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CEFYMA: Chapter 9

From the moment You Mian and Pei Huaiji got out of the car, the guests in the observation room couldn’t see any scenes of the purchasing team.

In this regard, Director Hong Sheng specially explained that a live stream couldn’t be performed with just a GoPro camera.

It sounded like the two people on the purchasing team were poor fellows assigned to a distant border.

The host Qu Shao raised his glasses and took over the topic in an old-fashioned manner. “In that case, let’s look at the situation of the other two groups first. It must be very exciting.”

Guo Su propped up his elbows on the table and said enthusiastically, “As a fan of the boxing gold medal champion, I want to see Huo Yanzhi’s group.”

Seeing this, several other newcomer idol guests also participated in the topic. They either made jokes or seriously expressed their views.

Compared with the purchasing group that Chairman Pei was in just now, they were more willing to watch the other groups.

After all, Pei Huaiji’s pressure wasn’t something that everyone could accept, not to mention that Pei Huaiji had specifically warned that the show shouldn’t focus on him.

Hearing the lively conversation in her ears, only the sexy actress Xi Rui sighed silently.

It was clear that You Mian was her favorite amateur guest. However, he had many missing shots because he was divided into the same group as Pei Huaiji.

Hong Sheng could’ve asked a PD to follow them into the supermarket. He chose not to do so because of Pei Huaiji’s existence.

Xi Rui was very sorry about this, but she was recording a show after all. She could only cheer up and shift her gaze to the scenes of the other two groups.

The three members of the cooking group were now walking toward the soft, white sandy beach by the sea.

On the screen, Guan Tong had changed into a light red shirt and wore strappy sandals on his feet. His pink hair looked flamboyant and unique in the setting sun where only an orange-yellow straight line remained.

Unlike his elaborate clothes, Guan Tong was gasping while moving a grill at this moment.

“Is this a romance show or a survival show?” Guan Tong shouted while placing the grill he carried all this way onto the beige mat laid out by Yan Tingxuan.

Yan Tingxuan rolled up his sleeves and opened the cooking bag. He still had a calm smile on his face as he analyzed it, “Since our group is so difficult, the purchasing team must not be able to buy things according to the post-it note I wrote.”

Guan Tong sat on the cushion. He raised his left knee and crossed his hands over it to calm his breathing. He became surprised when he heard this. “No way? Then can we still have the beach meal mentioned by the staff for dinner?”

Yan Tingxuan shrugged.

Guan Tong spoke while pointing to the camera filming him. He complained in a joking manner, “There is no such thing as a big meal. It is just a big cake drawn by the director!”

The staff member held up the camera with a smile.

Shen Nanxiao brought a few chairs from the house and placed them beside Guan Tong.

“Maybe we aren’t the worst.” Shen Nanxiao pointed to the back of the house and said, “I just saw Bai Lin’s group chopping firewood.”

Yan Tingxuan paused while tidying up the grill. He looked up and raised an eyebrow. “Chopping firewood?”

Guan Tong also became excited when he heard this. “What’s going on?!”

The screen shifted to the preparation group. The guests in the observation room couldn’t help exclaiming in unison.

Xi Rui’s eyes widened. “The director is too ruthless. Isn’t this a romance show? Why let the guests chop wood and fetch water?”

Instead, Guo Su raised an eyebrow and smiled decently. “You only see the surface. Look at this scene again, especially Huo Yanzhi.”

Everyone stared at Huo Yanzhi when they heard this.

They saw the cyan sunset glowing on his shoulders and arms. His tight muscles showed strong explosive power.

The man stood in front of the wood with a pair of long legs. His superior height and sharp brow bones were wild. He was full of masculine appeal.

A soft cry rang out through the observation room.

Guo Su smiled. “No one knows how to shoot a person better than Hong Sheng.”

The guests in the house had different images and temperaments. Huo Yanzhi’s charm in the camera grew exponentially in this environment, but Yun Guanqing, who had a gorgeous appearance, wasn’t to be outdone.

They saw that Yun Guanqing in the camera was wearing a pair of white gloves. His arms were slightly raised behind his head, and his shoulder-length hair was tied up.

The overly gorgeous big screen appearance became brighter after removing the cover of his long hair.

Yun Guanqing’s eyes looked at the camera from the gap under his arms.

Immediately following years of camera experience, Yun Guanqing raised an eyebrow in the direction of the cameraman in a vicious but beautiful manner.

“Chopping firewood?” Yun Guanqing snorted coldly. “Hong Sheng can truly think of things.”

The cameraman’s hand holding the camera shook.

Perhaps it was due to taking care of the iris guest, but apart from Yun Guanqing and Huo Yanzhi, who were working hard to chop firewood, Bai Lin was just sitting on a wooden pile on the side. Occasionally, he would pass over water to wash away their sweat.

Compared to Huo Yanzhi, Bai Lin obviously knew that his relationship with Yun Guanqing needed to be maintained more. So even if he simply passed over water to wash away their sweat, he seemed more attentive to Yun Guanqing.

In the observation room, Guo Su saw these interactions and couldn’t help analyzing them. “Bai Lin is a guest on the iris side. It seems he prefers Yun Guanqing more.”

The host Qu Shao looked at his hand cards and threw out a neutral point of view, “Not necessarily. Huo Yanzhi has better physical strength, and it is obvious that Yun Guanqing needs more care at this moment.”

