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DCBS: Chapter 109


Ji Tong was stunned for a few seconds before remembering that the host’s grandfather had two sons. The eldest son Pei Minghong was engaged in the financial industry in China and the other son was engaged in art abroad.

On the day when Pei Huaishan first went to the bakery to find the host, he said it would’ve been good if he hadn’t gone to his youngest son to recuperate. It was because Pei Qingyuan’s life history was concealed by Pei Qingyuan and dealt with without authorization. He didn’t know about it until he returned to China a few months later.

Due to the good habit of recording precious moments for the host and archiving at every turn, Ji Tong quickly dug out these words from the data.

The name of the host’s uncle was Siyou. His full name should be Pei Siyou.

It was a very standard style of high-frequency words for the name of male protagonists of crematorium worlds.

He had to say that it sounded quite handsome.

Of course, it was still inferior compared to President Ji.

Ji Tong thought of this and considering the fact that Pei Siyou, whom he never met before, drew the jelly bean robot so handsomely, Ji Tong praised him. “I remember. Uncle’s name is quite nice.”

Then the surrounding temperature dropped a bit subtly.

Pei Qingyuan’s tone was unclear. “Do you remember his name?”

He had the impression that Ji Tong only heard it once.

“Pei Siyou, right?” Ji Tong said proudly. “I have a good memory.”

It was indeed really good.

Huang Wen, who was playing with the jelly bean robot, shivered suddenly. He looked at Cui Yinan next to him with a puzzled expression. “Do you feel a bit cold? I didn’t turn on the air conditioner today.”

Cui Yinan finished sneezing and put on his coat. He cautiously suggested, “Let’s go buy the barbecue first.”

Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan on the opposite side seemed to be chatting in whispers but he smelled some type of breath before the storm.

Perhaps this was the instinct of a metaphysics master to protect himself.

Ji Tong had long been accustomed to the host’s cold air and didn’t feel anything. He just searched for Pei Siyou’s information and saw the photo of this uncle.

He had loose, curly hair, a slightly decadent beard and a natural, somewhat melancholy look. He wore a dark checked suit and it was obvious that he was an artist without even looking at his profession.

If he had to use Xie Yuchi’s words to describe him, this was an unruly temperament that could only be cultivated by a dozen scumbags.

Since Pei Siyou uploaded this graffiti on the host’s birthday and on the day the jelly bean robot was released, his relationship with the host when he used to stay in China should be good. He was at least closer to the host than his pair of ‘parents.’

Ji Tong tried to imagine the host, who had been cold since childhood, getting along with an uncle with such a scumbag temperament and couldn’t help smiling.

No, he should respect his elders.

He coughed lightly, controlled his expression and said seriously, “Uncle is quite handsome.”

“……” Pei Qingyuan caught the fleeting smile on his face and slightly emphasized. “He is already in his 30s.”

The setting of Ji Yanxing was 29 years old, which was one step away from 30 years old.

The faces of the handsome guys were all young.

Ji Tong was committed to defending President Ji’s brilliance and said casually, “Being in your 30s is still very young. Is Uncle married?”

He had no relatives and he didn’t mind having multiple uncles. It would be even better if his uncle had children at the cute and fun age.

Seeing He Xingxing today made him miss the time when he pretended to be a human child.

He wanted to play with children and see how the host got along with other children.

The moment this question exited, a sudden silence fell.

The host’s answer that came half a minute later smelled of danger, “No, he isn’t married.”

“He isn’t married?” Ji Tong sighed thoughtfully. “It is a pity.”

There were no children to play with.

…What was a pity?

In the extreme cold, Cui Yinan calmly dragged the bewildered Huang Wen out the door. “Let’s go buy food. Send us a message when the cake arrives.”

The door slammed shut and suddenly there were only the two of them left in the dormitory.

Ji Tong was looking at the photo when he noticed the host had suddenly quieted down. Thus, he turned to look at him and whispered, “Host?”

Pei Qingyuan didn’t speak.

Ji Tong could only blankly observe the very complicated expression of the person around him.

