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CEFYMA: Chapter 92

You Mian stopped looking at any of the commotion on the Internet. Countless inspirations burst into his mind, making his heart agitate.

He had to say that this theme was too appropriate.

The final format of the Star Cup was different from that of the first two rounds. It would be open to the public and held in a giant public exhibition hall.

Due to the carving time and the preliminary preparation of the sculpture group, the organizers usually asked the contestants of the sculpture group to prepare the rough outline and frame shape in advance.

All the contestant had to do was transport the semi-finished sculpture to the stage of the exhibition hall and continue to complete the sculpture in front of thousands of spectators. The judges would score it on spot to determine the final winner.

The wind outside blew the curtains. You Mian couldn’t hide his excitement when he stood up.

What materials he should use, what themes he should use…

The word ‘rebirth’ represented countless possibilities. It could be resurrection after experiencing death and nirvana, or it could be awakening after experiencing fierce setbacks and blows.

It could be physical or soul deep.

The young man’s eyes were filled with a sharp look that was determined to win. Different from the theme of maternal love that made him hesitate, this time You Mian would produce the most amazing work.

The moonlight with his cheeks, blooming soft and beautiful colors.

You Mian stood by the window. The street lights outside were neon. The streets were full of pedestrians and cars. The lively atmosphere was full of fireworks. Hope and life were everywhere.

Suddenly, You Mian looked down and saw a black Maybach by the street lamp of the apartment.

A tall, stern-looking man with broad shoulders and long legs, a handsome man with a powerful aura and a strong sense of oppression, was standing by the street lights downstairs.

Pei Huaiji stood quietly in the night. His long black coat made his figure more slender and his expression more handsome.

The night that was approaching winter was very cold. Pei Huaiji’s eyelashes were covered with an invisible layer of frost. Once the man exhaled, a puff of mist rose up and the tip of his nose was reddish.

It wasn’t known how long he had been waiting here.

You Mian was truly stunned. Before he could retract his gaze, he collided with Pei Huaiji’s gaze, who happened to look up.

You Mian clearly saw Pei Huaiji’s slightly wide eyes and look of surprise.

It seemed the other party hadn’t expected You Mian to see him unexpectedly.

Half a second later, Pei Huaiji’s cold aura calmed down. His eyes were soft as he raised his hand in You Mian’s direction, waving lightly as a greeting.

You Mian immediately put on a simple coat and ran downstairs.

The moment the glass door of the apartment building opened, You Mian saw Pei Huaiji approaching.

The man had one hand in his pocket and was holding a small box in the other.

Pei Huaiji lowered his eyes and smiled lightly. “A belated birthday gift.”

You Mian looked up and found that Pei Huaiji was a bit dusty.

It seemed that You Mian’s doubts were obvious. Pei Huaiji explained, “I just came back from a business trip to the UK. There is a lot of work backlogged due to recording the show.”

You Mian’s eyes curved as he smiled. “Why didn’t you call me when you arrived downstairs?”

In the cold night wind, Pei Huaiji didn’t answer. He just silently handed the gift box to You Mian.

You Mian pursed his lips and said, “You have given me too many gifts.”

Pei Huaiji seemed to know that You Mian would say this. He answered without hesitation. “As an audience member, thank you for the wonderful visual feast.”

Pei Huaiji said, “The work for the second round theme is unparalleled.”

“It deserves many, many gifts.”

“It sounds like you like that sculpture very much.” You Mian raised his head and smiled heartily. His amber eyes were breathtakingly beautiful in the moonlight.

Pei Huaiji had seen You Mian smile before, but he had never seen You Mian smile so freely and cheerfully.

It was as if all his burdens had been removed. His smile was light, bright, free, and easy.

You Mian had always been a person who made clear distinctions with others. It was just like when Fang Xiaofeng helped him without telling him. You Mian would immediately repay the favor and strive not to owe anyone any affection or kindness.

It didn’t matter whether it was Qin Lan, Qu Miao, Guan Tong, Fang Xiaofeng or Liu Hao, whom he had only known for a short time but had a good relationship with.

You Mian always remained polite and never bothered others too much.

According to what Qu Miao said a long time ago, You Mian looked very easy to get close to. He was very gentle and always had a smile on his face. But in fact, as long as they approached him and wanted to know more about him, You Mian would always build high and thick walls to block everyone from crossing the line.

He was distant and polite.

But at this moment, You Mian finally realized that his attitude toward Pei Huaiji was different.

It was different from everyone else.

When You Mian accepted the celebratory gift from Pei Huaiji, he unknowingly slowed down his blinking rate.

It seemed that he liked it, but it also seemed deeper and more than liking.

Just as he opened the gift box, Pei Huaiji’s voice sounded softly from above his head.

“But on the other hand, as the person who sent you a heartbeat text message, allow me to be a bit selfish.”

Pei Huaiji turned away, his ears red and his voice hoarse and low.

“You Mian, congratulations on entering the finals.”

You Mian lowered his head in a daze and saw what was written in the gift box.

It was a piece of paper that was signed, ‘Standing alone above the clouds, the first-grade among thousands of officials in the Jade Palace.’

The word ‘first’ was engraved on the wooden sign. There was a peace charm under the signature.

Pei Huaiji had never believed in gods and Buddhas. He never gave away anything worth less than one million.

But his heart moved when he passed by the incense temple on the mountain and looked at the pious passersby.

It turned out that when he really liked someone, he didn’t only want to give that person all the precious things.

He hoped the person would be safe.

Pei Huaiji immediately stopped the car and walked into the temple. He clasped his hands piously and prayed to win the lot.

