DCBS: Chapter 104

Pei Qingyuan’s breath choked up when he heard this soft answer.

He connected the broken words together and a type of joyful speculation suddenly floated in his heart.

Ji Tong watched love movies all night.

Was he learning about this feeling that was alien to him?

At this heart-pounding imagination, a sound that disturbed the scene was suddenly heard.

“What love? Who is in love?”

Huang Wen, who was destined to have no luck in relationships, was highly alert to the word love. He pressed two alarm clocks in despair in bed before hearing this word and opening his bed curtain out of the desire to gossip.

“Which of the two of you found a girlfriend first?”

Cui Yinan came out of the bathroom and had little pity for his roommate. He kindly said, “There is no girlfriend. You are sleepy. Get up and go to the toilet quickly.”

Ji Tong spoke out at the same time, “I don’t have a girlfriend. I’m just talking about movies.”

The ambiguous atmosphere disappeared.

The autumn morning was very cool and Huang Wen even felt a bit cold.

He sneezed. “Oh, do you like watching movies? I see. Are you talking about the romance movie that will be released during the small long holiday?”

Ji Tong shook his head blankly. “That isn’t it.”

He paused and asked, “Is that movie you mentioned good?”

“It is said to be very good. The girls in our class want to see it.” Huang Wen sighed faintly. “It is a pity that it is too literary and isn’t suitable for me.”

“Obviously, they usually call me Xiao Huang affectionately. Then when I ask them if they want to go to the movies together, they start to call me Huang Gong and tell me not to force it.

Ji Tong was amused and looked at his dark and simple appearance.

Pei Qingyuan also stared silently at the roommate who attracted all the attention of the people around him.

Huang Wen, who had no sense of danger, sighed and said casually, “But the two of you should like this type of movie. You can watch it together. In any case, you are free during the holiday and they said it must look good.”

Ji Tong was stunned at this magical proposal. Then he took advantage of this relaxed atmosphere to look at the host again. He plucked up the courage to pretend to be casual, “Do you want to see it?”

Let’s go to watch the love movie together.

“Okay, I’ll buy a ticket.”

Pei Qingyuan didn’t give him a chance to regret it and acted very quickly.

The autumn morning suddenly wasn’t so cold again.

Huang Wen made a thrilling turn before the ghost gate.

Ji Tong got up first and went to wash up. Pei Qingyuan sat back in front of the computer, seemingly studying the upcoming love movie. Huang Wen still didn’t know what happened and waited in line to wash. He yawned and mourned despondently about his single fate.

Cui Yinan, who was about to leave for classes, passed by him and patted him on the shoulder lovingly. “You mind me of two famous sayings.”

“What famous sayings?” Huang Wen was curious. “Brothers walk together all their lives. The one who stops being single first is a dog?”

“Misfortune depends on blessings, blessings come from misfortune.” Cui Yinan ignored his rude words and walked slowly to the door. “Also, fortune favors fools.”

Huang Wen was dissatisfied. “Who are you calling a fool—”

In any case, he wasn’t the fool.

The teenager with a mouthful of toothpaste foam looked at himself in the mirror. He reached out to rub his somewhat hot cheeks and thought silently to himself.

He just took the initiative to invite the host to watch a movie together.

In high school, he and the host also stayed on the spacious balcony at home and watched movies a few times to relax. At that time, it was just watching movies and he held Hua Hua the whole time.

Now it sounded a lot like dating.

Thinking of this, Ji Tong specially went to look in the consciousness space. The Downtime Tomb was fine. It was white and very pure.

In order to prevent the mission panel from being suddenly revived, he built a detection device before burying the panel. If it showed signs of being stimulated and going back into operation, the beautiful, large dome would flash dangerously red to alert him.

There was a feeling of secretly engaging in early love behind the teacher’s back.

This was perhaps the most advanced anti-teacher device.

On the way to the cafeteria for breakfast together, Ji Tong looked casual. He chatted with the host as usual, as if the words this morning were just casual words.

The main reason was that he learned to be smart and set his skin temperature and heartbeat in advance to be calm.

This was the advantage of being a system.

Nearly a month had passed since the start of school. Most of the new students had adapted to campus life and initially established their own social network.

Along the way, many people greeted the two of them. Ji Tong responded to all of them with a smile while Pei Qingyuan nodded politely.

As the two most famous students majoring in artificial intelligence this year, Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan had completely opposite personalities. One was easy to get along with and interested in everything except learning. He was especially keen on participating in strange club activities. The other was a large refrigerator and wasn’t interested in anything but learning. He was especially keen on delving into robot competitions.

The two people formed such a stark contrast but their relationship was exceptionally close. This further expanded the popularity of the two first year students.

Various gossip also circulated.

