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CEFYMA: Chapter 8

You Mian turned his head away silently after he finished speaking. In his opinion, people like Pei Huaiji should choose to silently bypass this topic when facing the current situation.

After all, in Huajiang City, gossip about wealthy families always emerged endlessly. It was chaotic and complicated.

Meanwhile, Pei Huaiji had always been unwilling to get involved in such incidents.

He didn’t expect that Pei Huaiji would continue to stare at him with a steady gaze. Then he keenly grasped the key point and asked persistently, “Two years ago? Why two years ago?”

You Mian frowned and pursed his lips in silence.

The bottom of his heart, which he thought had been calm for a long time, was still stirred by this question.

Why two years ago?

It was because two years ago was Bai Lin’s coming-of-age party. It was because two years ago was the day when Bai Lin returned to the You house.

Bai Lin was a premature baby who had suffered from disasters since birth. Colds and fevers were commonplace. His resistance and immunity were extremely low from a young age.

However, that time was the busiest and most dangerous time when the You family’s ‘Xiuming’ was about to go public.

The predecessor of Xiuming was a small garment factory jointly opened by You Jiyuan and several brothers. Later, You Jiyuan’s entrepreneurial goals diverged from his other three partners.

What happened in the middle was unknown, but in the end, You Jiyuan became independent and started the current Xiuming.

It was just that You Jiyuan was constantly worried due to this. He discussed it with Bai Peilan, and the two of them resolutely sent their biological son, Bai Lin, abroad. Then they adopted You Mian from an orphanage when he was five years old.

From then on, You Mian lived in this world under the name of the only son of the You family. This was until You Jiyuan and Bai Peilan thought the ‘crisis’ was over and took their own son back with great fanfare on the day of Bai Lin’s 18th birthday.

Seeing that You Mian didn’t answer, Pei Huaiji tried to ask again. “Then what are you now?”

The man’s tone was calm and rational. His powerful aura wasn’t weakened at all by sitting in the car.

What was wrong with this man?

You Mian frowned. Before he could speak, Pei Huaiji found the answer by himself.

He saw the handsome man with thick eyebrows next to him open his thin lips. His sharp eyes paused slightly as he said, “Oh, I almost forgot. You are You Mian.”

You Mian: “……”

The warm and gentle smile on You Mian’s face slowly cooled down, as if he had finally broken free from a fake body.

“Chairman Pei, are you kidding me?” You Mian placed his hands on the steering wheel in front of him as he tilted his head and asked in a low voice.

Not long after they drove out of the house, a black commercial vehicle from the show followed behind them.

You Mian noticed a staff member sticking his head out the window of the rear car, covering his mouth like a trumpet, and shouting, “The guests in the observation room have reported that the camera inside your group’s car is blacked out! You Mian! What is going on?”

Soon, the rear car also stopped by the side of the road.

A staff member ran out of the car with a new GoPro and tapped on the driver’s window with his fingers.

You Mian slowly rolled down the car window. A pair of amber eyes reflected the setting sun by the sea.

You Mian changed his cold expression just now and said with a soft smile, “Sorry, Chairman Pei pressed indiscriminately and accidentally turned off the GoPro. This caused you trouble.”

The moment the staff member heard that Pei Huaiji had done it, they couldn’t help admiring Director Hong Sheng’s divine prediction.

Before the staff members in the car had chased them out, Hong Sheng had pulled off his headset to give special instructions.

“It should be that Pei Huaiji has made a mistake again. You should follow with a new machine. He isn’t an unreasonable person, and he will listen to you well.”

The staff member thought to himself at this time, ‘Is Chairman Pei a reasonable person?’

Even if Chairman Pei was reasonable, he didn’t have a lot of courage to tell this person to turn on the camera.

He didn’t expect that after making a lot of mental preparations when running out of the car, You Mian would solve it with a single sentence before he could start his persuasion.

The staff member wiped the sweat on his forehead and waved his hand repeatedly. “It’s okay. You just came out, and there aren’t many materials.”

You Mian nodded. He turned around and raised his hand to open the GoPro in the car that Pei Huaiji had just turned off.

The screen instantly lit up with a red dot.

