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CEFYMA: Chapter 90

The moment Bai Lin’s Star Cup results were canceled, public opinion on the Internet ushered in another wave of crazy questioning.

[The official website of the Star Cup should give a reasonable explanation! Linlin isn’t that type of person!]

[The Star Cup is so bad. They are protecting You Mian from top to bottom.]

[Please explain what is meant by ‘using other people’s works and changing their signature’. Don’t accuse someone like this. We want evidence!]

[I’m so disappointed. It doesn’t matter if Linlin doesn’t participate in this competition. It is like a nest of snakes and rats!]

[Linlin is so unlucky and so pitiful. He must be feeling very helpless right now. Woo woo woo.]

Faced with these remarks and unfounded doubts, the knowledgeable industry insiders laughed and explained as if they were watching a play.

[Using other people’s works means that Bai Lin’s paintings weren’t painted by him. Changing other people’s signatures means he shamelessly took other people’s works as his own. Do you understand Chinese characters? Brainless fans.]

[It is recommended that fans don’t ask for evidence. Isn’t it enough to have a probation punishment now? Hahaha.]

[Hiding in bed and crying? How can a person who used someone else’s work to participate in the competition cry? He must be regretting that he was discovered.]

[Fortunately, the Star Cup discovered it or they would’ve been ruined by these two rats.]

[The Star Cup is still quite authoritative. The competition process is fair and just.]

Just as Bai Lin’s fan base was extremely anxious and pushing ‘Give Bai Lin justice’ on the hot search, a newly opened account called Fang Xiaofeng suddenly posted on Weibo. In the post, he not only admitted that he was the person who reported Bai Lin, but he also posted the work from the second round for the oil painting group.

[Fang Xiaofeng: Regarding the report, I want to give the Star Cup a fair and just competition environment and let the worthy people lift the gold medal. I also want to let some people who are opportunistic, abuse their power, and do evil get the punishment they deserve. The following is the whole painting process that I recorded. The two works that Bai Lin used to participate in the competition came from my hands. I hope everyone can see his true face.]

In an instant, countless people and fans flooded into this amateur account. The abuse and curses increased at a rapid rate. There was almost nothing to look at. Most people would immediately be unable to bear the public opinion and collapse after seeing it.

Fang Xiaofeng put down his phone with shaking hands.

In the coffee store, Liu Hao, who was sitting opposite him, also sent out the video he had edited long ago.

Liu Hao glanced at Fang Xiaofeng’s expression, closed his laptop, sighed, and suggested, “From now on, you shouldn’t look at this account for half a month.”

After all, Fang Xiaofeng was a sophomore and had never been exposed to this type of online public opinion. Compared to Liu Hao, a strong-willed man who could retaliate against insults and curses in private messages, Fang Xiaofeng seemed much weaker.

Fang Xiaofeng nodded with a pale face. He had never dealt with this type of thing before. He was obviously extremely nervous and frightened at this moment. It was obvious that he wasn’t the one who cheated, but Fang Xiaofeng still trembled uncontrollably when he saw these comments.

“The Star Cup accepted by report letter and took Bai Lin’s results down.” Fang Xiaofeng’s voice was dry and trembling.

Liu Hao stretched out his hand and patted Fang Xiaofeng on the shoulder. “You are already very brave.”

Liu Hao spoke sincerely from the bottom of his heart.

Fang Xiaofeng dared to come forward to report this. So no matter how weak and scared he seemed at the moment, Liu Hao respected this young man very much.

Liu Hao sincerely suggested, “You did a very good job. Stop watching these things from now on and calm down. My video has also been sent out. I can block some of the fire for you.”

So just as Fang Xiaofeng was alone in the whirlpool of public opinion, Liu Hao released a long video that attracted the attention of fans and passersby.

[D*mn, this melon comes with skewers. I can’t finish eating it, hahaha.]

[Brother Hai has commented on Bai Lin before and he is as vicious as ever. It is just that the video was taken down, or he would be able to whip the corpse over and over again.]

Liu Hao was still the only one showing his face in the video. Anyone with a discerning eye would know that he must’ve been in contact with Fang Xiaofeng, who sent the report letter.

At the beginning of the video, Liu Hao came forward and spoke in a fast and sharp manner.

“Today’s oil painting circle is full of monsters and snakes. Today, I am going to name a person and scold him. By the way, I will pick out his outer layer of bright skin. Is this the oil painting genius in the mouth of fans?”

Accompanied by the intense drum beats in the background, Liu Hao immediately gave an answer.

“Yes, I’m talking about Bai Lin, the one who is called the little prince of the oil painting world by fans.”

“If I give a paintbrush to my dog and let him paint on paper, he will paint better than Bai Lin…”

Once Liu Hao finished speaking, he let out a sigh and patted his mouth. His expression was extremely disgusting and arrogant. “It is a slip of the tongue. I spoke incorrectly.”

“I guess I should’ve applied paint to the soles of my feet and stepped on the paper.” Liu Hao smiled. “What do you think? It will still be better than Bai Lin’s painting!”

There was a lot of laughter in the barrage.

