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CEFYMA: Chapter 73

[Hello, I am Fang Xiaofeng, the junior student who sold you an oil painting before. I found out that my oil painting was signed by you, Bai Lin. It was submitted to the Star Cup and entered the second round. Can you give me a reasonable answer?]

Ever since the hot search about the real and fake young master became popular, Bai Lin was called home by You Jiyuan. The access control was very strict. It was almost impossible for him to go out and move around normally.

The moment Bai Lin ran home out of breath, the housekeeper Wang Mao thoughtfully stepped forward and handed out a glass of warm water. He said, “Fortunately, the young master rushed back. I just received the news that the master will be back soon.”

Bai Lin took a sip of water and frowned at the text message he received.

Fang Xiaofeng, who was this person?

Bai Lin quickly read the text message. He finally remembered that this person was the poor boy who was seeking a part-time job in the school communication group.

The basic skills of that oil painting were quite satisfactory, but he could only be chosen first in the group because he had an acquaintance among the judges. He hadn’t yet held Fang Xiaofeng accountable for the poor painting, but this person actually had the nerve to want an explanation from him?

Bai Lin didn’t show his anger. He handed the water glass to Wang Mao beside him. He clasped his hands over his chest in a pitiful manner and said with a smile, “Thank you, Uncle Wang, for leaving the door open for me. Otherwise, I would have to stay at home all day, and I would really grow mushrooms.”

Wang Mao nodded at him softly. “The master is just angry. Don’t worry, young master. Once his anger subsides, he will let you move freely as before.”

Bai Lin had been under strict supervision since he returned home in the middle of the show. If Bai Peilan and You Jiyuan hadn’t gone out at the same time today, he wouldn’t have had the chance to go to College A.

The second round of the Star Cup was right in front of him, but he was locked up here and unable to communicate with the outside world.

How could he find someone to paint him something for the second round?

Bai Lin frowned irritably. He ran back to his room and paced back and forth several times. Suddenly, he remembered the text message just now.

People who were short of money could do anything. Bai Peilan had said this to Bai Lin countless times.

Bai Lin squeezed the phone and took a deep breath.

There was no time to find anyone else now. Fang Xiaofeng’s tone also didn’t sound like he wanted to hold Bai Lin accountable. It was more like he wanted money.

People who were short of money were the easiest to control.

Bai Lin immediately clicked on the text message and typed a reply.

[Let’s meet and chat. I will set the time and place.]

The moment this text message was sent, there was a knock on Bai Lin’s room door. He opened it and found Bai Peilan standing outside the door.

The woman’s short black hair stuck to her ears in a delicate arc. She was covered in jewels and looked very noble.

Bai Peilan felt distressed and helpless as she took Bai Lin into her arms and asked, “Baby is suffering. Did you stay home today?”

Bai Lin frowned. He thought that Wang Mao would never say anything about him running out, so he lied calmly, “I’ve been staying in the studio the whole time.”

Bai Peilan nodded with satisfaction. She took Bai Lin’s hand and said, “Your father’s anger has subsided a lot. In the next two days, you should be able to go back to record the show.”

Before Bai Lin could be happy, Bai Peilan asked again, “How are the preparations for the second round of the competition?”

Bai Lin refused to let anyone enter his studio. The huge studio that occupied the third floor of the villa alone had a fingerprint lock on the door, so no one could enter except for himself.

Bai Peilan and You Jiyuan had always acquiesced to his behavior.

Now Bai Lin hadn’t released a new painting for a long time. Bai Peilan couldn’t help being suspicious.

The gold medal of the Star Cup was a good opportunity for Xiuming to increase its reputation. It was also an opportunity for Bai Lin to naturally enter Bai Lin.

If he couldn’t grasp it well, Bai Lin’s current embarrassing state would only be maintained.

In the beginning, You Mian was recognized by the company for building the Xiuming show layout. This gave Xiuming a new lease on life. Its turnover and status increased.

