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CEFYMA: Chapter 72

You Mian walked into the study room on the second floor and saw Qian Li sitting on the sofa by the window with a thick photo album on her lap. She saw You Mian, and smiled. “Let me show you something fun.”

The moment You Mian sat down, Pei Huaiji’s deep voice sounded from outside the door.


Qian Li opened the photo album without hesitation. “Let’s take a look. I haven’t looked at it for a long time.”

You Mian looked down and found that most of the photos in the album were photos of Pei Huaiji when he was in middle school or high school.

Qian Li flipped through it very slowly. From time to time, she would explain to You Mian the scene and time when the photos were taken.

Qian Li said, “He might be cold-faced now, but he was very popular when he was in middle school and high school.”

In the photo, Pei Huaiji seemed to be celebrating his graduation ceremony. The tall boy was standing under a lush tree, holding a commendation certificate in his hand. His stern side profile looked a bit childish, his thin lips were pursed, and his eyes weren’t focused. He wasn’t looking at the camera but was looking slightly sideways.

“His expression is cold, right?” Qian Li’s words were teasing Pei Huaiji, but You Mian noticed that her eyes were extremely soft when looking down at the photo album. They were filled with love and pride.

“Rather than coldness—” You Mian looked down before saying with a smile, “It is more like shyness.”

Pei Huaiji stood beside the bookcase and pursed his lips silently.

Qian Li was stunned for a moment. Then the smile on her face deepened.

The woman glanced sideways at You Mian. “Did you notice?”

Qian Li turned a few pages. The young Pei Huaiji in the photo album became more and more mature. His eyes hardened, his figure straightened, and his sharp eyes no longer dodged the camera. Instead, he stared straight at it, his sharp edge revealed.

Qian Li’s slender fingers rubbed the high school graduation photo at the end of the album.

“This guy was so cute when he was young, but now he is like an ice cube,” Qian Li complained softly.

You Mian’s attention was subconsciously attracted by Qian LI’s state.

These were the nostalgic eyes of a mother looking at her child. It was a thousand times more vivid than the cold and hard sculptures in those electronic albums.

The fine lines at the corners of Qian Li’s eyes and the smile on her face were etched in You Mian’s mind.

It turned out that this was a mother’s love.

Pei Huaiji was a bit worried that Qian Li would also pull out his kindergarten photo album. He couldn’t help raising a hand to look at his watch and gave a reminder, “It is a bit late.”

The moment You Mian heard this, his mind instantly returned. It was time for him to go back.

Qian Li was chatting enthusiastically and wanted to ask You Mian to stay. Then she thought that the relationship between the other party and Pei Huaiji wasn’t at this level yet. If she rashly asked him to stay now, the slightest ambiguity might be self-defeated. It would be over if they only became good brothers.

Thus, Qian Li immediately put away the photo album. She got up with a smile and hugged You Mian. “Definitely come to play next time. We welcome you at any time.”

You Mian’s eyes curved as she responded, “Okay, Auntie.”

You Mian said goodbye to everyone and walked out of the Pei family’s manor at night. He thought it was an unforgettable and beautiful night.

Pei Huaiji didn’t let the driver drive but got into the driver’s seat himself.

“There is still some time before the next part of the show is recorded. Are you going to prepare for the second round of the Star Cup competition starting tomorrow?” Pei Huaiji asked.

You Mian fastened his seatbelt and nodded. “Yes, the draft needs to be redone. It will be officially shaped tomorrow.”

Pei Huaiji stepped on the accelerator. The neon lights on the side of the road flashed across the side of his face and the bridge of his nose. You Mian heard him say, “Come to JL’s sculpture studio.”

You Mian thought of the access card that he had placed in his trouser pocket and said with a smile, “It is fine if I can move the necessary tools in tomorrow.”

You Mian thought about Pei Huaiji saying it was a vacant sculpture room when giving out the door card. Thus, the tools inside might not be as complete as those in his classroom.

If he wanted to go there, he had to prepare everything.