The staff member smiled. “It’s okay. There are no problems.”

Before leaving, the staff member turned his head and suggested to You Mian in a low voice, “Bring this GoPro with you when getting out of the car and going into the supermarket to buy ingredients. It is best not to let Chairman Pei turn it off again.

You Mian’s eyes curved as he answered, “I know. It is hard work.”

Seeing this, the staff member’s ears instantly turned red, and he smiled dully. “It wasn’t hard.”

The window was raised. Pei Huaiji watched as the commercial vehicle of the show in the rearview mirror turned around and drove in the direction of the house. Then he asked, “You didn’t want to smile at me just now. Is it because I made you angry?”

You Mian silently raised his hand to shift the gear and stepped on the accelerator.

“Chairman Pei, if you feel bored because you have no one to talk to, just help me look at the map.”

The guests in the observation room saw the screen light up. Before they had time to be happy, they heard the conversation between You Mian and Pei Huaiji.

What happened when the screen went black just now?

Why… the atmosphere between the two of them had plummeted.

Pei Huaiji picked up the map that You Mian had placed to the side and glanced at it. Then he admitted without any burdens at all, “I’m not good at identifying directions and locations. Perhaps you gave me the wrong task.”

“No.” You Mian directly drove along the right route without looking at the map. By the way, he didn’t forget to say, “The first wrong thing I did in the show was to be in a group with you.”

Pei Huaiji raised an eyebrow. He didn’t express an opinion on what You Mian said. He just opened the map and looked at it. Then he looked at the route in front of him.

“You obviously remembered the road a long time ago,” Pei Huaiji pointed out.

You Mian held the steering wheel and smiled, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes. “Your observation skills are amazing. Then Chairman Pei, you should see that I don’t want to talk right now.”

Pei Huaiji neatly put away the map booklet in his hand and placed it beside him.

The man raised a hand to press down on the high bridge of his nose. His domineering presence was still overwhelming when he tilted his head and narrowed his eyes.

“Now I’m certain. I must’ve made you angry just now.” Pei Huaiji crossed his hands over his knees. He looked very imposing, and his sharp eyes seemed able to pierce through all the thoughts in people’s hearts.

“I always have a bad grasp of the scale. I apologize to you if you are still willing to accept it.”

Pei Huaiji spoke very sincerely. His tone was still so deep and rational that it was impersonal, but at least he let You Mian know that he didn’t do it on purpose.

If it was someone else asking about the past between You Mian and Bai Lin, You Mian would choose to completely remove that person from his list of relationships.

“Okay.” You Mian’s soft moments were always very inconspicuous. He said, “I did note down that map a long time ago.”

It could only be said that thanks to Pei Huaiji’s ghostly observation ability and judgment in stock market investment, the man immediately received the signal that You Mian was willing to accept his apology.

Pei Huaiji imitated him and learned from You Mian’s tone just now. “Your memory is awesome.”

You Mian: “……”

The small screen of the GoPro shook slightly as it was taken out of the car. After a few seconds, You Mian’s tall and slender back appeared.

Pei Huaiji followed You Mian and acted as the cameraman. From the calm expression on the man’s face, it could be seen that he had adapted to this new role very well.

You Mian pushed the cart through the supermarket and straight to the vegetable area.

“What did Yan Tingxuan write on the post-it note he gave you?” You Mian asked without looking back.

Pei Huaiji answered casually, “The budget given by the show is only 500. What he wrote can’t be used as a reference.”

Pei Huaiji’s handsome and indifferent appearance and his tall and sturdy catwalk model-like figure frequently made other people in the supermarket stop.

A long, black jacket covered the double-breasted suit with a dark red tie on his chest. The man moved his leather shoes and raised his chin slightly as he walked on the white tiles as if walking on a catwalk.

At the same time, the camera held in his hand was staring at You Mian in front of him and capturing this scene.

Some passersby looked in the direction the camera was aimed at. They saw You Mian and had some considerations in their hearts. This made them put away their phones and leave with expressions of regret.

Some passersby saw Pei Huaiji’s iceberg-like, indifferent face and didn’t dare to approach. They just stood in the distance and occasionally looked over in admiration while selecting goods.

