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CEFYMA: Chapter 66

The lights of the shooting range were on, and the sound of arrows was heard not far away.

Guan Tong looked at the announcement on the screen beside him and made a wow sound. “Brother Huo hit the 10 ring for all shots!”

You Mian frowned slightly and looked at Huo Yanzhi, who was standing next to the quiver. The opponent’s whole body was full of momentum. Wild energy rushed out, and the outline of his arms was slightly swollen with exertion.

Pei Huaiji stood still without moving. There was a calm expression on his handsome face.

As Huo Yanzhi came off the stage, Yun Guanqing walked up. His bow posture was very simple. However, the moment the arrow flew out, it wasn’t as powerful as Huo Yanzhi’s just now. He scored 63 points in ten shots.”

Yun Guanqing narrowed his eyes and hissed. The curve of his mouth showed his unhappy mood.

Huo Yanzhi sat on the bench of the shooting range with his head down. He raised his head to look at Yun Guanqing after seeing this person coming back.

Yun Guanqing shook his wrist and said with a cold face while everyone else wasn’t paying attention, “Bai Lin isn’t here. It is interesting that you are so competitive.”

Huo Yanzhi lowered his eyes and smiled. His wild nature was revealed when he lowered his eyes.

“I tried my best,” Huo Yanzhi admitted. He looked past Yun Guanqing in front of him to You Mian, who was standing against the wall on the other side. “It is because I want to know something.”

Yun Guanqing shook his sore wrist and raised an eyebrow. “What is it?”

Yun Guanqing didn’t have to think about it. It must be You Mian.

As expected, Huo Yanzhi said, “I might’ve misunderstood some things.”

Yun Guanqing rolled his eyes. He looked at the number 63 on the screen and sighed in a bad mood.

Guan Tong’s voice came from behind them. “Brother Yan, 41 points in 10 shots!”

Yun Guanqing immediately shifted his attention behind him and teased, “Hey, the lawyer isn’t very athletic, is he?”

Yan Tingxuan turned his head and took off his glasses to wipe them. As he took a few steps toward this side, he smiled. “It is true that I haven’t played with bows and arrows before. It is ugly.”

Yan Tingxuan knew that he might lose miserably when he heard that the data competition set by the show was an archery project.

He just hadn’t expected that Huo Yanzhi would be the one with the strongest desire to fight.

Once upon a time, he and Huo Yanzhi had also been in a tit-for-tat competition and had looked at each other with disgust.

You Mian actually guessed some things wrong. Yan Tingxuan didn’t get along with Huo Yanzhi in the beginning because he was jealous.

Huo Yanzhi’s current appearance reminded Yan Tingxuan of the guy who followed closely behind You Mian.

When it came to pestering skills, Yan Tingxuan thought he wasn’t as good as Huo Yanzhi.

There was the Yan family above him. Even if Yan Tingxuan had a crush, he couldn’t make it too obvious. However, Huo Yanzhi was different. The way he clung to You Mian at first was really like a puppy.

Yan Tingxuan brought out the title he hadn’t shouted for a long time. “The lost German shepherd wants to go home?”

Huo Yanzhi frowned fiercely, and his strong arms tensed up. “In what capacity are you saying this to me?”

In Huo Yanzhi’s opinion, the first person to chase You Mian should be Yan Tingxuan.

He just wanted to confirm something with You Mian. He was different from Yan Tingxuan.

Yan Tingxuan pushed up his glasses in a mean yet gentlemanly manner. “Let’s guess. If a rebellious dog runs back to the owner’s house and barks at the door, what are the chances he will open the door for you?”

Huo Yanzhi frowned and stood up. He was two finger lengths taller than Yan Tingxuan. He smiled wildly, “Are you so annoyed and angry because he didn’t open the door for you?”

Yan Tingxuan’s eyes, hidden behind the lenses, suddenly turned cold.

Yun Guanqing sat on the side and stared at the two people stabbing at each other like it was a joke. His eyes leisurely shifted to the other side.

It was Pei Huaiji’s turn to play.

The man wore a black coat. He had a cold side profile, a tall figure, and a vaguely sharp upper body. All of this was on display.