What he didn’t expect was for Pei Huaiji to say calmly, “There is no need to prepare. Everything is available.”

This understatement of ‘everything’ really stunned You Mian.

There were many tools needed for sculpting, but they were all available?

You Mian’s surprised expression was too obvious. Seeing that he didn’t believe it, Pei Huaiji explained, “After all, it is a sculpture room. Everything you want is available. There is no need to doubt it. Come directly there tomorrow.”

Pei Huaiji had gone to You Mian’s sculpture room on his birthday. There might be few people there, and it was quiet, but the creative environment was too sloppy.

Pei Huaiji wanted to give You Mian a better atmosphere where he could concentrate on creation.

Of course, all the tools were prepared in advance.

You Mian’s eyes were slightly soft. He smiled and said, “Okay then.”

Pei Huaiji’s arm muscles tightened a bit as he held the steering wheel. Once he reached You Mian’s apartment building, the man said in a deep voice, “See you tomorrow.”

You Mian paused before opening the door. Then he turned around and whispered softly, “See you tomorrow.”

Pei Huaiji sat in the car and watched You Mian go upstairs. Once the lights of the upper floor came on, he turned around and left.

Under the light of the street lamps, his stern side profile revealed a tenderness he had never shown before.

The weather turned cooler in late autumn, and the morning dew was heavy. Pedestrians on the roadside were wearing extra thick clothes.

Fang Xiaofeng walked into the first floor of the teaching building with heavy steps. The golden words of encouragement above his head were shining, but he had no intention of looking up to appreciate it. It was because he hadn’t seen You Mian in school for four days.

This wasn’t normal.

Fang Xiaofeng had secretly observed You Mian’s work and rest time. The situation of not coming to the sculpture room for four consecutive days had never happened before.

He was a bit worried that You Mian was sick or something had happened.

Just as Fang Xiaofeng lowered his head and walked up the stairs, looking in through the back window of You Mian’s classroom with a hint of hope, he suddenly saw a tall and strong man standing inside. At the other party’s feet were scattered hard clay blocks on the ground. It was a mess.

Fang Xiaofeng’s mind went blank for a moment. This was You Mian’s work! It was shattered by this man!

He clearly saw You Mian’s sculpture table on the ground, not to mention the clay sculptures.

A burst of anger surged in Fang Xiaofeng’s heart. He rushed to the front door with a few steps and kicked open the classroom door.

“Who are you? What are you doing?” Fang Xiaofeng was very short. He stood in front of this man like an undeveloped little chicken.

Even so, Fang Xiaofeng stiffened his neck, and he asked in a trembling voice, “You destroyed my senior’s work. You aren’t allowed to leave. I want to keep the evidence!”

Fang Xiaofeng said this sentence in a trembling manner. At the same time, he took out his old mobile phone and made movements to film.

Huo Yanzhi stood in the sculpture room. Before he could recover from his doubts, this man rushed in and questioned him. His expression instantly darkened.

Huo Yanzhi thought he wasn’t a good-tempered person, not to mention that his wild temper was even worse against such a stranger.

Fang Xiaofeng saw Huo Yanzhi grab him by the collar, almost lifting his feet off the ground.

“Turn off the video mode of your phone,” Huo Yanzhi frowned and said angrily.

Fang Xiaofeng was so frightened that he almost threw his phone to the ground.

Huo Yanzhi frowned in annoyance. He didn’t know what was going on.

Huo Yanzhi originally wanted to go to the training room today. But for some reason, he walked into College A step by step and toward the sculpture room where You Mian had been for a long time.

By the time his mind returned, he was already standing outside the classroom door.

It was still very early. Just as Huo Yanzhi thought he had been rejected by the person inside, he didn’t expect that the classroom door would open as soon as he pushed it.

Huo Yanzhi had walked in and saw the current mess.

All the work on the plastic table was thrown to the ground. No matter whether they were plaster or clay, they were all scraped with scrapers. The plastic platform was also thrown to the ground.

None of them were intact.

Before Huo Yanzhi could figure out what was going on, the man rushed in.

