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CEFYMA: Chapter 88 Part 1

Just as You Mian and the others were led by the staff to a small literary and art workshop in the ice sculpture town to prepare for the last date in the last phase of the Heartbeat, the guests in the observation room finally saw the heartbeat text message session that was cut off halfway last night.

“Director Hong is really good at whetting people’s appetites. He should’ve announced the answer last night, but he had us wait until now.” Xi Rui snorted and complained.

Qu Shao raised his hand and squinted his honest eyes as he smiled. Then he said happily, “I hope Director Hong will have a large amount of footage this time. Hurry up and release the video. Everyone wants to know if the heartbeat line was guessed correctly yesterday.”

A chorus of approval rang out in the observation room.

Guo Su turned his head and glanced at the connected heartbeat lines on the whiteboard beside him. Then he said with a smile, “I hope we can guess more than half of them right today.”

He saw that for the heartbeat lines on the whiteboard, except for Huo Yanzhi, the other three people in the lily of the valley group were connected to You Mian.

Guo Su sighed. “These are relatively simple, but Shen Nanxiao and Guan Tong gave us a lot of headaches. I don’t know who they will send it to.”

The moment Guo Su finished speaking, the huge screen in the observation room lit up with the unfinished heartbeat text message session last night.

It was still that quick post-production that was first shown to the guests in the observation room. Even so, the group of people looked at the screen with great interest.

Three heartbeat igloos stood quietly in the ice sculpture town. Before the text messages were sent, there was more than ten seconds of splicing of past scenes. It showed the eight guests standing under the arched gate of the ice sculpture town, the first hotpot dinner, the ice sculpture exhibition, the laughter until late at night while playing flying chest, the graceful figures of the iris guests when skiing, the scenes of You Mian and Pei Huaiji at the racecourse, and the sad faces of the guests who stayed in the house…

Xi Rui held her chin and watched these scenes. Suddenly, a thought came to mind.

“Why do I feel that as soon as these scenes appear, the show is about to be finished?”

Qu Shao chuckled, his laughter light and shallow. His heart was obviously moved by these scenes.

“Looking at it this way, you can clearly feel the changes in the heartbeats of Yan Tingxuan and Yun Guanqing. They were too lonely when You Mian was on the date, especially Yun Guanqing,” Qu Shao said.

Guo Su shook his head. “I’m starting to worry about us connecting Huo Yanzhi’s heartbeat line now.”

The moment these words came out, someone in the observation room agreed. “I also think that Huo Yanzhi’s heartbeat might be transferred to You Mian.”

Xi Rui suddenly became energetic. “Isn’t this the real shura field?”

The ten seconds of spliced scenes came to an end as everyone was talking. In the quiet night of the ice sculpture town, crackling typing emoticons and sound effects appeared above the three houses.

The first to appear was the iris group, with the four guests occupying a corner of the screen.

In the next second, the picture focused on You Mian in the upper right. It expanded until it covered the entire screen.

You Mian typed the text message very quickly. It seemed that he already had a draft in his heart.

Xi Rui smiled and said, “I remember it was the same the first two times You Mian sent the heartbeat text messages. He was always the fastest one. There is none of the shyness and hesitation that other people show when participating in the romance show.

Sure enough, You Mian clicked the send button as soon as he raised his fingers.

The image changed, and Guan Tong and Shen Nanxiao appeared.

The largest house that Guan Tong chose had two bedrooms. He lay on the bed casually, holding his phone with an indecisive look.

The guests in the observation room also had the hardest time guessing who Guan Tong and Shen Nanxiao would send their text messages to.

At the same time, Shen Nanxiao’s scene appeared on Guan Tong’s right side. The embarrassed expressions of the two people at that time were surprisingly consistent. This made Qu Shao hold his glasses and laugh.

A few seconds later, Bai Lin’s picture also squeezed in. Compared to Guan Tong and Shen Nanxiao, who were very hesitant, he wasn’t that sure, but he also followed You Mian to send a heartbeat text message.

Guo Su said, “We connected Bai Lin to Yan Tingxuan, right?”

Judging from the heartbeat line of the previous episodes, there was a basis for them deciding that Bai Lin would send it to Yan Tingxuan.

Before anyone else could respond, the screen changed.

They saw that the show’s staff weren’t sloppy at all in the later stage. They immediately revealed the heartbeats of the four iris guests using the small animation of pink envelopes with wings that had appeared before.

You Mian’s small envelope flew toward Pei Huaiji in the same house.

[Thank you, Teacher Pei, for your careful guidance.]

Bai Lin’s envelope flew toward Yun Guanqing.

[Brother Guanqing, thank you for your tolerance and care all the time.]

