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CEFYMA: Chapter 76

After the recording of the second phase of the Heartbeat House, Hong Sheng gave a much longer break than the first time.

Several people in the live stream room hadn’t seen each other for half a month. They didn’t know how to start a new topic at the moment.

It was especially worse when the only lively Guan Tong was stuck in the PPT in the upper left corner of the live stream screen. The atmosphere was particularly quiet. There was only the sound of You Mian occasionally answering barrage questions.

[Baby Mianmian, when will you start recording the third Heartbeat House?]

[I have seen the behind-the-scenes of this episode that will be aired soon. Some tourists of the skydiving base sent photos of them. Chairman Pei is so handsome.]

You Mian said softly, “I’m going to set off to record the third phase of the Heartbeat House tomorrow morning.”

You Mian didn’t know much about the behind-the-scenes, so he didn’t understand what the fan said.

Yun Guanqing sat lazily in the dressing room. The makeup teacher behind him had left. The scars on the man’s face were very realistic.

Yun Guanqing took a sip of soda and said with a smile, “You Mian, what have you been doing these days?”

In the small square of the live stream room, it could be seen that Pei Huaiji suddenly put down his pen. He closed the documents in front of him and raised his eyes to look over.

[Hahaha. I’m laughing to death. Chairman Pei said to let him listen too.]

[Brother Chair: Let me see what you want to do with my Baby Mian.]

[Chairman Pei is listening carefully.]

[Ahhh, is Guanmian CP about to rise?]

Through the mobile phone screen, You Mian’s vigilance toward Yun Guanqing was also much smaller. He replied when he heard this, “I just finished preparing for the competition.”

The moment Yun Guanqing heard this, he remembered the Star Cup that You Mian was participating in.

The barrage scrolled by and Guan Tong yelled a cheer from the frozen live stream room.

Among the people, only Pei Huaiji seemed a bit out of place. He just lowered his eyes and looked at the screen without saying a word of encouragement.

You Mian responded with a gentle smile, his eyes determined.

[Ah, tonight’s baby is so good-looking. I am screenshotting.]

[He looks delicious. Did he just take a shower?]

[It must be. His hair is half wet and half dry.]

[The baby’s collarbone is exposed. His pajamas are so cute.]

You Mian blinked. He was just staring at the rapidly passing barrage to take a closer look when a WeChat message suddenly popped up on her screen. It was actually from Pei Huaiji.

You Mian didn’t set it not to read the content of the barrage. So even if he didn’t click on WeChat, the content of it was seen by him.

[Pei: When the weather gets cooler, it is best to put on a coat.]

You Mian never doubted Pei Huaiji’s words and never thought about anything else. Hearing this, he nodded suddenly. He bowed to the live stream room, told them to wait a moment, and got up to leave.

Once he came back, not only was he wearing a thin coat, but he also had a glass of hot water in his hand.

[?? It is a bit strange.]

[Did the baby wear clothes after watching the barrage? Woo woo woo, aren’t you showing it?]

[It was blocked, everything was blocked. Whoever spoke too loud was found out! (falls)]

[Am I the only one who noticed that Baby Mian immediately got up and left to get dressed after hearing the message notification?]

[It sounds like a WeChat message.]

[Don’t guess. It might be a staff member of the show. Besides, the weather is quite cold now. It is good to wear more clothes.]

[The cotton workers came to spread the rumor. It must’ve been a text message from Brother Chair.]

The barrage went by very quickly. As soon as You Mian took a sip of water, he saw that Guan Tong, who had been frozen in the upper left corner for several minutes, finally moved.

Guan Tong took off his mask and shouted, “It’s finally good!”

You Mian held his water cup with a leisurely expression.

Guan Tong complained energetically, “I just moved, and the Internet at home isn’t very good. I am using my own hotspot. I wonder if the show will reimburse me?”

A lot of words about stingy millionaire bloggers swept across the barrage, causing Guan Tong to let out an angry laugh.

The moment Guan Tong appeared, the quiet atmosphere just now was broken.

His pink hair shook flamboyantly as he asked, “What about Brother Huo? Why did he leave his phone here?”

