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CEFYMA: Chapter 93

The topics related to this incident gradually dropped from one to five. Finally, the position stopped in the dozens.

The noisy and chaotic melon-eating drama finally seemed to be coming to an end.

[Those who want to quarrel should go elsewhere. Those who want to eat melons can go to Station D to search for Liu Hao. He has the whole story.]

[Those who curse have been pushed down. The comments are now comfortable to read.]

[I feel sorry for Mianmian.]

[Ahh, Mianmian. I really want to watch the next episode of the show soon! When will it be aired?]

[The third episode of the show should have a lot of interactions. The number of people in the ‘cultivating cotton’ super talk is almost over 100,000.]

[Woo woo woo, these sisters have very strict mouths and refuse to reveal a word. But one of them posted a full body photo of Mianmian. He seemed to be skiing.]

[D*mn, can I see the handsome Brother Mian again? I’m looking forward to it!]

[It is said that he was very cool and handsome!]

[Director Hong Sheng responded to a comment on Weibo. He said that the final confession day will be streamed live! This should prove that the third episode will be released soon.]

[Cotton workers will never admit defeat!]

[I am crying to death. Brother Yun specially supported Mianmian on Weibo and Guan Tong also posted.]

[If you want to talk about support, JL was the first to send it.]

[Will Chairman Pei be especially cold in this situation?]

[…Things in the business world are complicated. It is better not to speculate on such things. JL and Xiuming still have a lot of cooperation. Didn’t Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi also not speak out? It is because the Yan family is very close to the You family and Huo Yanzhi also knows the chairman of Xiuming. It isn’t easy for them to come forward in this type of incident.]

The comments and replies on the forum post paused for 30 minutes. Then it suddenly started to get heated again.

[F*k, f*k,! JL has withdrawn its investment from the originally scheduled Xiuming winter exhibition!]

[?? No way. Really?]

[I was just shopping at Yitie Station. I saw with my own eyes that the JL store removed all the Xiuming co-branded jackets and display boards! They have all been taken down!]

[Yitie? Isn’t that the commercial center of Huajiang City?]

[Report! I just got off the subway. All the advertisements placed by JL have been withdrawn.]

[Hahaha, I am laughing so much. This couple is about a timely slap in the face.]

[I’m going crazy. I love you so much, Chairman Pei.]

[How much is the loss in this wave?]

[Their legal team isn’t weak. Not to mention, does the investor need to pay compensation when withdrawing his capital?]

[It might be very out of place, but I would like to say that Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi also posted on Weibo just now to take sides…]

[Who are they siding with?]

[They sided with Mianmian.]

[I don’t want a dog who comes late.]

[The one who comes later is cheaper than grass (sorry, grass).]

[I really don’t want to see these two people anymore, especially after learning about the grievances of the You family. I don’t want to see them any longer. Can they quit the show?]

[Get lost.]

In addition to the viewers of Matching Heartbeat, there were also many melon-eating passersby who had been paying attention to the end of this matter.

Therefore, even though the You family and Bai Lin’s management company tried to control the direction of public opinion, it still had little effect.

The impact of the recording and video sent by You Mian was too great.

Xiuming’s stock price lost hundreds of millions overnight. Even other artists under Bai Lin’s company were affected.

The agent Mu Ze was so busy that he coldly threw a termination control to Bai Lin. He also demanded a high amount of compensation.

The cancellation of the results of the Star Cup was still okay, but once it involved Chai Tao’s criminal case, Mu Ze was helpless no matter how brilliant his public relation methods were.

What’s more, public opinion on the Internet was now all toward You Mian. Bai Lin was at the end of his strength. Mu Ze also knew how stupid Bai Lin was, so he immediately cut off ties with the You family.

At the same time that the management company issued a statement on the termination of their contract with Bai Lin, the third episode of Matching Heartbeat was supposed to air today. However, the show posted a message stating that Bai Lin’s scenes would be re-edited and the broadcast would be postponed for three days.

All the trolls from the You family and the company were withdrawn. For a time, apart from the laughter and the ridicule, there were very few people speaking for Bai Lin on the Internet.

The streets were bustling with people. The bustling traffic clearly showed that this was the center of Huajiang City.

In this city center building where every inch of land was worth a premium, Pei Huaiji specially vacated a huge warehouse with a ceiling height of seven meters. He asked Vivian to send people to move all the tools from the sculpture room in the JL Building to this place.

The warehouse was so spacious that they could hear the echoes of the worker’s voices. The air conditioning was always on. The temperature was kept at the most comfortable temperature of 20 degrees. The newly installed light strips above their heads were bright enough to illuminate the entire space.

As Vivian directed the workers to move the giant sculpture table, she couldn’t help asking curiously, “Chairman Pei, is it because the previous sculpture room was too small for You Mian?”

Vivian always paid attention to online developments, so she knew that You Mian had successfully entered the finals of the Star Cup.

Vivian had been very fond of You Mian since watching the first episode of Matching Heartbeat. Before the recording of the third episode, You Mian stayed in the JL sculpture studio for half a month, and his relationship with Vivian became very good.

She admired You Mian’s sculptural ability and personality very much. He never deliberately got close to her and was always polite and courteous. This gave a person like Vivian, who was tired from dealing with interpersonal situations, a rare space to rest.

Pei Huaiji stood in front of the giant plastic platform that was about to reach his height, as cold and solemn as ever. He had a strong aura.

