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CEFYMA: Chapter 83

Waves of cheers and screams erupted at the foot of the ski resort. Even the show’s staff holding cameras couldn’t help shouting a few times!

Hong Sheng was wrapped in a heavy coat as he squatted behind the camera screen. There was a happy and helpless smile on his face. Who would’ve thought that Pei Huaiji, who had only reluctantly agreed to come on the show after Hong Sheng pestered him, would now become the star of the show? It was the only mutual choice heartbeat line.

The moment You Mian finished his invitation, the other three guests gliding far behind him also passed the finish line.

The heated atmosphere raised to the extreme by You Mian hadn’t subsided yet. Guan Tong and the others also received an extremely excited welcome.

The crackling applause and cheers were mixed together. Guan Tong took off his helmet blankly. Suddenly, he saw the face of Bai Lin stopped next to him.

In the bustling scene, only Bai Lin’s face looked extremely embarrassed and gloomy.

Even the unsuccessful male guests of the lily of the valley group opposite them didn’t have such ugly expressions as Bai Lin.

Guan Tong frowned silently when he saw this.

You Mian’s dashing figure was deeply engraved in the hearts of all of them, but there was only one invitation. The expressions of Yan Tingxuan and the others were particularly disappointed.

The young man’s slide around the curve just now didn’t only make the surrounding crowd excited. It also made the other three lily of the valley members excited.

Nameless electric currents of excitement shuttled through their hearts, mixed with the disappointment of not being selected. It was an unprecedented experience. It was so torturous that it made people scratch their heads.

Yun Guanqing smiled and said in a hoarse voice, “It isn’t fun to just let them compete. Why don’t we play a game too?”

His eyes were filled with a surging desire to challenge.

As Yun Guanqing spoke, he looked at Director Hong Sheng with questioning eyes.

The group around them cheered one after another.

“Competition! Another competition!”

“That is a real man!”

It wasn’t known who said it, but someone suddenly shouted, “Cultivating cotton is the best!”

The voice was clear and belonged to a girl.

The people around them instantly burst out laughing. The CP fans who watched the show all knew this name. Only the unaware people who didn’t watch the show looked a bit confused.

Hearing this, Hong Sheng picked up the loudspeaker. He looked over at Yan Tingxuan and the others and asked, “Do the lily of the valley guests want to compete with each other?”

“But I will say this in advance. The date invitation can’t be changed,” Hong Sheng said ruthlessly but rationally. “The date guests are You Mian and Pei Huaiji.”

Yun Guanqing heard this but his expression became more determined when he heard it. “Compete.”

He turned his head to look at Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi behind him, asking, “What about you two?”

Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi nodded one after another amidst the cheering around them. However, Pei Huaiji, who was standing in front of You Mian, lowered his eyes and said calmly, “My skiing skills aren’t very good.”

Yun Guanqing: “?”

Hong Sheng: “?”

Pei Huaiji turned to look at You Mian beside him. The tall and oppressive man looked even sharper and more domineering because he was wearing ski clothes.

It was just that this vigor was restrained very well when facing You Mian.

Pei Huaiji asked, “You Mian, teach me?”

Guan Tong and Shen Nanxiao walked slowly and happened to hear Pei Huaiji’s words. Guan Tong sighed in an instant. Who would believe that Chairman Pei didn’t know how to ski?

However, You Mian believed it. The young man stepped on the skis and nodded. Once he raised his head, he smiled brightly and said, “Okay.”

Pei Huaiji’s thin lips pursed lightly. The violent beating of his heart hadn’t been able to calm down since just now.

Except for Bai Lin, Guan Tong, and Shen Nanxiao, who stayed where they were, the rest of the group took the cable car up the mountain. During this period, Pei Huaiji and You Mian replaced the two skis with a snowboard.

The group at the bottom of the mountain was silent for a rare moment. Hong Sheng walked over, clasped his hands together, and reminded them, “I saw that everyone was recording videos and taking photos, but I hope that you won’t send these out before the episode is aired. Is that okay?”

There was the unanimous agreement of all the little girls. Hong Sheng smiled reassuringly and said, “Thank you for your cooperation.”

