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DCBS: Chapter 103

Downtime Tomb.

It sounded very AI-like.

It was probably an attraction in the high-dimensional world where Ji Tong was before.

Pei Qingyuan silently noted down the name in his heart. He imagined the mysterious artificial intelligence world a bit more.

“It is pretty,” he honestly commented. “Can I go in and take a look?”

The moment Ji Tong, who was in the form of a small robot, heard this, he immediately dragged Pei Qingyuan in the opposite direction and lowered his voice. “No no, you can’t. You can’t speak loudly in front of it and you must remain solemn.”

He didn’t want to wake up the mission panel that was sleeping in the darkness.

Pei Qingyuan didn’t quite understand the reason for this, but out of awe of the unknown and thinking it was some special belief of an artificial intelligence from another world, he also lowered his voice, “Okay.”

The little robot secretly glanced at him and couldn’t help smiling when seeing his serious expression.

Pei Qingyuan looked at him. “What’s wrong?”

His tone was still cooperatively soft.

The host still didn’t know what he had mustered up the courage to bury in the Downtime Tomb.

Would he be happy if he knew?

How would the host react when he was happy?

Thinking of this, Ji Tong’s footsteps paused and he looked away casually. “It is nothing. I was just thinking that my hand when playing mahjong today is particularly good. I am having a lot of fun.”

Fortunately, he habitually appeared in the form of a robot.

Robots didn’t blush.

Only a human body would.

After ending the meeting with the host in the consciousness space, Ji Tong was woken up by the worried voices of the members of the mahjong club around him.

“Ji Tong, are you hot? Or do you have a fever?”

There were many sophomores and juniors in the mahjong club. Everyone took care of Ji Tong and they were all concerned when they saw him suddenly in a daze, his face abnormal.

His skin was white and it was particularly noticeable once he blushed. He looked like he had a high fever of 40 degrees.

Ji Tong’s mind returned and he quickly reached out a hand to cover his face. “It’s okay, it’s okay. I was just a bit excited when thinking about how beautiful the hand was just now.”

The members of the same table sighed with relief and joked, “Hurry up and do it again. Your temperature will start to cool after losing one round.”

Ji Tong lowered his head and obediently played.

The heat on his face had finally subsided when there was a series of greetings from the door.

“Great god, you are here.”

“Wow, there is another drink. Thank you, Junior!”

“Xiao Ji is at that table—”

Ji Tong looked up blankly and saw the tall boy walking in with a drinks bag. His gaze crossed the lively club activity venue and he looked straight at Ji Tong.

“I’m done working for now. I just came to take a look.” Pei Qingyuan walked up to him and explained with a side look. “You said you were having a lot of fun.”

The host’s breath and voice fell extremely close to his shoulder.

Ji Tong immediately fixed the temperature of his face to the standard body temperature, preventing it from turning red again.

In the next few rounds, his luck suddenly reached its peak. It was to the point where the mahjong friends he was competing with at the same table had to ask him if he had opened a cheat.

Unexpectedly, the host wasn’t only lucky when it came to the random rewards. His lucky attribute could also be transmitted to others through air.

“Is this the power of the blessing of a great god?” The senior who competed at the same table with Ji Tong was amazed and tried to poach the person. “Can you come to sit next to me once? I also want to make a big hand!”

Pei Qingyuan, who was always sitting next to Ji Tong, shook his head politely. “I’m sorry.”

The onlookers made meaningful tsking sounds.

Ji Tong held the milk tea brought by Pei Qingyuan and struggled hard with his facial temperature. He imitated Senior Xie’s zero-degree iceberg face in his heart.

This wasn’t the first time the host had watched him play mahjong, nor was it the first time the host brought drinks for everyone.

He didn’t feel anything about it before, but now something seemed different.

At the sweet taste of milk tea, Ji Tong heard a throbbing heartbeat.

He had to put a transparent glass cover over his mechanical heart to prevent the noisy sound from leaking into the quiet air.

Then Ji Tong started to concentrate on playing mahjong.

He was really attentive.

