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CEFYMA: Chapter 94

There was a huge smashing sound from the top floor of Xiuming’s office building.

You Jiyuan stood behind the desk and angrily swept away all the documents on the desk. Even the office computer in front of him was smashed by him.

You Jiyuan gasped and looked at the two staff members in front of him. He roared loudly again, “How can there be no clue about such a big thing? JL withdrew all its investment. Didn’t they say anything to you in advance?”

“What are they dissatisfied with?” You Jiyuan shouted.

The veins bulged on the side of You Jiyuan’s neck. His long-standing hot temper didn’t calm down as he entered old age, but intensified.

You Jiyuan became more and more unable to control his temper. He would smash and scold others if he was slightly unsatisfied.

This bad temper was actually worse than when he was middle-aged.

The two staff members standing in the office looked at each other and thought to themselves, ‘Didn’t Bai Lin also participate in that romance variety show? Why doesn’t You Jiyuan know about the relationship between Pei Huaiji and You Mian?’

But they didn’t dare to ask these questions out loud. They could only lower their heads and passively accept the scolding.

JL wanted to withdraw its investment. How could they stop it, let alone have the ability to do so?

Instead of questioning them, it was better for him to go home and ask his precious son.

You Jiyuan was so angry that he opened the drawer and took a quick-acting heart-saving pill.

“Check! Check it for me!” You Jiyuan pointed to them and shouted. “Why did JL withdraw its capital? Give me a reason! Otherwise, pack up and get out of here!”

Seeing that their jobs were in jeopardy, the two staff members immediately stopped hiding it and said, “Chairman You, perhaps Bai Lin knows more about this matter than we do.”

The moment he heard Bai Lin’s name being mentioned again, You Jiyuan subconsciously wondered if Bai Lin had caused more trouble. He tried his best to keep his expression from distorting and immediately called home.

Bai Peilan answered quickly.

You Jiyuan’s tone was cold. “Is Bai Lin at home? You didn’t let him run out again, did you?”

Bai Peilan looked haggard from the exhaustion of the past few days. Now that she heard You Jiyuan’s tone, she couldn’t help feeling a bit cold. “Here he is. He is sleeping in the room.”

You Jiyuan snorted. “Ask him if he has provoked JL’s senior management.”

Bai Peilan’s heart tightened when she heard the word JL. She already knew about JL’s withdrawal of capital from Xiuming. Now that Xiuming’s stock price had been falling, the building would probably collapse if JL withdrew its capital.

“What does it have to do with Xiao Lin?” Bai Peilan asked with a frown.

You Jiyuan urged her impatiently. “Just ask. Why is there so much nonsense?”

Bai Peilan pursed her lips, but she couldn’t continue to refute it. She could only wrap her shawl around herself and walk upstairs.

As expected, Bai Lin was huddled in bed without moving. He had been frightened one after another in the past two days and was still shivering uncontrollably.

Once Bai Peilan put the phone to Bai Lin’s ear, he was so frightened that he trembled for a moment.

“What are you scared of?” Bai Peilan snorted in anger.

You Jiyuan’s voice sounded in Bai Lin’s ear. “Xiao Lin, do you know what the relationship is between JL’s Chairman Pei and You Mian?”

The moment Bai Lin heard JL and Chairman Pei, he couldn’t hide the anger in his eyes.

But this anger had no confidence. It was quickly covered up by his trembling and cowardly appearance.

“Dad, don’t you know?” Bai Lin’s voice was weak and pitiful. “JL’s Chairman Pei participated in the romance variety show with me.”

“He likes You Mian quite a lot.”

You Jiyuan was suddenly stunned and asked quickly, “What do you mean?”

The viciousness in Bai Lin’s eyes was hard to hide. He actually felt a bit happy when he heard You Jiyuan’s frightened voice at this moment.

In any case, Xiuming couldn’t go bankrupt. Bai Lin decided to add fuel to the matter and said, “He likes You Mian so much that he is probably venting his anger for You Mian.”

The moment these words came out, both You Jiyuan on the other end of the phone and Bai Peilan sitting next to Bai Lin were shocked.

“What did you say?” Bai Peilan grabbed Bai Lin’s shoulders and glared. “Are you talking about that Pei Huaiji?”

Bai Lin lowered his eyes and nodded. “That’s him.”

The moment You Jiyuan put down his phone, the only thing he could think of was, ‘It’s finished.’

He raised his hand and slapped the desk hard, yelling at the top of his lungs, “Why didn’t you tell us such an important thing?”

Bai Peilan also immediately got up and wanted to contact Wanhua’s finances. She prepared to clearly calculate the funding that was involved with Xiuming.

In this situation, every bit that could be saved was good.

Bai Lin’s voice was hoarse, with a strong and sickly nasal sound.

“Mom, Dad, haven’t you seen the variety show I recorded?”

Bai Lin smiled bitterly. “Even if you just watch the trailer, you will know that there is someone from JL among the guests on the show.”

Bai Peilan was busy contacting the accountant and had no time to answer Bai Lin. However, You Jiyuan, who hung up a long time ago, suddenly thought of something and pointed at the subordinate opposite him.

He asked with wide eyes, “Go and check whether the promotional activities that JL contacted us about before are real or fake!”

This cooperation wasn’t big. At best, it could be regarded as a public welfare activity to promote Huajiang City.

Therefore, You Jiyuan hadn’t paid much attention to it. He only heard that the people at JL seemed to be interested in the amount of funds and the history of the family since the founding of Xiuming.

