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CEFYMA: Chapter 82

The director asked in an interview before arranging the skiing session. The four guests of the iris group had all skied more or less. Their level wasn’t bad, so he dared to use this as a competition.

There were many tourists around the ski resort. They watched Pei Huaiji and the others at the foot of the mountain and gradually surrounded them.

“It is Chairman Pei! And Yun Guanqing!”

“Ahhh, are they recording Matching Heartbeat? I just finished the second episode last night. What episode is this?”

“Where is Mianmian? Is it possible to really see him here?”

“I don’t know if he looks any different from the show.”

The group of young girls couldn’t help talking softly. Fortunately, they just stood outside the camera and made no move to get closer, so Hong Sheng didn’t deliberately stop them.

Yun Guanqing took off his helmet, causing everyone to scream. He glanced sideways at the other three and said with a smile, “Since it is their battle, why are we still wearing these clothes?”

Yan Tingxuan smiled helplessly and didn’t answer Yun Guanqing’s words. Instead, he kept looking up at the mountaintop in the distance. “I guess it is another day of being alone.”

Yun Guanqing raised an eyebrow. “Not confident?”

Yan Tingxuan glanced at Pei Huaiji in front of him calmly. After the conversation last night, he had no confidence at all. If he had any confidence before, it completely collapsed in the cold night.

In the midst of the chatter, Huo Yanzhi suddenly frowned and said, “Look up there.”

The moment Huo Yanzhi finished speaking, the group surrounding them started screaming.

“Ahhh! Look! There is a drone filming. Are those guests of the show?”

“They are all wearing helmets and ski suits. I can’t recognize who they are.”

Pei Huaiji looked into the distance with a frown. His eyes suddenly focused and he noticed the number one on the helmet of the leader.

The biting cold wind whistled past his ears. The snow under his feet was shoveled to both sides of the skis and splashed outwards during the rapid sliding.

In the midst of the rustling sounds, You Mian skillfully lowered his body. He made no major deformed movements from his shoulders to his legs. Instead, he remained steadily stable. He relied only on his knees and ankle joints to adjust his speed and direction.

Among the numbers one to four, only his movements seemed particularly neat and clean.

The four members of the lily of the valley group stepped forward to watch. The people around them saw that they all moved up and became even more excited. The watchers didn’t know who was under the helmet, but they already started cheering for the leader.

There were four turning points on the snow track. The four guests on the iris side needed to pass through these fixed points at the fastest speed. The first person to break through the finish line would send out the invitation.

You Mian’s center of gravity was very low. Once he saw the first bend mark, he started to raise the blade early. He didn’t control his speed when passing through the bend. Instead, he continued to swoop down at a high speed!

The snow was raised high and fell on the young man’s black trousers. This was soon blown away by the howling wind beside him.

You Mian pursed his thin lips. His goggles covered his eyes tightly. The helmet and mask made it impossible to show any identifiable parts.

The young man raised his straight shoulders and simultaneously exerted force on his feet. He quickly passed through the second bend in the same way as before!

He still hadn’t slowed down!

He broke through the air and his sharp momentum made him look like a low-flying eagle in the eyes of everyone.

It wasn’t known who cursed first but it was like the horn to break the silence of the group of people.

The crowd erupted into screams and shouts. Some people even started to whistle.

“F*k! Isn’t this guy awesome? Who is he?”

The girl didn’t dare to identify him. She could only suppress her excitement and say with a trembling voice, “They are recording a show. He is a guest on the show.”

The moment she finished speaking, another louder shout silenced the other voices.

“Go go go!”

“This guy doesn’t even slow down when turning? He is really crazy.”

“Isn’t he really handsome?!”

In the long absent observation room, the group of celebrity guests sat in front of the screen and excitedly clapped while watching this excitedly impactful scene.

Among them, Guo Su was particularly excited. The moment he put down his pen, he raised his hand and pointed at the guest with the number one written on the helmet. He said with absolute certainty. “This must be You Mian!”

Xi Rui covered her mouth. Her sexy and seductive calm aura was somewhat dissipated by her surprised expression. “It really isn’t too much to use the word decathlon for You Mian.”

“That’s so cool,” Xi Rui muttered as she stared intently at the screen.

