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CEFYMA: Chapter 77

The second episode of Matching Heartbeat showed everyone competing at the shooting range for the right to date tomorrow. At this point, the barrage went completely crazy and used the words ‘shura field.’

[Why can’t you choose the person from the same room? Chairman Pei is crying to death. I am crying too.]

[Ahhhh, Brother Huo, come on! He is first, right? Why not air the selection session?]

[Chairman Pei heard that he couldn’t choose his roommate and immediately gave up, hahaha.]

[Isn’t the highlight this time the confrontation between You Mian and Bai Lin at that dinner? It can be seen that the show’s staff has deleted many things.]

[Bai Lin ran away with his tail between his legs. Doesn’t that explain the problem? He feels guilty.]

[Don’t mention these things on the big day for Chairman Pei’s sake. Hahahahaha.]

[In fact, I’m still very curious about the hot search regarding the real and fake young master. I can’t see it now, and many people don’t know that such a thing exists.]

[I just want to see one thing. Amateur college students aren’t capable of suppressing the hot search. If you want to ask who suppressed it… Yes, I’m talking about Xiuming.]

[Huo is first, Yun is second, and Yan is third. There is always one person who might choose Mianmian. I don’t know who Baby Mian will be in a group with.]

[Mianmian also left directly to find Chairman Pei after that exciting scene at the amusement park. I guess it will be the same this time. After the date, he will come back to find Brother Chair, who is guarding the empty room alone.]

[Huo Yanzhi, who has no sense of presence, fought fiercely this time, but Bai Lin isn’t here.]

[Woo woo woo, I want pure love, not a shura field!]

[It is another episode of crazy screenshotting. [Dragon Knight Mianmian.JPG.] [Skydiving is cool and handsome, Brother Mian.JPG.]

[I found that You Mian only has a gentle appearance. The first impression he gives is that of a beautiful child, but from snooker and go-karting in the first episode to skydiving in this episode, he is very aggressive and full of strength.]

[Who says this isn’t the case? I have changed the name from Baby Mian to Brother Mian.]

[A handsome and energetic college student, I love it.]

[It is really fun to watch and laugh. Some people ran back in a dejected manner halfway. It was quite funny.]

[Brother Yun and Brother Yan had a fierce fight over the skydiving group. Brother Yun has always been interested in Mianmian, but Yan Tingxuan’s change this time makes me a bit confused. Did he change his heartbeat so quickly?]

[Sisters outside the field can explain it to you. You Mian, and Yan Tingxuan have been friends for many years. It is childhood friends VS childhood friends.]


[Isn’t Yan Tingxuan the ‘long-time friend’ of Bai Lin?]

[The grievances between wealthy families are too complicated. Some people have mentioned it in the suppressed true and fake young master hot search, but it was deleted quickly and no screenshots were left. The summary is that You Mian and Yan Tingxuan have known each other for over ten years. The two of them are real friends. Huo Yanzhi was also friends with You Mian before. They were close at College A. Everyone knew that they were inseparable.]

[What type of hot search is it? I really want to see it.]

[I am speechless. What type of ghostly shura field is this? Childhood friends and close friends, but Mianmian pretends not to know them. What is going on?]

[There are too many versions. It is better to listen to Mianmian himself. But so far, his Weibo account has only forwarded a few promotions from the show’s official Weibo. He doesn’t seem to be online much.]

[Bai Lin’s fans have become more restrained. In the past, I could always see their barrage cursing people madly.]

[The professional fan trolls guided by the studio should’ve been removed.]

[Is this a real-life version of the wife-chasing crematorium? Hahaha, Brother Chair is in danger!]

[Haven’t you heard that a childhood friend can’t beat a descendant from the sky? Brother Chair rises!]

[A prodigal son can change, let alone a golden bachelor on Yan Tingxuan’s level. He is handsome and charming. A glasses con would love him to death. If there is dirt on his knees, he must kneel down and beg for forgiveness.]

[Get lost. Don’t ship everything!]

[Go away. The prodigal son will never change. The crematorium is so expensive. Don’t suffer.]

In the turbulent melee of CP fans from all sides who wouldn’t give up without a fight, only friends from the cotton cultivation base happily ignored everything and ate CP to their heart’s content.

[Chairman Pei and Mianmian sticking together [skydiving hug.JPG].]

[Chairman Pei talks intimately with Mianmian [picture].]

[The possessiveness of Brother Chair is MAX. He pulled Xiao Mian over and fastened the metal button. Ahhhhh!]

