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CEFYMA: Chapter 67

You Mian’s voice was gentle and the alcohol made his tone hoarse. This caused Pei Huaiji’s heart to tighten.

The young man didn’t seem to have thought that Pei Huaiji would refuse, so this rhetorical question sounded more like pampering and arrogance in Pei Huaiji’s ears.

The back of Pei Huaiji’s hot hand inadvertently touched You Mian. Fireworks exploded in his heart in an instant.

“Yes,” Pei Huaiji lowered his eyes and whispered, compromising softly.

After getting the answer, You Mian didn’t continue to give out sugar. Pei Huaiji clearly saw the sleepiness in his eyes.

In the next second, the young man finished unintentionally teasing Pei Huaiji and didn’t say another word. He lay down directly on the bed and buried his head in the soft pillow. His beautiful, long eyelashes trembled slightly, and he fell asleep instantly.

Pei Huaiji’s Adam’s apple moved.

Pei Huaiji seemed like a hunter with a gun, who was lured by a deer and voluntarily stepped into the trap. At this moment, he stood alone in the pit and looked up in the direction where the prey was running away, anxious but helpless.

The side of You Mian’s face was pressed on the soft pillow. The flesh of his cheek was slightly pressed until it was sunken. His sleeping face was so stable that it showed no sense of crisis.

In the dim light, Pei Huaiji saw the camera on the desk that was covered by the coat. The man’s jaw tense for a moment.

He turned his head like on that rainy night. He stared at You Mian’s side profile in silence for a long time.

Pei Huaiji unbuttoned the collar of his shirt. His broad shoulders gave him a strong aura in the night.

In the silence of the night where only his emotions were raging, he finally got up, stood by the window, and sent a message to Vivian.

Pei Huaiji once again suppressed the desire to plunder that swept over him like a wave. He focused on his stable and orderly life.

After sending the message, Pei Huaiji frowned slightly and silently said ‘Anxin Welfare Home’ in his heart.

In the middle of the night, Pei Huaiji’s eyes were sharpened by the moonlight.

He suddenly tapped on his phone, selected a Sudoku game with the highest number of downloads, and clicked to install it.

The next morning, You Mian opened his eyes and found that Pei Huaiji was no longer in the room. He got up slowly, washed up, put on a loose black sweatshirt that he wasn’t afraid of getting dirty, and walked downstairs.

Last night’s drunken conversation made the young man’s ears slightly red, but it couldn’t be seen from his expression alone.

The voices of Guan Tong and Huo Yanzhi came from the dining room on the first floor.

The Japanese-style wooden house had plenty of light. The sound of a slow stream could be heard in the front yard. The red maple leaves fell leisurely into the pool, creating countless ripples.

Guan Tong, who was chatting, waved immediately when he saw You Mian coming downstairs. “Honey! Did you sleep well last night?”

Huo Yanzhi, who had his back to Guan Tong, was startled when he heard the sound. His whole body tensed up.

You Mian smiled and said, “It might be that Chairman Pei’s wine helped me sleep. I slept well.”

Guan Tong’s expression was cheerful as he pushed a cup of hot milk toward You Mian. “Brother Yan and Nanxiao went on a date. I don’t know where they went. I’m so envious.”

Guan Tong’s makeup was flawless in the sunlight, and his pink lip gloss glowed. It made him look delicate and cute.

You Mian pulled out a chair and sat in an empty position away from Huo Yanzhi.

The young man’s hair was slightly messy. He had a dull feeling like he had just woken up. This made people want to pinch his face.

Guan Tong thought so and did the same.

You Mian, who was taking a sip of milk, looked up at Guan Tong blankly. Cameras were placed everywhere in the house, recording You Mian’s slightly surprised and confused expression at this moment.

Guan Tong withdrew his hand. He propped up his cheeks and exclaimed, “Ah, so cute.”

Huo Yanzhi clenched the knife and fork in his hand.

You Mian lowered his eyes helplessly and smiled when he heard this. He was full of indulgence.

Guan Tong used a fork to poke the runny egg yolks on the plate and sighed. “Brother Yun went out early in the morning to catch up with a schedule. Now there are only three of us left in the house.”

You Mian held the cup and frowned slightly as he asked, “What about Pei Huaiji?”

Guan Tong hissed. You Mian was the only one in the Heartbeat House who dared to call this name so easily. He couldn’t help feeling a bit frightened.