Qu Shao smiled honestly. “I didn’t expect that Director Hong would give us such a big surprise just after the third episode started.”

After her mind returned, Xi Rui crossed her arms and snorted. “No wonder why Director Hong didn’t show us the scene of them gathering at the house yesterday. It turns out he was waiting for this big move.”

Guo Su glanced at the screen and said with a smile, “Out of the three people in the rear, I can only recognize the pink-haired Guan Tong. The other two are really difficult to distinguish.”

Except for You Mian, the speed of the other three people wasn’t too slow. They just seemed slower due to You Mian.

Bai Lin was a few centimeters shorter than Shen Nanxiao, but they were both wearing ski clothes and bent over. The height difference wasn’t obvious, making it impossible for others outside the venue to tell.

The goggles blocked Bai Lin’s angry eyes.

When taking the cable car up the mountain, Bai Lin was still feeling proud in his heart. He thought there was always an activity where he could win over You Mian and make the other person lose face.

It was because Bai Lin often skied when he was abroad. He often skipped private art lessons to play this. Every time he skied, he was the fastest.

But now he was easily left behind by You Mian. No matter how fast he accelerated, he couldn’t catch up!

Could it be that those people in the past were deliberately complimenting him?

The more Bai Lin thought about it, the angrier he became. Unexpectedly, there was the sudden sound of wind behind him as Shen Nanxiao quickly passed him.

Bai Lin’s expression immediately distorted. He cursed through gritted teeth.

There was a fierce wind in his ears and an endless white field in front of him.

You Mian couldn’t hear the screams outside the venue. Only the last bend was left in his sight.

Rush through, and don’t slow down.

You Mian raised an eyebrow, his eyes suddenly sharp. He lowered his body steadily. His increased speed made him almost fly through the air when passing through the light snow slope.

“Ah! Be careful!”

“Oh my god, it is so dangerous. Why doesn’t the first person slow down?”

The show’s staff arranged four turning points on the snow track. The distance between them became further and further as they approached the foot of the mountain. This meant the guest’s speed would reach its peak when passing the last bend.

As long as there was a bit of hesitation and fear in their hearts, they would definitely reduce their speed when crossing the finish line. This was the most primitive fear of human beings.

But You Mian didn’t do this. He still maintained the speed that had reached the peak just now. His black ski suit and helmet made him look extremely cool.

As he danced with the wind near the edge of a cliff, You Mian suddenly thought of those words of encouragement.

Go boldly into the storm without sighing.

“The last bend!”

Pei Huaiji got up and walked over without changing his expression. No one knew that his heartbeat was beating violently in his chest.

The young man passed the last corner in a flash with the speed of an arrow piercing the sky. He kept going straight toward the foot of the mountain at this speed!

There were bursts of shouts and screams from the crowd of spectators.

“Who is this guy? Aren’t his skills too good? He is so good at acting handsome!”


“Ah, can’t he stop? Why is he still rushing down?”

“D*mn, get out of the way. Stop crowding. I guess he really can’t stop!”

The group was in chaos for a moment. Everyone retreated back.

“I was confused just now. He is just trying to act cool…” Before the man could finish the second half of the sentence, he could see the mountain snow rising in front of the crowd who were hurriedly retreating out of the way.

In the biting cold wind, the young man, whose whole body was wrapped in black, gently pulled his feet. He turned sideways and stopped steadily a few meters away from the crowd, happening to stop within the shooting range of the show’s staff.

You Mian reached out and lifted up the black goggles that blocked his vision, holding them down.

The young man exhaled mist from the tip of his nose, and there was moisture on his cheeks.

A pair of jaw-dropping beautiful amber eyes curved up in a heart-moving smile.

“Pei Huaiji,” You Mian pulled down his mask and shouted.

In the midst of the countless shouts and screams of ‘Mianmian’ from the people around him, You Mian smiled. His eyebrow was raised in an unrestrained and high-spirited manner.

“Do you want to go on a date with me?”

Among the vast snowy sky that overlapped the mountains, Pei Huaiji could only see the twinkling light in You Mian’s eyes.

Pei Huaiji stood in the crowd. His nerve endings surged with electricity due to excessive excitement.

The man held his breath for a long time. Then his stiff fingers gradually regained feeling.

He responded softly in a hoarse voice, “Yes.”


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