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CEFYMA: Chapter 70

You Mian sat in the sculpture room and looked down at his watch frequently while sculpting.

Qian Li’s invitation echoed in his mind and suddenly became anxious.

You Mian had very little contact with women of an older age. So during their brief but not short interaction in the morning, he chose his words carefully. He was very polite and courteous while afraid of revealing his restraint.

Fortunately, Qian Li didn’t care. Instead, she took care of him and kept the atmosphere harmonious.

You Mian threw the excess clay back into the bucket. Then he looked down at what he was wearing. It was a dark and stain-resistant loose sweater…

He stood up with a loud sound, picked up his backpack and walked out of the sculpture room.

He had to change clothes for the appointment.

You Mian returned to the apartment, stood in front of the closet and took out a more formal black suit from the row of hanging clothes.

The young man walked to the full-length mirror and tied his tie himself. The dark blue star tie was pressed neatly in front of his shirt. His tight waist was outlined and showed beautiful and narrow lines. His long legs were also highlighted.

You Mian tidied his hair to make it look less messy and curly.

He smiled very gently in front of the mirror. As his nervousness gradually subsided, he heard a message notification from the mobile phone on his table.

Pei Huaiji approved his friend application and also sent a voice message.

You Mian felt the nervousness from before surging up uncontrollably again.

He picked up his phone to play and heard Pei Huaiji’s deep voice saying, “You Mian, I’m downstairs from your apartment.”

A black Maybach was parked downstairs of the apartment.

Pei Huaiji stood by the car door. Not long after he finished speaking, he saw the glass door of the apartment building in the distance being pushed open from the inside. A tall and beautiful young man walked out.

It was almost nightfall and the cyan light and shadow fell on his body, blurring the soft and cold colors.

As You Mian slowly approached, Pei Huaiji couldn’t help the stunned look in his eyes.

This was the first time Pei Huaiji had seen You Mian wearing formal clothes.

The ironed and straight black suit outlined the young man’s figure with strong but youthful lines. His shoulders were straight and when his neck was slightly drooped, it stretched in a gentle, cold white arc.

You Mian stopped and stood in front of Pei Huaiji, his expression helpless and nervous.

Pei Huaiji pursed his thin lips and his eyes softened with a warm color.

“Very handsome,” Pei Huaiji praised him in an unabashed manner.

You Mian raised a hand to touch his head, but he didn’t want to mess up the curly hair that he finally managed to arrange. He lowered his head and rolled his eyes in an embarrassed manner.

Pei Huaiji didn’t dare to say what he was thinking about now. He just felt the hot thoughts sweep through him fiercely. His fingertips were numb.

On the way to the Pei house, Pei Huaiji quietly sent a text message to Qian Li, specifically instructing the family to dress formally.

There was no surprised expression in You Mian’s eyes when he arrived at the Pei family’s manor on top of a mountain the north of Huajiang City.

All of his nervousness came from meeting Pei Huaiji’s family. He was simple and cute.

As for the Pei family’s manor that covered an area of thousands of acres, he seemed calm about it.

It wasn’t until he followed Pei Huaiji through the gate of the manor that You Mian was stunned for a few seconds.

It was because he found that the reception party that Qian Li mentioned wasn’t a party. It was one where their family had a simple meal.

You Mian suddenly realized that he seemed to have made a mistake and dressed too grandly.

Before he could raise his spirits, Pei Huaiji gently put a hand on his shoulder and said in a deep voice, “Don’t be nervous.”

You Mian looked sideways at him. He saw the man’s deep and firm obsidian eyes. It was as if Pei Huaiji had already erected layers of fortresses for him.

“Xiao Mian has come!”

You Mian turned his head when he heard the noise. He found that Qian Li was coming down from upstairs.

He thought he would be the one wearing the most formal and abrupt outfit among all the people present. What he didn’t expect was that what Qian Li wore was also very exquisite and stunning.

The noble lady wore a long dress studded with pink diamonds, and a white velvet luxurious shawl hung on his shoulders. As she walked down on stiletto heels, she looked particularly harmonious with You Mian, who was wearing a suit.

Qian Li calmly exchanged a look with Pei Huaiji. Out of tacit understanding and silence, they built a warm fortress for You Mian.

Qian Li held You Mian’s hand softly but firmly. She said with a smile, “Everyone else has arrived. Shall we go in together?”

You Mian followed Qian Li and Pei Huaiji into the dining room. He saw four or five people in suits or elegant dresses sitting at the long table in the center of the room. Based on their age and expressions, they seemed to be Pei Huaiji’s family and relatives.