He absolutely didn’t use the built-in camera to secretly take photos of the host watching him play mahjong seriously.

It wasn’t the first time this scene with a harmonious atmosphere appeared and it seemed ordinary.

In the eyes of the other mahjong club members, they gradually perceived a mysterious, summoning magnetic field.

This freshman who recently joined the club was really amazing.

Not only could he call Pei Qingyuan, the legendary cold god of the school of artificial intelligence, but he could also often call all types of friends with different styles to fill the shortages at tables.

For example, there was Cui Yinan, a freshman in the school of physics with special skills. Every time he came, he could make people doubt the materialism of this world. He jumped repeatedly across the line between faith in science and metaphysics.

Over time, the mahjong club had an extra set of tarot cards and a shining bronze divination tortoise shell.

Members would line up to ask Cui Yinan to tell their fortune at the mahjong table.

For example, there were the friends Ji Tong met in the gardening club. This type of cross-community social activity was warmly welcomed by the single members of the mahjong club. Everyone’s skills in helping people to learn mahjong skyrocketed, making the novice mahjong players of the gardening club feel warm and enthusiastic in many ways.

Over time, several beautiful potted flowers appeared in the mahjong club for decoration.

Several romances were also developed. Thus, the confused Ji Tong received several thank you red envelopes.

For example, Song Shixing, a student from the school of finance. He privately loved all types of sports and was keen on socializing. He could be called a popular figure among the freshmen.

Competitive mahjong was barely considered a sport. Song Shixing had repeatedly invited Ji Tong to play volleyball but failed due to unknown resistance. Then in turn, he was tricked into the mahjong club to make up the numbers. Unfortunately, he had average card luck and skills and often lost. Thus, he always thought about winning it back in other places.

Over time, the mahjong club had several more sets of table soccer equipment.

Everyone sat and played for a long time. The table soccer was set up on the mahjong table and they stood up and moved around, kicking the soccer ball with their hands. In any case, the table was green and it could be seen as the same sport when rounding up.

A school leader was worried that the mahjong club might have a bad impact on the students and occasionally came for a quiet inspection. He saw that the activity room was full of various green potted plants and everyone was actually playing soccer on the mahjong table. Next to them, a student from the school of physics was rigorously instructing them on the best angle to hit the ball.

The serious leader suddenly felt a bit confused.

It was hard to find a healthier community activity than the trinity of athletics, academics and greenery.

What the school leader who silently left didn’t know was that there was also a student from the school of artificial intelligence who was monitoring the surrounding environment. Once it was safe, he gestured to everyone.

There was a burst of cheer in the activity room. Then the strings of toy people playing soccer got off work and it was the turn of the mahjong tiles to get to work.

In the mahjong club where the environment was becoming more and more beautiful and rich and the members were actively participating in club activities, the current president slowly developed an illusion.

This place shouldn’t be called a mahjong club. It should be called an innovative practice base for college students with new tricks every day.

Ji Tong shouldn’t be called Ji Tong. He should be called the great god trap.

It was because in addition to Ji Tong’s fellow freshmen, they also met more unexpected people in the club.

For example, Xie Yuchi, the all-round master of the school of materials who was famous in the school. He also came over to play mahjong a few times and observed everyone playing with interest despite his cold expression.

At present, it was still the preliminary preparation stage and they were afraid of colliding with other teams in terms of ideas or details. Thus, Ji Tong and the others hadn’t disclosed the idea of a mahjong robot to the public for the time being.

The members of the mahjong club knew that Ji Tong, Pei Qingyuan and Xie Yuchi seemed to be working on a robot project related to mahjong. They didn’t know the specific situation but they all promised to help keep it secret.

The shape of the mahjong robot was still in the design stage but the core AI could be trained first. Ji Tong first casually made a preliminary version that was comparable to the level of ordinary mahjong enthusiasts and demonstrated it to Xie Yuchi.

Once Xie Yuchi finished looking at it, he couldn’t wait to get down to business. He left only one sentence before leaving.

“You are much more powerful than that scumbag in the same profession as you!”