After so many days of getting along, Guan Tong knew that Pei Huaiji’s personality wasn’t as cold as it looked on the outside. But after all, there were too many differences in identity, age, and status. He was always uneasy when facing Pei Huaiji.

Guan Tong said softly, “Chairman Pei got up very early and went out when Brother Huo came downstairs.”

Today was the last day of recording for the second episode of the Heartbeat House. The eight guests who were supposed to be dating in pairs now had only one group.

The rest of the people either went about their business and left, or simply stayed in the house.

Guan Tong asked, “Brother Huo got up very early today, right?”

Guan Tong suddenly shifted the topic to Huo Yanzhi, causing the silent man to pause. His stiff neck became extremely tight.

“Ah.” Huo Yanzhi said without any concealment, “I got up early and couldn’t sleep.”

It wasn’t that he couldn’t sleep. It was that he didn’t choose the person he wanted to choose last night, so he was tortured by the judgment in his mind and had a sleepless night.

Huo Yanzhi frowned. His eyes drooped like he was a big dog.

You Mian didn’t continue the topic. After drinking a glass of milk, he wanted to get up. “The lone guests aren’t doing anything, right?”

Today’s recording was mainly focused on Shen Nanxiao and Yan Tingxuan’s date.

The lone guests in the house could only entertain themselves, so Yun Guanqing and Pei Huaiji left first, and no one said anything.

Guan Tong chuckled. “I asked the director. We have no activities today. I just wanted to go out and shoot vlog footage around the area.”

Guan Tong put his hands on his cheeks very cutely and said with a sound effect, “Bling bling, how do you like this makeup? I want to film a makeup tutorial later.”

You Mian had always been sensitive to colors and lines. He nodded after just one look and said, “The outline is pretty good. The horizontal and vertical lines are about one to three. It is just that the tender pink on the face needs to be lightened a bit. Otherwise, the relationship between light and darkness…”

Before You Mian could finish speaking, Guan Tong covered his face and laughed. He shouted in a coquettish manner, “You Mian!”

You Mian was stunned. Then he saw Guan Tong jokingly trying to cover his mouth. “Who wants you to say this? Just say that it is good-looking!”

You Mian nodded honestly. “It looks good.” The proportions were quite good.

Guan Tong smiled cheerfully and ran upstairs to get his vlog camera.

You Mian lowered his eyes with a smile. Just when he wanted to turn around and leave, he suddenly heard Huo Yanzhi say, “You Mian, I don’t understand something.”

The young man frowned slightly.

Huo Yanzhi took out the sculpture photo that had been lit up on his mobile phone screen all night. He placed his phone on the dining table.

With a large swipe of his hand, the album slid to the left and revealed a sketch from years ago.

Huo Yanzhi didn’t dare to look back. He lowered his head and asked softly, “Is this what you drew?”

You Mian thought that if Huo Yanzhi wanted to say something about Bai Lin, he would leave immediately. He hadn’t expected that the other person would just ask him if he drew this.

You Mian turned his head sideways to look.

There was something familiar about the sketch. The brushstrokes were a bit childish, a charcoal pen was used throughout, and the smudging habit was exactly the same as his.

Huo Yanzhi gently rubbed the sketch with his fingertips.

You Mian suddenly remembered that this was one of the countless sketches he drew during his college entrance examination training.

During that time, the teacher always said that his sketches focused on the big structure but lacked the details. Therefore, You Mian went into the training room and drew for two weeks.

In order to accurately compare whether he had made progress or not, he marked a number on the lower right corner of each completed sketch.

This sketch had the number 131 in the lower right.

You Mian noticed Huo Yanzhi’s strange mood, but he didn’t want to get too involved with the other person. He just conveniently gave an answer.

“I drew it.”

Huo Yanzhi gulped. His eyes and mouth naturally fell into a blank state.

At this moment, he finally realized what he had missed.

You Mian’s answer was like a heavy punch. It slammed into his defenseless heart, smashing him into a blur of flesh and blood.

When he first saw Bai Lin, the other party was holding a charcoal pen in the studio, and there was this drawing in front of him.

Huo Yanzhi didn’t see the complete drawing process, but in that kind of scene, no one would think that the other person would put someone else’s drawing on their easel.

What’s more, in the months that followed, Huo Yanzhi saw such sketches on Bai Lin’s easel.