At the same time, a large number of new members suddenly flooded into the super chat of the cotton breeding base, which was quietly eating sweets from the second episode of the show. These new people all spoke in strange words and excitedly looked for like-minded friends.

[I finally found the organization. Thank you for taking me in. Cultivating cotton is the best!]

[Ahhhh, who understands? Who understands my excitement right now?]

[Are there any other sisters in the ski resort? I’m running wild on the spot!]

[Woo woo woo, I was sad after two episodes of eating the wrong CP, but now I’m not sad at all. Chairman Pei and Mianmian are a perfect match. I will stand here and see who dares to ship other people with them!]

The cotton workers, who were originally quietly eating sugar, looked at each other and asked in confusion about what was going on. They also wanted to eat sugar. However, the new members just laughed mysteriously in a tacit understanding. This caused the super chat to form a funny scene of them chasing after each other.

The guests in the observation room finally had a chance to sigh with relief.

Guo Su shook his head and wiped his face with his hands. “I finally understand. These people’s heartbeats are all connected to You Mian.”

Qu Shao smiled naively. “How did Teacher Guo come to this conclusion?”

During the time when the cable car was going up the mountain, Guo Su pointed to the scene presented on the screen just now.

“Didn’t you see that Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi looked so ugly when You Mian handed over the date invitation? This is a typical case of jealousy.”

Qu Shao could only ask more questions in order to record materials for the show. “Why don’t you think that they look ugly because You Mian crossed the finish line first instead of someone else?”

The staff of the show intimately showed the expressions of the others when You Mian crossed the finish line.

The energetic young man raised his goggles. Nothing could be seen in the other people’s eyes except for love and admiration.

Guo Su shrugged and said happily, “The pictures are all here. You don’t need me to say anything else, right?”

Xi Rui raised her chin and took over the topic. “In fact, if there was a heartbeat text message session at the end of the last episode, I would’ve wanted to connect Brother Yun and Yan Tingxuan’s heartbeat lines to You Mian.”

Guo Su, who was originally a big fan of Huo Yanzhi, remembered it and said, “It seems that Huo Yanzhi’s heartbeat line is also connected to You Mian. He didn’t show the same concern he had for Bai Lin just now. Instead, he was very cold and kept looking at Brother Mian.”

Xi Rui covered her mouth and laughed a few times. “Teacher Guo, there is a saying in the fandom that your current performance is climbing the wall.”

Guo Su scratched his head happily. “No one would dislike You Mian.”

Qu Shao covered all the observation topics and concluded, “No matter how many people have a one-way heartbeat toward You Mian, it seems that You Mian’s heartbeat is firmly tied to Chairman Pei.”

The moment these words came out, no one in the observation room raised any objections.

Qu Shao stood up and made two strokes on the whiteboard behind him. The names of You Mian and Pei Huaiji were connected together.

“Halfway through the show, it seems that the first couple has been decided.”

Halfway up the mountain, it was so cold that the moment he stepped off the cable car, You Mian had to put on the goggles and mask he had just taken off.

You Mian and several others stood at the starting point of the competition, while Pei Huaiji was the only one behind You Mian. The two of them looked as if they were going to have a lesson.

Yun Guanqing bent down and wiped the snow on his trouser legs. Then he asked loudly with a smile, “Chairman Pei really doesn’t want to compete with us?”

Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi also looked over.

Huo Yanzhi’s eyes were very deep. When he looked at You Mian, he felt that the long-lost trembling feeling was rekindled in his heart.

It was this emotion.

Huo Yanzhi frowned fiercely. It was this trembling excitement that gave him the support to stand in the boxing ring until the last second.

What he mistakenly thought were Bai Lin’s paintings were now revealed.

Huo Yanzhi’s arms were filled with brute strength. His face hidden under the helmet was full of wildness.

It turned out that it wasn’t the painting that aroused his strong emotions, but the person.

It was You Mian.

Pei Huaiji calmly raised his eyes and looked back. His profile was cold and domineering, and his jawline was extremely sharp.


Yun Guanqing’s eyes fell on You Mian, and he finally stopped mentioning it.

There were a few rustling sounds as the three people wrapped in ski suits quickly slid toward the foot of the mountain.

You Mian sat on the snow and fixed the straps of the board. As he was about to stand up, Pei Huaiji stretched out his hand.