[Brother Hao, hold on, the locust fans will be here soon.]

[Is the first battlefield here? I finally caught up with a hot topic.]

[Liu Hao might usually have a sharp tongue, but he has never cursed a person by name like this. Who is this Bai Lin? What happened?]

[Friend above, your news is too late! Go check the notice of cancellation of results issued by the official website of the Star Cup. This is the first person to have the results of the three rounds of the Star Cup canceled since the Star Cup was held. He was also placed on academic probation by College A.]

Liu Hao’s video continued to play. He showed Bai Lin’s oil painting from the first round in detail, emphasizing the sense of inconsistency he had mentioned before.

“At that time, I felt that these two strokes were very different and didn’t look like they were painted by the same person. Now I understand. They weren’t painted by the same person!” Liu Hao frowned in disgust. “This child isn’t taking the right path. He has come to harm the Star Cup and even gave himself the title of genius. What bullshit.”

“The whole process of the second round has the audio and video recordings of the real creator. Everyone can take a look.”

Liu Hao released the oil painting work submitted by Bai Lin in the second round.

“Is this his f*king mother?” Liu Hao hissed after speaking. “Sorry for swearing too much. I mean, does he know this person in the painting? Where does he know her? How did he paint her if he doesn’t know her?”

“If any fans come to fight with me, you must first find out who this woman is. Bai Lin definitely can’t draw her!”

[Why? Can a blogger with millions of followers slander others like this?]

[What do audio and video recordings represent? Why can’t a group of you join forces to peek at Linlin’s painting before sitting in front of the easel and painting another one!]

[I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist, but such audio and video recordings can’t be used as evidence right? Does the painting in the video have to be the painting handed over by Bai Lin? You can imitate his painting.]

[Brother Hao, continue. This video is too appetizing.]

Liu Hao’s video and Fang Xiaofeng’s report letter complemented each other, nailing the fact that Bai Lin used other people’s works into everyone’s hearts and hanging him on a pillar of shame forever.

Liu Hao slapped the table and frowned, obviously very angry.

“It is because this figure in the oil painting is the mother of the young man who painted this painting.” Liu Hao pointed at the camera, seemingly pointing at Bai Lin and scolding him.

“This is his maternal love, the maternal love in the creator’s heart.” Liu Hao sneered. “Now I want to ask again.”

“Bai Lin.” Liu Hao asked, “Do you like to recognize anyone as your mother?”

The portrait that Liu Hao hung on the left side of the video through post-production was a woman wearing a headscarf and washing clothes by the river. His eyes were soft and full of hope, and her fingers were covered with frostbite.

[It doesn’t look like a Han person. Is she from an ethnic minority?]

[This type of headscarf and clothing does have unique patterns never seen before.]

[I won’t discuss family members. I will just say that Bai Lin really can’t paint such a woman, not to mention that this is someone eles’s mother. Why would Bai Lin paint someone else’s mother on the theme of maternal love? Such a portrait oil painting that even details the texture of the clothes can’t be called inspiration.]

[Nail him to the pillar of shame.]

[Well done to the Star Cup. People like this should have their results canceled. What the hell.]

[It is recommended to check his past paintings. If he can’t even complete a single painting, how did he get into the school?]

[[Photo] This is a clip from the second episode of Matching Heartbeat. Bai Lin can’t even draw a sketch. Isn’t it really weird?]

[Can’t even draw a sketch? It is recommended to check the entrance examination and final exam to ensure it is right.]

Liu Hao looked at the insults and curses popping up wildly in his backend without changing his expression. He only frowned in disgust when he saw such ghostly things.

“Where did Bai Lin get so many crazy fans?” Liu Hao clicked on the search bar. “I don’t even remember how many works he has filmed. Can a young actor really have so many die-hard fans?”

Fang Xiaofeng’s mood calmed down slightly at this moment.

“His father is the chairman of Xiuming,” Fang Xiaofeng said. “His mother is Bai Peilan of Wanhua Jewelry.”

Liu Hao cursed for a moment. “I see. He has the support of money. How awesome.”

The insults were becoming crazier. He wondered if there were robot trolls joining in. Liu Hao’s video was also being reported constantly.

Even Fang Xiaofeng’s Weibo received constant report messages.

Liu Hao gasped. “I didn’t expect Bai Lin to be so difficult to deal with.”

Fang Xiaofeng’s heart thumped. “Will the truth by suppressed by the public opinion of fans?”

Half an hour ago, Liu Hao could confidently tell Fang Xiaofeng not to worry. Now looking at the platform notifications that kept asking him to adjust the content, he fell silent.

Liu Hao’s brow furrowed tightly. Before he could say anything, Fang Xiaofeng’s phone suddenly rang.

Fang Xiaofeng held his breath when he saw the unfamiliar number.

Liu Hao noticed that his expression was wrong and asked, “Who is it? If you don’t know the number, don’t answer.”

Fans could do anything. Finding a phone number was easy.

Fang Xiaofeng’s hands shook. He wanted to press reject, but he never thought he would accidentally answer the call due to the swipe of his fingers.

Fang Xiaofeng was stunned, and his heart started beating faster.