Even if You Jiyuan used an excuse to get rid of the people who knew about it after receiving You Mian’s shares, what Bai Lin lacked was such an opportunity to convince the public.

Bai Peilan gently stroked Bai Lin’s hair, only to hear Bai Lin say, “It’s almost done.”

Bai Peilan’s eyes lit up instantly. “Really?”

Bai Lin lowered his eyes. “Mom, don’t you believe me?”

Bai Peilan hurriedly hugged Bai Lin. “Of course, I believe me. Mom is just too happy.”

It didn’t matter if he painted well or poorly as long as he could draw it. After passing the second round, all that was left was the finals.

Bai Peilan didn’t know that Bai Lin, who had been abroad for many years, hadn’t absorbed any of the painting skills taught by the teachers. She also didn’t know that Bai Lin was a student who gave the art teachers a headache.

Due to the power of the You family, the teachers couldn’t treat him harshly and could only coax him.

The study reports submitted were all A’s after being revised by Bai Lin.

Bai Lin’s disguised painting skills deceived Huo Yanzhi, Bai Peilan, and You Jiyuan. It made people mistakenly think he was a second genius.

Bai Lin was held in Bai Peilan’s arms, but his eyes gradually became gloomy.

It was because rather than painting, he preferred to enter the entertainment industry and enjoy the feeling of being praised as a star.

How much money could he make from painting? It was better to be a young actor. It didn’t matter if everything about him was fake. As long as it wasn’t fake to the point of being outrageous, there would always be people who liked him.

What’s more, there was the You family as his backer, and he had almost nothing to fear. He just didn’t know why You Jiyuan became so angry after seeing the hot search.

Wasn’t it true about the real and fake young master? So what if it was exposed?

Bai Peilan’s voice dragged Bai Lin’s mind back.

“Come on, Baby. Hurry up and finish the painting before the deadline. You Mian can’t be compared to you.” As Bai Peilan said this, she inevitably thought about You Mian’s terrifying talent. You Jiyuan had been comparing the two children since they were young, and Bai Lin was always at a disadvantage.

Bai Peilan and You Jiyuan refused to accept such a fact, so they frantically wanted to prove that Bai Lin was stronger than You Mian.

Bai Lin shrugged and smiled cutely when he heard this. “Mom, don’t worry. You Mian probably won’t be able to make anything. Even if he can make it, it will be too late before the deadline.”

Bai Peilan frowned. Before she could think about what Bai Lin meant by this, You Jiyuan’s shout came from the study.

She hurriedly asked Bai Lin to continue painting. Then she turned around and walked into the study downstairs.

Jiyuan sat behind a large mahogany desk, holding a cut cigar in his hand.

Bai Peilan looked over doubtfully. Since when did You Jiyuan like to smoke cigars?

You Jiyuan still had a serious expression on his face, but there was a slight smile in his eyes. He nodded toward a large box of cigars. “The people of the Pei family gave it to me.”

Bai Pei sat on the mahogany chair and asked in a stunned manner, “The Pei family?”

You Jiyuan raised an eyebrow and stroked his beard. “How many Pei families can there be in Huajiang City?”

“People from their company came to talk about a cooperation with Xiuming. They said the headquarters in Huajiang City would unite with us to carry out activities to promote Huajiang.”

He held the cigar between his fingers but didn’t smoke it. He cherished it.

Bai Peilan looked at his stingy appearance with a hint of disgust in her eyes, but she suppressed it. “Be more careful when you come into contact with this type of upper-class family. Don’t say things that shouldn’t be said.”

You Jiyuan waved his hand impatiently, signaling that he knew.

Bai Peilan added, “How long do you want to lock away Xiao Lin for? He is busy now and has to record the show again. He also has to prepare for the Star Cup. Quickly remove that access control.”

The bookcase behind You Jiyuan exuded a dim light. The wooden furniture in the room was made of the finest materials.

“If he hadn’t posted these things online out of his own initiative, I wouldn’t have locked him up at home.” You Jiyuan carefully placed the cigar back in the box. He frowned and seriously looked up at Bai Peilan. “Have you forgotten why he was sent abroad?”