The moment he asked, You Mian noticed that Huo Yanzhi’s live stream screen had indeed been on the railing next to the boxing ring. No one had ever appeared.

Guan Tong shouted a few times, “I will tell Director Hong that you are passive and slacking off!”

You Mian’s eyes curved.

Huo Yanzhi’s voice finally came from far away from the boxing ring. “Everyone, wait a moment. I’m sorry, I’m doing a hot compress here. It will be done soon.”

Guan Tong sighed. Then he shifted the topic to the others in the live stream room.

“Brother Yun is still filming?”

Yun Guanqing’s long hair was styled messily, and he wore a leather jacket. There was a realistic scar on his eyebrow bone that ran over his right eye.

The man looked so gorgeous that it was hard to tell if he was male or female. He raised his eyebrow at the camera and said, “Yes, I am filming a new drama. It is about to be completed. Please support me.”

Yun Guanqing’s fighting scenes were neat and clean. Every villain he played was sassy, cool, and beautiful. Since most of the endings were tragic, he attracted countless fans every time.

As expected, the barrage scrolled like crazy. There were the words ‘definitely support’ being typed out one after another.

As Yun Guanqing’s little fan, Guan Tong couldn’t help nodding excitedly. “Everyone can go watch it together at the time.”

Yun Guanqing laughed softly when he heard the words. Then he looked at You Mian’s live stream room. “There is still some time before it is aired. I don’t know if everyone will be free at that time.”

Yun Guanqing somewhat saw the ambiguous relationship between Pei Huaiji and You Mian.

If You Mian always had this alienated attitude toward him, Yun Guanqing himself knew that he didn’t have much of a chance now.

But he was always unwilling to give in.

Even though Yun Guanqing had been staring at You Mian’s live stream room, the other party only put on an interested look at Guan Tong’s joke. He had no intention of answering what Yun Guanqing just said.

Yun Guanqing pursed his lips and coughed lightly.

Suddenly, Huo Yanzhi finally appeared on the screen.

The man’s strong arms held the phone and raised it. A pair of rough, wild elbows appeared on the screen, full of power and hormones.

“Sorry, I’m late.” Huo Yanzhi turned his head and sat on the bench next to the boxing ring with his phone.

The man’s gaze fell on You Mian’s live stream room, just like Yun Guanqing. Seeing the other person joking around with Guan Tong, his eyes also softened.

[F*k… is it my imagination? Why do I feel like Huo Yanzhi and Yun Guanqing’s eyes aren’t right when looking at Mianmian?]

[If you look again, the person who is most wrong is Chairman Pei.]

[Hahahaha, there is no need to say anything. Chairman Pei is silent and stares straight at Mianmian. It is only when Mianmian speaks that he says a sentence or two.]

[Huo Yanzhi has really been watching You Mian.]

[D*mn is this really a shura field?]

[Don’t forget the heartbeat text messages in the last episode. Huo and Yun both sent them to Bai Lin. You Mian should still be paired with Chairman Pei. I don’t want to see bad people.]

[The heartbeat line can change at any time. This is a love complex.]

[I like 1V1. I only like Chairman Pei, who prefers one person. The cotton workers are rising!]

Huo Yanzhi didn’t look at the barrage at all and asked in a hoarse voice, “You Mian, how are you preparing for the competition?”

Huo Yanzhi had never received any messages from the other party since he met You Mian at College A that day.

He knew that You Mian had moved into JL’s sculpture room. He must’ve been staying there for more than a week, spending time with Pei Huaiji day and night.

A subtle jealousy surfaced in his heart, causing Huo Yanzhi to frown.

You Mian heard his name but didn’t say anything.

Guan Tong’s voice became louder and louder, immediately covering up Huo Yanzhi’s question.

Live interactions were like this. There were delays and obstacles. As long as the last person didn’t hear the question, it could be skipped.

Therefore, You Mian was very skillful in pretending not to hear.

[Hahaha, Brother Huo waited eagerly, but Baby Mian didn’t hear it.]

[Can Mianmian say that the show has progressed so far that everyone has their own crush? Is the heartbeat clear?]

[Who does Mianmian like the most among the eight guests? Can you tell me quietly?]

[Heartbeat. I want to know the latest heartbeat.]

