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DCBS: Chapter 101

Xie Yuchi, who was about to get up and leave, stopped his movements and got straight to the point. “Okay, which competition are you going to participate in? Or are you participating in several?”

“Two,” Pei Qingyuan answered calmly. “The humanoid group in the soccer event and the competition involving bionic materials in the life event. That is why I thought of inviting you.”

Then Ji Tong watched the host and Xie Yuchi talk about professional matters.

No, he still hadn’t figured out what happened.

Why did the host seem to have fully adapted?

Sensing Ji Tong’s blank gaze, Pei Qingyuan inwardly explained to him, “I asked Senior Qiao in advance who had invited him but failed. I wanted to find out what he valued so I made preparations in advance. The conclusion at that time was that there was no commonality and they each have their own outstanding strengths.”

“Now that I think about it, these captains might all be single. Senior Qiao said they are very focused on the game and dedicated.”

“Then why can’t they be single?”

“I don’t know.”

Xie Yuchi always had a cold face but he talked a lot, unlike Pei Qingyuan.

The moment Pei Qingyuan asked him what he thought about the competition, Xie Yuchi immediately talked endlessly. He seemed to have been holding back for a long time.

The image of a cold-faced chatterbox was rather odd but the table finally didn’t look like it was going to fight. The waiter quickly saw the opportunity to run over to deliver the menu.

Ji Tong listened blankly to the conversation between the host and Xie Yuchi. His curiosity grew stronger and stronger and he decided to give full play to his advantages to get closer to this strange senior.

Pei Qingyuan brought a computer to record the various thoughts generated during this meeting and communication. He could also show Xie Yuchi some of the preparations he had done before.

Once a topic ended, Pei Qingyuan revised his original idea on the computer, intending to let Xie Yuchi look at it later. Xie Yuchi, who had been talking for ten minutes without stopping, finally took a break and waited expressionlessly for the soda he had just ordered to be delivered.

He met the shining eyes of his other junior. “Senior Xie, is your sweatshirt a joint model between a foreign fashion brand and a comic?”

Xie Yuchi was stunned. “You know it?”

Ji Tong nodded. “Is it reversible? One side is a print of a black and white comic while the other side is a large orange band with a line of inconspicuous book titles, imitating the binding of that comic when it was first published. I haven’t read the comic but I have heard of this design.”

Of course, the other person didn’t know that Ji Tong had quietly used the search function in his brain.

The theme of this comic was relatively niche and the joint sweater wasn’t very famous. The comic itself had a group of loyal fans and Xie Yuchi was obviously one. It was estimated that he could use this to open up the topic with Xie Yuchi.

Hearing him say this, Xie Yuchi’s eyes softened. “This comic is quite good-looking. You can read it when you have time.”

“Yes,” Ji Tong responded. “The sweatshirt is also cool.”

“I bought several collections. If you read the comic and like it then I’ll give you one.” Xie Yuchi started chattering again. “I suggest you start with the prequel to the publication of the fourth volume. The story will be clearer…”

At the enthusiastic words of the senior, Ji Tong listened extremely carefully and nodded frequently.

Pei Qingyuan’s typing action stopped and he looked over silently.

The waiter brought three cups of drinks. It was coffee, soda and orange juice and the waiter placed them in front of the guests.

Xie Yuchi wore an orange sweatshirt and held the transparent sofa. He chattered intently with a cold face with the white-skinned boy holding orange juice.

It was very harmonious.

It was also very eye-catching.

The coffee cup collided with the cup holder, making a gentle sound. This was until Xie Yuchi suddenly sighed as he spoke.

“You will surely like this comic…” It wasn’t known what he remembered but his voice became gloomy. “You are the second person to recognize this sweatshirt as soon as we met. Unfortunately, you haven’t read the comic yet.”

Xie Yuchi’s eloquence in introducing the story was good. Ji Tong listened to it and asked smoothly when he heard this, “Who is the first one?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Xie Yuchi sneered again. “He is dead anyway.”

Ji Tong was taken aback.

He hadn’t experienced this type of conversation before. After a brief pause, he hung his head nervously and apologized. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked. My condolences.”

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

He looked back and silently motioned for the waiter to bring the menu again.

From Xie Yuchi’s rejection of other single captains after his first captain went abroad to his duplicitous character and this sudden resentment, he figured out the logic behind it.

Pei Qingyuan had a hunch that the chat content of this meeting wouldn’t be limited to the competition, nor would it end too quickly.

He turned the menu to the dessert page. He handed it to the two of them and explained to Ji Tong in his heart, “It shouldn’t be dead in the traditional sense.”

Xie Yuchi was amused by Ji Tong’s honest reaction. The iceberg face that hadn’t changed the whole time was briefly broken and he sighed emotionally, “I haven’t laughed in a long time. It is really the right choice to meet with you.”

“He isn’t really dead. There is no need to mourn. It is…” He didn’t know how to describe it so he couldn’t help asking, “Is this your first time in love? You haven’t met a trash ex before?”

Pei Qingyuan responded for Ji Tong, “Yes.”

Ji Tong was restrained by Xie Yuchi’s weird request for a team selection and didn’t dare refute it. He had to pretend to be a couple with the host first.

“It is good.” Xie Yuchi gave Pei Qingyuan a vague look. “Don’t be a scumbag.”


The atmosphere was strangely silent for a long time before Ji Tong came to his senses.

Senior Xie seemed to be hurt by love.

But in this case, shouldn’t he not want to get along with a couple who showed affection every day?

