saw a couple hugging and kissing on a campus path late at night.

…How annoying.

The flower that turned pink quietly turned his back.

In the evening wind, the flower was red all night. When he woke up the next day, the completely cooled down Ji Tong returned to his state of indifference.

Get up, eat breakfast and go to the classroom together.

He was no different from usual but the host seemed a bit colder than before.

During the break between classes, Pei Qingyuan went to discuss a problem with the teacher. Then Ouyang Yu quietly turned around and said to Ji Tong, “Do you feel that God Pei’s body has awakened a new attribute?”

After experiencing the one-sided massacre of the entertainment events last night, Ouyang Yu’s title for Pei Qingyuan had been upgraded from Brother Pei to God Pei.

A person who learned well was a brother while a person who learned well and could play was a god.

Ji Tong asked curiously, “What attribute?”

“A type of attribute that carries a deep secret and endures as he moves forward.” Ouyang Yu tried to describe the feeling. “It is close to the feeling that a lover with an extraordinary background was taken away by a hidden family with eyes high in the sky, so he has to practice crazily and become stronger across class divides to get his lover back.”

Ji Tong put away his curiosity and was dumbfounded. “Did you read a bunch of fantasy novels during your vacation?”

“Can you see this?” Ouyang Yu was shocked. “Did Master Cui teach you? I also want to learn it.”

“Alas, I was originally going out to travel but I encountered a sudden rainstorm. I had to nest in the hotel to read novels and eat takeout. I was really depressed. If I had known, I would’ve stayed at home and learned things.”

Ouyang Yu chattered and Ji Tong was amused. His gaze inadvertently swept over Pei Qingyuan as he asked the teacher questions at the podium.

The host has always worked hard and it was even more so now.

He was also doing everything he could to help the host.

However, as a system that was constrained everywhere, there wasn’t as much he could do compared to the relatively free human host.

He couldn’t mention love to the host, he couldn’t mention the past when he was a human being, he couldn’t have a complete 24 hours a day like ordinary people and he couldn’t teach the host knowledge that was too far beyond the level of science and technology of this world.

He was limited by a variety of frameworks and rules.

Despite the greatest power and freedom in virtual data, he seemed to be locked in a transparent door in everyday real life.

Then the host gave him a key that shone like stars.

It was like another silent kiss.

What did the future look like after deviating from the plot?

Ji Tong didn’t know but he guessed it shouldn’t be bad.

After all, from the day he met the host, it was a story of trying to tame fate together.

The host had been a stubborn person since childhood and was unwilling to blindly obey.

He had already broken free from the fate of falling suddenly from a high place and having his situation turned upside down. Obviously, he wouldn’t obediently enter the designed relationship and future.

Before the bell rang for the next class, Pei Qingyuan returned to his seat and saw Ji Tong’s expression of deep thought. Then he saw Ji Tong looking him up and down with an inquiring expression.

…There was the feeling of imagining others through himself.

Pei Qingyuan was wary and asked in a low voice, “What are you thinking?”

Ji Tong blinked before reaching out to pinch his face. “I was thinking about how you looked like with baby fat. Would your face bulge in a very round manner?”

Pei Qingyuan: “……”



Pei Qingyuan resisted the urge to pinch his face and looked away. “It is time for class.”

This class was taught by an older professor and his speech wasn’t interesting. Ji Tong was drowsy when listening and simply started to study the upgraded version of the mahjong AI. Pei Qingyuan had fully mastered this basic knowledge and looked down at something else. He occasionally listened to the content of the old professor’s lecture.

Both of them were doing their own thing when Ouyang Yu suddenly turned around and knocked on their table.

“He is calling us.”

Ji Tong looked up blankly.

The professor didn’t have much contact with freshmen students. Once the class was finished, there were still a few minutes left in the class. Thus, he asked about the RS Cup, which was valued in the school. “I heard that a new team has been built in your class?”

Ouyang Yu, the class monitor and one of the team members, straightened his chest and tummy. “Yes, Teacher.”

“Young people are amazing.” The old professor asked kindly, “Which major event are you going to participate in?”