Xi Rui had filmed a movie with Yun Guanqing. The moment Qu Shao’s words came out, she couldn’t help joking, “Brother Shao, I want to complain to the Best Actor.”

Qu Shao quickly covered his mouth when he heard this.

Xi Rui finished the joke and seriously added her analysis. “Guo Su’s words aren’t unreasonable. After all, this is a romance show. The director has an idea in his heart, and he won’t give excessive physical activities. This means Bai Lin’s choice is more important in this case.”

“Huo Yanzhi might feel that Bai Lin is biased,” Xi Rui said casually. “But the most important point is that they joined the group chosen by Bai Lin. In the end, they became the more tiring group while Bai Lin is sitting on the side and not participating in chopping firewood.”

“I don’t know what the mental activities of the two guests on the lily of the valley side will be like at this moment?”

Huo Yanzhi gripped the axe and slashed hard. His tense arm muscles were undoubtedly revealed and his hormones instantly exploded.

“It is the last one.” Huo Yanzhi didn’t rest after speaking and directly slashed his axe.

The oval piece of wood provided by the staff was firmly split apart and fell gorgeously to the ground.

Bai Lin held the water cup and said in surprise, “Brother Huo is so good!”

Huo Yanzhi took off the black glove on his left hand. He used his eyes to check the two fingers of his right hand where the glove hadn’t been taken off and extended it toward the camera.

“Who came up with this activity? Huh?” Huo Yanzhi threw down the axe and exhaled. Then he shook his head helplessly. “Really, you are deliberately watching our jokes.”

The guests in the observation room laughed when they heard Huo Yanzhi’s words.

The autumn breeze was gentle, and there was a blue sea and orange sky.

Yun Guanqing’s long hair was wet with beads of sweat sticking to his forehead. His sharp, narrow eyes narrowed slightly. He clicked his tongue in disgust while leaning against a wooden pile.

He thought he picked the easiest group. He didn’t expect it to turn out like this.

Yun Guanqing took off his gloves and covered his forehead. The sound of Huo Yanzhi and Bai Lin’s conversation not far away still reached his ears from time to time.

Yun Guanqing thought it was interesting when he first met Bai Lin. Bai Lin’s life was interesting and the adopted brother who sucked his blood was also interesting.

He wanted to see what type of person the miserable little Bai Lin really was to grow up to this innocent appearance.

Was he a little angel like his appearance or a devil with a rotten heart?

Then after seeing You Mian for the first time in the house, Yun Guanqing suddenly felt that everything about Bai Lin had lost his interest.

Obviously, You Mian was the adopted young master who was as monotonous as boiled water.

Then why was his gaze so hot, and why did he dare to be aggressive with Yun Guanqing?

The You Mian in Bai Lin’s mouth was cowardly, selfish, vicious, and stupid.

He just had a good appearance.

Yun Guanqing held his forehead, and his eyes gradually sank. Would a person who only had a good appearance have such resolute and fiery eyes?

“Brother Guanqing.” Bai Lin, who was chatting with Huo Yanzhi in the distance, suddenly noticed that Yun Guanqing had been alone and silent for a long time. He couldn’t help coming over doubtfully.

Bai Lin pointed to the house in the distance with a cute and innocent face. “Let’s pile the firewood for Brother Tingxuan. This will be used for the bonfire at night.”

Yun Guanqing got up silently.

On the side, Huo Yanzhi had already put a few handfuls of firewood on his shoulder.

“Bai Lin, let’s go.” Huo Yanzhi obviously regarded Yun Guanqing as a love rival.

Yun Guanqing didn’t pay attention to these two people at all until Bai Lin called out softly again. “Brother Guanqing, what’s wrong with you? Are you too tired?”

Yun Guanqing looked down at the boy in front of him.

Bai Lin was wearing a coat as white as snow. His black hair was obediently draped over his forehead, and his big eyes flickered. He was shouting everywhere, ‘I am very weak, I am pitiful. Help me, save me.’

At this moment, Yun Guanqing’s heart suddenly lacked the protective desire that had driven him to follow Bai Lin in the past.

Obviously, there was a more interesting person than Bai Lin here.

Obviously, everything about that false young master was more fascinating.

His thoughts changed several times, but Yun Guanqing still maintained the unique pampering that he didn’t show to anyone other than Bai Lin.

Yun Guanqing raised his hand and ruffled Bai Lin’s black hair.

“Yes.” Yun Guanqing picked up the firewood and easily placed it on his shoulder. He said lazily in a drawn-out voice as he walked. “I’m tired.”

Yun Guanqing’s usual attitude made Bai Lin’s mood relax.

He hurriedly chased after this person and joked affectionately, “Is it heavy? Let me help you carry some.”

These men never let him do any heavy work. So Bai Lin’s sentence was just a casual suggestion to increase his favorability.

Just as Bai Lin thought that Yun Guanqing would laugh off his words like Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi, saying that Bai Lin’s help wasn’t needed, Yun Guanqing suddenly stopped beside him.

Bai Lin imitated him in a slightly surprised manner and stood in place.

Blue clouds fell into Yun Guanqing’s eyes and carried a trace of coldness.

“Okay, help me,” Yun Guanqing said with a smile.


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