Even if the people in the house didn’t want to admit it, they felt helpless about the fact that Pei Huaiji’s aura was so strong that no one dared to confront him head-on.

Yan Tingxuan and Pei Huaiji had exchanged words in the RV that day. Yan Tingxuan couldn’t help sweating when he turned around after speaking.

The Yan family still needed to cling to the You family, let alone Pei Huaiji.

But at that time, Yan Tingxuan was so overwhelmed with jealousy and shame that he actually tore all pretenses of cordiality with Pei Huaiji, regardless of anything else.

Pei Huaiji drew his bow. His movements were neat, without any sloppiness.

The voice of the show’s staff member was heard at this time. “I just received a call from Bai Lin. He might not be able to continue recording at this time. There is one more guest in the lily of the valley group, so last place won’t be able to get a date.”

The moment the staff finished speaking, Pei Huaiji quickly shifted his wrist slightly. He released the bowstring that had been stretched to the extreme.

Before the arrow reached the target, Pei Huaiji quickly took out a new one and placed it on the string. He fired the arrow as soon as it was stable.

Since he couldn’t choose his roommate and had a chance to be alone, Pei Huaiji felt he didn’t need to hesitate at all.

Guan Tong and Shen Nanxiao stood aside and were stunned by the scores on the screen.

It was all off target, and he got zero points.

You Mian stood leaning against the wall, looking as comfortable as a bystander.

Unknowingly, You Mian had been staring at Pei Huaiji for a long time.

The man’s handsome profile was mature and restrained. When he was expressionless, he always looked inhumane and a bit cold.

Pei Huaiji had heroic brows and deep eyes. He actually looked good when he smiled.

This was especially the case when Pei Huaiji lowered his eyes slightly, leaned over, and whispered. He would exude a charm that was difficult to describe in words.

The 29 year old Pei Huaiji was a calm glacier, but now when he saw the other person standing at the shooting range, You Mian vaguely saw the other person’s energetic and youthful appearance.

Guan Tong said, “Chairman Pei actually missed all the targets. The total score is zero.”

Pei Huaiji put down his bow and turned his head while scratching his brow bone with his index fingers. The man’s broad shoulders stretched out in a graceful way, making his shirt straight.

“It seems that I don’t have a date tomorrow,” Pei Huaiji said.

You Mian, who was leaning against the wall and watching the other person silently, suddenly saw Pei Huaiji’s gaze sweeping over him.

The two people’s eyes met. You Mian saw the smile that suddenly appeared in Pei Huaiji’s eyes.

The young man stood in the wind, shoulders slightly hunched in the cool air. The night smudged his edges, making his amber eyes reveal pleasure and a rare leisure.

Pei Huaiji knew that You Mian’s expression at this moment was due to the red wine.

Pei Huaiji didn’t go to the score screen at all but walked straight toward You Mian.

You Mian instinctively straightened his back but couldn’t stop Pei Huaiji’s tall figure from instantly covering him. The breath of the other person was like a pool of cold water.

“Are you sleepy?” Pei Huaiji’s voice was hoarse.

You Mian shook his head. He looked like a cat stretching with narrowed eyes.

The wind was very strong. No matter how sleepy he was, his sleepiness was blown away.

The staff member of the show came forward and said, “The four lily of the valley guests have completed the ten archery shots. Now you can invite who you want to go on tomorrow’s date with in order from high to low scores.”

The staff member’s voice was stuck for a moment. “Of course, the lowest score just now is Chairman Pei. You won’t be able to attend tomorrow’s one-on-one date.”

Pei Huaiji nodded calmly. The overhead lights in the shooting range reflected the sharp outlines of his eyes.

The staff member quickly skimmed over this topic. “So first place is… Huo Yanzhi.”

Hou Yanzhi walked from the bench. The man whose name was called instantly fixed his eyes on You Mian.

“I choose You Mian.”

The moment he finished speaking, the wind blowing by the house seemed to get stronger.

Pei Huaiji’s Adam’s apple moved heavily. An irrepressible possessiveness was revealed in his eyes.