Ouyang Yu immediately looked at Pei Qingyuan, who was sitting behind him. Pei Qingyuan replied politely, “The life event, bionics.”

“That is a comprehensive event and the difficulty is high. Your courage is commendable. It is quite good.” The old professor laughed and encouraged him. “I hope you also do something interesting. The designs of previous years were quite repetitive and there was nothing new.”

Ouyang Yu was originally very happy to hear this but his expression suddenly froze.

The old professor continued, “Today, I just heard that a team from another major reported an idea to the teacher, saying they want to make a card playing robot that solves the problem of having three people and missing one in daily entertainment. No matter what the finished product is like, this idea is very interesting. Young people have imagination.”

Hearing him say this, the students laughed and thought it was funny.

Apart from Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan in the class, only Ouyang Yu in the team knew that they had started to make a mahjong robot last month to make up for missing one person.

Ouyang Yu looked back at his two teammates in a slightly bewildered manner.

Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan exchanged looks and the latter immediately thought of a possibility.

After class, Pei Qingyuan opened the group chat on his phone and sent Xie Yuchi a message.

[Pei Qingyuan: There is a team who wants to make a card playing robot. Have you heard of it?]

[Pei Qingyuan: Are there any members in their team who have been in contact with our team?]

Xie Yuchi replied quickly.

[Xie Yuchi: Yes, I just wanted to tell you about this.]

[Xie Yuchi: There is a guy in that team we didn’t complete the negotiations with before. He felt it was unreliable to have freshmen as the main force and that this would ruin the idea. It is this person who said it directly. Do you have any impression of him?]

[Xie Yuchi: It is none of his business if our ideas are ruined or not!]

[Xie Yuchi: I’m so annoyed by this group of followers. Don’t they have a brain?]

Xie Yuchi had won the RS Cup domestic championship twice. He was very famous among the students who followed this competition. It was regrettable that he turned down all the teams that invited him last year.

This time, they heard that he actually joined a team of two freshmen students. Many senior students took the initiative to talk to him and were also very interested in the idea.

There was Pei Qingyuan, the one who produced the jelly bean robot, and Xie Yuchi, a master of the school of materials. It was likely there would be no problem with the hardware of this robot. The key was to see how far the AI could be trained.

Since the captain was Pei Qingyuan, he insisted that Ji Tong be in charge of the AI part of the design. For this reason, many people chose to give up joining after unsuccessful protests.

Pei Qingyuan didn’t care about this trouble and Xie Yuchi didn’t like it either. It was a good thing not to waste time with these people who were full of prejudices and stereotypes.

Xie Yuchi had only been a freshman when he won the championship as the main force of the team.

They just hadn’t expected that there would be such a thing later.

[Pei Qingyuan: Let’s go eat first and have a meeting later.]

Full of displeasure, Xie Yuchi complained in the group. Ji Tong was chatting with him as he walked out of the classroom behind the host, ready to eat in the cafeteria.

He had just walked past Zhang Yun’s desk when this arrogant voice was heard as usual.

“A team is working on a card playing robot.” Zhang Yun mocked. “Meanwhile, you go to the mahjong club to play every day and always shout that you have three people and are missing one. Why don’t you build a mahjong robot?”

Ji Tong wasn’t very happy. He stopped the host who was about to speak and rarely took the initiative to refute this proud classmate who liked to preach.

“We started making a mahjong robot first and I’ve already made the first generation Ai.” Ji Tong’s tone was serious. “Having three people and missing one are obviously words used when playing mahjong. The only part about card playing games is that it is played by four people.”

Zhang Yun was stunned when he heard this.

He always thought that Ji Tong didn’t do anything when in the mahjong club every day and that he was just playing around without any ambition.

Ji Tong was afraid that the evidence wasn’t sufficient and added, “Moreover, there was a member of that team who wanted to come to our team before. In the end, it wasn’t successfully negotiated. However, he knew what we were doing and even saw the original AI.”

“F*k.” Before he could finish speaking, Zhang Yun blurted out, “What trash.”

Ji Tong looked shocked after hearing this curse word and Zhang Yun held his hedgehog head high, adding awkwardly, “I mean them.”


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