Huo Yanzhi frowned. “Turn off your phone. You have been shouting about catching a thief. Do you know whose classroom this is?”

Fang Xiaofeng was frightened by Huo Yanzhi’s tall and strong figure, but he still said in a trembling manner, “I know! It belongs to my senior!”

Huo Yanzhi snorted and let go of his hand. Fang Xiaofeng also stumbled and fell to the ground.

“Tell me who your senior is.” Huo Yanzhi looked down on him from above.

Fang Xiaofeng’s neck stiffened as he shouted, ‘You Mian!”

There was a bang. Huo Yanzhi’s brain was slightly unable to work.

“Who are you talking about?” Huo Yanzhi didn’t understand how this man couldn’t recognize him when he knew You Mian.

After all, he and You Mian had been inseparable in College A. Almost everyone in the sculpture department knew the two of them.

Fang Xiaofeng stared at Huo Yanzhi with strange eyes. “Senior You Mian.”

Huo Yanzhi asked the question in his mind. “Since you know this is You Mian’s classroom, don’t you know me?”

Fang Xiaofeng’s expression became even stranger. He frowned slightly. “What’s wrong with not recognizing you? I’m a sophomore, and I haven’t seen any other friends around Senior You Mian except for Senior Sister Qu Miao since my freshman year.”

Huo Yanzhi was stunned, as if he had been punched hard.

He had stopped being close to You Mian since two years ago. This man was a sophomore, and it was natural not to know him.

It turned out that the past that made Huo Yanzhi feel so complacent could be erased so easily.

Fang Xiaofeng picked up the phone from the floor again, his eyes red from holding back. “I must record you. This is all Senior’s hard work. You not only broke in and destroyed his work, but you also dared to threaten me with violence…”

Huo Yanzhi covered his head and looked irritable. “Shut up!”

Fang Xiaofeng roared back. “I won’t!”

Just as the two people were arguing, the classroom door behind them was suddenly pushed open with a creaking sound.

You Mian originally wanted to go directly to JL today to continue carving the one-third completed plaster sculpture. Then on the way there, he suddenly remembered that there was unused clay in the classroom. In the spirit of saving what he could, he changed routes but didn’t expect to meet Huo Yanzhi.

You Mian was stunned as he held the doorknob. At the same time, he noticed Fang Xiaofeng, who had fallen to the ground.

Fang Xiaofeng turned around and instantly had an aggrieved expression when he saw You Mian. He pointed at Huo Yanzhi and shouted, “Senior, this is the man! He broke your clay sculpture!”

Huo Yanzhi was speechless for a moment. He wanted to step forward but stopped dead in his tracks. He said in a dry voice, “It wasn’t me.”

You Mian’s eyes fell on the plastic table beside him. He found that it was smashed to pieces just as Fang Xiaofeng said.

He walked straight to the bucket containing the clay and opened the plastic wrap to see. Fortunately, the man who threw down the plastic table didn’t smash the bucket. It was still usable.

You Mian’s trip wasn’t in vain. His mood was no longer so bad.

He smiled at Fang Xiaofeng behind him and said, “It’s okay. They are all unused drafts. If they are damaged, then they are damaged. It is just a bit troublesome to clean up the classroom.”

The moment Fang Xiaofeng heard this, he hurriedly wiped his nose and tears and got up. “Really?”

You Mian carried the clay bucket in one hand and placed his other hand on Fang Xiaofeng’s head. He ruffled the boy’s hair, and the boy’s tense expression relaxed.

You Mian asked, “Don’t you believe me?”

Fang Xiaofeng immediately shook his head. Of course, he believed You Mian’s words.

Huo Yanzhi stood aside and watched the two people talking as if no one was watching. He felt uncomfortable for a moment. Then he immediately stepped forward like he wanted to compete for favor. He said loudly, “This place was like this when I came here. You Mian, do you believe me?”

Fang Xiaofeng still had great doubts about Huo Yanzhi, so he whispered to You Mian, “Senior, this person is too strange. Don’t believe him.”