You Mian was a bit hesitant because he wasn’t sure if he could say this. He just said, “You will know after watching the latest episode.”

Guan Tong immediately chimed in, “Yes, everything you want to know is in the episode that will be aired soon!”

In the second Heartbeat House, the guests didn’t send heartbeat text messages to each other in the end, but the audience who watched the episode could guess their respective favorite person.

A few people chatted casually in the live stream room for a while. This was until the time reached 8 o’clock and the staff of the show sent a scrolling message.

[The second episode of ‘Matching Heartbeat’ will be launched on all major platforms soon. Tonight’s live stream ends here! Thank you for the support!]

As the barrage wailed, You Mian tilted his head and smiled softly. “Good night, everyone.”

On the other side of the screen, Huo Yanzhi was stunned and said goodbye.

Yun Guanqing raised his head and took a sip of soda. His Adam’s apple moved slightly.

Guan Tong had been blowing kisses at the screen in a lively manner. He had a cute and vivid expression. “If you haven’t seen it to your liking, please follow my account. There will be highlights in the form of vlogs in the future.”

As Guan Tong spoke, he blew several kisses at You Mian, smiled affectionately, and said, “Go to bed early, my dear.”

You Mian smiled softly. “You too.”

Pei Huaiji on the live stream screen seemed very silent all night. He only nodded lightly when You Mian mentioned him, or opened his mouth to say a word or two.

Therefore, the cold Pei Huaiji’s special treatment to You Mian was particularly obvious.

Pei Huaiji’s fingers inadvertently touched the small picture of You Mian as he said good night in a deep voice.

The man thought You Mian wouldn’t notice, but unexpectedly, You Mian suddenly looked over with a smile as he was about to turn off the live stream.

In the few seconds where the two of them were staring at each other, Pei Huaiji heard You Mian say with a smile, “Chairman Pei, good night.”

Pei Huaiji looked at the picture in front of him, which was already black. He suddenly pursed his lips, and the back of his ears were slightly hot.

The reason the man remained silent was because he was paying attention to You Mian’s expression and the direction of the barrage all night.

As soon as he found any signs of slander or abuse, he was ready to let JL’s public relations team take over immediately.

Fortunately, the situation wasn’t as bad as he thought. Most of the comments were friendly and lively.

The entry of the real and fake young master was taken down by the You family of their own initiative. But it was impossible for the You family alone to silence everyone so tightly. Thus, JL still took over the later stage of public opinion intervention.

Under Pei Huaiji’s instructions, all discussion posts about Bai Lin and You Mian were deleted cleanly. Any malicious speculation about You Mian’s life experience was stopped in the cradle.

This was why even though the hot search was ranked first, it didn’t spread too widely. Even the scope of the impact wasn’t too large.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, the second Heartbeat House episode of Matching Heartbeat was officially launched. In an instant, the popularity exploded directly and it reached first place on the online streaming platform.

The moment the episode began, the eight guests were divided into groups of four to find the RVs parked underground.

The barrage frantically scrolled the moment You Mian appeared in the episode.

Then once they saw You Mian’s group, the cotton workers shouted even louder.

[This is fate! I love it!]

[The consequence of eating the right CP is that I deserve to eat so much sugar, hahaha.]

[Chairman Pei’s attitude toward Mianmian is more gentle.]

[They are in the same group. Will they live in a car together? Ahhh, I am jumping on the spot!]

[Is it so exciting? It was a single room last time. Now it is a double room?]

The lively audience was looking forward to the double room. Unexpectedly, the next second, they saw You Mian pulling out two camping tents. The barrage stopped for a moment.

[Mianmian, stop it! Woo woo woo, I want to see a double room!]

[Why do I feel like the atmosphere between Yan Tingxuan and Chairman Pei isn’t quite right? It is a bit hostile.]

[Love rivals are always jealous when they meet.]

[But Yan Tingxuan’s heartbeat line is toward Bai Lin.]

[Don’t mention that person. It is unlucky.]

[A former fan of Yan Tingxuan and You Mian here. Seeing this scene. I suddenly feel cold. Who made him blind before? It is better to cultivate cotton.]

