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DCBS: Chapter 105

The white porcelain bathtub was steaming. Hua Hua, who had wide eyes, straightened up and scratched the water with his cat’s paw to test the temperature.

He hadn’t recovered from the magic that had just happened in the living room.

Why could the owner change from a stupid human to a cute mushroom and make the mushroom change color?

It was amazing.

“Meow meow meow meow!” I want to turn pink too!

Just after Hua Hua finished meowing, the fluffy yellow duck toy instantly hit his butt with the love heart and made a quacking sound.

The cat looked back vigilantly and saw master number one with a hint of a smile in his puzzled expression while master number two dawdled at the door and didn’t dare to come in.

He saw another little yellow duck that hadn’t been hidden behind his second master.

Hua Hua snorted and retracted his gaze slyly.

Pei Qingyuan skillfully put the cat into the bathtub. He enjoyed the services of his first master. Then Hua HUa stretched out his paw toward his other master. Ji Tong could finally no longer escape and walked in slowly.

…It was just a bath.

So one person and one cat looked doubtfully at the young man sitting in a corner with a small stool.

“Aren’t you coming?” Pei Qingyuan asked him.

Ji Tong had turned back into a human form but he still inexplicably looked like a mushroom shrunk back into a corner of the wall.

Ji Tong whispered, “It is enough for one person to wash him. I will watch from the side.”

In any case, Hua Hua wasn’t a real cat and there wasn’t much to pay attention to. Just let him have fun in the water.

Pei Qingyuan didn’t mind but Hua Hua was very dissatisfied and patted the water with his paw.

“Meow meow meow meow!” Come and wash together!

There had to be a sense of ritual after not seeing each other for many days but this stupid human wasn’t cooperating.

Pei Qingyuan repeated honestly, “Hua Hua hopes you will come over.”

Ji Tong gritted his teeth and had to reluctantly move his stool over.

Hua Hua was finally satisfied. He sat in the bathtub. One paw touched his first owner and asked him to make bubbles while the other paw touched his second master, letting this person massage his fur. It was the posture of a ruler. Meanwhile, his tail was playing with the little yellow duck toy floating on the water.

Pei Qingyuan cooperated and used shower gel to make white foam. He started washing from Hua Hua’s outstretched cat paw and saw Hua Hua squinting comfortably.

Then he became a drowned cat.

In order to avoid physical contact with the host, Ji Tong simply took a handful of water to wash Hua Hua’s face. The fluffy fur on the cat’s face immediately became wet in clumps. It looked very funny.

Ji Tong tugged at the fur on his head and mocked him. “Ugly Hua Hua.”

Hua Hua immediately splashed the water with his free paw to fight back. One person and one cat made trouble and Pei Qingyuan, whose palms were full of foam, stopped his movements and watched silently.

“I remember you used to like to bathe Hua Hua very much.”

It was to the extent of forcibly carrying Hua Hua to the bathtub despite Hua Hua’s resistance.

Why did Ji Tong seem a bit resistant today?

In addition, Ji Tong hadn’t looked at him directly since walking into the bathroom.

Not too distant memories came to mind. It was linked to Ji Tong’s escaping appearance as a mushroom and Pei Qingyuan suddenly understood something.

Ji Tong once invited him to take a bath together.

“Are you shy?”

Ji Tong instantly stopped the fake action of using a fight with the cat to divert attention and vehemently denied it. “I’m not!”

He was.

Pei Qingyuan realized and the smile in his eyes couldn’t stop.

Ji Tong went to get the showerhead with a straight face and didn’t have the courage to turn to look at Pei Qingyuan at all. “…Don’t smile.”

“Yes.” Pei Qingyuan rarely lied. “I’m not smiling.”

Ji Tong pretended to be calm and turned on the faucet. A thin jet of water flowed out of the showerhead, ready to wash the culprit cat properly.

He could hear the host’s upward tone.

Hua Hua took advantage of when his two masters were talking and attacked with both paws in unison.

In the hot, steaming bathtub, the shower head turned around. The warm water was distorted and spilled onto his master outside the bathtub, wetting the thin fabric of his shirt in an instant.