Huo Yanzhi stiffened when he heard Fang Xiaofeng’s voice. The veins bulged in his arms, and he was furious. “Who do you think you are, sowing discord here?”

You Mian interrupted Huo Yanzhi’s words and asked casually, “What are you doing here?”

Bai Lin’s oil painting department didn’t use the classroom on the first floor at all. Why did Huo Yanzhi come here?

The moment Huo Yanzhi heard You Mian speak, he was instantly deflated. He said, “I’m just strolling around.”

The moment Fang Xiaofeng heard this, he felt that Huo Yanzhi’s suspicion was even higher.

However, You Mian knew that Huo Yanzhi wouldn’t have done this matter. There were other people who had more reasons to do this than Huo Yanzhi.

“Okay, the smashed things are all useless things. Don’t worry about it.” You Mian said as he briefly sorted out the clay blocks scattered on the ground. He saw Huo Yanzhi and Fang Xiaofeng straightening his sculpture table together.

“Do you have anything else?” You Mian’s eyes fell on Feng Xiaofeng before quickly glancing at Huo Yanzhi.

Fang Xiaofeng shook his head hard when he saw that You Mian wasn’t sick. He had nothing else to do.

In the end, Huo Yanzhi didn’t know why he came here. Did he just want to see You Mian?

The man pursed his lips and remained silent.

Seeing this, You Mian turned around to leave. “Then I’ll go first.”

Fang Xiaofeng quickly followed. “Senior, I haven’t seen you at school for several days. Why haven’t you been here?”

You Mian carried the clay bucket and only said, “I’ve been at the sculpture room outside the school.”

Huo Yanzhi paused as he was closing the door. Suddenly, he listened carefully.

Fang Xiaofeng knew that many senior students were preparing their graduation works in professional sculpture rooms outside the school. Those like You Mian, who stayed in the classroom all the time, were in the minority.

Sure enough, You Mian had now started to do sculpting outside the school.

Fang Xiaofeng asked, “Where is it?”

Fang Xiaofeng immediately patched up his mistake after asking, “If Senior doesn’t want to say it, there is no need…”

Before Fang Xiaofeng could finish speaking, You Mian answered calmly, “JL.”

Huo Yanzhi closed the door with a bang. The man walked quickly to You Mian’s side, the tall figure enveloping him completely.

“Are you in JL?” Huo Yanzhi asked in a loud voice.

You Mian raised an eyebrow and said coldly, “It has nothing to do with you.”

Huo Yanzhi’s neck stiffened as he shouted, “Why does it have nothing to do with me?”

You Mian frowned in annoyance. “Then you should tell me. Why does it matter?”

Huo Yanzhi paused instantly.

You Mian stared directly at Huo Yanzhi. He lifted the veil of shame and said, “I don’t know why you appeared here, but apart from Bai Lin, I can’t think of any other reason.”

“If you are here to find out information for Bai Lin, I don’t have anything to say to you.”

Huo Yanzhi didn’t understand why Bai Lin’s name appeared here. Before he could explain, You Mian had already turned around and left.

The man stayed where he was. His head was lowered, and he was speechless.

“You are from the sculpture department. Do you know what the theme of the second round of the Star Cup is?” Huo Yanzhi suddenly asked.

The moment the words about asking for information for Bai Lin came out, Huo Yanzhi felt that something was wrong.

Fang Xiaofeng also felt confused. He replied with material love while thinking about the name Bai Lin.

Huo Yanzhi’s entire body stiffened. “What did you say?”

Fang Xiaofeng sighed. “Maternal love. The theme of the second round of the Star Cup is maternal love!”

Huo Yanzhi stood still in a daze. There was only blankness in his heart.

On the other hand, Fang Xiaofeng turned around and walked back to his classroom. He frowned while muttering, “Bai Lin… what a familiar name.”

Just as the boy opened the classroom door, he suddenly realized. Wasn’t this the name of the buyer who asked to buy an oil painting from him half a month ago?


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