Immediately afterward, You Mian and Pei Huaiji sketched each other and took selfies. The whole process was filled with the screams of cotton workers.

Among them, there were even more sharp-eyed sisters who were excited to see the clues.

[Chairman Pei might have a cold face, but he just wanted to stop Mianmian from posting the photo in the group! Woo woo! It is here!]

[The person who just watched the live stream wants to say that Brother Chair is really possessive. He just doesn’t want anyone to see the other side of Mianmian, right?]

[I can understand this feeling. It is You Mian.]

[Understanding +1. This is me. I want to hide it too.]

[Hahaha, I can understand Brother Chair’s expression. He is really fond of Mianmian.]

[This is off topic, but the other group’s photos are hilarious. Who would believe that an art student doesn’t know the basic skills of sketching?]

[It looks like there really is some padding. I don’t know who it is. I haven’t seen a certain Bai painting. Isn’t he a top student of College A?]

In the camping session, Yan Tingxuan deliberately found four wooden sticks of different lengths. This caused the barrage to launch another round of agitation.

[I don’t want a late affectionate dog. Step aside.]

[Ah, I don’t want to see him and You Mian together. I want to see Chairman Pei and Mianmian, woo woo woo.]

[Brother Yan is too miserable. Hahaha, but what he did before was really outrageous. I don’t understand why he suddenly seems to have connected his heartbeat to You Mian again.]

[A man who is always indecisive.]

[Brother Chair is fidgeting where he is.]

Finally, the search for ingredients was over. You Mian, and Yan Tingxuan walked out one after another. After a leisurely dinner, You Mian and Pei Huaiji stayed outside the RV and started to set up the tent.

The two of them quickly and tacitly set up the first tent.

[Start praying for rain.]

[Plus 1 for rain. Let’s have a heavy rain soon. What are you doing with two tents outside? I think there is quite a lot of space inside. Just stay in one!]

[Hahahaha, sisters. Restrain yourself!]

Just as the joke-like barrage about rain passed by, the weather in the episode suddenly became windy. Huge raindrops fell violently. Pei Huaiji, who was standing in the rain, quickly grabbed the suitcase beside him and ran into the tent.


[F*k, f*k, f*k!!]

[Are they alone? This is the alone time where the young couple’s relationship heats up!]

[I have a share of credit for the rain, hahaha.]

However, the show couldn’t set up the camera in the tent in advance. So when Pei Huaiji rushed into the tent, the scenes inside didn’t appear in the episode.

The audience watched a heavy rain fall and watched the two people get into the same tent. Then within a few seconds, the show transitioned directly to clear skies the next day.


[I’m going to make a scene. I’m going to throw a tantrum. What is going on?!]

[They didn’t have time to put the camera inside, maybe…]

[[Ahhh, I really want to cry. What are they doing in the tent? I want to know now.]

[F*k, I’m really going to spread rumors.]

[Chairman Pei woke up feeling refreshed.]

The group of people drove the RV to meet the guests of the other group at the Japanese-style house.

Once the director’s voiceover talked about the script kill, the barrage regained interest.

[What did Mianmian draw?]

Perhaps the post-editing team of the show also knew who had the popularity of the show. So among the eight guests, only You Mian’s identity was made public.

On the screen, You Mian turned over the character card. The words ‘evil dragon’ were clearly written on it.

[Hahaha, Evil Dragon Mianmian, charge!]

[I am licking the screen. What type of dress-up play is this?!]

[Ah, is there an evil dragon horn? I want to see Mianmian dress up! Woo wooo wooo woo!]

[What type of horn to wear? Won’t that tell everyone that he is the evil dragon? Hahahaha.]

Suddenly, Pei Huaiji on the screen asked, “Do you live in 301?”

As soon as You Mian nodded, Pei Huaiji added, “I also live in 301.”


At this point, the cotton workers, as the CP fans of the love variety show Matching Heartbeat, were awarded the official supporting status at the halfway point of the second episode.

[I’m just standing here to see who dares to ship others!]

[Chairman Pei, I am crying to death. I never thought the first person to fall in love would be him.]

[Sincerity is a must-kill skill.]

[Cultivating cotton base! Cotton workers are awesome! Hahaha!]


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