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CEFYMA: Chapter 89 Part 2

After Qu Shao finished his closing remarks, several commercial vehicles from the show’s staff drove out from the arched gate of the ice sculpture town.

You Mian sat in the car, looked down at the message box where he had successfully added friends, and smiled.

According to the regulations of the show, Hong Sheng actually didn’t allow them to add each other’s contact information privately. However, the show was about to end anyway. Guan Tong pestered Hong Sheng a few times before finally adding their WeChat accounts separately from the show’s group chat.

Guan Tong’s friend information had just been approved by You Mian. Shen Nanxiao’s application had also been sent.

You Mian calmly ignored the other people’s friend invitations and only added Guan Tong and Shen Nanxiao.

Just as You Mian was about to put away his phone, he suddenly received a text message. The sender was the organizer of the Star Cup.

You Mian paused before clicking to open it. The first thing that caught his eyes was the word ‘congratulations.’

[Congratulations to Contestant 0409 You Mian on successfully entering the final round of the Star Cup with 1st place in the sculpture category with the theme of ‘maternal love.’ The final round of competition will be on the 20.11. The detailed theme will be sent to your inbox by email. Please pay attention to check it.]

You Mian blinked, and emotions gradually rose in his amber eyes.

He immediately thought of Pei Huaiji and wanted to share the joy of this moment with him.

But the moment the voice call was made, You Mian suddenly came to his senses. Pei Huaiji must be very busy right now.

Before You Mian could hang up, Pei Huaiji quickly picked up.


The man’s voice was deep. He seemed to be sitting in a car. The gentle sound of a car driving came from the other end of the phone.

Pei Huaiji covered the laptop on his lap and asked, “You Mian, what’s wrong?”

You Mian’s fingers holding the phone were slightly firm, and he took a deep breath. He couldn’t say he was relieved, but he still said with a relaxed smile. “I have entered the finals of the Star Cup.”

Pei Huaiji’s eyes immediately softened, and he said in celebration, “Congratulations.”

You Mian looked out the window at the snowy scenery quickly moving past the car. “It is me who should thank you.”

If he hadn’t met Pei Huaiji’s mother by chance, if Qian Li hadn’t invited him to spend a pleasant night at the Pei house—You Mian didn’t know if he would’ve been able to solve the problem head-on.

Pei Huaiji was the one who understood You Mian’s unspoken words best.

The two of them never had to say everything to each other, so at this moment, they only shared joy and the sound of breathing. You Mian heard his breathing gradually become chaotic.

“Chairman Pei.”

You Mian used this title again, but Pei Huaiji no longer felt it was alienated. He had already accepted that this was a bit of fun between them.

“Can I still use JL’s sculpture room while preparing for the finals?” You Mian asked with a smile.

Pei Huaiji said in a deep voice, “Of course, you are welcome at any time.”

You Mian lowered his eyes and whispered in the warm afternoon sunshine, “See you tomorrow then.”

Pei Huaiji’s voice became a bit hoarse. “See you tomorrow.”

At the same time, the results of the second round of the Star Cup were posted on the official competition website.

After the JL official account forwarded it to express congratulations, Yun Guanqing and Guan Tong also sent their blessings.

[Yun Guanqing: @You Mian, congratulations on entering the finals.]

[Guan Tong: Ahhh, I knew you could do it, Honey!! Keep working hard for the finals! @You Mian [big love.JPG].]

Not surprisingly, You Mian’s name once again appeared in the view of Bai Lin’s fan group.

As a famous top art competition in China, the Star Cup’s official results were released and it rightly occupied a hot search topic.

It was just that when passersby or people interested in art clicked in to take a look, what they saw weren’t the comments or analysis of the second-round works by major art circle bloggers and art students. Instead, there was a lot of crazy questioning and insults.

[??? I am really speechless. Anyone can reach the finals.]

[The amateur college student with a backer is actually first in the sculpture group. There can’t be so much padding in the results, right?]

[If it continues like this, the Star Cup will really become a second-rate competition.]

[@Star Cup I hope that this type of national-level competition won’t only test the strength of the contestant’s work but also take into account their personal conduct. Otherwise, it will be difficult to convince the public if such a person wins the gold medal.]

[Yun Guanqing and JL both celebrated. They want to support him. Is everyone taking sides?]

[Have the public transcripts been released? Why is there no Linlin there?]

[The oil painting group came out, but Linlin’s name wasn’t there. Is it a mistake? It is impossible not to have Linlin!]