[F*k, the palms are bigger than the waist, and the body shape is different. I really love it!]

[Brother Chair’s red wine, emphasis added, slapped someone who previously said in a financial magazine interview—[I don’t drink.JPG].]

[A lot of sugar hehe (stuffed mouth)(crazy eating)(reaching out).]

[Brother Chair’s unskilled comfort on a rainy night—the saddle butterflyfish, the bluespine unicornfish, ahhhh. The couch horse is dead. Who says he is rigid and serious? Who says he is unreasonable? D*mn, he is better than me!]

[Just pure love, pure love (rolling around).]

[Don’t love Pei Huaiji too much.]

[Breaking news! Today JL has an interview event. The location is Chairman Pei’s office. Look what I found? [picture]. What used to be on this bookshelf was the business district’s gold standard medal obtained by JL. Now it is replaced with these two little human sculptures! One is made of clay, the other is made of iron. Big news!]

[Sculptures? Um?? My ears are standing up while thinking of Mianmian. Could it be Mianmian’s gift?]

[Impossible… I’m really going crazy. Chairman Pei replaced the gold label with the little person given by Brother Mian?]

[Zoom in. I can see that there are the words ‘Pei Huaiji’ on the sculpture!!!]

[F*k! I’m going to start preparing some money. Woo woo woo. Baby Mianmian, please let me attend your wedding. I will be a love witness.]

[Let’s be together. You must be together.]

[Did they kiss? They must’ve kissed.]

[In Brother Chair’s heart, the sculpture >>> gold medal.]

[What is the weight of the gold medal? Sorry, I don’t understand.]

[The entire Huajiang City only has two or three given out over 20 years. With its weight, JL’s stock price rose ten points overnight. It suddenly made JL the leading company officially recognized by Huajiang City.]

[…Chairman Pei loves it.]

Suddenly, an electric car arrived outside the door of the quiet and peaceful care of A College.

Liu Hao took off his helmet while re-reading the private message he received last night.

He came here to attend the appointment according to the time and place provided by the message writer. He thought that he must not let this trip be in vain.

Liu Hao glanced at the cafe. Then he lowered his head and scanned his phone’s screen.

[Hello, blogger. I am a big fan of yours. I have encountered some troubles recently. A contestant of the Star Cup submitted my oil painting to the competition and successfully entered the second round. But I am suffering from a lack of evidence. Now I want to seek a way to report it and restore a fair and just competition environment for the Star Cup.]

Liu Hao put away his phone and pushed open the glass door of the cafe. In the cafe without many people, he saw a young man in the cafe starting slightly at him with wide eyes. Then he waved vigorously.

Fang Xiaofeng hadn’t expected Liu Hao to really come. He shouted excitedly, “Brother Hao! This way!”

He had been watching Liu Hao’s videos frequently since the high school training camp. Liu Hao was a blogger with millions of fans in the art world. The breadth of his reach was much stronger than that of Fang Xiaofeng, a college student.

Fang Xiaofeng was helpless and sent him a message as a last resort. Unexpectedly, Liu Hao actually came.

The middle-aged man wearing thick, square-rimmed glasses walked up to Fang Xiaofeng with his canvas shoes and pulled out a chair to sit down. Liu Hao’s eyes fell on the other person carefully as he said, “Your situation is troublesome. If you can’t prove that what he used is indeed your work, reporting it might not have much of an effect.”

It had always been very difficult to defend the rights of ownership and copyright of works, not to mention that Fang Xiaofeng himself said that he had no evidence to prove it.

Liu Hao was pushing up his glasses when he suddenly heard Fang Xiaofeng saying, “Yes, now there is evidence.”

Liu Hao paused. “What did you say?”

Fang Xiaofeng looked up seriously and looked at Liu Hao in front of him. “Just yesterday, he took a new oil painting done by me to participate in the second round.”

“I made an audio and video recording of the whole process. The evidence is conclusive.”

Liu Hao almost laughed out loud. “Is this person stupid?” He paused for a few seconds before shaking his head with a smile. “Show me the previous painting and this painting.”

If Fang Xiaofeng hadn’t mentioned the Star Cup, Liu Hao might not have come here.

The moment Fang Xiaofeng heard this, he immediately took out his old mobile phone and showed two photos.

Liu Hao looked at this old antique and sighed. Then he looked down and glanced at the photos. Fang Xiaofeng’s voice was heard at the same time. “It is Bai Lim from the oil painting group.”