Sometimes, it was a sketch. Sometimes, it was an oil painting with brighter colors.

Huo Yanzhi’s fingers slid in a trembling manner. “You also drew this one, right?”

His tone was no longer questioning. It was simply straightforward.

You Mian lowered his eyes and calmly gave an answer. “I drew it during a training camp.”

You Mian might’ve wondered why his drawings were saved in the form of photos on Huo Yanzhi’s phone, but he didn’t ask. He didn’t want to ask.

You Mian saw that Huo Yanzhi had fallen into a dazed silence and turned around to leave.

Huo Yanzhi gripped his phone tightly. It was as if an endless fire was burning in his chest. The burning pain made his eyebrows and eyes distort.

What did he do?

For Bai Lin, he approached You Mian.

He thought that Bai Lin was pitiful, so he looked at You Mian with a condemning attitude. He treated You Mian as a substitute in a condescending manner and placed his admiration for Bai Lin on You Mian.

Huo Yanzhi had seen You Mian paint many times, but he didn’t know if it was because of his bad nature or if his eyes were really that bad.

Obviously, the real artist was right in front of him and had been by his side all these years.

But Huo Yanzhi had fantasized that if it was Bai Lin, the painting would definitely be more beautiful than You Mian’s.

Later, You Mian became busy with his studies in the sculpture department. The other person started to immerse himself in clay and steel, rarely touching oil paintings. Huo Yanzhi’s misunderstanding continued absurdly to this day.

It was only recently that Huo Yanzhi started to have doubts. It was already too late when he felt there was a contradiction.

The man closed his eyes tiredly. His nerves, which were on the verge of collapse, could no longer support his high-pressure emotions that had lasted for so long. He allowed despair and regret to wrap him up. He lowered his red eyes.

It turned out that the drawings that had cheered him up during his trough were done by You Mian.

The support that allowed him to hold onto his last vigilance in the boxing ring and to turn defeat into victory was originally drawn from You Mian’s hands.

He had been mistaken for so long. He misidentified for so long.

He deserved it.

Huo Yanzhi felt dense pain all over his body. His despair seemed to have turned into palpable pain that was reflected in his brain and body.

The injuries he had suffered over the years were stinging. His eyes were twitching and became blurry.

You Mian returned to his room and picked up his suitcase to leave first. He was going to start preparing for the second round of the Star Cup.

The topic might be somewhat unexpected, but his gaze was still sharp.

After getting into the car to leave the house, You Mian opened the address book and made a call.

The other person quickly picked up. A hoarse and serious voice asked, “Xiao Mian?”

A soft smile appeared in You Mian’s eyes as he said, “Director, I have some questions I want to ask you.”

Lin Yuqing was silent for a few seconds before pointedly asking, “Is it about the theme of the second round of the Star Cup?”

You Mian snorted.

Qin Lan was a judge of the Star Cup. To avoid suspicion and ensure that the competition was fair, You Mian couldn’t ask him.

But the theme this time really made him feel at a loss.

So You Mian thought of Lin Yuqing and Huajiang Art Museum.

Lin Yuqing laughed happily and said, “Come here. There is an exhibition in the afternoon. I also want to introduce some people to you. They will be of great help to you in the future.”

“One of your senior brothers is here now. He admires you very much. He can happen to meet you.”

You Mian felt more at ease hearing Lin Yuqing’s voice. The sense of chaos that suddenly appeared after seeing the theme also dissipated a lot.

After You Mian hung up the phone and blinked, Pei Huaiji’s voice suddenly sounded in her ears.

[It is more than enough to win a gold medal at your level.]

The man’s words were very firm, and he didn’t seem to find that they were offensive to others.

In an instant, a deep smile appeared in You Mian’s eyes.

You Mian entered the group chat of the eight guests in the Heartbeat House and immediately saw Pei Huaiji’s account.

Pei Huaiji’s WeChat name was simply his own name, and his profile picture was a sharp Pei.

Just when You Mian clicked on Pei Huaiji’s account and wanted to add him, he suddenly discovered that the man’s Moments was open to strangers.

You Mian saw a Moments posted by the other person on the 9.15. It was also the only Moments from the other person.

This photo was actually the clay sculpture that he gave away on Pei Huaiji’s birthday.

You Mian dimly realized that an emotion he never felt before was passing through his heart.

The next second, a friend request was sent with a flick of a finger.


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