Was the host touched by the gift from his uncle?

However, the ingredients of these emotions seemed a bit mixed.

Why did it seem mixed with a trace of helplessness and anger?

Ji Tong thought wildly for a moment. He listened to the host’s breathing in his ears and suddenly felt a bit timid.

There was no one else present and he was so close to the host.

There was no official confession but the relationship between him and the host was completely like a couple.

After holding hands, what else did couples do?

To him, these were completely alien things.

Thinking of this, Ji Tong blushed inexplicably. He secretly moved to the side, avoiding the host’s oppressive aura at the moment.

Pei Qingyuan’s somber gaze gradually melted as the boy beside him shrank back.

He clearly saw his reflection in those clear eyes.

His thoughts became hazy and the already ambiguous distance became closer and closer in the sound of breathing at the same frequency.

This was until a phone rang suddenly.

The cake was delivered.

Five minutes later, downstairs in the dormitory, the delivery man brought out the cake and snacks from the car one by one. He carefully handed them to the two college students who came down to pick up the goods.

One of the lively boys thanked him with a smile. The other person also thanked him with a cold expression.

The delivery man rubbed his arms. He always felt a sense of resentment wrapped around him. He got into the car and left with a puzzled expression.

Wasn’t it said that the boys’ dormitory was full of yang energy?

On the way back to the bedroom with the cake, Ji Tong hid his inner shyness and pretended that nothing had happened.

He remembered the moment that was interrupted just now and his heart was filled with strange emotions. He always wanted to say something to the host, but he couldn’t find the right words when he opened his mouth.

He couldn’t call him host when other people were around and he was too embarrassed to call out ‘Brother.’

Thus, he whispered, “Ruan Ruan.”

Pei Qingyuan’s footsteps were slightly sluggish. He waited a few seconds after answering the call but didn’t hear a follow-up.

He looked sideways at Ji Tong and saw that the person around him turned his head. The thin chain embellished his white neck and the golden key was shining in the afterglow of the setting sun.

Between the hair blown by the wind, there was only a soft voice that set off layers of ripples in the heart in his lake.

“It’s nothing.”

Pei Qingyuan’s hand holding the cake box and snack box tightened quietly.

His system was very good at picking the timing.

They couldn’t even hold hands at this time.

In the corridor where people passed from time to time, Ji Tong counted the tiles on the wall like nothing had happened.

The corridor was filled with the residual heat of dusk, stretching out the two figures walking side by side.

Not long after returning to the bedroom, Cui Yinan and Huang Wen also came back with the barbecue and drinks. Ouyang Yu, who was the most familiar with this bedroom, was the first to hear the sound and helped clean up things to make room.

Since he was more familiar with Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan and since Xie Yuchi felt the team lacked a trustworthy member who was willing to handle chores, the active Ouyang Yu joined the RS Cup team and became the weakest member among them. He was ready to study hard and work hard. He strove to advance from doing odd jobs to doing real work as soon as possible.

He gave Pei Qingyuan his gift of a basketball. During the time when the other students hadn’t come, he chatted casually, “Brother Xie said that there is a senior learning god in our school who wants to join. Will he mainly do the AI part in the future?”

Pei Qingyuan shook his head. “No.”

In this way, no one could surpass Ji Tong’s ability in AI.

Ouyang Yu immediately looked at Ji Tong with an expression of admiration. “That’s great. I hope I can catch up with your current level by the time I graduate.”

Ji Tong stole a piece of chocolate made by He Shiwen and said euphemistically, “It might be a bit difficult.”

He was using a cheat.

Ouyang Yu followed closely and stuffed a piece of chocolate in his mouth with a sad expression. “Then I’ll try to catch up with the speed at which you consume calories first.”

Ji Tong ate as soon as it was the break and the way he ate was very infectious. This made him also hungry and he couldn’t help start bringing snacks with him.

Then he and his other classmates who couldn’t resist the temptation quickly gained weight. Meanwhile, the culprit Ji Tong didn’t change at all. He even sincerely praised them in a sincere tone that they looked blessed recently.

It pierced him in the heart.