Their gazes fell on You Mian, but they didn’t make him feel the embarrassment he usually felt during the dinner parties at the You house. These gazes were gentle and friendly.

You Mian relaxed in an instant.

You Mian was led to sit next to Pei Huaiji. He watched Qian Li walk to the old man in the main seat. She hugged him and said, “Dad.”

Pei Hongru smiled kindly. Judging from his neatly combed white hair and sharp wrinkles at the corners of his eyes, he must’ve been a vigorous and resolute person similar to Pei Huaiji when he was young.

Pei Hongru looked at You Mian with a smile. “This little friend is the special guest you mentioned?”

Qian Li sat on the right side of Pei Hongru. Her eyes fell on You Mian and she introduced him. “You Mian is a child who is recording a variety show with Pei Huaiji. He is a top student of the sculpture department of A College! Several of his previous works have been included in the Huaiji Art Museum’s celebration exhibition!”

Pei Hongru smiled a bit deeper when he heard this. “Knowledgeable, talented and beautiful. You are really a young talent.”

Everyone in the Pei family, including Pei Huaiji and a group of people slightly older than Pei Huaiji, had joined the business world. No one followed Pei Hongru’s heart and entered the academic world to hold a pen or a paintbrush.

So when he heard that You Mian was a top student in art, Pei Hongru’s smile widened.

Studying was good, art was good.

Pei Hongru didn’t watch online variety shows, so he just leaned on crutches and nodded. “Since you are Huaiji’s friend, we will be a family from now on. There is no need to be polite to him and to us.”

Qian Li heard the word friend and her eyes quietly curved.

You Mian sat on the chair. His tone wasn’t humble or arrogant. His smile instantly made the capable people feel close to him.

“Yes, Grandpa Pei.”

The moment Pei Hongru was called ‘Grandpa’, he smiled so much that the fine lines at the corners of his eyes became more obvious. “Good boy.”

Pei Huaiji was worried that You Mian wouldn’t be used to receiving such attention, so he interrupted. “Mom, how long do you plan to stay when coming back this time?”

Qian Li: “……”

Qian Li opened a clothing design company overseas. It had been gaining momentum in the past few years and was really busy. Pei Hongru had always wanted Qian Li to return to Huajiang City, while Qian Li wanted to work hard outside.

Pei Huaiji’s words could be regarded as sending Qian Li forward directly.

Sure enough, Pei Hongru’s gaze instantly shifted to Qian Li. This allowed You Mian to take a breath.

However, Pei Huaiji’s worries seemed unnecessary. The man looked sideways and saw You Mian listening to their conversation with lowered eyes and a soft smile. It was as if there were many happy things happening at this moment.

His eyes narrowed in a slightly leisurely and content manner. It was like a contented cat lying in the sun.

Pei Huaiji’s heart softened.

The eyes of the elders on the table fell on You Mian inadvertently. Pei Huaiji raised his eyebrow and took the initiative to introduce people.

You Mian looked at the four people sitting opposite him. He remembered Pei Huaiji’s uncle Pei Yande and his aunt Pei Yanjing, who were sitting next to their respective spouses.

Pei Yande was a very gentle man in his late 40s. His unsmiling eyes were deliberately calm when looking at You Mian. He asked softly, “I heard from Qian Li that you and Huaiji are filming the same show?”

Pei Yande had also heard about that show and that it was for blind dates.

But seeing that You Mian was so young, why did he want to go on a blind date?

You Mian blinked. “Yes.”

You Mian was still a bit shy about being put on a love variety show.

Pei Yande’s emotional intelligence was even worse than that of Pei Huaiji. It could only be said to be more dull and not sensitive at all.

So everyone heard Pei Yande say, “This child Huaiji has a cold temperament. It is only right that you can’t see him. If you want to know more people on a blind date, I have some school-aged children I know.”

Qian Li almost choked while drinking her black chicken soup. She waved her hand again and again to stop him.

Pei Huaiji’s eyes instantly froze and he frowned. “Uncle.”

You Mian was stunned for a few seconds.

For some reason, he didn’t dare to look at Pei Huaiji beside him. He quickly declined Pei Yande, who was very enthusiastic about introducing people to him.

Pei Yande was confused as he looked at Qian Li, who was waving her hand. “What’s wrong with you?”

You Mian tried his best to ignore his burning ears and explained, “The director said not to have contact with other people before the show finishes recording.”

Pei Yande suddenly sighed. “So that is the case.”

Pei Huaiji’s eyes sank. His thin lips pursed and he looked a bit unhappy.