Ji Tong’s head was full of wild thoughts and he was unprepared. The stool he was sitting on was very small. Pei Qingyuan reacted extremely quickly and reached out to grab him so that he didn’t fall.

In the chaos, the successful Hua Hua carried the little yellow duck and swam leisurely to the other side of the bathtub.

The cat had made great contributions.

The wet and soft touch of the foam fell on his arms. The inertia caused him to lean forward so Ji Tong was caught off guard and crashed into the warm embrace of the person around him. In the dim bathroom light, transparent bubbles floated up one after another and a rainbow-like light flashed on the surface.

The snow-white foam was like waves raised by clouds. The body temperature control he set in advance completely failed and the sound of his heartbeat came like a tide.

It was intertwined with another heartbeat, falling across his chest with the same frequency.

Pei Qingyuan, whose clothes were mostly wet, didn’t move. He looked down at the boy in his arms and time flowed away extremely quickly yet slowly. This was until Ji Tong hurriedly withdrew and went to catch the troublesome cat with a blushing face, breaking this silence.

“Hua Hua!!!”

At the shy and angry voice of his second master, Hua Hua lightly rubbed his face with his paws. Then he rubbed against the quacking little yellow duck with an innocent face.

It was just revenge for hitting his butt.

Alas, humans were so stingy.

The cat also wanted to turn pink.

In the evening, Hua Hua’s second master entered his room early and didn’t have any more conversations with the other two members of the family.

No matter how much Hua Hua rolled around on the bed, his master buried himself in the quilt and didn’t respond.

The scene in the bathroom was lingering in Ji Tong’s mind.

The running water, foam, light, heat and abs under the host’s translucent clothes.

Abdominal muscles.

When he used to pretend to be Xiao Mei, he often admired the host’s abs in an upright manner…

In this familiar environment, memories that hadn’t yet faded flooded in.

Ji Tong hid in the quilt with a pillow covering his head, trying a double seal. He wished that he would lose his memory in place.

The quilt on the bed bulged into a large, motionless bag like a pink mushroom.

Pei Qingyuan carefully picked up the noisy Hua Hua and tried not to alarm this mushroom that didn’t want to see people.

“Good night.”

The lights in the room went out and he gently helped Ji Tong close the door.

This was the umpteenth time Pei Qingyuan had said good night to the little robot who often imitated humans to sleep.

However, it was the most violent heartbeat.

During the long night, only the white cat slept peacefully in the den after taking a bath.

The bright moonlight outside the window was parked on the whiskers of the trembling cat.

There were also damp and misty dreams in the house.

The next morning, Pei Qingyuan woke up and saw a note on the bedside table.

[Good morning, a new day is here!]

He looked at the deliberately bold and free handwriting on the note and smiled in a dumbfounded manner.

Pei Qingyuan opened the door and saw Ji Tong, who rarely woke up early. He was cutting the nails for the numb Hua Hua while the room was full of brilliant daylight.

Seeing him coming, Ji Tong greeted him casually, “The weather is beautiful today.”

So the purpose of handing the note was to imply that he was pretending that nothing was happening yesterday. After all, it was a new day.

Pei Qingyuan nodded. “What do you want for breakfast?”

It didn’t matter.

In any case, they were going to watch the love movie that he had bought tickets for a few days in advance.

This was followed by a full week of vacation at home.

There was also a birthday spent together at the end of the holiday.

Maybe every day would be a brand new pink.

Ji Tong didn’t know what the host was thinking as he walked toward the kitchen. But when he peeked at the host’s expression, he found that the host was very cooperative. This made him quietly sigh with relief.

Eat, be in a daze, chat and tease the cat.

He had a seemingly ordinary day and it gradually became dark.

Ji Tong tried his best to pretend to be calm for a while. Finally, he couldn’t hold back as he was choosing clothes before going out.

This was his first time going to the movies with someone.

Or rather, it was watching a movie that was close to being a date.

He stayed in front of the wardrobe for a long time until it was almost too late. Then he hurriedly walked out of his room.