He had to lose weight.

However, the cake and snacks today were delicious and the barbecue was even more fragrant.

…Let’s lose weight tomorrow.

Once the preparations were completed, other acquaintances came in one after another. At first, everyone was reserved. Then after seeing the various celebratory toys on the surface of the huge cake, their expressions collectively collapsed.

These gaudy toys didn’t really match today’s birthday star, Pei Qingyuan.

However, he actually assisted Ji Tong to put the lotus candle lamp on the cake.

Ji Tong might not be human.

He might be a humanoid virus.

Someone went to turn off the bedroom lights and Pei Qingyuan took the trouble to light all the toy candles. Amidst the music and laughter of the birthday song on TV, he looked at Ji Tong’s smiling face and made a wish.

Pei Qingyuan’s wish last year was to grow faster so that the system could stay in the world he liked longer.

This year’s wishes only needed a slight revision.

He hoped he could grow faster and keep the system he liked by his side forever.

Pei Qingyuan blew out the candle and the lights came back on.

The first piece of cut cake was distributed to Ji Tong.

The entire dormitory was filled with the sounds of talking and laughter.

It was just as lively as last year.

Once the cake and barbecue were almost all eaten, everyone started to gather together to play cards. They rested for a round and then ate. At the same time, they discussed how they would bully the birthday star together since Pei Qingyuan didn’t know how to play cards.

As a result, after a few rounds, everyone’s expressions became more and more frightened.

“Did Brother Pei memorize all the cards?”

“No, even if he can remember the cards that have been played, how can he guess the cards in my hand that haven’t been played so accurately? How did he know that the big king is with me?”

“Brother Pei, it is too wasteful for you to learn artificial intelligence. Why don’t you go specifically to play blackjack., It isn’t a dream for you to get rich overnight.”

At everyone’s bitter jokes, only Ji Tong laughed happily since he had refused to join the battlefield since the beginning. He had played cards with the host a long time ago.

The conclusion was to not fight next time.

After making a fuss for a while, Ouyang Yu remembered that Ji Tong had an extremely regular schedule and was about to go to bed, so he suggested going to his dormitory to continue playing. This way, it wouldn’t affect the other person’s sleep and they would live up to the precise end of the holiday.

Everyone immediately grabbed their things to transfer locations. They didn’t forget to tell Pei Qingyuan, who deliberately stayed at the end, to come quickly.

The bedroom was quiet again.

Of course, Pei Qingyuan wouldn’t leave immediately.

The fancy celebration toys became Ji Tong’s spoils. He washed off the cream staining the plastic with water and wiped them dry with paper towels.

The soft music wafted steadily from the blooming lotus candle. Ji Tong laughed while listening. “The Internet says it can play like this for a year. Is it true?”

Pei Qingyuan also saw this outdated celebratory toy for the first time. He looked at the serious expression of his system and replied, “Maybe.”

Hearing that it was a bit noisy at night, Ji Tong disassembled the inner core of the lotus candle and studied the circuits inside.

“Turn this wire temporarily and it won’t ring,” he said enthusiastically. “I will connect it when I need it.”

For example, use this strange method to wake everyone up.

The music stopped abruptly and only lights and moonlight remained in the room.

Ji Tong’s advanced form had five minutes left. According to the convention, it was time to wash and go to bed. Then he would secretly use the great camouflage technique to escape the shell.

He lowered his head and concentrated on placing the brand new celebration toys on his bookshelf, arranging them neatly.

The colorful and lively colors lit up the bookshelf. Tonight’s cake was delicious. Ji Tong remembered the creamy sweetness that remained between his lips and teeth and suddenly wanted to eat another piece.

He struggled for a second before deciding to discuss cutting another piece of cake with the host beside him. “Host, there is still time. Can you…”

The host would definitely agree to him.

As Ji Tong turned to excitedly face the host, his eyes widened.

Unknowingly, the distance between them was so close to each other.

There came a surging heat along with a hoarse, familiar voice.

“Yes, there is still time.”

The interrupted kiss fell at this moment.

It tasted like cream.


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