Ji Tong: “……”

Thank you, don’t mention scumbags again.

Xiao Jianping was very interested after seeing the elementary version from Pei Qingyuan. It was just that he couldn’t play mahjong and couldn’t accurately judge the level of the AI written by Ji Tong. Therefore, he ran to the mahjong club to learn while also recording the level of ordinary people playing mahjong.

In a trance, the members of the club taught this well-known top boss in the field of artificial intelligence how to play mahjong.

Every day with Ji Tong around was extremely dreamy.

The school leader came again for a secret attack.

This time, he saw Professor Xiao Jianping sitting among the club members and humbly asking to learn how to play mahjong.

He was frozen again.

Xiao Jianping was the first middle-aged non-staff member of the mahjong club and Deng Shu was the second.

A few days after the start of school, he came to send samples of the jelly bean robot to Pei Qingyuan. Now he had manufactured a batch of products in stock and started the advertising and publicity. He was preparing to officially put it on sale early next month.

Once Deng Shu learned that the two of them were recently working on a mahjong robot, he felt it was both novel and promising. When he came to talk about things, he specially visited the mahjong club to learn and chat with Xiao Jianping.

The traditional home appliance market was gradually becoming saturated and the living space was constantly being occupied by smart homes. He had to keep up with the pace of the times and try to transform and change.

The members of the mahjong club originally thought this was Ji Tong’s elder and taught him hard. Once the learning ended, Deng Shu sincerely expressed his gratitude. “I am considering opening a new production line to make smart mahjong tables. Do you have any needs or suggestions for equipment? Once the time comes, I would like to invite you to try it out for a fee.”

Everyone glanced at each other.

Someone vaguely remembered seeing this uncle in the local news before. They used their phones to check the name and learned that he was the owner of a large home appliance company. Many people’s air conditioners, refrigerators and other electrical appliances were owned by his company.

…So this really was an innovative practice base for college students dressed in the shell of a mahjong club?

Ignoring the shock of others and the disturbances of the outside world, Ji Tong concentrated on playing a small square with one white side and one green side.

He was immersed in a very small world.

Ever since secretly burying the mission panel in the sacred tomb, the once ordinary days had changed.

The heartbeat locked away under a transparent glass cover was always loud.

As Ji Tong sat next to Pei Qingyuan every day and listened to class, he was often worried that this drum-like sound would be heard by the host.

Of course not.

Still, he couldn’t help thinking this way.

What used to be clear rationality was full of dizzy uncertainty.

It was like the slowly flowing clouds in the sky.

It was no longer like an elephant but like a distant heart.

Ji Tong suddenly didn’t have the courage to count the host’s hair to fall asleep in a hypnotic manner.

He was just a fluffy cat doll but sharing a bed with the host wasn’t very suitable.

In the consciousness space late at night, the little robot that didn’t need to sleep sat at the round table in the fragrant garden. In the company of the beautiful Downtime Tomb and the romantic amusement park, he turned on the holographic projection screen to play a movie.

Tonight was a romantic comedy special.

Maybe this was a feeling that wasn’t too distant.

He stopped watching the Rainbow Life and Death Love and instead watched ‘My Robot Boyfriend’ and ‘The Big Deal with First Love.’

The flowing, flickering light fell on the little robot.

There was also a doll in the shape of a popcorn bucket in his arms.

The next morning Pei Qingyuan was waiting for Ji Tong to go to the cafeteria so they could eat breakfast together. He saw a messy head poking out of the bed curtain next door, his expression stunned.

Pei Qingyuan noticed his somewhat reddened eyes and thought something had happened. He immediately stood up and walked to the bed. He was about to open his mouth to ask when he heard a question full of confusion, “Why are comedies so tearful and moving?”

Ji Tong, who originally claimed that he didn’t want to sleep, watched a movie all night and seemed to cry.

A smile flashed in Pei Qingyuan’s eyes and he couldn’t help asking in a low voice, “What type of comedy did you watch?”

Under his close gaze, the boy looked away jerkily.



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