Qian Li agreed. “Yes, that’s it.”

Qian Li used a newly acquired piece of land to attract Pei Yande’s attention.

On the other hand, Pei Yanjing had a delicate mind and a calm temperament as her name suggested. Seeing everyone at the dinner table still chatting and laughing, she couldn’t help saying, “They will probably play a few rounds of mahjong in a while. If you feel tired, you can go out for a while.”

Pei Huaiji glanced at You Mian when he heard this. “Go out for a walk?”

You Mian blinked and quietly followed Pei Huaiji out of the dining room.

After meeting all the elders, You Mian truly felt that this was Pei Huaiji’s home. All the ornaments here were engraved with Pei Huaiji’s memories from childhood to youth, from youth to the present.

Walking up the wide stairs to the second floor, Pei Huaiji led You Mian to the door of a room.

The man reached out and pushed. The huge door opened. Pei Huaiji said, “This is the room I lived in before the age of 17.”

Pei Huaiji moved out of the manor to live alone since he was 17 years old. He would come back from time to time, but he no longer lived there permanently.

The room was kept clean. There were no traces of dust from the long absence.

You Mian followed Pei Huaiji into this spacious bedroom that was almost 90 square meters.

He originally thought that with Pei Huaiji’s personality, the bedroom would be decorated in completely cold colors and all the items would be neatly arranged.

But to his surprise, this bedroom wasn’t like that. It was full of life.

The bookcases and desk were a clean white. There were many notes and equations taped to the walls.

The glass bookcases were filled with reading materials, including suspense novels.

There were golf clubs packed in a bag in the vertical tube that was leaning against the desk. A basketball with an autograph on it was quietly placed on the ground.

You Mian couldn’t hide the surprise in his eyes. Pei Huaiji raised a hand to the tip of his nose and said, “After all, this is the room I lived in before I was 17. Is it very surprising for you?”

You Mian’s eyes curved as he smiled. He said, “A little bit, but it is okay.”

You Mian approached the wall with equations and looked carefully. He found that they were all knowledge points from high school.

“You also use this method to study?”

In You Mian’s heart, Pei Huaiji was cold yet powerful. A domineering CEO was his first impression.

It was hard to imagine that a domineering CEO would post high school formulas on the wall in front of his desk when he was a teenager. Did Pei Huaiji stand here while reciting and solving problems when he was a teenager?

Pei Huaiji’s big hand touched the mathematical formulas and English words that occupied almost the entire front of the table.

The man smiled deeply and said, “Part of it is because of my back. The other part of it is to show my mother.”

You Mian’s eyes widened slightly. “For Auntie?”

Pei Huaiji hummed and explained, “My mother is very chic now, but when I was in my senior year of high school, she was more nervous than me. She was so nervous that she would come and see what I was doing from time to time.”

“In order to prevent her from worrying more, I posted these formulas all over the wall.”

“She will feel relieved when she sees it. Even though she knows I have already memorized it, she would always feel less anxious when she saw this.”

You Mian subconsciously scratched his fingers and pursed his lips.

Pei Huaiji quietly changed his subject. He turned around and picked up the basketball from the ground.

The stern man in a suit easily held the basketball in his big hand and looked sideways. He asked, “Want to go out and play basketball?”

You Mian stared at Pei Huaiji’s tailored suit. Then he looked down at his own suit.”

“Go like this?”

Pei Huaiji deliberately provoked You Mian. “Don’t you dare?”

The moment You Mian heard this, his beautiful amber eyes smiled openly. “Who said I don’t dare?”

“One-on-one. What will Chairman Pei give me if you lose?”

Pei Huaiji pressed a hand to his eyebrows. He quietly handed out the gift that had been arranged a long time ago and said, “JL has an idle sculpture room. If you win, I will give it to you for free.”

You Mian raised an eyebrow. “Chairman Pei is so generous.”

The young man’s curly hair was properly combed. His already beautiful eyes were brighter in the light of the late night.

Pei Huaiji frowned and pursed his lips.

The two people walked to the manor’s basketball court in the night. Someone had already turned on the lights here.

Pei Huaiji threw the ball to You Mian. After seeing the other person neatly catch it, his expression became a lot more serious.

You Mian took off his suit jacket and swung it over his shoulders by the collar. As he walked toward the bench on the sideways, he turned to Pei Huaiji and smiled coolly. He said confidently, “Chairman Pei, I will accept the sculpture room.”

Pei Huaiji stood in the center of the empty court and watched You Mian walk toward him. The love and desire that had been suppressed and restrained reached its peak at this moment.


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