He was wearing the first set of clothes he tried on.

Pei Qingyuan, who had been waiting patiently, took the car keys and stood up. “You look very nice.”

Ji Tong used an emphatic tone. “I just took one casually.”


Pei Qingyuan glanced at the messy wardrobe in the room and the corners of his lips quietly curled up.

He had already learned how to fool Ji Tong about whether he was smiling or not.

Just keep his voice calm.

It was because his system probably didn’t dare to look at him at this time.

In the crowded movie theater, the fair-skinned teenager held a big bucket of popcorn while his companion held the drinks and movie tickets. They walked into the theater together with the flow of people.

There was a lot of conversation and laughter around them. There were couples everywhere, or people who might become couples.

After taking a seat, Ji Tong seemed to intently stare at the big screen in front of him.

…Why were the pre-movie advertisements and viewing instructions so boring that he couldn’t concentrate?

He couldn’t help imagining the look and mood of the people around him at this moment.

Pei Qingyuan was also distracted.

He remembered the photo he treasured on his birthday last year, the note that was placed next to the photo today and the birthday gift he planned to give in the future.

The aroma of popcorn permeated his spreading thoughts.

He looked back and saw that Ji Tong was like a robot. He grabbed the popcorn in the bucket at a constant speed, taking one bite at a time.

The scorched popcorn was quickly eaten.

The lights in the theater dimmed on time. The movie started to play, reflecting the eyes of the person around him as bright as the stars.

Thus, he couldn’t help taking away a piece of popcorn from Ji Tong’s arms.

On the screen of flowing light, a slightly sad love story was shown. The male and female protagonists gradually drifted away on the road to chase their dreams, only to suddenly reunite after years of regret.

Ji Tong thought while watching it. It turned out that people could really multitask.

As he watched the movie, he not only remembered that there were several couples whispering in the front row but also took the opportunity when drinking to secretly look at the host many times.

The host, who was cold and distant in the eyes of others, entered his eyes at this moment and looked soft and gentle.

The host should be watching the movie seriously. His hands rested casually on the armrest of the seats and hung down slightly, very close to Ji Tong.

Ji Tong stared blankly for a few seconds before looking at the screen again.

The originally sweet relationship between the protagonists gradually cooled. They accused each other of changes, from naive bravery to mature cowardice. They were on the verge of breaking up.

A moment later, Ji Tong’s eyes drifted to a place off the screen again.

He didn’t dare turn his head too much. He could only pretend to look down at the popcorn. The slender fingers that were familiar and unfamiliar in his peripheral vision were faintly illuminated by the light of the screen.

These hands had spent many nights creating a unique robot called Xiao Mei and they also silently held his palms.

Just like it was the first time he was so close and intimate with a person, these were obviously also the first time in the host’s life.

Ji Tong picked up a piece of popcorn and raised his head somewhat in a daze.

A thought gradually buzzed in his heart.

Pei Qingyuan felt the eyes that secretly looked at him. He suppressed it for a long time before finally moving his gaze to the person beside him when the heroine on the screen cried because of parting.

Many viewers shed tears at their empathetic regrets and soft sobs sounded around them from time to time.

He wanted to know if Ji Tong, who had cried because of the romantic comedy, would cry this time.

Pei Qingyuan had prepared paper towels in advance.

He would have a reasonable excuse if Ji Tong asked him why he was looking at Ji Tong.

He was very thoughtful.

This would prevent his timid system from being shy.

The heroine on the big screen walked into the dim room. The room was half empty and the light that shrouded the entire theater dimmed with it.

In the dim light, Pei Qingyuan saw Ji Tong staring directly at the screen in front of him. His eyes were still shining and there were no tears.

The empty room echoed with lost footsteps, one by one. In the soothing soundtrack, it seemed to be stepping on people’s hearts.

Pei Qingyuan waited apprehensively as the messy hair on the boy’s forehead was dyed transparent by the light.

In the silent darkness, the always cold body temperature took the initiative to climb up his fingertips for the first time.


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