After Huo Yanzhi finished speaking, his expression looked determined to win.

Everyone’s eyes fell on You Mian. Just as they thought the first group of the one-on-one dates had been decided, they suddenly heard You Mian tilting his head and looking at Hong Sheng not far away. He asked, “Director, since this is an invitation and not a group formation, can I refuse?”

The moment these words came out, Pei Huaiji’s brow suddenly relaxed.

Hong Sheng sat behind the camera and gave a thumbs up, indicating that he could refuse.

After all, in this process, they had set up the system so that they couldn’t choose their roommate. Those who didn’t want to choose could naturally refuse other people’s invitations.

Huo Yanzhi was hit hard by this sudden change, and his eyes were filled with unprepared astonishment.

He won the game and was on the verge of winning just now.

Huo Yanzhi refused to admit it, so he took a step forward. You Mian just asked if he could refuse. He hadn’t actually…

You Mian stared directly at Huo Yanzhi and said in a calm tone, “I refuse your invitation.”

Huo Yanzhi immediately retracted his steps and froze on the spot.

The staff member asked the director if the rejected guest would get a second chance.

Hong Sheng gave a negative answer.

Therefore, the staff member immediately said, “Huo Yanzhi’s invitation failed, and he won’t be able to get an opportunity for a one-on-one date tomorrow.”

After seeing this, Guan Tong immediately realized that something tragic would happen next.

He and Shen Nanxiao stood aside and glanced at Yan Tingxuan and Yun Guanqing, who were standing not far away.

If these two people chose You Mian, they would definitely be rejected.

Yun Guanqing knew he would be rejected, but he still wanted to take a gamble.

What if, what if?

What if You Mian thought about it and felt that his conviction and punishment based on Yun Guanqing’s previous arrogance was unfair? What if You Mian wanted to give him another chance?

Yun Guanqing took a step forward, his eyes serious as never before.

“I want to choose You Mian.” Yun Guanqing blinked slightly after speaking.

The evening breeze blew through his shoulder-length hair, but it also brought You Mian’s unhesitating rejection.

“I reject.”

Guan Tong hissed. So miserable.

Yun Guanqing was stunned for half a second. He stood there with a complicated expression before looking with a smile.

Yan Tingxuan saw the previous failures and knew that the same thing would happen to him. If he sent out an invitation in front of everyone, he would be rejected mercilessly.

It was both humiliating and embarrassing.

Yan Tingxuan stood in the cold wind and faced the young man in front of him. Suddenly, he realized at this moment why You Mian was getting further and further away from him.

Since they were two intersecting parallel lines, they could only communicate briefly.

It was because what they valued most was different.

It was because he was selfish and heartless.

In the past two days, Yan Tingxuan had seen You Mian’s refusal attitude several times, but he didn’t take it seriously. He imagined there was still the slight possibility that the relationship between the two of them could be restored.

He thought what was holding them back was Pei Huaiji and You Mian’s attitude.

Now that Yan Tingxuan was really standing here and really needed to muster up the courage to say the invitation that had only a tiny chance of being accepted, he hesitated again and again.

Yan Tingxuan pursed his lips and smiled meaningfully.

People who were selfish to the end weren’t worthy of loving, let alone being loved.

In the autumn night, everyone saw Yan Tingxuan pause for a few seconds before saying, “I choose Shen Nanxiao.”

This was the optimal solution based on the judgment of an interests-oriented person. It was also the optimal solution so as to not be rejected. It was the optimal solution that was selfish to the end.

Guan Tong looked at Shen Nanxiao beside him in surprise.

Shen Nanxiao also had a confused expression on his face.

The staff member looked at Shen Nanxiao. “Shen Nanxiao, do you accept the invitation?”

Shen Nanxiao’s personality made it impossible for him to say a rejection, not to mention that two people had been rejected before. It was even more impossible for him to say this rejection.

So facing Yan Tingxuan’s indifferent eyes, Shen Nanxiao agreed. “Okay.”

The staff member nodded and announced that the date grouping for tomorrow was over. Only one group of guests had successfully formed a group.

Hong Sheng hit the board to stop recording. Except for the cameras surrounding the house, all other giant machines were shut down at the end of this ridiculous date invitation.