The man’s suit framed his broad shoulders. His exquisitely ironed trouser legs slid straight down a few centimeters above the leather shoes. The long black coat made Pei Huaiji look even more noble, and a dark blue tie hung on his chest. His jaw was sharp, his dark eyes were focused, and his tone continued with no hesitation when he spoke.


Pei Huaiji’s voice changed, and his eyebrows sank. “Has the cooperation with Xiuming been terminated?”

Vivian immediately withdrew from her chatting state. She returned to a professional attitude and nodded. “Yes, Chairman Pei. It has all stopped.”

Once Vivian finished speaking, she seemed to have thought of something. There were a few seconds of hesitation before she replied, “Only the team that contacted Xiuming on the grounds of promoting Huajiang City hasn’t been withdrawn yet.”

Pei Huaiji’s eyes didn’t change at all. He said calmly, “This isn’t urgent.”

“Yes, Chairman Pei.”

Once the workers finished installing the plastic tables and lamp posts and stepped off the elevated structure. Pei Huaiji took a step forward, and his suit trouser legs rustled.

Pei Huaiji stood in front of the elevated platform and gently pushed it. Then he asked, “Safety must be guaranteed.”

The worker smiled innocently. “Don’t worry, Boss. We have checked it again and again. There must be nothing wrong.”

The giant plastic table needed to be specially customized and must be used with great care.

Just as the workers were leaving with their tools, Pei Huaiji personally checked again. Then the huge warehouse was opened by remote control. He saw the young man wearing a black sweatshirt and headset, walking in leisurely.

You Mian’s eyes were smiling and he seemed to be talking to the voice in the headset.

“Don’t talk about that. Have you received the draft I wrote for you? I sent it to you by email,” You Mian said to Qu Miao.

The girl on the other end of the phone, Qu Miao, had been anxious all night. It was said that she opened three or four side accounts and scolded the people who had been scolding him all night long. Now she was drowsy with dark circles under her eyes.

Qu Miao yawned in a tired manner. “Thank you, Brother. I haven’t opened it yet. I believe in your skills.”

You Mian said, “I won’t change the expiration date for you.”

Qu Miao suddenly became energetic. “Change? Who dares to ask you, God Mian, to revise the draft?”

You Mian held the headset with one hand and laughed.

Suddenly, his eyes became visibly stunned when he saw the huge plastic platform in the center of the warehouse. He couldn’t hide his surprise.

Qu Miao said a few more words. Then she saw that You Mian didn’t answer and called out to him a few times in confusion.

“Brother Mian? God Mian? Where did you go? Hello?”

Pei Huaiji got up and cleaned his knees. His tall figure was not far away. His handsome facial features were so deep that You Mian hurriedly hung up the call with Qu Miao.

“I’ll call you later.” You Mian said as he clicked on the phone screen. Then he took off his headset and hung it around his neck.

Qu Miao held up her phone and looked at it a few times in confusion. There was something going on with You Mian!

You Mian raised his hand and touched his earlobe. Then he took a few steps forward and waved awkwardly. “Good morning.”

“Good morning.” Pei Huaiji put his hands in his pockets. An obvious smile appeared on his stern face, causing Vivian to look at him a few more times.

Vivian often saw a smiling face from her superior when You Mian was at JL, but it was so rare that Vivian still wasn’t used to it and felt very curious.

“Did you sleep well last night?” Pei Huaiji asked in a deep voice as usual.

Once You Mian heard this, he couldn’t help wanting to touch the tip of his nose.

He drank several cans of beer by himself last night. It seemed that Pei Huaiji sent him home in the end. He didn’t know how impolite he acted and You Mian didn’t dare to think about it.

The only thing he could think of was a small remote control in his pocket.

You Mian only knew that he seemed to have dragged Pei Huaiji to imagine how to make the sculpture for the finals and how high and gorgeous it should be…

You Mian’s ears were slightly red.

“I slept well,” You Mian answered bravely. He couldn’t help noticing the huge, high ceiling and the custom-made giant platform in front of him.

“Chairman Pei, did you change the sculpture room for me?” You Mian asked softly.

Seeing that the other person took his drunken nonsense seriously, You Mian became increasingly restless.

Pei Huaiji’s observation skills remained the same. He lowered his eyes toward You Mian and said with a smile, “JL has recruited a new group of designers. The sculpture room in the building might need to be vacated for their team. I’m sorry, I can only let you change and come here.”

Vivian: “……”

Look at this ceiling light worth millions, look at the 300 square meter warehouse on a golden piece of land in the city center, and look at the custom-made elevated rack that cost tens of thousands for each steel bar…

Chairman Pei could really say things without changing his face.

You Mian’s eyes widened slightly. His beautiful amber eyes shone brightly in the dim light coming from the window.

The young man’s eyes curved as he smiled. His chestnut brown hair swept across his eyebrows, and his cold white chin was raised slightly.

“Really?” You Mian lowered his voice and asked.

Vivian was instantly hit in the chest. She shouted violently in her heart before Pei Huaiji could answer.


Did You Mian like the stars, moon or the sun?

Vivian suddenly felt that there was nothing wrong with Chairman Pei building a warehouse sculpture room that was a few hundred square meters large in the city center. It wasn’t a few thousand square meters, so what was wrong with it?

This was art!


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