Bai Peilan was stunned when she heard this. Finally, she quieted down.

You Jiyuan lit another cigarette, and the smoke obscured his greedy gaze. “How is Linlin’s painting?”

Bai Peilan replied truthfully, “The painting is almost finished.”

You Jiyuan’s gaze finally became gentle for a moment. “As long as he can paint it.”

“But the Star Cup is a national-level competition. If these things are discovered, it will be over.” Bai Peilan was still a bit worried.

You Jiyuan didn’t think so. “Everything has been given away, and the people have been taken care of. That guy can’t just take the money and not do anything. In addition, haven’t we done a lot of this type of scary thing in recent years? In order to fight for wealth and glory, there is no need to be timid. This is our experience.”

There was silence in the room for a long time. Finally, Bai Peilan got up and walked toward the desk. She placed her slender hand on You Jiyuan’s shoulder and asked in a very low voice, “They won’t come again, right?”

The meaning of the word ‘they’ was self-evident to You Jiyuan.

You Jiyuan extinguished his cigarette and said indifferently, “Never again.”

Bai Peilan thought of the countless kidnappings over the years and felt that her heart was going to stop. “Fortunately, it wasn’t our Linlin who suffered those pains.”

You Mian patted Bai Peilan’s hand on his shoulder and suddenly asked, “Does You Mian have any contact with you now?”

Bai Peilan frowned in disgust. “No.”

You Jiyuan thought that a child couldn’t make any waves, so he didn’t take it seriously.

“If he stays in the You family, there would be an extra mouth. It is better that it is like this now. He can do his own thing as long as it doesn’t affect us.” After You Jiyuan finished speaking, he told Bai Peilan, “I didn’t agree with Linlin entering the entertainment industry at that time. You still spoil him too much. If I hadn’t asked people to take down that hot search in time, I don’t know how far this matter would’ve gone.”

Bai Peilan disagreed. “Didn’t you say that group of people wouldn’t appear again? Linlin is safe now.”

You Jiyuan was angry. “It is better to be safe than to be sorry. What if someone investigates the matter? Everything will be over!”

Bai Peilan’s expression became ugly after she was yelled at. “Who would pursue the incident from so many years ago? All the records are gone.”

You JIyuan glanced up at her, still saying the same words.

“It is better to be safe than to be sorry. I’m afraid of what ifs.”

There was a loud sound. The heavy file was placed on his desk with a bang.

In the busy yet orderly police station, Yan Tingxuan sat on a reception chair wearing a fine suit. He smiled while pushing up his gold-rimmed glasses. “Are the police records of all the kidnapping cases in Huajiang City in the past 15 years here?”

The young policeman nodded firmly. “It is all here, Lawyer Yan.”

Yan Tingxuan was a senior partner of a well-known law firm in Huajiang. He often went in and out of police stations and courts due to cases. He had many acquaintances, so it wasn’t difficult to get files.

Yan Tingxuan didn’t open it immediately. Instead, he said with a smile, “I didn’t expect such an old file to be placed somewhere that could be grabbed so easily.”

The young policeman waved his hand and smiled. “It was placed in the archives room before. However, there was someone who came to ask for it just before you. I took it out and placed it here. Then you came, Lawyer Yan.”

Yan Tingxuan’s eyes sank. “Someone else?”

The young policeman used his hand to show the height. “A tall, handsome-looking man.”

Yan Tingxuan instinctively said a name. “Pei Huaiji?”

The policeman was stunned for a moment. “Oh, it seems that the name signed in the record book is this.”

“Is he your friend? Do you still want to take a look at the file?”

Yan Tingxuan lowered his eyes. The color of his eyes behind the lenses was so calm that there were no waves. It didn’t matter if someone was one step ahead of him, if looking at the file now had little value and would only be a waste of time, or if Pei Huaiji had already found out this information.

For the first time, he didn’t use profit as the starting point. For the first time, he no longer measured things by their value.

Yan Tingxuan said, “Look.”


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