The young man held it and got up.

Pei Huaiji wasn’t wearing goggles. His deep eyes that were as dark as obsidian were looking down at You Mian.

The man’s voice was low and magnetic as he called out, “Teacher You.”

You Mian’s covered ears suddenly turned red when he heard this. The young man pursed his lips and said, “Let’s start with the simplest one.”

You Mian stretched out his hand toward Pei Huaiji and said, “Follow my rhythm.”

Pei Huaiji took his hand and suddenly asked in a deep voice.

“You Mian, was your invitation just now due to the rules of the show?”

Pei Huaiji’s voice dissipated in the cold wind, but it was still clearly heard by You Mian.

You Mian blinked through the dark vision of his goggles.

“It is impossible with your archery accuracy to miss the target ten times.”

Pei Huaiji was slightly startled.

You Mian smiled and took off the goggles. His amber eyes looked particularly bright in the snow.

“I can also ‘miss the target ten times’ if I want to.”

Pei Huaiji immediately understood the implication of You Mian’s words. In the competition for the dating right in the second episode of Matching Heartbeat, Pei Huaiji couldn’t choose his roommate, so he missed the target and made himself last place.

This time, only the first guest to cross the finish line would be eligible to hand out an invitation.

If You Mian didn’t want to, he could just follow Pei Huaiji’s previous approach and lag far behind everyone. He could use the rules to evade it and not participate in any solo dates.

But now the result was clear.

The young man’s chic posture just now was still vivid.

You Mian smiled and stared directly at Pei Huaiji in front of him. “Do you need me to be clearer?”

“In the afternoon, go on a date with me.”

Maybe it was the spotlight on the basketball court that night that made You Mian’s heart beat wildly, or maybe it was earlier than that.

You Mian had always held the idea of not falling in love on the show, but he considered himself an extremely frank person.

The young man admitted his affection passionately and tenderly, hitting Pei Huaiji’s heart again and again.

Waves of cheers came from the foot of the mountain. The staff members dutifully filmed the three members of the lily of the valley group who quickly crossed the finish line.

Yun Guanqing and Yan Tingxuan switched places back and forth while Huo Yanzhi fell behind by a few seconds.

They bent down and held their knees, gasping lightly. It wasn’t until Yun Guanqing took off his helmet that he looked at the mountain in the distance. He thought helplessly that Pei Huaiji had taken advantage of them.

He couldn’t ski. Even ghosts wouldn’t believe that he couldn’t ski.

Bai Lin approached with three bottles of water and said with a sweet smile, “Everyone, have a drink of water. Are you tired?”

Yun Guanqing frowned and waved his hand, signaling that he didn’t need it.

Bai Lin frowned for a moment. Then he immediately ran to Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi, handing them the water bottles. As a result, neither of them accepted it.

In the end, Shen Nanxiao came forward to help him out. “Maybe everyone isn’t thirsty. Give me a bottle.”

Bai Lin suppressed the anger in his heart. He threw the water bottle in his hand to Shen Nanxiao while having the words You Mian in his heart.

What was so great? It was just that his skiing skills were better. The results of the second round of the Star Cup would come out soon. Qin Lan had been removed. Who else could support You Mian on the judging panel?

Ten minutes later, two figures swooped down in the distance, one behind the other at very fast speeds.

You Mian stepped on the board sideways, followed by Pei Huaiji.

Many of the onlookers had already left. The staff members and Guan Tong came forward to greet them.

The snow was swept away by You Mian’s feet again. Guan Tong turned his head and shouted, “It is Mianmian and Chairman Pei!”

You Mian lifted one side and stopped. Pei Huaiji’s snowboarding skills were obviously skillful and neat. He followed You Mian and stopped steadily at the foot of the mountain.

Yun Guanqing’s face was ashen. This was called not knowing how to do it?

Yan Tingxuan pursed his lips silently and Huo Yanzhi’s expression wasn’t very good-looking.

Before anyone could ask questions, Pei Huaiji took off his helmet and said calmly, “Teacher You taught me really well. Thank you.”

You Mian didn’t take off his helmet or goggles. He only extended his gloved hand to give a thumbs up.

Guan Tong: “……”

Yun Guanqing: “.”

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