You Mian let go of the handle of the cart and turned sideways to pick out ingredients from the vegetable section.

Pei Huaiji stopped and stood in place, dutifully holding the GoPro in his hand.

Pei Huaiji tactfully chose to remain silent at first. This was until he watched You Mian pick up the ingredients faster and faster, throwing it into the cart behind him without even looking at it.

Pei Huaiji had one hand in his pocket as he said in a deep voice, “You Mian, I don’t think all the guests of the house are vegetarians.”

Pei Huaiji was reminding You Mian that the amount of vegetables exceeded the standard.

You Mian put another bag of cauliflower into the cart. His curly hair swayed slightly as he looked up. His eyes were soft and really bright.

“Is that so? Then I can only have Chairman Pei wait at the checkout while I go back and plead with the show’s staff to get my wallet.”

Pei Huaiji was rarely choked up, but a laugh suddenly rose in his heart that he never had before.

Compared to You Mian’s angry and unwilling appearance in the car just now, he felt that You Mian’s relaxed and easy demeanor was more comfortable.

You Mian continued to sweep through the freezer and meat areas in this whirlwind manner.

Pei Huaiji didn’t say anything else after reminding him once. It was because he noticed You Mian’s relaxed expression. No matter how bad it was, You Mian couldn’t really be planning to leave him at the supermarket.

Hong Sheng, who was sitting in the filming room around the house, suddenly felt an inexplicable chill go down his spine.

Seeing this, the staff member was puzzled and said, “The window isn’t open.”

Hong Sheng touched the back of his neck. Then the corners of his mouth twitched as he smiled. “It might be a bit cold.”

Finally, the two members of the purchasing team walked to the wine cabinet and stood still.

Pei Huaiji stared at You Mian, who was expertly picking up the red wine bottles to choose from. Then his eyes darkened.

Pei Huaiji didn’t drink alcohol or smoke. He also didn’t like people around him to wear perfume. Therefore, the only female among his three assistants never wore perfume in the workplace.

This was also part of the reason why Pei Huaiji chose to group with You Mian when doing the grouping in the cabin.

It was because You Mian’s body didn’t have any other chemical fragrance except the smell of sunshine and the sea breeze.

Pei Huaiji’s life was like a perfectly calculated program. All the redundant edges and corners were removed, leaving only the areas that were called perfect, excellent, and successful in society.

His indifferent and unsmiling behavior was praised by the group’s subordinates as an iron-blooded leader.

Pei Huaiji always used rules to put demands on himself. He had no edges and only walked forward with the goal of sitting on top of the pyramid all the time.

At his feet were countless bones and fortresses made of blood, tears, and exhaustion.

It was the case in the past, in the present, and would be the same in the future.

So when You Mian happily picked out three bottles of red wine from the wine cabinet, Pei Huaiji frowned indifferently as he had done to other people countless times in the past.

You Mian didn’t know Pei Huaiji’s psychological activities at all. He just pushed the small cart to the checkout.

The cashier scanned the barcodes one by one.

Pei Huaiji frowned as he stared at the goods passing through the cashier. The youngest, richest man in Huajiang City really looked worried about exceeding the standard at this moment.

Meanwhile, You Mian had a leisurely look despite being the one who did all of this and leading to the current result. He accepted the cashier’s shy praise.

“Brother, your hair color is so pretty. How did you choose it?” The female cashier asked.

Pei Huaiji’s eyes were glued to the counter, and he couldn’t hear the conversation between You Mian and the girl.

Just as the cashier finished scanning the last item, he saw You Mian take a box of mind-flavored hard candies from the shelf next to him.

Pei Huaiji: “……”

“498…” The moment the cashier’s voice came out, she saw You Mian’s action. Then she scanned the box of mint candy into the computer and smiled. “Sir, it is 500 yuan.”

Pei Huaiji’s pupils shrank.

You Mian clicked and opened the hard candy box with his fingers. A mint aroma burst out.

You Mian raised an eyebrow and smiled. He looked like a very handsome and energetic young man. Then he asked in a manner that was showing off, “You’ve been nervous all the way. Do you want to eat it?”


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