Shen Nanxiao frowned and walked to Yan Tingxuan, whose eyes were a bit empty. He asked in a low voice, “Brother Yan? Why did you choose me?”

Yan Tingxuan raised his head. His expression had been restored to a flawless smile. “I’m sorry to make things difficult for you. I really don’t know who to choose.”

Shen Nanxiao took a breath. The credibility of Yan Tingxuan’s words was extremely low.

Huo Yanzhi, who was lagging behind at the end of the group, lowered his eyes and glanced at the sketches on his mobile phone from many years ago. Then he frequently switched between them and compared them to the Star Cup work he had just seen.

It really wasn’t like the oil painting that Bai Lin submitted. There were too many differences.

The brushstrokes, color, light, and shade… they were all different.

He carefully examined Bai Lin’s oil painting from top to bottom. Then Huo Yanzhi exhaled deeply.

He really couldn’t see any of the colors that excited him before.

Huo Yanzhi swiped through the photo album, and his fingers paused.

It was a photo he had saved at the dining table just now.

It was the sculpture photo downloaded from the official website of the Star Cup, signed by You Mian.

Huo Yanzhi frowned and was silent for a long time. 30 seconds later, the phone screen turned off by itself. The black screen reflected his complicated expression of extreme confusion. However, he couldn’t help but believe it.

You Mian and Pei Huaiji returned to the room one after another. The moment the door of the room was closed, You Mian felt there wasn’t much sleepiness left.

Pei Huaiji turned around and stood in the room. The dim light made his eyebrows look sharper.

After experiencing the successive rejections just now, Pei Huaiji felt an indescribable emotion well up in his heart. A strong desire to explore swept over him, making his jaw tense up even more.

“You just rejected them,” Pei Huaiji said hoarsely.

You Mian stood at the door, raised his head, and hummed. It was as if he didn’t think this matter was worth discussing.

The young man turned sideways, and his thin waist was outlined by light and shadow. Pei Huaiji heard You Mian laugh.

You Mian asked, “All the doubts you had before but didn’t get the answers to. Have they been answered now?”

Pei Huaiji immediately recalled the words he used to offend You Mian when they first met.

The man’s face was rarely stunned. Pei Huaiji gulped and said, “There is one more thing that hasn’t been resolved.”

You Mian walked to the bed and asked, “What is it?”

Pei Huaiji sat at the end of the bed. You Mian’s approach made the distance between them much closer.

The temperature in the closed room gradually rose.

Pei Huaiji looked up at him. “You said your eyesight was caused by being kidnapped. The kidnapping had something to do with Bai Lin, right?”

You Mian was silent for a few seconds. Then he pursed his lips, and his eyelashes trembled slightly. “Yes.”

Pei Huaiji recalled the simple conversation the two of them had in the tent.

He looked at You Mian firmly, his gaze strong. “You are looking for evidence about this matter.”

You Mian lowered his eyes.

It was easy to prove that he was adopted by the You family. The difficulty was proving that the You family had ulterior motives for the adoption and that You Mian himself was the victim and was being used.

The one clarifying things would always bear the burden of proving themselves compared to the slanderer.

You Mian smiled. His smile made Pei Huaiji agree with his words.

“Chairman Pei always keeps your word.” You Mian looked up and asked, “So can you help me check the Anxin Welfare Home?”

Pei Huaiji’s dark eyes were sharp. “Of course.”

You Mian lowered his head and whispered his thanks.

Pei Huaiji stood up, and his figure enveloped You Mian’s body. For the first time, he showed his possessiveness without hiding it.

“But You Mian—” Pei Huaiji said hoarsely. “I have already said that I am not a philanthropist.”

The man’s cold aura spread it. It was thrilling to see.

You Mian shrugged. “You said that JL has its own charity foundation.”

Pei Huaiji’s eyebrows relaxed slightly, but his thin lips were still pursed.

You Mian ignored his strength and showed a gentle smile that he would never show in front of Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi again.

He smiled calmly and asked, “What’s wrong, Chairman Pei?”

“Am I not your genius?”


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