Xie Yuchi took the initiative to say, “Are you surprised by my initial reaction of refusing if the two of you aren’t a couple?”

Ji Tong immediately nodded. “Yes.”

The dessert was served in time and Pei Qingyuan was ready to listen to the gossip.

“You probably haven’t had this experience yet.” Xie Yuchi thought about it and described it with some emotion. “The whole team worked hard for the competition for a whole year, got along day and night, rejoiced in the progress together, witnessed each other’s hard work and gradually realized how good the other person is. It is an extraordinarily close atmosphere.”

Following his words, Ji Tong couldn’t help thinking of the year when he accompanied the host through the third year of high school. He couldn’t help nodding in deep understanding.

However, Xie Yuchi’s next words froze him.

“It is easy to fall in love with each other,” he said coldly. “Especially when the other person is particularly proactive.”

Ji Tong: “……”

He felt that the host beside him seemed to glance at him slightly.

Pei Qingyuan succinctly agreed. “That’s right.”

“Huh? You think so too?” Xie Yuchi was energized. “I thought we were alike.”

He continued to chatter with an expressionless face, “I didn’t think I would like boys at all. I joined the team in my freshman year because I wanted to participate in a competition and win the championship. At that time, I only thought that the captain was very smart and attractive. I naturally admire people with high IQs.”

“His EQ is also high. He always praises people and the praise is filled with sincerity. Who doesn’t like being praised? He also likes the same comic, has the same hobby and always takes me to eat delicious food around the school. He also gives me small gifts from time to time, such as dolls caught in the claw machine and succulent potted plants raised by him.”

Ji Tong’s fingers holding the glass started to tremble.

Pei Qingyuan silently glanced at the young man next to him whose head was hanging in shame.

Xie Yuchi condemned the person with a straight face, “At that time, my bedroom was full of these things. I faced them every day and remembered the other person’s particularly smart and shining moments. Who wouldn’t be moved? Is this really the case between ordinary friends? He wasn’t in a relationship and didn’t treat other friends like this.”

“Probably not,” Pei Qingyuan calmly answered.

“Yes. Obviously, he is the one who started it first but it finally became me chasing him.” Xie Yuchi started to complain. “It is nothing. It doesn’t matter who chases whom as long as we get along well.”

“We won two championships in a row and I was already planning to start a business together in the future. Then he suddenly started to distance himself from me, saying there is no future between two boys and showing me some love stories that ended badly.”

This was a familiar operation.

Pei Qingyuan coughed lightly.

Filled with a guilty conscience, Ji Tong covered half his face with his hands. He tried to hypnotize himself and pretend that he was just a simulated wax figure that couldn’t understand human language.

“Later, I learned that he was about to go abroad and I was actually kept in the dark about such an important matter.”

Speaking of this, Xie Yuchi sighed and said angrily, “What a scumbag.”

The wax figure Ji Tong felt that he was scolded fiercely.

He tried to comfort the senior in front of him who had gone through a terrible experience and pushed over the dessert pudding that was on a small porcelain plate. “Senior, don’t be sad. Everything is over and you will meet better people in the future.”

“I’m not sad,” Xie Yuchi had a cold expression. “I just don’t want to smile any longer.”

Ji Tong stopped moving stiffly.

…Should he really turn into a wax figure?

It was over.

He even started to imagine that the host would never smile again.

Xie Yuchi ate the pudding while giving a concluding statement, “So back to the question at the beginning. As an intellectual with a relatively high moral line, a person with a partner is just a piece of humanoid wood in my eyes and they have lost their charm as human beings.”

“I plan to die alone but I’m afraid that reason can’t overcome instinct. Therefore, it is most suitable to cooperate with a couple. It is my last year of an undergraduate course and I will fight with you.”

Before continuing to talk about business, he said sincerely, “I appreciate the two of you very much. We had a good chat today and I hope that the cooperation in the future will be equally enjoyable.”

Pei Qingyuan also expressed his gratitude from the bottom of his heart. “Me too. Thank you, Senior.”

In the midst of his despair, Ji Tong heard a ding-dong sound.

The initial mission of ‘facilitating the host and Xie Yuchi meeting and appreciating each other’ had been completed.

It was just that there was obviously something wrong with their mutual appreciation.

There was a discussion about the details of the robot competition in his ears. Ji Tong looked dumbfounded for a while and it took him a long time to pluck up the courage to take a look at the mission panel.

The initial mission was completed. Would the next mission appear?

The initial mission could only succeed, not fail. So even if it was completed, there was no reward. Under Ji Tong’s gaze and confirmation, the interface for the mission completion disappeared. It seemed like new text content would appear.

It seemed like the next stage of the emotional line mission would be directly started.

Ji Tong looked nervously at the loading signal displayed in the center of the interface.

The small circle kept spinning and he waited with bated breath.

However, the little circle kept spinning until he was almost suffocated.

Ji Tong took a deep breath. He reached out to poke at the screen and looked at the unresponsive mission panel in shock.

…The mission panel actually got stuck.


  1. Face-con says:

    I do not know whether the senior met a scumbag or cliche routine

  2. M&M's says:

    I feel bad that Xie Yuchi had such a terrible experience, but it’s just so funny that his love interest’s actions are so similar to Ji Tong’s that Pei Qingyuan can easily relate and understand his senior’s process of falling in love. It’s just odd that a person who had such an experience would be the plot-intended love interest of Pei Qingyuan because he’s definitely nothing like a warm character. It’s even odder and more ironic that both of them fell in love the same way, lol.

    Thanks for an interesting chapter! 😀

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