[F*k! I’m going crazy. I don’t want to think up conspiracy theories, but what is going on right now?]

[The Star Cup should give a reasonable answer. Why hasn’t Linlin’s work appeared?]

The announcement of the results for the second round of the Star Cup attracted more attention from professionals in the industry than the preliminary rounds. Since there were so many people in the preliminary rounds, the works were mixed and the analysis couldn’t take everyone into account. Therefore, the second round of the Star Cup was the most important in attracting the attention of insiders.

So when Bai Lin’s fans hurled insults and tried to mislead passersby like before, they discovered that this method no longer worked because more sensible and knowledgeable people had joined the conversation.

[Isn’t this topic about the second round of the Star Cup? Why is there a group of fans here?]

[This is a kind reminder. If there is no name on the public list, it means that person has been eliminated. You are welcome.]

[It is useless to go crazy. Let strength speak for itself.]

[This little brother called You Mian is really awesome. Go and see his sculpture about the maternal love theme.]

[1001 Virgin Mary statues? Just hearing this description, I don’t think it is that novel.]

[No bragging, no slander. Just look at it, and you will understand everything.]

[Why do these people only scold the number one person in the sculpture group? Isn’t the guy called Bai Lin obviously a contestant of the oil painting group? If you want to be jealous, you should be jealous of the number one person in the oil painting group.]

[D*mn, this carving technique is awesome. It is right for it to get the gold medal!]

[This carving technique and the overall technique deserve first place. Is there any blogger who can analyze and appreciate it? I look forward to it!]

[His first-round work was also very good. Brother Hao explained it. I don’t know why the video is missing. I liked the video.]

Bai Lin’s fans saw that not only was Bai Lin’s name not found on the public results list, but now even public opinion was turning toward You Mian. The group became excited for a while.

[It is a shady story, right?]

[You Mian entered the qualifiers through internal recommendation. His mentor is Qin Lan. Not long ago, it was notified on the Star Cup’s official website that he was fired. How can such a tainted player continue to participate in the competition?]

[Disappointed, speechless.]

[It is normal for players to be qualified through internal promotion. Don’t you know that the Star Cup has always allowed qualifications through internal promotion? Why are there so many inexplicable people appearing in the topic this year?]

[Qin Lan is a master of wood carving and has been a judge for several domestic small and medium-sized competitions. Moreover, the notice from the Star Cup wasn’t an expulsion notice. It was just a notice that Qin Lan wasn’t in good health.]

[It is said that the newly invited judge was Jaeger Hillman.]

[Oh my god?!! Hillman? Did they really invite Hillman here?]

[Then there is nothing to criticize about the result. The dean of the Clios Academy of Fine Arts is now in charge.]

[What is Him? Professor Spier Punok even praised Bai Li’s oil painting and said he wanted to open a special exhibition for him! He is much more awesome than this Hillman.]

[The screenshot is still here. It was even trending at the time.]

[…I didn’t know what to say. Where did these brainless people come from?]

[Punok… is it that Punok from the school you can easily pay to get into? It is really funny. If you give him 30,000 yuan, he can post about you on social media and praise your paintings. It is worthless. Hahaha.]

[Punok’s reputation is completely bad in the art circle a few years ago. Why are there still people using him to praise others?]

Just as the fan group and spontaneous passersby were arguing fiercely, a notice was suddenly sent on the homepage of the Star Cup’s official website.

[This notice is hereby given: Judge Chai Tao has accepted bribes from others many times during the judging process of this Star Cup and deliberately guided the judging results, causing extremely bad effects and seriously infringing on the fairness and justice principle of the Star Cup’s competition process. We hereby state that has decided to retire, and Chai Tao will no longer be hired as a judge for domestic art competitions for life.]

The moment this notice came out, Bai Lin’s fans, who were at a disadvantage just now, became excited as if they had been given a shot.

[Who was protected by accepting bribes? Whose judging results were changed?]

[Expose it! Expose it! Was it a certain You?]

[It is the amateur college student, right? I’m laughing so hard. Hahahaha.]

Before the group could stir up trouble, the second notice from the Star Cup was sent out immediately afterwards.

[Notice on canceling the qualifying results, preliminary results, and second round results of Contestant No. 0129, Bai Lin—This player bribed Judge Chai through improper means and successfully entered the qualifying competition after collaborating with him. He also participated in the preliminary and second round competitions using other people’s works and changing their signature, causing serious adverse effects and infringing on the fairness and justice of the competition. All competition results are hereby canceled. His school has been notified, and a joint probation penalty is issued.]


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