After eating breakfast and walking into the classroom, someone immediately asked Ji Tong, “Ji Tong, does your club have any activities at night? Is there a shortage of people?”

The mahjong club had recently been at the forefront of the school’s trend. In a place where they could socialize with other clubs, meet famous school figures from time to time, get up close and personal with school leaders and ask a metaphysics master to predict tomorrow’s future, they could even play mahjong.

The president of the mahjong club, who had tasted the feeling of being neglected when recruiting new students at the start of school, now happily changed the profile of his Moments to the big words; No recruitment for the time being.

One’s fortunes can change over the years. Don’t bully the mahjong club for being poor.

“There should be no shortage of people. The enthusiasm of everyone to play in the club has been particularly high recently,” Ji Tong answered honestly. “But if you want to come and play, you can do it anytime.”

He was now the mascot of the club approved by the president and the only one with the privilege of bringing strangers to play in the club at any time.

At the same time, the attitude of the students in the class toward Ji Tong was much more cordial than when school started. He seemed like the group pet.

On the one hand, it was because of his character that people really wanted to get close to him.

On the other hand, the identity background that Ji Tong set for himself before entering school wasn’t a secret. At first, only the teachers and some senior students knew about it. Then with the talent he showed in various professional courses, the embarrassing life story gradually spread.

The overly close relationship between him and Pei Qingyuan originally attracted a lot of speculation. After all, it was rare for two boys to have such a good relationship. Cui Yinan and Ouyang Yu accidentally learned that the two of them had an ambiguous relationship but were quite tight-lipped and didn’t disclose it, nor did they generate strange thoughts.

This didn’t mean that other people didn’t see it.

“Are they in a relationship?”

“Two boys… it is strange. Won’t the impact be bad?”

This was until they heard that Ji Tong was actually a homeless boy taken in by Pei Qingyuan and his memory of the past was largely blank. Then these discussions suddenly subsided.

Most people were kind and went with the flow.

It was easy to be evoked by simply goodwill and concern and it was easy to be coerced by well-packaged malice.

At the very least, no one in the class was entangled in this problem any longer. They just took the initiative to take care of this special auditor more than in the past.

Ji Tong personally heard words of support from a girl in the class.

She took the initiative to yell at the bad-mouthed student in another class, “What’s wrong with a good relationship? If I meet someone who takes me in and takes care of me like that then forget coming to class together every day. Even marriage is nothing. Haven’t you heard of love over time? Isn’t our God Pei like the protagonist of that novel?”

Pei Qingyuan, who was standing beside Ji Tong at that time: “……”

He suddenly dreamed back to the high school days when people crazily made up things.

Ji Tong looked at his stiff expression and silently retreating movements and couldn’t stop smiling. He ignored the nonsense words about marriage.

The host’s discomfort in the face of praise had never disappeared.

Perhaps when he became a business elite who dealt with all types of people every day, he would still want to take a step back when he heard the praise of his subordinates and partners in meetings.

Or he would first start to expressionlessly release cold air to freeze others so they didn’t dare to speak.

Ji Tong couldn’t help imagining the future host.

The host was the best person in his mind to wear formal attire.

After setting out Ji Tong’s regular snacks between classes as usual, Pei Qingyuan looked up and saw that Ji Tong was looking at the sky outside the window.

“What are you smiling at?”

The young man, whose head was always full of strange thoughts, replied seriously, “I’m thinking about popcorn.”

Pei Qingyuan took five seconds to look around the consciousness space and found the popcorn bucket doll that was placed on the garden chair. He accurately restored the scene last night when Ji Tong held the doll and watched movies all night.

“Yes.” The corners of his lips curled up slightly. “I’ll buy it at the theaters next time.”

They were about to usher in a small long holiday.

After a day of classes, Ji Tong was ready to go to the mahjong club at night while designing an upgraded version of the mahjong AI in his mind.

He couldn’t directly take out an extremely smart AI. It was too easy to scare people. He had to lay the groundwork step by step.

Ji Tong made an appointment with the classmate who wanted to come to the mahjong club to play. He was just about to leave the classroom when he heard a slightly hateful voice, “Don’t play around too much.”

He turned around and saw Zhang Yun, who had a disapproving face.

After so many days of classes, Ji Tong’s talent in this profession was already well known but Zhang Yun still maintained the stubbornness that a hedgehog head should have.

“Since you have talent, you should use it well rather than wasting time in that type of club.”

Zhang Yun said in a condescending manner, “Aren’t you going to participate in next year’s RS Cup? Time is so precious. It is only right to prepare for the competition early. Why play around every day?”

Ji Tong was stunned and tried to imitate the host’s cold tone. “Oh.”

The camera was turned on, the camera was turned off.