He originally expected to hear some obscene insults. Unexpectedly, there was silence for a few seconds before a soft voice was heard. “Is this Fang Xiaofeng?”

The young man’s voice was clear and clean, as soft as the warm sun.

Fang Xiaofeng sniffed uncontrollably. His eyes instantly turned red and he started to cry cowardly the moment he heard this voice.

“Senior,” Fang Xiaofeng called out.

You Mian sat at the desk in his apartment and looked through Fang Xiaofeng’s Weibo post and Liu Hao’s video.

Within an hour after public opinion rose, You Mian belatedly discovered that such a big thing had happened on the Internet.

Bai Lin’s work turned out to be Fang Xiaofeng’s.

You Mian got Fang Xiaofeng’s phone number through Qu Miao. He knew that Fang Xiaofeng was a young man who only wanted to paint. He was delicate and a bit dull. He only had a beautiful utopia in his mind.

You Mian was worried that Fang Xiaofeng wouldn’t be able to bear it after encountering such public opinion, so he called this phone number as soon as he obtained it.

You Mian scrolled through the comments with his mouse. Then he clicked to type a new Weibo post.

“Fang Xiaofeng, you are very brave.” You Mian smiled and reassured him. “Put your phone away, change the SIM card if you can, and I will take care of the rest.”

I will take care of the rest.

Fang Xiaofeng felt that he was extremely disappointing. He raised his arm and wiped his eyes with his sleeve. “Senior, this matter isn’t as simple as I thought. You don’t need to help me.”

You Mian’s amber eyes narrowed. His voice was still soft but it was full of power.

“You know my previous relationship with Bai Lin, don’t you?” You Mian thought of Fang Xiaofeng’s fanboy look when looking at him.

You Mian thought for a moment. If it wasn’t for the relationship between Bai Lin and him, Fang Xiaofeng’s personality of calming things down meant that he wouldn’t have reported Bai Lin in such a radical way.

He even contacted Liu Hao.

Fang Xiaofeng was stunned and didn’t know how to answer You Mian.

It was because You Mian’s guess was indeed correct. If the target of this matter wasn’t Bai Lin but another contestant, Fang Xiaofeng would only ask privately for the other person to withdraw the painting or ask for an apology.

But the other person was Bai Lin, the Bai Lin who made You Mian endure countless abuses.

Fang Xiaofeng didn’t know where he got the courage to expose the matter.

Thus, You Mian smiled and said, “Thank you, Fang Xiaofeng.”

Fang Xiaofeng took the tissue that Liu Hao gave him and wiped his nose. His voice was blocked and he said in a heavily nasally voice, “Senior, how do you want to solve this problem?”

You Mian’s tone was normal, but Fang Xiaofeng’s nervousness was swept away in an instant.

“Rest assured, leave it to me,” You Mian said.

After hanging up, You Mian opened his Weibo account, which he hadn’t looked at in a long time. The abuse in his private messages was even greater than Fang Xiaofeng’s.

You Mian opened his photo album without changing his expression and pulled out a surveillance video and audio recording.

A few seconds later, You Mian’s Weibo account posted something new.

The video showed Bai Lin sneaking into the sculpture room of A College and smashing sculptures wildly.

The recording showed Bai Peilan shouting hysterically.

“You are behind those hot searches, those fan quarrels, and those remarks, right?”

“I don’t care what agreement you reached with Jiyuan. Bai Lin is your brother. What’s wrong with helping him? Isn’t it just a painting?!”

“You scoundrel! I have raised you for over 20 years in vain!”

The moment You Mian appeared, the crazy fans scattered under other bloggers and accounts almost immediately flooded his Weibo and insulted him.

[How dare you show up? Your backer is too big and great?]

[Is the video fake? Did you work hard to record this?]

[It is all because of you! You ruined Linlin’s future!]

[I haven’t watched the video or recording yet, but let me scold you first. Why did Linlin put up with you? So unlucky.]

[…Can the brainless fans read Chinese characters? Even if they can’t read it, can’t they understand when hearing it?]

[The more I eat this melon, the more there is to eat. Is the person who smashed these things Bai Lin? Bai Lin is just as crazy as his fans.]

[The hysterical person in this recording is Bai Peilan? I can’t admit it. They are all crazy people.]

[Are those the key points? Isn’t the point that Bai Lin broke into the sculpture room and destroyed other people’s works? In addition, what does this woman mean? Wanting You Mian to paint for Bai Lin? My god, my three views are ruined.]

[What type of family is this? I’m really speechless. It is You Mian who is miserable. They are a pile of garbage.]

In the coffee store, the message notification sounds on Fang Xiaofeng and Liu Hao’s phones stopped at the same time.

Fang Xiaofeng suddenly thought of something. He hurriedly opened Weibo and to his disbelief, he found that You Mian had actually managed to keep him away from the whirlpool of public opinion. The price was that You Mian himself stepped into it.

The content of the Weibo post that received over 10,000 comments within 10 minutes was very simple. It was just one sentence.

You Mian wrote: The person who dares to stand upright in the sun has always been me.


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