The moment there was an exclamation of surprise in the observation room, the next scene made them even more surprised.

On the screen, Guan Tong and Shen Nanxiao were holding their phones in a worried manner. Finally, they lowered their hands at the same time and chose to abstain from the heartbeat text message session. They didn’t connect a heartbeat line with any of the guests on the lily of the valley side.


“What’s going on?” Xi Rui covered her mouth, and her eyes widened in surprise. “Did both of them abstain?”

Guo Su gasped. “It seems that in the second half of the show, both Guan Tong and Shen Nanxiao haven’t found their true loves.”

Qu Shao seemed more stable than the other young people present and looked at things differently. He gave another perspective and said, “Neither of them found true love on the show, but they made a group of great friends, right?”

The group remembered the game of flying chess in the igloo until late at night.

“What’s more, I always feel that with the intelligence of Guan Tong and Shen Nanxiao, it is impossible for them to not notice that everyone else in the house is paying attention to You Mian. After understanding the heartbeats of other guests, they chose to abstain very freely and readily. Isn’t this cool?” Qu Shao said with a smile.

Guo Su heard these words and gave Qu Shao a thumbs up. “Teacher Qu still sees clearly.”

Xi Rui wiped her tears quietly, somewhat emotional. “They are great. There will be better people waiting for them.”

Xi Rui not only liked Guan Tong’s liveliness, but also liked Shen Nanxiao’s quiet energy. Once she saw that both of them had abstained from the heartbeat text message session, her emotions inevitably fluctuated a bit.

“Okay,” Qu Shao said. “Let’s continue to watch.”

The moment the video of the screen changed, the four guests of the lily of the valley group appeared in the center of the screen.

Yan Tingxuan took off his glasses, stood in the house with a very different image, and clicked to send a text message.

Four heartbeat text messages with wings flew together to a small house.

Xi Rui subconsciously said, “Oh my god…”

Guo Su’s eyes also widened slightly. Everyone in the observation room was waiting for the next scene.

Finally, the picture turned again, and You Mian appeared sitting on the edge of the bed, the boy seemed to have just finished taking a bath, his chestnut brown curls were wet on his forehead, his eyebrows were clear and bright, and his amber eyes looked particularly warm in the warm light.


The phone in You Mian’s hand rang with a message alert. He opened it and saw it was from Pei Huaiji.

[Compete next time? Congratulations, genius.]

Pei Huaiji congratulated him on learning a new skill and hobby.

You Mian’s fingers gently rubbed the English word ‘genius’ in a position that the show’s camera couldn’t capture.

Pei Huaiji was sitting next to him at the moment, but You Mian didn’t dare to raise his head to look at the other person, even if it was just a glance.

You Mian’s fingertips were slightly hot. A halo of light spread softly across the bridge of his nose. He raised his cold white chin slightly and pursed his lips to reveal his mood.

Then within a few seconds, three heartbeat text messages sounded in succession. This made You Mian’s hidden mood disappear.

[The Xiaobi Lake of A College should be frozen soon. It must be as beautiful as in previous years.]

[Next time, wear the one I gave, okay?]

[I’m sorry.]

The guests in the observation room looked at the text message content in cursive text placed next to the screen in post-production and started to speculate.

“This competing next time must be said by Chairman Pei. They discussed this topic while eating,” Guo Su analyzed it seriously. “The lake of A College… I don’t know who it is. But this ‘wear the one I gave next time’, is it Yun Guanqing?”

Xi Rui nodded. “Yun Guanqing gave him a pair of blue plush gloves before being kicked out of the house by You Mian.”

Qu Shao sighed. “Now that the show is in the late stage, You Mian has never worn it. It seems that his attitude is very clear. There is no possibility of change.”

Xi Rui shipped it. “You Mian wore Chairman Pei’s leather gloves when watching the exhibition.”

Guo Su’s gaze stayed on the content of the last text message. “I’m sorry… who sent it?”

Xi Rui couldn’t hide her excitement. “I can’t guess the content of the text message for the time being, but You Mian really received four heartbeat text messages!”

Qu Shao laughed innocently. “I didn’t expect the real shura field to appear on You Mian.”

You Mian lowered his head and quickly scanned the remaining three text messages. Instead of staying there like before, he only read it once before exiting the message interface.

Who sent the apology? You Mian probably had a name in mind.

The Xiaobi Lake was a treasure of the school. You Mian often took an easel there when he first entered school and he could sit there all afternoon.

The person who accompanied him was Yan Tingxuan, so this text message must’ve been sent by Yan Tingxuan.

But now, You Mian didn’t want to reminisce about the past with him.

Next, using a simple elimination method, You Mian guessed that the person who sent this apology was Huo Yanzhi.


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