Liu Hao was startled. Then he immediately raised his head and asked as if to confirm, “Who are you talking about? Bai Lin?”

Fang Xiaofeng nodded. “Yes. He is called Bai Lin.”

Liu Hao still remembered his popular video that had been removed. The reason given by the platform for removal was slander, which made him angry for several days. He was telling the truth. What type of slander?

The number of video views and likes was closely related to the blogger’s income. Bai Lin’s removal of his video was equivalent to a loss for Liu Hao. He hadn’t expected that after going around and around, this person would appear in front of his eyes again.

Liu Hao carefully looked at the two oil paintings. Then he watched the video of the whole painting process that was recorded by Fang Xiaofeng.

“Don’t worry. I’ll help you figure this out.”

At the same time, a commercial vehicle with the huge logo of Matching Heartbeat was driving past the street in front of the cafe.

You Mian sat in the car and dressed thickly according to the requirements and reminders of the show’s staff. There was a scarf around his neck.

After arriving at the Heartbeat House for the third issue, You Mian realized why he was asked to wear thicker clothes.

It was because this was the ice sculpture town in the neighboring province to the north of Huajiang City.

You Mian had heard of this ice sculpture town before, but he never had a chance to visit it. Unexpectedly, he could realize his small wish by recording this show.

The staff members wearing heavy coats had already lined up. They stood holding their cameras to shoot.

Hong Sheng’s figure was among them.

Once You Mian got off the car, a staff member came over and said with a smile, “Welcome, You Mian. The other guests are already here.”

You Mian picked up his suitcase and smiled helplessly. “Am I the last one to arrive?”

He had left early, but he didn’t expect the journey to be so far. Thus, he arrived at his destination a bit late.

The staff member laughed for a moment. “No, there is still Bai Lin, who isn’t here.”

You Mian raised an eyebrow. He didn’t say anything and walked directly to the huge arched ice gate of the ice sculpture town.

He saw Guan Tong and the others standing there, chatting while surrounded by machines.

Pei Huaiji’s eyes fell on You Mian’s body first, and he greeted the other person in a deep voice, “You Mian, good morning.”

The man wore a black down coat, and his superior height could be easily recognized in the crowd. The cold air seemed to intensify the cold feeling of his body. Pei Huaiji, who had an oppressive aura, fit perfectly here.

You Mian pursed his lips and smiled. “Good morning.”

Perhaps due to the time getting along during the interval of the show, You Mian became even more familiar with Pei Huaiji than Guan Tong and Shen Nanxiao.

Without hesitation, he walked over directly and stood beside Pei Huaiji.

The two of them stood side by side in the camera and looked very compatible.

Guan Tong and Shen Nanxiao heard the news, and everyone saw him.

Huo Yanzhi rubbed his cold fingers helplessly.

Guan Tong ran up and stuck to him as always. “Long time no see, Honey!”

You Mian smiled and put the suitcase aside. She was listening to Guan Tong’s lively voice chattering when he suddenly heard Shen Nanxiao saying, “I heard you had a live stream last night. Unfortunately, I was on tour in Italy and didn’t attend.”

You Mian said, “There will definitely be a chance in the future.”

The handsome young man, whose chin was covered by a gray plush scarf, looked up at Pei Huaiji and joked, “Let Chairman Pei arrange it.”

Shen Nanxiao and Guan Tong were stunned for a moment when they heard this. When did the relationship between You Mian and Pei Huaiji become so good/ Do they dare to joke around like this?

Before they could continue to be stunned, Pei Huaiji, who had been silent and indifferent just now, lowered his head and actually agreed, “Okay.”

Guan Tong pursed his lips tightly. He was so curious! What happened between the two people? It seemed that their relationship had grown by leaps and bounds.

Shen Nanxiao’s gaze fell on You Mian and then Pei Huaiji. The idea of eating melons in his heart became more and more intense.

The seven guests standing under the giant ice arch were all wearing heavy coats. The styles were simple and elegant. Their long legs were very eye-catching.

Yun Guanqing was wearing a hat, and his long hair was slightly bent around his neck. The man looked at You Mian and raised an eyebrow. “There is no punishment for those who are late? For example, singing or something.”

You Mian just narrowed his eyes. The staff members in the distance gathered on the other side quietly. Then a trotting figure appeared in front of everyone. It turned out to be Bai Lin dragging a suitcase.