The probability of winning the first-class one was 8%.

Pei Huaiji felt lucky for the first time. He didn’t bother to rest and landed in Huajiang City without stopping. Then he drove to You Mian’s apartment building.

But once he really stood here, the heavy darkness of the night made Pei Huaiji wake up. It was late.

Pei Huaiji pinched the small box in his hand and refused to turn around. It wasn’t known what he was waiting for. He just stood quietly in the cold wind for a long time.

Maybe he could wait for You Mian to wake up and give it to him in the morning, Pei Huaiji thought.

Another gust of wind blew. Then Pei Huaiji unexpectedly raised his head and met those thrilling amber eyes!

Pei Huaiji was suddenly stunned, and his expression was indescribably surprised.

It seemed that the sign in his hand really brought luck, so that the encounter that should’ve been missed turned a corner, and it became a coincidental encounter.

The night covered the emotions in his eyes. Pei Huaiji’s Adam’s apple moved heavily. Then he raised his hand and waved.

A few seconds later, You Mian flew down like a bird with spread wings.

You Mian looked at the sign for a long time. Then he looked at Pei Huaiji and invited with a smile, “On the day of the Star Cup finals, each contestant will have a seat reserved.”

Pei Huaiji’s breathing was light.

You Mian really said, “Does Chairman Pei have time to come?”

Pei Huaiji put his hands in his pockets. His emotions fluctuated when he lowered his eyes, and he said in a deep voice, “It is an honor.”

You Mian tilted his head. “Then it is decided.”

The moment Pei Huaiji responded softly, You Mian noticed the slight frost condensed on Pei Huaiji’s shoulder. “Have you been standing here for a long time?”

Pei Huaiji replied, “Not long.”

You Mian raised an eyebrow and nodded gently. Just as Pei Huaiji thought that this night’s coincidental encounter was about to end, You Mian raised his hand and pointed at the convenience store not far away.

“Walk around?”

The wind along the river carried a moist scent and was cooler than the wind at the apartment building.

Pei Huaiji drove the car, and the two of them came to Huajiang River.

Behind them was the bustling and towering bridge across the river. You and Pei Huaiji walked on the grass next to the bridge. In front of them was the calm and no ripples night of the Huajiang River.

You Mian placed a few cans of beer bought from the convenience store on the grass. He leaned forward on the railing in a chic and leisurely manner. The river breeze blowing in his face lifted his forehead, revealing his smooth forehead and accentuating the brightness of his eyes.

Pei Huaiji opened the beer can with one hand and handed it to You Mian.

You Mian accepted it and took a sip. His Adam’s apple moved slightly.

Pei Huaiji heard You Mian say in a hoarse voice, “You asked me last time if I want to find my biological parents.”

Pei Huaiji leaned against the railing and looked at You Mian’s side profile.

The high-rise buildings across the river were flashing with brilliant neon lights. The lights and shadows shone on You Mian’s forehead, the bridge of his nose and his chin, exuding a seductive charm.

“In fact, I don’t know either.” You Mian squeezed the finished can. At this moment, his closed heart was finally opened.

“I don’t know if there are two such people.”

What You Mian said was true.

What Pei Huaiji didn’t know, or even what everyone else didn’t know, was that this world was just the contents of a book.

He was the background cannon fodder in this book. It was hard just staying away from the protagonist of the novel.

You Mian wasn’t really sure whether the biological parents of such an insignificant character would be written about in the book.

Maybe it didn’t exist at all.

You Mian was enjoying every moment. He didn’t feel that this world was fake. He could still change his own destiny. He was lucky to survive and he was even about to reveal the hateful and vicious side of the You family.

But the words ‘biological parents’ represented too many unpredictable things.

You Mian had no memories of when he was in the welfare home. All he had in his childhood memories were You Jiyuan’s infinite indifference and Bai Peilan’s jealous eyes.

You Mian wasn’t sure.

“Instead of feeling the deep loss after exploring everything, it is better to maintain the status quo. I will treat them as living somewhere in this world,” You Mian said in a very soft voice.

Pei Huaiji remained silent while quietly listening to everything You Mian said.

Suddenly, he leaned over and took out a can of beer from the plastic bag. This man who never drank alcohol but had drank red wine several times stood in front of Huajiang River and made exceptions for You Mian again and again.

Pei Huaiji opened the can and took a sip.

You Mian looked at him in surprise. “Pei Huaiji.”

Pei Huaiji flattened the can and threw it into a plastic bag, imitating You Mian’s free and easy look just now.

“Go and find them,” Pei Huaiji looked at You Mian firmly and said, “You want to find them.”

You Mian had always been gentle and powerful, keen and sharp.

But now the young man had shown a vulnerable side that had never been shown before. Pei Huaiji felt him trembling.

He didn’t only like You Mian’s strong side, but also the vulnerable side that the other party occasionally showed.

In the night, Pei Huaiji played a role as a promoter in You Mian’s life for the first time.

“At the very least, you want to know their names, don’t you?”

You Mian changed his choice because of Pei Huaiji’s words.

Their destinies were truly linked from this moment on.

You Mian put his hands on the cold raiding and drank the last sip of wine from the beer can. When the moonlight once again penetrated the clouds and shone on Pei Huaiji’s side profile, You Mian clearly saw the deep love in his eyes.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the show wasn’t finished if it wasn’t for signing a contract with Hong Sheng…

You Mian looked sideways at Pei Huaiji. His eyes curved as he smiled brightly.

He thought that he owed Pei Huaiji a kiss at this moment.


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