You Jiyuan also couldn’t release the suffocation in his chest.

If they really discovered something…

It was over, all over!

Huajiang’s city center.

After Chairman Pei spent millions to transform the warehouse into a sculpture room with top-notch equipment, he also had iron and steel materials that could fill more than half the warehouse brought in.

No sculpture professional could refuse such a sculpture room. You Mian was no exception.

So when everyone except Pei Huaiji walked out, You Mian walked on the steps and climbed the elevated structure.

He was about to touch the ceiling of the warehouse when a strong creative impulse was ignited in his heart.

The designs he dreamed up in front of Pei Huaiji last night weren’t all wild fantasies. A lot of You Mian’s true thoughts were revealed through the influence of alcohol.

So standing here at this moment, You Mian seemed to see the moment after his work was created.

It should be a work that was extremely tall and huge, so huge that people couldn’t help being amazed the first second they saw it.

It represented new life and adventure.

The difficulty of creating a work that exceeded two meters in height would be more than one level higher than that of ordinary small sculptures, let alone the seven meter high sculpture that You Mian now wanted to make.

‘All Things’ was a small iron sculpture that was no more than 70 centimeters in height. ‘Mother’s Love’ was slightly larger, but it was only over one meter tall.

But You Mian now wasn’t satisfied with these timid creations.

Rebirth was like a theme tailor-made for him. His hesitation, helplessness, resentment, relief, love…

You Mian had to carve it all out.

Pei Huaiji stood on the ground and looked up at You Mian, who almost reached the ceiling lamp.

The side of the young man’s face was tilted upward. The light and shadow reflected on the bridge of his nose. His gaze was so determined that nothing could stop him.

If Vivian was still standing here, she would definitely be able to clearly see the admiration and love shining in the eyes of Pei Huaiji, who was always calm, rational and ruthless.

This intense expression, mixed with many complex emotions, made Pei Huaiji, who was always cold, feel humane.

Pei Huaiji looked up gently and quietly watched You Mian.

Pei Huaiji knew very well that You Mian was an indomitable person. All he could do now was stand behind the other person with an absolutely strong attitude, support the other person, and provide the other person with a safer environment than anywhere else.

Pei Huaiji was sitting on a long-distance flight to a foreign country when he had seen the video posted publicly by You Mian. For the first time in his 30 years of life, he strongly felt the emotion of fear.

Pei Huaiji hadn’t expected that he would save You Mian’s work by mistake. He could also truly see how vicious the You family was.

A trace of cruelty flashed through Pei Huaiji’s eyes, making the man’s aura become cold for a moment.

But he quickly restrained himself and hid the deep thoughts that couldn’t be revealed under his cold exterior.

Pei Huaiji held the elevated frame, raised his head and asked softly, “Is the angle suitable?”

Hearing this sound, You Mian turned around and descended slowly. There was a bright smile on his face and he looked refreshed and carefree.

“It is very appropriate. Thank you,” You Mian said. “How can I repay you?”

After waking up, You Mian no longer had the fragility of drunkenness. He was so high-spirited that Pei Huaiji couldn’t help falling in love with him again.

Pei Huaiji lowered his eyes and looked at You Mian. After a pause of half a second, he said hoarsely, “If possible, my mother would like the draft picture of Mother’s Love that you created.”

You Mian was startled. “Auntie wants it?”

Pei Huaiji nodded. “Didn’t you say before that the theme of ‘Mother’s Love’ was created with her in mind and had me convey your thanks to her? She was very happy when she heard it.”

You Mian smiled with crooked eyebrows. His voice was clear and soft. “Chairman Pei, are you sure you want to exchange this draft drawing for such a large sculpture room?”

The young man stood in front of him. The gentle words he spoke ruthlessly stirred up Pei Huaiji’s nerve endings.

You Mian’s tone seemed to be saying, ‘Chairman Pei, you have lost money. You should order something else.’

Pei Huaiji’s jaw was sharp. As his dark eyes looked at You Mian, he no longer deliberately restrained those possessive desires that were so strong that they were alluring.

The thought he was about to stir up was about to turn into reality. Pei Huaiji thought that You Mian would be at least surprised, but the other person’s expression didn’t change at all. Instead, his smile became even deeper.

You Mian tilted his head and asked, “Chairman Pei?”

Pei Huaiji laughed hoarsely. “I just want the draft drawing.”

You Mian raised an eyebrow. “Okay.”

You Mian’s tone was relaxed and normal. It was as if he would’ve easily agreed if Pei Huaiji had asked for something else.

Some thoughts rushed into Pei Huaiji’s mind, making him tremble a bit.

Pei Huaiji’s Adam’s apple moved slightly, and his voice was deep.

“Then I won’t bother you any longer.”

This dignified man, who was always soft-contained and orderly, still had meticulous black hair when he lowered his head. His straight shoulder line stretched out in a very domineering manner. He walked out of the venue with a straight back. His eyes only twitched fiercely when he heard the warehouse door close behind him.

Pei Huaiji raised a hand to pinch the bridge of his nose. The back of his hand returned red from fierce emotions.

Vivian was waiting outside the warehouse. The moment she saw Pei Huaiji, she came up to him and immediately reminded him of the entire day’s schedule as usual.

Pei Huaiji listened without changing his expression. As he walked toward the JL Building not far away, he took a pair of leather gloves and put them on. His thick eyebrows showed a restrained ruthlessness.


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