The black history material +1.

Zhang Yun thought Ji Tong would explain something and didn’t expect to usher in a faint ‘oh.’ He choked up in place and watched Ji Tong leave.

Ji Tong decided to go back and chat with Xie Yuchi about scumbags. He wanted to urge Senior Xie to turn his hurt into fighting spirit, speed up the design progress of the mahjong robot and strive to surpass the achievements of his predecessor.

As for the host…

The host was advancing at an unexpected rate…

As a system, Ji Tong was very relieved. He felt that the day wasn’t far when he would win over the elementary school student when it came to the assessment score again.

As for the twists and turns in the host’s emotional line, he remembered the host’s serious tone when asking Xie Yuchi about bionic materials and always felt it was a bit creepy in his heart.

What if the host learned that he was actually human one day?

Would the host be angry with him? Would the host beat him?

Would the dead mission panel jump up from the Downtime Tomb to give him a warning?

Ji Tong silently shivered as he imagined the scene that was like a horror movie.

…Forget it, don’t think so much.

Just as before, live every day in front of him first.

The students who had been in school for a month ushered in their first holiday. Seven days wasn’t too long. Most of the students living in other provinces chose to stay on campus and some planned to travel together. Students who had homes in the province or city basically went home.

On the eve of the holiday, the road was already congested. Some parents in the city drove to the school gate to pick up people.

Among the colorful traffic, a low-key, black luxury car was particularly eye-catching.

A nearby car rolled down the window abruptly. A boy who just got into the car poked out his head to take a look. Then he turned his head toward the person in the car and said excitedly, “Dad, look, it is this car again!”

“The last time I saw it was the first day of school and today just happened to be a holiday…” The boy pondered on it. “Is it really the car of a student at our school? So awesome?”

The boy’s father smiled. “No, with such a good car, they would definitely drive it into the school to show off.”

The scenery outside the car window passed backward. Ji Tong didn’t look at the scenery with interest like when he sat in Xiao Hei for the first time, nor did he look up at the bright starry sky.

He grabbed his seat belt and pretended to look ahead calmly.

After a month of lively dormitory life, Ji Tong was inexplicably a bit nervous about returning to the state where the two of them were alone again.

Xiao Hei’s sound insulation was excellent. The car was very quiet and a faint scent of aromatherapy flowed, lingering with each other’s breathing.

Out of the corner of his eyes, the host’s hands on the steering wheel looked very nice.

The host often took the initiative to hold his hand.

It was an exceptionally warm touch.

They would go to the movies together tomorrow night.

Watching a love movie in a movie theater that was probably full of couples.

He really wanted to eat popcorn.

Ji Tong blinked and forcibly emptied his mind of the mess of weeds.

…Can’t think anymore x2.

Just wait until he arrived home.

At that time, he could summon the Hua Hua he hadn’t seen for many days. With Hua Hua making a fuss, he might not be so nervous.

Pei Qingyuan walked into the familiar unit building and used a key to open the door. Ji Tong couldn’t wait to call out Hua Hua.

The snow-white cat appeared in the living room, wagging his tail gracefully and raising his paw to greet his two owners.

“Meow meow meow!” I want to take a bath!

After all, he hadn’t come out for a few days. Even as an animal who didn’t like to bathe, Hua Hua wanted to feel refreshed. It would also create a sense of ritual reunion with his masters after a long absence.

Pei Qingyuan had no objection and walked to the bathroom to turn on the light.

Seeing that his master was so obedient, Hua Hua twisted his butt in satisfaction. The dazzling red love heart dangled in front of Ji Tong’s suddenly frozen eyes.

Speaking of taking a bath, a shameful memory rose in his mind.

“Ruan Ruan, we will go take a bath!”


At that time, he boldly told Pei Qingyuan that his and Hua Hua’s bodies must be different from ordinary humans and cats. He wanted to taste whether the water would fail or not, so he called the host to help them take a bath together.

Pei Qingyuan had thoughtfully said to wash the cat first.

Why did he want to test this type of thing?!

…The host probably didn’t remember this conversation, right?

It was over. He was even more nervous.

Pei Qingyuan was waiting for the bathtub to fill up when he heard the sudden silence in the living room and came out with a bit of surprise.

He didn’t find Ji Tong’s figure but saw a soft white mushroom growing on the sofa.

Hua Hua’s wagging tail had stopped in the air. He stretched out his cat’s paw with a shocked face and tentatively poked the mushroom that had appeared out of thin air.

The mushroom was motionless.

Pei Qingyuan didn’t know why but he felt a bit amused in his heart. He called out in a low voice, “Ji Tong, bring Hua Hua to the bathroom.”

The mushroom was still motionless.

But it slowly turned pink.


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