The young man was out of breath from running. His cheeks were red, and his expression was innocent and pitiful.

“I’m sorry I’m late!” Bai Lin said as he squeezed to stand next to Yun Guanqing and Yan Tingxuan. Soon, he started chatting with a smile and asked, “Do you need to sing if you are late? But I am tone-deaf.”

Yan Tingxuan’s glasses were a bit foggy, so the man took them off and put them in a box.

Yun Guanqing had obviously been eager to see You Mian punished for being late, but now he immediately changed the topic. “Forget it. Let’s start allocating rooms quickly. I’m going to freeze to death standing here.”

Bai Lin pursed his lips and gave Yun Guanqing a sweet smile. “I will listen to Brother Yun Guanqing.”

Yun Guanqing clicked his tongue quietly, and Bai Lin didn’t dare to stick to him.

In the atmosphere where everyone was talking among themselves, Guan Tong said in surprise, “Brother Yan looks so handsome when you take off your glasses. You look different from before.”

Everyone’s eyes fell on Yan Tingxuan, who smiled politely and said, “I am short-sighted. It is still a bit blurry if I don’t wear it.”

“It is from studying, right?” Guan Tong asked with a smile.

Yan Tingxuan glanced at You Mian in the distance with his blurred vision, replying calmly, “Playing games.”

“No way?”

Yan Tingxuan seemed to be reminiscing about the past. He had a much gentler expression on his face. “When I was in high school, I was obsessed with games for a while. I played with my friend for a few months. In the end, I became short-sighted, but nothing happened to the other person. At that time, I complained about him for a long time.”

You Mian stood in the distance and lowered his eyes indifferently, not admitting that he was the friend Yan Tingxuan mentioned.

Bai Lin stood beside Yan Tingxuan, feeling anxious and angry after hearing the words.

During the period when he was locked up at home by You Jiyuan, Yan Tingxuan didn’t even come to see him or make a phone call. Now it seemed that Yan Tingxuan wanted to change his mind.

Hong Sheng’s voice suddenly appeared, interrupting everyone’s chat.

“Welcome the eight guests of the Heartbeat House in the third phase of Matching Heartbeat. It seems that everyone knows this is a famous ice sculpture town. This time, the iris group will choose first, and the lily of the valley group will choose last.”

As Hong Sheng’s voice sounded, the staff members on the other side pulled in four sleds and eight sled dogs.

“There are four rooms in total. Everyone is free to choose!”

Hong Sheng didn’t say how many guests could stay in one room, so Yun Guanqing asked, “How many people can stay in one room?”

Hong Sheng shrank behind the machine, smiled mysteriously, and said, “It is okay for up to three people.”

The moment these words came out, everyone’s interest was aroused.

The sentence ‘up to three people’ covered a lot of information. It meant that some rooms might be empty, and some rooms might accommodate three people!

Guan Tong rubbed his hands and stepped forward excitedly. He didn’t forget to pull You Mian with him.

You Mian stood in front of the four sleds and scanned the rooms to choose from. There were no pictures of them, only words that read: large, medium, small, and extra small.

Guan Tong laughed. “I want the large one!”

He ran over there after he finished speaking. This left Shen Nanxiao, Bai Lin, and You Mian standing there.

Bai Lin and Shen Nanxiao also made their choices very quickly. They chose the medium and small rooms.

You Mian thought that if he chose the extra small room, he would most likely be divided into a single room. Therefore, he immediately walked toward the last sled.

As the eight sled dogs pulled them to the door of their chosen rooms, the guests of the lily of the valley group started to make their choices.

They had their backs turned when the iris group was choosing, and couldn’t see any information at all. It was a blind choice at this moment.

Pei Huaiji, who had been calm during the first two phases, suddenly took the first step this time.

Yan Tingxuan’s expression froze, and Huo Yanzhi was slightly stunned. Only Yun Guanqing immediately followed him.

Once Pei Huaiji saw Yun Guanqing chasing after him, he frowned coldly and told him, “You choose first.”

Yun Guanqing put his hands in his pockets and said with a smile, “I saw Chairman Pei walking in such a hurry just now and thought you had already made your choice. You choose first.”

Pei Huaiji squinted without changing his expression. Once he nodded, his aura was so sharp and overbearing that it made Yun Guanqing’s hair stand on end.

Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi also walked over after a while.

The four guests stood in front of the room selection and hesitated. Hong Sheng looked at this scene in the camera and thought seriously, ‘This shura field is becoming more and more intense!’


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